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Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen
Noon- 84 meals
Supper- 46 meals
Noon- 60 meals
Supper- 71 meals
Noon- 130 meals
Supper- 62 meals
Ok…be warn in advance!!!!
This will be a very long winded update because I haven’t wrote one in three days and we all know that your attention spam is good for only a few minutes. May I suggest that you print out a copy and read at your place. Ok…Last Friday was exactly one year ago that I remove my tent for the lighting of the Christmas tree. Last year, there was only one politician present for the ceremony but this year it was different
because the Premier Bernard Lord was there. It was dark and after the ceremony was over, I quickly confronted the Premier in the dark. I had my hood over my head and at first I believe that I scared the Premier!

I wished him a Joyeux Noel and all he could see was my eyes and he quickly said- Ohhh it’s you Charles??? I continued and told the Premier that he knew what I wanted for a Christmas present Gift! He replied- Ohh I know what you want Charles. Yes..A committee to study the issue of Ritalin would be a great gift. I told the Premier that I guess I have till the year of 2007 <> for my gift! Only in New Brunswick that a person can confront the Premier in the dark with no security around to protect him.

I had a little chat with his wife Dianne and she’s nice! In a joking way, I told her that I’ve lost all avenues trying to convince her husband that there’s a major problem with prescription drug in this Province.

I asked Dianne if she could whisper in the ear of the Premier while he’s sleeping. She could whisper the word Ritalin over 100 times and he might wake up and say - I feel there’s a problem with Ritalin!!!…lol….hey? You have to give me credit for

I continued and attended the Ceremony at City Hall in the Capital and I would say there was close to 200 people present around the Building. The Mayor Brad Woodside shouted from the top of the stairway Merry Christmas to everyone! I noticed a stranger standing beside me. She was French so I told her that the Mayor should
have also said - Joyeux Noel! She glanced at me like it was wishful thinking
from my part. I did tell the girl that once the ceremony is over? I’m going to remind the Mayor of the Joyeux Noel Part.

The next thing I knew, my name was call for a
prize that I won. It wasn’t no big deal. It was a CD
rom. I walked up the stairs with my dog Chico tow and
as the Premier, I said- Joyeux Noel!
I had my face covered with my hood and the Mayor
quickly said- Charles is that you????
He quickly took the mike and shouted- Yes…Joyeux
Noel to all!
Once I came back to the woman, I said - I told you
that I would chat with the Mayor on the Joyeux Noel
issue! …lol….
She told me that she has work for the education
Department for the last 18 years and she told me that
there was a major problem with Ritalin in the school
system! She begged me to continue the fight!
Diane who is supposed to published my book told me
that all the stories I heard during my protest that I
should have taken names of the individuals. It’s not
everyone who’s going to come out publicly telling the
whole world their views on certain issues.
It’s call- Survival!
Hey? Look what happen to me when I told everyone
that I have ADHD!!!
My life have been going downhill ever since! Ohhhh
speaking of rights being denied????
On Sunday evening, there was a show on 60 minutes
about ADD-ADHD! I just happened to shift the channel
and saw the whole show.
Now, I don’t believe that I’m the only one who
watches 60 minutes in this Province but I did manage
to locate the transcript of the show! Here’s the
story…be warn it’s a long one….Before you read this
little story?
Be reminded of this very racist verdict that came
from those people at the New Brunswick Human Rights
Commission which I will continue to fight till the
last day I die! Here’s their verdict-
When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators
he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin
there were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc.
accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he
was given jobs and duties that complied with his
medical limitations.
Sherry Merssereau <> Supported by the racist members of
Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >
Now here’s the story from 60 minutes-
Dec. 6, 2004 10:39am ET The Early Show CBS
Evening News 48 Hours 60 Minutes (SUN) 60
Minutes (WED) All Broadcasts

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ADD Grows Up
Dec. 5, 2004

Author and psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallowell says that
millions of Americans, including himself, may have
ADD. (Photo: CBS)
"In the midst of all the chaos in your mind, and all
of the disorganization, and all the trouble getting
started, and procrastination, your brain just thinks a
little bit differently."
David Neeleman, CEO, Jet Blue

