Friday, June 23, 2006


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Stay tune....


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if you go to you'll come to a screen with a pac
man like creature, click on it and you'll enter the site. Once you've entered the site click the link on the right side that says "listen to CHSR Shout Cast" and you'll be able to listen to it.

The only problem is that there's about a minute and a half delay but it's not too bad.

It will only be half an hour, not an hour unfortunately but still
enough time. The program is called the Lunchbox and starts at 12:30
and goes until 1pm.

You can blog is all you want. I'll also make sure to get you a CD copy of the interview and we'll make it into Mp3 so you can put it up on your blog.

You should also mention that you can listen on the radio at 97.9 FM as well as online.

Also, I invited Kelly Lamrock to come on and give his side. You'll be interested to know that he agreed to it until they found out it was about you.

They said they would call back and then told us that any issue about security matters needs to be forwarded to Tanker Malley.

We've called him and they said he would call back. I doubt he will
agree to it (atleast for Friday, possibly at another time) but it
would be interesting. Would you bo ok with doing the interview with
Tanker if he does come? If not, we can make alternate arrangements.


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This is a picture of my dog -Zeus! Zeus died a couple of years ago and I cried and cried. He was my true loyal friend when I was going through a very difficult time. We would always go for walks in the woods! I made a presentation in front of a Standing committee in honor of Zeus! They wanted to eliminate certain breed of dogs. If this stupid law had passed years ago, I would have never met Zeus! He was a wonderful pet and a smart one at that!



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A couple of days ago, I had a meeting with a police officer from the Saint John Police Force concerning my complaint against the Force of the way I was single out in Saint John during the Atlantica Conference.

I want a public inquiry and I wish to know who and why they deleted all my pictures.

For security matter? We will call the police officer - Joe!!!

Joe sent me a email and I met the guy at the Fredericton Police Force.

I was there at 10:00pm sharp and he met me right at the door.

He immediately asked me not to take pictures.

I told Joe not to worry. He was concern because he works undercover.

Anyway, he directed me upstairs and told me to go into a room.

I asked to use the washroom and he told me that he would meet me in a room down the hallway.

I noticed a few undercover cops around and they sort of gave me a dirty look.

After I came back from the washroom, I was going to go where I was told to go but a police officer quickly stopped me and in a very stern matter directed me to a small room.

After a few minutes, Joe came in and directed me into another room.

Once there, the room had carpet all around the wall and the minute I sat down? I noticed a video camera in the top corner.

I immediately told the police office that I wasn’t going to give them a statement with the video camera present.

He told me that it was ok but I reminded Joe that I have ADHD < Proud of it > and on many occasion we could speak before thinking.

I also added that being French? I could use a wrong word.

He asked me if I would agree to go into another room and I refuse because the trust has been broken.

I might add that I wasn’t comfortable in the building at all.

Joe told me to stay put in the room for a minute.

After a few minutes of waiting, I decided to find out if there were a group of police officers watching me with the video camera so I decided to take a picture.

In a matter of second Joe came in and told me that my flash could do damage to the video camera.

I told Joe that I just wanted to know how many people were watching the camera?

It’s pretty uncomfortable to be in a Police station when you had problems in the past and you can sense a tension in the air.

I suggested that we go outside and chat on a picnic table.

Joe agreed and asked me to give him a written statement and which I did.

It was the same day that I had a date with the media concerning me being banned from the Legislature.

He took my statement and began his ride towards Saint John.

I might add that Joe was a very nice guy.

I do have one question?

Once they arrest you?

They say- You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in court.

My question is? Is it anything I say till the jail cell till I’m release or is it till my court date?

If it’s till my court date?

They must have printed all my blogs about this issue.