Thursday, February 17, 2005


I’m closing in on 700 hits so therefore the site is coming along just fine.
By the way? Did you know that all the trees on Crown land have been clear-cut by the Irvings?
There’s no such thing as original forest on Crown land. I didn’t know this until a few weeks ago.
Speaking of the Irvings? My God? Did they ever receive a blast from the callers on the talk show CFBC RADIOS this morning!
The guest was the Mayor of Saint John and he was told that the Irvings don’t do their share in the City!
The Mayor of Saint John - Norm MacFarlane explained to the listeners that Kenneth Irving was in his office to discuss issues!
But I know there’s a big different between J.D. Irving and Kenneth Irving!
James Irving supports racist supervisors in his Empire and Kenneth is a nice guy who will chat with it citizens!
This Billionaire strongly believes that he’s superior than everyone else and this is where the problem lies!
Ok…Remember the young Japanese Student who made an interview on me last week?
If you missed it? The video interview is at

Here’s her email-

Hi charly,

How are you?
I got a grade for the video story.
It was 9 out of10!!!
I am so glad. I really really appreciate your corporation and effort.
If you have something to ADDRESS, please let me know. I want to help
See you at the soup kitchen.

The Irving teachers at the Journalism course at Saint-Thomas gave the girl a Grade of 9 out of 10!!!
This is a new grade system for this guy but I guess it’s a good mark!
Hey? Any way to spread the message of Ritalin to the Public!
Ok…the website is no more!!! Maurice Gamblin took it off the net and I was surprise. A few months ago, the site was all over the news media and the moderator took it off the information Highway!
The site was a success because it received around 17,000 hits during its existence on the information Highway!
Many comments were left by angry voters on that site but no more!
Hey? maybe they can continue leaving their comments on this site!
Who knows?
I guess it cost $25.00 US a year to register a site!
So far, we bloggers don’t have to pay anything! Not yet?
I made my investigation about that guy who was arrested in Quebec for sending threaten letters to politicians across this Country and I guess that Serge Landry used to write many letters to the Editor in L’Acadie Nouvelle.
From what I’m told? He crossed that thin line during these last few months so lets see what’s going to happen in his case?
Speaking of Bloggers? The Daily Show <> was on last night and the issue was Bloggers!
It was sure funny but so true!
Yesterday, I told an individual that the Blogging system will be the way of the future!
The Irvings bought almost all the papers in this province and New Brunswickers are not allowed to write critical letters against the Evil Irving Empire.
Take a close look how far the information Highway came during these last few years? The Irvings will soon realized that New Brunswickers will use the information Highway to received their information because reporters are just reporters! They report the news!!!
Especially to ones who was trained by the Irvings at Universite de Moncton and Saint Thomas!
They dedicated their souls to the Irving Empire so therefore will not write critical stories of the Empire but that’s ok because we have Bloggers to tell the public the truth but these Irving Employees will do their utmost to discredit these bloggers!
It’s going to be very interesting to see what’s going to happen during these next few years.
I know one thing for certain? I am not going away until the issue of Ritalin is studied and those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are eliminated!
Where’s the Methadone Clinic in Saint John??? I was told that it was suppose to open on January 1st!
But nothing!!!
This morning, I was told March 14th in Saint John!
This is crazy!!! People are dying and Bernard Lord don’t care!!! This is a very urgent matter!!!!
Where’s the Methadone Clinic??? If you know??? Let me know???
Speaking of addiction? I was told that if someone has a problem with addiction? They have to go to Ridgewood in Saint John! There’s only one itty bitty problem with that solution?
The transit bus only goes there twice a day! Why do they have an addiction centre so far from the City?
Do the Government believe that only rich people with cars have problems? What about the poor people? You tell me????
I heard another good comment the other day. Why don’t they have cameras in the classrooms? Now there’s a great idea! We could see first hand if the child is ignored or if the teacher is just making these stories up so a child could be force on Ritalin therefore becoming an outcast of society once he reaches adulthood!
Cameras in the classrooms? What’s your view on that one? Let me know!!!
Ok..I wrote enough on these issues! Excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along to you people on the information Highway!!!! Bye bye

Here’s some comments? If you have any? Leave it in the blogsite! Merci!!