Nancy Quinlan, a nurse from South Natick, Mass., has
suffered from ADD since she was a child. (Photo: CBS)

(CBS) The use of drugs to treat children who are
disruptive or inattentive in school -- children with
attention deficit disorder (ADD) -- has been highly
controversial for decades.
The assumption was that with treatment, kids with ADD
outgrew the condition. But as Correspondent Morley
Safer reports, the disorder isn't just for kids any
Adult ADD has created a whole new market for the drug
industry, which claims that 8 million American adults
now have this mental illness.
And at least one drug maker claims that a simple
six-question quiz can give a strong indication whether
an adult has ADD or not. Are you impulsive, restless,
indecisive? Adult ADD is quickly becoming the disease
du jour.
At this year's CHADD (Children and Adults with
Attention Deficit Disorder) conference in Nashville,
Tenn., doctors, drug company representatives, adults
with ADD, and parents of kids who have it, are looking
for an explanation for the messiness of their lives.
There are also ADD support groups for gays and
lesbians, single parents and blacks. Exhibitors also
push medications, self-help books, videos,
organizational software, personal coaching and even
therapeutic swings — presumably for ADD swingers.
"A lot of adults have this condition. And most of them
don't know they have it," says author and psychiatrist
Dr. Edward Hallowell, who says that millions of
Americans, including himself, actually have a medical
How has this epidemic suddenly come upon us?
"Most people haven’t known about it, but it’s been
around for as long as there have been people," says
Hallowell. "If you look at the core symptoms of ADD --
distractibility, impulsivity, restlessness -- goes
back for thousands of years."
Until recently, these symptoms were considered to be
annoying personality quirks, like chronic lateness.
But now, the condition has a name - Adult ADD - and a
pill to treat it.
"It can be as effective as eyeglasses. It can really
improve mental focus," says Hallowell. "Someone goes
from tremendous underachievement to reclaiming their
life. Not only professionally, but personally.
Marriages are saved. Families are saved. Careers are
Hallowell says ADD sufferers have difficulty
concentrating and they procrastinate -- which sounds
like most people.
"That's why I often say the difficult differential
diagnosis is how do you tell a case of ADD from a
severe case of modern life," says Hallowell.
But diagnosing Adult ADD is a tough call, and it
relies mainly on a doctor's judgment. So drug
companies are encouraging self-diagnosis by appealing
directly to consumers.
Two years ago, a drug called Strattera became the
first ADD medication approved specifically for adults.
Drug maker Eli Lilly is trying to reach out to the 8
million adult Americans it believes are suffering from
ADD. The drug was launched amid heavy publicity -
television ads, radio spots and print ads - directing
adults to be screened.
They also have a quiz, with six simple questions, to
see if they are at risk: Do you have problems wrapping
up projects or starting them? Or remembering
appointments? Do you put things off? Do you feel
overactive? Do you fidget if you must sit for a long
An answer of “sometimes” or “often” to four of the six
questions will tell you to see your doctor – and that
you’ve got a better than 90 percent chance of having
"You'd have to be in a coma not to respond yes to many
of those questions," says Hallowell. "But the point of
a screening test is to bring in as many people as you
Apparently enough Americans took the quiz and failed
it, causing doctors to write more than a million
prescriptions for Strattera in only 6 months -- a
quarter of a million for adults alone.
"If you want to stir up worry in the public, and
you've got the advertising dollars to do it, you can
turn almost anything into a disease," says Dr. Arthur
Caplan, a professor of bioethics at the University of
Caplan says the market for so-called “lifestyle” drugs
has exploded in the past 10 years, and the next big
thing is Adult ADD, which is a $2 billion market.
"The market for treating children has been getting
full. Anybody who possibly could be put on medication
as a child has been," says Caplan. "So the only way to
move more product is to expand the definition of the
Does Caplan agree with the drug companies' claim that
there are approximately 8 million American adults with
ADD? "I have no doubt that there are some adults who
have problems with attention," says Caplan. "But I
have a feeling that there are not 8 million of them,
because if you went to Germany, or Japan, or Britain,
you don't find them."
There are fears that an Adult ADD diagnosis may simply
become a handy excuse for slacking on the job. Also,
because ADD medications can improve focus in healthy
people, countless students use the drugs to cram for
exams. Some use the ADD drugs that are stimulants just
to get high.
ADD medications are becoming a fad, and Caplan says
the seductive marketing campaigns are designed mainly
to sell drugs to people — whether they need them or
"Doctors these days feel pretty besieged. And a lot of
them are gonna say, 'I'm not gonna fight with my
patients. They come in, they want something I think is
trivial, I don't believe it's gonna hurt them, I'll
write the script,'" says Caplan.
Eli Lilly would not appear on this broadcast, but
directed 60 Minutes to Dr. Leonard Adler, director of
the Adult ADD program at New York University. Adler
supervised a Strattera drug trial for Eli Lilly, and
is one of the creators of that screening test, which
was funded by Eli Lilly and is now used by the World
Health Organization.
Safer told Adler that he took the test – and failed
miserably. "Not for a moment do I think I suffer from
a particular condition," Safer tells Adler.
"It's not just having symptoms. It really is whether
the symptoms cause trouble," says Adler. "You can't
make the diagnosis just based upon -- whether the
screen is positive or not. It's just to identify
