Friday, April 21, 2006


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lol...I noticed this young guy this afternoon preaching the good words of the Lord.

Hours later, he was gone. Maybe if he finds this web site? He can share his experience in here?



Anonymous said...

He was probably told to move along by the cops. Heaven forbid we have somebody on the streets actually talking to others. But what makes him ADD? Did he say that?

Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

Nahhhhh...I added that should have heard him...full of energy and preaching away!!!!!

Must have ADHD???

Don't forget? ADHD is a plus and not a minus!!!!!

But this all change here in New Brunswick with the decision of the New Brunswick Human Rights that people with ADHD taking Ritalin are close to mental retardation!!!!

Ok Charles....calm's nice outside....go for a walk

Eli said...

Hi again Charles. It's Eli, I'm the preacher. Thanks for putting this on your blog.

Keep standing up for what is right and true in the name of Jesus Christ! God bless brother,

-Eli Brayley

Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey Eli???? Send me an email at have nore pictures.......i believe that i might use them in God's minute....keep an eye open on this blog.....

Eli said...

Here's the exact link to my article on the afternoon. It includes an audio file of the preaching for those who are interested.

Glory to God.

Anonymous said...

Crazy meet crazy. Charlie meet Eli. You say you are not born again Christian. This blog is becoming more and more bible study.

Spinks said...

11:54 - that's just rude. You don't know this guy Eli and you probably don't know Charles. Calling them names is uncalled for. Charles has a lot of class to allow your comment to stand. I wouldn't allow such disrespect. You should be a man and apologize to both. Sigh, anonymous comments prove once again why they shouldn't exist. No accountability.

Anonymous said...

Crazy is crazy and that is all I have to say. Anybody telling me what my religious beliefs should be is rude. My belief is my personal belief.

These so-called preachers are self-righteous crazies and rude.

Spinks said...

Sorry buddy, you have all the rights in the world if you don't want to listen to someone but there's no need for you to be rude to people you don't know. If you don't like it you have a few simple choices A) don't visit here and b) keep walking on the street. You don't know either Charles or Eli from a hole in the ground so to call them crazy is WAY over the line and just plain rude. You've gotta have something better to do than insult people you don't know, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

I have enough Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to my door that I know crazies one I see one. God is all-powerful and all mighty and does not need these crazies to discredit Him by telling other people that how superior they are because they believe in certain way. God is the most abused being because of these few crazies. Those who say that their beliefs are better than others and we should follow their beliefs can only be labelled crazies.

Sorry buddy but that is how I feel about half-witted nuts preaching their so call direct connection with God and forcing their beliefs on others.

Spinks said...

If you don't believe it, no one can force their beliefs on you. I don't care for the Jehovah's either (we are talking about some seperate issues from a preacher on a street and a man with a blog by the way), but I politely tell them I'm not interested. There's no need to be rude.

When it comes to beliefs, read your Bible and you won't be swayed. There is one way to God and that's through Jesus. :) You won't go wrong friend.

Anonymous said...

"When it comes to beliefs, read your Bible and you won't be swayed. There is one way to God and that's through Jesus. :) You won't go wrong friend"

You are not interested in preaching but you are preaching. How do you know that is the only way? As said before God is the most abused entity. When crazies use crazy methods to preach they are doing no favour to Him.

The biggest worship is how you treat fellow human beings and God will be happy with you. Do not annoy people in the streets and at their doorsteps.

Spinks said...

How do I know it's the only way? The Son of God said so so I have to believe the Creator of the Universe. I'm guessing he's a bit smarter than any preacher so I'll put my money on that truth. However we were all given free will so you are free to do as you will. That's not preaching friend. Your choice.
Touchy subject isn't it? Charles has the best ones. Religion and politics are always sure to touch nerves.

Anonymous said...

if we did love people, we'd spend every ounce of energy warning them, as Scripture says. Knowing the fear of the Lord we persuade men.

Give "Hells Best Kept Secret" a listen if you have time: