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Prostitution is a major problem in Moncton and I guess that the Irvings are desperate for some needy cash!!!

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She was standing there this morning without any chair. I wish someone from the Lord Government would come out and deal with her. Too much to asks I guess?


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But I did hear that the benches are coming!!!


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This is pretty sad!!! Shame on the Police Forces.


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Everyone is getting ready for Atlantica in Saint John. The atmosphere looks positive and they look forward to their trip to Saint John. Stay tune for more updates once we get to Saint John. I believe that everything will be ok.


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My God? This must be serious stuff????


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The question is - What happen???

Hello Charles,

This is just an FYI that I thought may be interesting to both you Charles and your readers.

I emailed Senator Joan Fraser, the Chair of the Transport and Communications committee that was preparing the report into media

I was asking her what happened to this report.. She replied that she was no longer the chair of that committee, but that Lise Bacon, a fellow liberal appointed senator by Jean Chretien was now
chairing that committee and was working towards
tabling the report of media concentration sometime in June.

I have emailed Lise Bacon to find out if this is true, but have yet to hear back from her.


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MLA defends 'weather girl' comment, files suit
Last updated Jun 7 2006 11:01 AM ADT
CBC News
Liberal MLA Mike Murphy has slapped Tory Margaret Ann
Blaney with a slander suit for accusing him of making
a sexist remark in the legislature.

Murphy, a lawyer, filed the action in Fredericton
court Wednesday morning. Blaney was served with the
suit in a back corridor of the legislature soon after.

"These is a line in the sand and she's crossed it,"
the Moncton-area MLA said. "It was an innocuous
statement and she knows it."

Blaney, who represents Saint John Kings, told
reporters that Moncton North MLA Mike Murphy referred
to female weather broadcasters in a derogatory way
during Question Period last Friday.

"He was talking about the budget," she said. "He said,
'I want the minister to tell me what proof he has from
any district engineer,' very professional term, 'any
departmental official,' again, professional in
approach, 'any climatologist' professional 'or any
weather girl,' " she said, recalling Murphy's
comments. "You know, we've moved on to the 21st
century. I thought it was derogatory and I thought it
was inappropriate and I thought it was the kind of
language we shouldn't be employing in the house."

Murphy said he is outraged that Blaney, who served as
minister responsible for the status of women from 1999
and 2006, interpreted the statement in that way.

He said he never intended the term "weather girl" to
be offensive. "This is a slur against my family name.
This is a slur against my wife, this is a slur against
my children — of the five of them, two are teenaged
girls and this is an insult to them."

Murphy is seeking general and special damages, and
costs. He says he will drop the suit if Blaney
apologizes for the accusation. So far, she has refused.


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The New Brunswick Lung Association made some fantastic hot dogs!!!

Is T.J. Burke wearing an Irving tie????

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I just had to asks the question???

It took 15 years to cover this house...

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Pretty sharp eh???



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Someone asked me and I don't know. Can someone help me with this one???


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I pushed this Irving photographer on one side and told
him that the Irving's days are over!!!! What I found
funny was a guy said- You bloggling this Charlie???

He was one of six people at the forum the other day.
He told me that he told everyone on his email about my
site and the people in that area told me they would
visit my blog. Word of mouth is very important!!!

It was a BBQ for the New Brunswick Lung Association
for clean air day!!!


I don't know what happen there???


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God’s minute is no more. I received this little email this morning. They're from California. I sent them a email asking them the reason that I didn't received any God's Minute for the last two days? This is the email -

That is because you are putting our messages on the Internet without permission! Our messages are protected by the Copyright Laws and anyone publishing them is clearly in violation of the Law and subject to prosecution.

My reprisal?

Now I am getting a little upset??? Why would you prosecute someone who spreads the words of your site?

I repeat? What religion do you belong to???

I wonder if God would prosecute me???? question??? Got a good answer????

Their answer-

We have our own Ministry and protect the use of our messages as we should!!! If you wish to have a daily devotional compose your own!!!

My answer

no I know the rest of the should have not sent me this spam mail in the first place?

Now I can go public with your cult.....your day of judgement will come and please explain that you stop spreading his words????'m going to have a field day with this

So? God’s Minute is no more and I am confuse. This group have been sending this spam for over one year and suddenly they refuse to send me their spam because I post it on the blog.