individuals at risk."
Even though it's used in a very direct way to market a
particular drug?
"I can only speak to how my patients come into my
office, and they say, 'I've taken the screener. I've
screened positive.' 'I'm worried I have this,'" says
Adler. " And then we sit down and do a thorough
evaluation and really go through all of their
Adler is a true believer in the drugs. He feels they
are under-prescribed and that direct marketing to
potential patients has a positive effect.
"They have known for all of their lives that there's
something wrong with them. And they find information
about the disorder," says Adler. "And it is a true
kind of 'aha' moment for them, that it's an
explanation for the things that they've felt have been
wrong. It’s, you know, they've been told that they're
lazy, that they under-perform. They're not trying. And
it's not that."
Nancy Quinlan, a nurse from South Natick, Mass., says
she knew something was wrong with her as a young child
in school.
"I couldn't get it. I would sit in the front row and
stare at the blackboard, at the math, or whatever it
was," says Quinlan. "I just didn't get enough of the
whole picture to understand it."
Quinlan says she could never focus, could never
complete tasks, and never measure up in family of high
achievers. So her doctors put her on medication.
"There's no doubt for me that it's miraculous. It
really is," says Quinlan. "It just completely changed
my whole about who I was, and what I had to do."
But some ADD sufferers say medication isn’t always the
answer. David Neeleman says he always knew his brain
worked a little differently from the rest.
"I scored so low on the English portion of the ACT
test that my counselor hauled me in and said, 'David,
had you just answered 'C' on every question, you
would've done better. You would've done 30 percent
better than what you did,'” says Neeleman.
He spent years in various jobs, in a sort of limbo,
before he realized he had a clear-cut case of ADD.
Even so, he’s a huge success. He's CEO of Jet Blue,
the low-cost, no-frills carrier that has shaken up the
airline industry.
Neeleman says many of his out-of-the-box ideas are
thanks to his ADD. "In the midst of all the chaos in
your mind, and all of the disorganization, and all the
trouble getting started, and procrastination, your
brain just thinks a little bit differently," he says.
"And you can come up with things."
Ideas like e-tickets, or ticketless travel, which is
perfect for someone who is always losing things, and
live TV, is making a his company profit while most of
the airline industry is in trouble. But having finally
discovered he had a certifiable medical condition,
Neeleman decided to do absolutely nothing about it.
"I kind of had this feeling that if I took this pill,
it may kind of cure me or something and then I'd be
like everybody else," says Neeleman.
He says that many ADD sufferers are attracted to
high-risk or entrepreneurial careers. And his list of
people he thinks may have ADD include Bill Clinton,
and Richard Branson.
There’s also speculation that some great figures in
history had ADD and led tortured but productive lives
-- Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Winston
Churchill. And, ADD websites claim that Thomas Edison
had ADD, which leads one to wonder if Edison had been
on medication, he might have invented the pogo stick
instead of the light bulb.
"The idea of treatment isn't to confine people and
take away their creativity," says Adler. "It's really
to try to help them be more productive and tap into
their creativity."
But Neeleman doesn’t make any judgments either way:
"I've chosen not to take the pill, but I understand
why people do. My wife is begging me to, you know,
like on her birthday, try this out one time to see if
I'm willing to go help her clean the garage or
"Do you feel almost kind of superstitious about it in
a certain way," asks Safer. "That if you take the
pill, all of these super-bright ideas will be gone and
I'll be just a tedious paper pusher?"
"Yeah, I feel that. I feel like I may blow a circuit,"
says Needeman. "I feel like if I take the pill, I may
be dependant on something that, you know, may or may
not be the best thing for me. So why even mess with
It's an interesting question. But that fact is
Americans demand cures for everything from shyness to
sexual dysfunction. They believe in better living
through chemistry -- a drug-riddled behavioral utopia
where all problems can be solved by a pill.
I walked into the building of the New Brunswick
Human Rights Commission <> hmmmm…I’ve been
going there a lot lately!…anyway someone press a
button to let me in and this is a good feeling.
Usually someone would stand right at the main
entrance and this act makes me feel very
uncomfortable! I wonder why the Building is security
Ohh well…anyway in his office was Christian Whalen
<> I felt like Mike Wallace
from 60 minutes! I said- Hi! I’m Charles LeBlanc from
60 minutes and asked the lawyer if he saw the show on
the issue of Ritalin?
He didn’t see it so therefore I told him that my
job is to educate people who are not educated on the
issue of ADHD!
I gave him a copy of the Transcript and told him
to photo copy the story and gave everyone in the
building a copy!
Yesterday, someone asked me the reason I call
those people racist and if I was scared to land in the
court system?
My answer was direct and straight forward!
I told the individual that we indeed need a judge
to clarify this awful situation! We need someone to
listen to my concerns of the racist supervisor at Gulf
Operators <> name- Brian Grant who is
a very racist supervisor and has the support of J.D.
Irving himself that no niggers or frogs should be
allowed to work within the Irving Empire.
There must be a news conference to announce that
niggers or frogs can be hung just like the old days!
Hey??? If you allowed to swing piece of steel to hurt
them? What's the difference???
This is the only Human Rights Commission in the
whole world who will support Racism in the workplace.