1- There was this site recallbernlord site where one could find summary of news and views of folks. Now that gone it is Irving papers only. There is too much biased information in these papers. Any new ideas guys to get that kind of information which was provided through recallbernardlord. Someone who knows about computers as the administer of this site, white collared, may consider doing it.

2- Hey that is better I think CL- that way we can read and comment online
if we like-hope it works for you

3- Is it true that this site places Trojan Horse on your computer to spy?

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/16/2005 05:53:09 PM

4- Thats just group hysteria... There are no trojan horses associated with this site...

White Collared Irving Employee...

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/16/2005 06:39:12 PM

5- The blogsite is great.....much better.

6- News from Saint John NB-The Irvings Empire have just purchased
Shamrock Trusses in Lorneville. They must want to fully compete with the Home
Depot vs Kents. I am glad that we do not have to buy everything from Irving
we will have choices and a good one at that.

7- Dear Charles,

I indeed agree that the Ritalin issue should be studied in much more detail.
This drug is being prescribed to all ages of children just because they
are a bit over active. My son's pediatrician tried to get us to put him on
Ritalin at the age of 3 even though he still was non-verbal - I did not do
it as he was way too young. At a 4 - 5 yrs old he was officially diagnosed
PDD/NOS just above the boarders of Autism Aspergers and a bunch more other
disabilities. Last year at age 9 we agreed to try him on Ritalin to help
control his up & down emotions & outbursts. What we ended up with was a
very angry child who was before very happy & wanting to help anyone. It was
like living with Dr Jekyl & MR Hyde - we through out the pills & will never
go back to them. My son is now on a very low dosage of Respiridal to help
him to control himself with anger outbursts - so far so good - he is doing
very well with the help of this medication at contolling himself, back to
the happy child he always was. He has even succeded in being chosen for the
Provincial Atom A hockey team here in Moncton - something that would have
been impossible for him on Ritalin.

Hope this will help you get the government to look into the over-prescribing
of Ritalin just because no one wants to look a bit further into a childs
reason/problem with acting out or not being the quiet shy mouse in the
corner that the teachers want in their classes.



8- heard you on radio, no coments after that i heard i was on the way
out the door @ 10:30. See you later.

9- Mon beau Charles je suis et j'ai toujours été très fière de toi; tu
n'as pas a te prouver à moi ou même à personne d'autre que toi-même. Pour
ce qui est de ton message, moi personnellement, s'a ne m'affectait pas,
je ne pensais pas que c'était seulement adressé au masculin (je
comprenais que c'était des histoires/textes anciens mais je suis convaincue
que pour beaucoup de monde, s'a va faire une énorme différence.

Es-tu entrain de faire des efforts dans une recherche d'emploi??????

10- Lord government wastes all kinds of money. Even one of Lord’s & his ministers travel to France and other places will pay for Ritalin study. These travels are total waste of money. Who is more important? Children or these stupid travels.

Keep your blogs short and sweet. May be not sweet!! Short ones are sure more effective

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/16/2005 01:57:38 PM

11- Nice big letters that are easier to read. Nice site.

Posted by to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/16/2005 01:44:59 PM

12- Ok Charlie I put your blog on my favorites for easy access,I like this format you have now, can read your info anytime I want and can delete my e-mails, so I can keep my email site tidy. Great day here in the Port City. Regards

13- I modified the your posts so they only read the first few sentences of
your posts and then if you want to read more than you can click the entire article.
It is something that I need to do to every post of yours. Let me know if this works for you.


14- Take me of for now. I will see you around the leg..
See ya soon