Isn’t their job is to spread the word of the Lord?…This is just too funny!!

One thing is certain! I am not a born again freak and there’s no way in the world that I’m going to spent some time in searching verse of the Bible.

From now on? The picture of different religious items will continue and you can make your own prayer.

If someone out there wishes to send me a prayer every day? You can do so by emailing me at

Question period at the New Brunswick legislature.. < Mercredi >

June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 1/10
Financial Statements
Mr. S. Graham: I have a question for the Deputy Premier this morning, since he has the honour of
leading the government in question period today. Can the Deputy Premier confirm that it is the
policy of his government to be open and honest in the reporting of the province’s fiscal position, and
also to abide by the spirit of public disclosure and accountability, rather than giving a narrow
interpretation of what information should be available to the taxpayers and citizens of New
Brunswick? It is a simple question. I am sure the Deputy Premier, the man who is in charge while
the Premer is out of the province, can answer that question.
Hon. D. Graham: I certainly welcome the question, and I can certainly assure all members of the
House and all New Brunswickers that since 1999 . . . I must remind the House that, as I am sure the
opposition well knows, it is seven years today since we formed the government. In those seven
years, the people of New Brunswick have had a very open, accessible government. Certainly, the
books have been wide open; we have not carried two sets of books, and we certainly have not
cooked the books, as the old saying goes. This government has been very open, and it will be open
for many years to come, I am sure. I look forward to the next campaign, as does the Leader of the
Opposition. The tires might be down on the bus right now, but someday, we will get the tires
pumped up, and we will be ready to go. I know the people of New Brunswick will make another
good choice.
016 11:00
Mr. S. Graham: Yes, today is the seven-year anniversary. It sort of reminds a person of a sevenyear
I am asking the Deputy Premier if it is the policy of this government to be open and honest with the
people of New Brunswick on fiscal matters because he is stating that it is government’s policy to
be open and transparent. Yesterday, in this House, the Minister of Finance made a minister’s
statement regarding a report from the Dominion Bond Rating Service Limited, or DBRS, an
independent organization that rates the fiscal performance of Canadian governments. He gave a very
selective reading of the report to create a very rosy picture of this government’s fiscal performance.
The minister left out some very significant items in this report that the people of New Brunswick
need to know.
If this is the policy of this government to be open and honest, as the Deputy Premier just stated to
the people of New Brunswick, can he tell us why the Minister of Finance did not disclose all the
pertinent facts, and why he contradicted the stated policy of the government that he just made?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Cela me fait vraiment plaisir de comparer la fiche de mon gouvernement avec
celle du gouvernement précédent. Le député de Kent faisait partie de l’ancien gouvernement. Il était
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 2/10
un élu à l’époque. Il ne faut pas l’oublier. L’ancien gouvernement a plus que doublé la dette. Les
deux seules années où l’ancien gouvernement semblait avoir présenté un budget équilibré avec une
réduction de la dette, le vérificateur général a contredit le budget. Une année, il a donné une
vérification avec réserve et, l’année suivante, il a dit que l’ancien gouvernement avait fait de la
comptabilité créative. Le gouvernement de l’époque avait utilisé des systèmes plus ou moins
louches. Je ne pense pas qu’il y a un lien entre cela et l’ancien gouvernement fédéral, qui a utilisé
la mafia. Cependant, je pense quand même qu’on peut parler d’une tactique libérale fédérale et
provinciale qui fait qu’on joue avec les chiffres.
Notre gouvernement, qui est là depuis sept ans, a reçu des vérifications sans réserve du vérificateur
général. La cote de crédit de la province s’est améliorée à deux reprises. Ceux qui déterminent cette
cote sont des gens crédibles. Vous n’avez pas besoin de prendre ma parole. Prenez la parole du
vérificateur général et celle des gens qui évaluent la cote financière du Nouveau-Brunswick. Je
pense que ces gens connaissent le domaine des finances.
Mr. S. Graham: It is clear that the Bernard Lord government takes a different view than most New