My very racist complaint was bad enough but this
Commission has set the stage that Adult with ADHD are
close to mental retardation!
The show 60 minutes told the audience of issues
that I’ve been saying for the last 5 years.
They should have made a story on me in Canada!
Excuse the grammar because I don’t feel good and I
just write the darn thing and send it along on the
Information Highway! Stay tune for more stories on the
issue Family Service in the morning and guess what I
did yesterday? I joined the Liberal Provincial Party.
Why? More in the morning….Here’s some comments from
some readers and don’t be afraid to send this note to
all your friend on your email list so they can
continue reading the going on within the Province of
New Brunswick!!!
1-Good morning,
What parish is Fr Brien working out of?
Could you give us an address?
2-C'était beau ce matin te lire......
3-It's funny that all this guys started to talked
about the sex abuse at the church after they found out
that they could sue the church for money. Wonder if
they would have said anything if money wasn't paid
off? Why didn't this man come up sooner? The church
didn't do it, it was a few fathers. The church was and
is doing good for people. To bad people think that
just because a few went wrong that the whole church is
bad. I don't think so. Am I making any cents. I think
it was wrong but I can't blame the whole operation of
the church.
4-this is from someone in Memramcook whom I haven’t
heard from in 20 years….a person must love the
information Highway…lol
Ha ha I got it from Romeo....He send me a picture of
you then I copied
email....We are fine and doing well.....How are you?
Where do you live
Sylvie is doing alright....She has another son who is
15 months...She
is in
a good relations this time.....Keep sending me
emails...i love the
computer and my husband also...Nice from hearing from
you and love you information
about Father Emery Brien...
5-che pas. google me donne rien. i know a Brine who
grew up as a Brun.
Brine not Brien. I always thought it was O'Brien even
though les
shortened it to Pere Brien.
From: "Clarke, Janice (FCS/SFC)"
<> Add to Address Book
To: "charles leblanc" <>
Please remove my e-mail address from your distribution
Joyeux Noël!
7-Charles.....that is a beautiful message! Father
Brien will be proud.
to see you have given your anger abit of a rest for a
day or so.
Keep the faith my friend, I do
celle-là , je l'ai lue...intéressante! Amène-le avec
toi à une
réunion du Front commun???
10-Charles------I think that you are starting to get
really paranoid, of the Irvings...I bet you even dream
about them----Get a life, honey!
You have received a new private message to your
account on "Irving
Sucks" and you have requested that you be notified on
this event. You can
view your new message by clicking on the following
Remember that you can always choose not to be notified
of new messages
by changing the appropriate setting in your profile.
12-Finally watched Bernard Lord on the Voice of the
Province. Both of you asked good questions. I thought
the response was wishy-washy. Especially what he means
funding for autistic children 0-5. Is province going
to diagnose children pre-natal and provide treatment?
Who are age 0. Suzanne: He had hard time saying the
word ‘adult’ autistic persons. He chocked on the word
‘adult’ as he fully knows and realizes atrocious of
his government in this respect.
13. Stop it before you discourage me
14-If your going to others jurisdictions- try knocking
on Fundy area MP
Moore's door too- he might help...
From: Add to Address Book
To: "charles leblanc" <>
May I please ask you to remove my name from your list.
Thank you
16-Charles - you're sending the same message out
multiple times in succession.
17-Charlie: Hier, at 1400 heures, sur channel 11, on
>eu un "call-in" sur ritalin!
18-Le plus gros problème avec toi Charles à Don de
Barber,c'est que tu
d'un sujet à l'autre sans donner une suite logique.Tu
parles trop du
problème de ADHD qui devient tannant!!!
From: "Edouard Maltais" <> Add
to Address Book
To: "'charles leblanc'" <>
Subject: RE: CHARLES COLD PIC!!!!!
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 16:37:23 -0400
Please remove me from your e-mail list---Thank You
Tu ne passera pas l'hiver avec cette tuque la!!
From: "Eric Theriault" <> Add
to Address Book
To: "charles leblanc" <>
Please stop e-mailing me stuff. I think you have the
wrong e-mail

Thank you.
22-Dream on Charlie you will never get a column in
that paper as long as
Irvings own it and would you really want one? Who
reads that paper
anyways? I have been telling you for years that you
should have a
like there use to be....MAN ON THE STREET. I guess
this is what you
really doing now and believe me its catching on. You
would not believe
many people ask me about you. I know alot of people
in Grand Bay and
do read your column from that paper but alot of them
even get your
and love them. They sometimes say what the
politicians said "Long"
they find it hard to read at work at times but
before the days over
update has been read. Maybe you should try a
point line by line. Leave all comments from other
people for Fridays
Mondays. Whatever you do , don't stop writing.
23-They can't. That's why there a lot of homeless in
America. But if you think about it, how's the blame.
People should save for those days. Easier said than
done. Not all can live up to the America dream. But
them what other country does?
24-You are absolutely right. Trouble-maker big time.
You have to be watchful.:):)


Fri, 10 Dec 2004 10:07:45 -0800 (PST)
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Meals served at the Fredricton Soup Kitchen yesterday
Noon- 100 meals
Supper- 69 meals
Have a good conscience day!!!
Some bureaucrats are getting fed up with my
Too bad so sad! All they had to do is find me a
job somewhere and these updates would soon come to a
complete halt but as they told me they’re just going
to be orders of the New Brunswick Human Rights
Commission because I have ADHD?
I am close to mental retardation so therefore I
should be ignored at any cost!
O well c’est la vie!
Last evening there was quite a debate between
Jody Carr and Kelly Lambrock on the talk show of -
Voice of the Province.
The host just let those guys go at it and it was
good! Of course, I called in and the issue of Ritalin
was talked about for 10 minutes so I did my job!
You can see it during the weekend at 3:00pm on
I forgot to write a funny story that happened
when the Miramichi Protesters were in front of the
They were shaking the metal barricades and were
very loud!
As a matter of fact, I found a quart of Captain
Morgan on the front lawn.
Anyway, the media was inside the hallway and
Margaret Ann Blaney <> walked by and
proceeded to walk out the front door but at the last
second realizes the protesters were out there!
She quickly made a U turn and took the side door!
Everyone believe that it was funny but seriously?
Former Premier Frank McKenna always walked
outside and face the protesters. Tanker Malley did the
same action last summer so what’s the big deal in
facing angry protesters?
What are they scared about? I just don’t
understand it!
Ok…Today is called- Human Rights Day around this
planet and we New Brunswickers should take this day as
a day of mourning because our human rights Commission
are no good to us whatsoever!
We have racist members who are working behind the
scene for the Irving interest!
I am going to make a presentation to a forum who
wishes to do a study on inclusion and those racists
members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission
are going to be mention big times.
Our kids are forced on Ritalin and once they
reached the Adult stage? Their lives our ruined.
For you new-comers on my list? Take a close look
at this fax that was sent to the Commission office-
When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators
he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin
were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We
accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he
was given jobs and duties that complied with his
medical limitations.
Sherry Merssereau < Irving Human Resources with no
Doctor’s paper! > Supported by the racist members of
Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >
Lets not forget the racial slurs by the