Brunswickers on what it means to be open and honest about fiscal issues. I would like to turn to the
substance of the DBRS report. Perhaps the Minister of Finance will be more forthcoming today than
he was yesterday. Last week, the opposition revealed the results of an independent analysis that
showed that the 2006-07 budget would put New Brunswick in a deficit position. Yesterday, DBRS
released its own analysis, which was conveniently overlooked by the Minister of Finance, that also
showed the 2006-07 budget in a deficit position of $87 million.
Clearly, the government decided to cook the books this spring, at a time when it was in a minority
position and fearful of a spring election. The fudge-it budget misrepresents the fiscal position of the
government and withholds vital information from the people of New Brunswick. The Deputy
Premier would not answer the question, but maybe the Minister of Finance can. Can the Minister
of Finance tell us why the people of New Brunswick should have any confidence in the fiscal picture
presented by this government, especially when it is contradicted by a reputable organization like
L’hon. M. Volpé : C’est pour cette raison que je répéterai aujourd’hui que l’opposition a un chef
de claque, alors que le gouvernement a un chef.
On voit un chef de parti politique qui n’est pas capable d’analyser un livre qu’on appelle le Budget
principal de la province. Les chiffres qu’on vient de mentionner sont très clairement identifiés. Cette
année, on aura un budget équilibré avec un excédent dans les livres de la province. La dette de la
province augmentera cette année. On a dit très clairement que la dette nette de la province allait
augmenter. On a quand même un excédent dans nos livres. La dette nette de la province a été réduite
de 139 millions depuis 1999. Cela a été confirmé par le vérificateur général.
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 3/10
Je ne sais pas où le chef de l’opposition veut aller avec ses questions, mais je pourrais certainement
aller où il était avant. En 1987, la dette de la province était de 2,9 milliards. Six ans plus tard, elle
était de 5,8 milliards. La dette a doublé en six ans. Sous notre gouvernement, elle a été réduite de
139 millions. L’ancien gouvernement l’a augmentée de 2 800 millions. Je ne parle pas de 100
millions, mais bien de 2 000 millions plus 800 millions. Voilà de combien l’ancien gouvernement
a augmenté la dette en six ans. On peut comparer nos chiffres n’importe quand.
017 11:05
Mr. S. Graham: Clearly, the people of New Brunswick are losing confidence and faith in this
government. Seven years ago, this government was elected with a large majority. In the last
provincial election, though, it saw 19 of its caucus colleagues defeated because the people of New
Brunswick did not have confidence in this government. Since then, it has lost two subsequent byelections.
That is why I would like to remind this Assembly that, only yesterday, the Minister of
Finance called for the need for maintaining clear lines of separation between departments on
government spending. He said that. The minister may say that good financial administration is
observed, but most people would say that a rigorous system of departmental accountability is
necessary. It is not observed.
There may be one escape hatch for the minister, though, when it comes to avoiding a deficit in this
fiscal period for the budget that we are debating, and that is the possibility that Stephen Harper may
be sending a big cheque later this year to cover the minister’s shortfall. Can the Minister of Finance
tell us today how many extra millions he is expecting from Ottawa to bring his books back into the
black by the end of the fiscal period? What is going to be required from Ottawa to bail out this
government’s mismanagement?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Ma réponse sera : beaucoup moins que ce que nécessiteraient les Libéraux. Au
temps où les Libéraux étaient au pouvoir, en moyenne, 39 % du budget de dépenses provincial
venaient du fédéral. Depuis qu’on est au pouvoir, la moyenne est de 37 %. Alors, ils ont reçu
davantage d’argent du fédéral et ils ont doublé la dette. Le montant le plus élevé a été reçu par la
province du fédéral en 1998, une année d’élections. Le provincial avait reçu 2,1 milliards, soit 47 %
du budget de dépenses. Les Libéraux ont eu un déficit de 200 millions cette année-là. Ils ne savent
pas compter. Ils peuvent recevoir le montant qu’ils voudront du fédéral, ils le dépenseront au
complet. Ils dépenseront aussi l’argent de nos enfants pour l’avenir. Ils ne pensent pas à l’avenir,
ils ne pensent qu’à leur propre avenir. Voilà la différence entre les Libéraux et les Conservateurs.
On pense à nos enfants et on ne veut pas les endetter. Ils se sacrent bien des enfants, ils veulent les
endetter, pourvu qu’ils se fassent réélire.
Mr. S. Graham: With the minister’s opening statements, he is admitting today that there is going
to be a requirement from the federal government to bail out this deficit budget. The point of concern
that we are raising today, very clearly, is that the fact remains that this government is losing
confidence in the people of New Brunswick, and the people of New Brunswick are losing
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 4/10
confidence in this government. It is a two-way street. Trust is important. If you do not trust the
people in being open and transparent, then your government’s track record is in jeopardy. Clearly,
the minister is not prepared to abide by the policy, restated earlier today by the Deputy Premier on
behalf of the government. That is, ministers should be open and honest in the disclosure of financial
documents. I appreciate the fact that the Deputy Premier was forthcoming. Now, the minister has
an obligation to honour that.
The minister may feel that this is just a difference of opinion or that the opposition just wants to
score political points, but we believe that the government will be running a deficit, and we are
supported in this view by a major Canadian bond rating company. Perhaps a respected third party
should be called in to assess the situation and settle this matter. Given that the opposition has asked
the Auditor General to review the budget documents to determine their accuracy, will the Deputy
Premier also request the Auditor General to review these documents and report back to this
Legislature on this matter as soon as possible? The government’s integrity is at stake. Will the
Deputy Premier make this request to the Auditor General today?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Comme chaque année, le vérificateur général, j’en suis convaincu, donnera une
vérification sans réserve une fois de plus. Les chiffres utilisés par le chef de l’opposition sont
ridicules. Tout est dans les livres du budget supplémentaire. On a un budget équilibré avec un
excédent. Alors, le chef de l’opposition nous dit, et j’ai entendu le député de Moncton-Nord nous
dire encore ce matin, que le gouvernement a fait des dépenses plutôt louches, plutôt illégales. On
a donné de l’argent au ministère des Transports cette année, et le député nous dit qu’on n’a pas eu
un hiver difficile. Si c’était illégal dans notre cas, qu’ont-ils fait en 1996-1997 quand ils ont donné
15 millions au ministère des Transports? En 1997-1998, ils lui ont donné 15 millions ; en 1998-1999,
ils ont mis 12,8 millions dans le budget de dépenses supplémentaires pour le ministre des
Les choses ne s’arrêtent pas là. En 1994-1995, une année d’élections, les Libéraux ont déposé un
budget au printemps. Immédiatement après les élections, le 11 octobre 1995 — j’ai été élu en
septembre 1995 —, les Libéraux sont revenus avec un budget supplémentaire pour le ministère des
Transports. On n’était pas en hiver.
018 11:10
C’était durant l’été, et l’ancien gouvernement libéral a fait voter un montant de 54 millions. On ne
parle pas de 10 millions, et on ne parle pas de l’hiver où il y a des tempêtes ; on parle durant l’été,
où on a dépassé le budget par 54 millions. Et le député de Moncton-Nord a l’audace et la face de se
lever debout et de nous…
Mr. S. Graham: If you want to live by the sword, you have to die by the sword. Yesterday, the
minister stood up and praised DBRS, saying that this is the document we should believe in. Yet,
today, this government, when faced with the reality that DBRS is now reporting an $87-million
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 5/10
deficit . . . That means that revenues will not match the expenditures. That means that there is less
money coming in for the programs that government delivers. That means a deficit of $87 million.
What is more troubling is that this minister stood up and said that we do not want to leave a debt for
our children. Yet, DBRS is reporting that debt in the millions of dollars, from 2005-06, will be
$6.662 billion. It will now grow to $6.936 billion. That is an increase in debt of $274 million in one
fiscal period.
My question to the Minister of Finance is this: Will you allow the Auditor General to review this
budget, as we requested? If you believe in this budget . . . You do not want to call a spring election,
you do not want a fall election, so if you believe in this budget, then the Auditor General should at
least have the capacity to review it and report back to this House.