supervisor at Gulf Operators that no niggers or frogs
should be allowed to work within the Irving Empire.
These racist people will once again be
investigated by the Ombudsman of the matter that Carl
White handle my case.
Will he lie to the Ombudsman to protect his job?
Will he take a lie detector test? Will he admit that
he sat down with the Irvings to discuss my case? Many
questions to be asked and I will make certain that I
get some answers in the new year!
I will not go away!
Those racist members at the New Brunswick Human
Rights Commission should hold down their heads in
shame in this day!
Ok…Getting angry again…speaking of racism???
Why is that now??? Could it be because his son
Jamie Irving is the new Publisher and wants to make
his Daddy proud???
This is absurd!!!
We the public are not allowed to write against
the Irvings even if they print their letter with a big
Let me see if I can locate the story-
Here it is
Premier Lord's forestry vision offers hope
On Dec. 2, the province affirmed its commitment to a
quantifiable wood supply objective, and tree growth
through dedicated silviculture funding. This is very
encouraging news.
We are committed and willing investors in the people,
environment and economy of New Brunswick.
New Brunswick is home and we want to see it grow and
prosper. Premier Bernard Lord's vision regarding wood
supply, silviculture funding and the ongoing
competitiveness of this industry is hopeful. We
appreciate his vote of confidence in the industry.
Premier Lord's commitment to sustainable tree growth
and the forest products industry is a very positive
sign for those looking to invest in a strong forest
future for New Brunswick. Tree growth must be done
responsibly, based on good science, with industry held
fully accountable for its performance.
Diversification and innovation are very important and
there is opportunity to build on the exciting
developments in New Brunswick over the past 10 years.
The action taken from the throne speech will hopefully
lead to more of this kind of investment. We definitely
should be looking at how we can competitively add more
value to New Brunswick wood.
Last Thursday's message from the premier is an
optimistic indication that this government supports a
strong and vibrant forest industry for years to come.
J.D. Irving, Limited
Saint John
See what I mean? It’s like Germany all over
Freedom of speech and rights are long gone in
this Province and there’s nothing New Brunswickers can
turned to?
Those Racists people are in Irving’s pocket and
once we make a complaint? They show us the door or do
like Carl White and Janet Culinan did to me- Just hang
up the phone in my ear!
This is not right and Human Rights Day is a day
of mourning in this Province.
Ok….Yesterday, I bumped into a bureaucrat from
Family Services and told the individual that I was
very concern of the open rooms in the Welfare.
The person quickly told me what I wanted????
Money for heat for the poor or Private room in the
welfare office????
I know the province has no money but the privacy
of a poor person must be respected!
What they should do is this!
Before the case worker begins to ask many very
personal questions in front of the whole floor?
The case worker should give a piece of paper that
if the person in need wasn’t treated properly?
They can phone someone immediately to complain!
Maybe by following this action their checks will
be delayed for months and months but at least the poor
person will have to right to complain!
We can’t turn to the human rights commission
that’s a certain fact!!!
Remember the poor Native 56 years old woman who
was denied assistance?
Well it was October 12th and she still haven’t
received a check!
My God! Joyeux Noel to all!!! This is terrible!!!
Sh@t over 1,000 words…here’s some other comments that
I received during the last 24 hours. eXCUSE THE
about the caps...I'm not going to rewrite the whole
thing again..bye bye..
1-Hi there Charles,

I think it is time for Bernard Lord to go out of
Have a great day Charles, keep up the good work.
2- Charles , These messages are getting long , can you
shorten them up a
3-Bonjour M. Leblanc,
C'est M. Wayne MacKay qui fait les consultations. Je
vais lui faire
parvenir votre demande. <>
4-Charles LeBlanc, I have been on your list for a week
now and I want to
congratulate you for fighting for the rights of
children whom are
forced to
take Ritalin to keep them quiet and doped up.....I
agree with your
views on
this issues and continue to fight......The kids have
no voices in the
Legistlation......Keep up the good work for the
homeless and the
Here Charles in case you missed that you made news and
Irving media did print your comments :):)

A10 on December 8, 2004
The Daily Gleaner.
'I am cautiously optimistic'- Charles LeBlanc,
Gleaner readers respond to throne speech question
We thank those people who called to answer our
question of the week: "What do you think about the
government's promises that were contained in the
throne speech?"
Look for a new question of the week on Friday.
Following are the answers we received this week:
I don't think the government will keep its promises.
There were promises before and they weren't all kept.
I have been paying taxes for almost 30 years.
What I see is the government replacing all their
computers, desks and carpeting in the Centennial
Building. Our money could be better used to raise
social assistance and other matters. I think it's time
for a new government.
Robert Delage, Lincoln.
I am very happy that they announced money for
methadone clinics around this province, but I am
cautiously optimistic because so many times there were
methadone clinics that were ready to open and the
government stepped in and they didn't have the money.
No, I think it is a step forward for the prescription
drug problem we have in this province. I collected
10,000 signatures asking the government to form a
committee to study the issue of Ritalin. Now if they
would just move forward and have a committee to study
the issue of Ritalin, it would be really good. Surely,
if we could have a committee to study the issue on
dogs we could have a committee to study the future of
- Charles LeBlanc, Fredericton.
Bernard Lord, you seem to forget your promises.
If you put your brain in gear before you opened your
mouth you would remember your promises. If you cut
your wages and your ministers' wages by 10 per cent to
15 per cent then you could afford to pay the teachers,
the nurses, the doctors and the hospital workers.
We need those people here. You don't seem to care
about the taxpayers when you have such large wages and
cars. And you give out forgivable loans. People in New
Brunswick are going to think you are the back end of a
- Leona Sowers, Hanwell.
I think the promises made by the government are
excellent and I hope they carry them out.
- Len Poore, Fredericton.
I think there is good news in the throne speech for
people with disabilities.
The government is now acting on its commitment to
develop new ways for providing support to people with
disabilities to enhance their rights to make choices
to participate in their communities.
Also, the increase in the social assistance rates and
the extension of the health card for social assistance
recipients who go to work is a very positive step
- Ken Pike, Rothesay.
6-Thanks for submitting an article. Your writing
style confused me a little. Could you put in the HTML
for spacing and then resend it.
Editor should apologize for using Irving
style headlines to get
your message out......gonna start calling you JK after
pal...........Have a good Irving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! My name is Charles leBlanc - I am a advocate
ADHD/ADD children in the province of NB. I have
personally been diagnosed ADHD, but misdiagnosed as
In my opinion, there’s a major problem with the over
prescription of Ritalin to children in the province of
New Brunswick!
I camped out on the NB legislator for 6 months to
bring awareness to this dilemma.
My other concerns are poverty, Acadian rights,
homelessness, drug addiction, common man vs.
bureaucrats and the lack of a free market and freedom
of speech in New Brunswick. During the last 15 years I
got 500 letters printed in the Irving paper but all
this came to a sudden sopt a few years ago when the
Irvings put a stop to my letters to the Editor.
I was also done great harm by the New Brunswick
Human Rights Commission and as many past victims who
was denounced by this Commission? I refuse to go away!
For more info on my story
or you can read some past updates at


While sitting in my classroom in the late 60s! Some mysterious man walked in our class. It was the new priest who was just ordained as a Priest in the Valley of Memramcook.

He had a black hair floe and was carrying aguitar.

His name was Father Emery Brien and we all loved this man. Emery was different from other priests. Hegot a group together and played the drum and guitar inthe Church.

This was very unheard of in those day. It was called - Le Groupe rythmé de Memramcook.

Every Saturday evening, Acadians would attend the service and the main reason was to listen to these performers.

Years later, he would coach kids in hockey. In the early 80s, Father Brien was transferred to Saint Louis de Kent and a huge party <>was held in the valley to say Good bye to this fine Priest.

I might add there wasn’t dry eye in the area.

I visited Emery once or twice while he was station in his new village but after a few years, I lost touch with Father Brien. I heard that he was transferred to the Acadian coast in Nova Scotia.

I remember in the mid 90s, I just happened to be around Yarmouth and just like a blood hound, I located Father Brien.

He was giving a service and the side door of the church was open. There he was giving out the word of the Lord but he looked different. His hair was all white but he was still interesting to listen to.

During these last few years, I once again lost touch with this fine Priest until I began my protest in my tent in front of the Legislature.

I was told that Father Brien was station in the Capital! I just couldn’t believe it! I quickly phoned the Priest and he came to see me. It sure was nice to see my old friend again.

He was the main force of my protest!

As I told Bernard Lord - Father Brien told me that for the Children? I am doing the right thing!

I told Bernard - Alleluia! I have the Lord on my side! If I could have the other Lord on the same side, everything would be perfect.

During the evenings, Father Brien would come and visit me and we would discuss many different issues.

I was curious of his views on the scandal inthe Catholic Church? He reminded me if I recalled he was a hockey coach?

He told me that some Priests abuse their hold on Power. They believe they can get away with almost anything. He told me that many kids came to him for a hug. If the parents are not around, he makes certain there’s no hugging.

He will hug a child if the parents are around.It’s a darn shame that the scandal ruined it for the good Priests!

I soon found out that the life of a Priest isn’t all that great! They’re human just like us and of course they have their bad days but they must always remain in a happy mood!

I’ll never forget the time, he told the story of a couple first born who died soon after brith. Very few little word can be use in a very emotional issue like that one.

Ever since, I found out that Father Brien is located in the Capital? I have been going to church for the past one year and a half and I really enjoy my stay in the Church!

Father Brien invites the kids over to his table to say the prayer - Our
Father in Heaven and this makes it more interesting for the kids.

Once it comes time to preach to the audience? He doesn’t stay out front. He walks around the church and preached to the kids and ADULTS.

So why did I decide to write about this Priest you asked?

On Dec 19th, it would mark the 40th anniversarythat Father Emery Brien was ordained as a Priest!

I just can’t believe how times fly!

As I told Father Brien a few months ago- If I would have told him in the late 70s that one day, he’ll be stationed in Fredericton. What would havebeen his answer?

We presume that he would have said - You must be nuts!

What the odds of me being in the Capital fighting against these bureaucrats and my best friend would be the Priest! Sure makes a person wonder? What a big different since the first day that he walked into mylife in the late 60s!

I pray that Father Brien will be around for many years to come! He is truly one of the best!