L’hon. M. Volpé : Comme je l’ai dit hier, c’est un plan de dinde ; c’est cela. Dans le Nord-Ouest,
par chez nous, on appelle cela un plan de dinde.
Le vérificateur général fait son travail chaque année. Il fait l’évaluation des livres chaque année. La
compagnie boursière que le chef de l’opposition vient de mentionner, soit, DBRS, a confirmé encore
cette année la position financière du Nouveau-Brunswick.
Mr. Speaker: Members of the Assembly, once again, when I recognize the member who has the
floor . . . The question was asked, the minister is answering the question. Member for Caraquet and
member for Shediac—Cap-Pelé, order.
L’hon. M. Volpé : Je peux comprendre que les Libéraux aient de la difficulté avec un budget
équilibré, parce qu’ils n’en ont jamais eu un ; ils ont toujours connu des déficits. Alors, lorsqu’on
parle d’un budget équilibré, lorsqu’on dit que les banques du Canada et de l’extérieur du pays ont
amélioré notre cote de crédit, les Libéraux ne peuvent pas comprendre cela. Lorsqu’on dit que le
vérificateur général nous a donné une vérification sans réserve chaque année, les Libéraux ne
peuvent pas comprendre cela, parce qu’ils n’en ont jamais eu.
Le présent gouvernement n’a aucun problème à ce que le rapport de cette année soit une fois de plus
vérifié par le vérificateur général. Nous sommes convaincus que, une fois de plus, nous allons
recevoir une vérification sans réserve.
Mr. Murphy: In furtherance of the comments of the Leader of the Opposition, on the first page of
the DBRS report, it clearly indicates that it did not know of the $60-million shell game that the
government played with regard to the Maritime Provinces higher education fund. My question is
quite simple. In that DBRS has indicated that it was not made aware of the shell game that was used
to hide the deficit, a deficit that DBRS acknowledges, will the minister simply confirm that there
has been an improper use of special warrants with regard to this?
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 6/10
L’hon. M. Volpé : Une fois de plus, le député de Moncton-Nord se tient très loin de la vérité. Dans
le Budget principal, à la page 125, le montant de 60 millions est là, et tout est très bien expliqué, il
n’y a que le député de Moncton-Nord qui ne l’a pas trouvé. C’est à la page 125, juste après la page
124, et avant la page 126. Regardez à la page 125, il y une note à cet effet.
Le député de Moncton-Nord ne peut pas comprendre. On me dit qu’il est un très bon avocat, mais
j’espère que ce n’est pas lui qui fait ses états financiers.
019 11:15
Mr. Murphy: The problem is that he never reads off page 125 of the estimates, because it supports
exactly what the Leader of the Opposition has said. My question is with regard to net debt. The net
debt, according to DBRS, is going to go up by $274 million, something that the provincial
government has not indicated. The province has indicated that the debt has only gone up in the last
year by $85 million. One of the reasons is the building of the new highway. This government has
asked for an 80-20 split for many years, up until the morning of January 24, when the Harper
government came into power. The net debt is increasing because of the Harper government and
because this Premier has indicated that he has a special relationship with this new Prime Minister.
I want to know from the Minister of Finance whether the government is going to go after the 80-20
split, so that the net debt does not rise close to what DBRS says that it will.
L’hon. M. Volpé : J’attendais cette question. La raison pour laquelle la dette a augmenté, c’est que,
dans les années 1998 et 1999, des négociations ont eu lieu pour une route entre Fredericton et
Moncton. On a reçu zéro dollar du fédéral. C’est la seule section de la Transcanadienne où il n’y a
eu aucun argent du gouvernement fédéral. Qui était au pouvoir? C’était Frank McKenna au
Nouveau-Brunswick et Paul Martin au fédéral. On aurait pu croire que deux Libéraux auraient
probablement pu trouver de l’argent, mais on n’a pas trouvé un sou.
Quelques années plus tard, on a dit qu’on allait faire la section de quatre voies entre Fredericton et
Edmundston. C’était un Parti conservateur au Nouveau-Brunswick et un Parti libéral au fédéral. On
se disait que les chances n’étaient pas très bonnes. Pour la première section, nous sommes allés
chercher 200 millions du fédéral. C’est 200 millions de moins sur la dette. Si on avait eu un
gouvernement libéral à Fredericton, les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick, une fois de plus, auraient payé
200 millions de plus. Nous avons un très bon bilan de ce côté-ci pour négocier des ententes. Je suis
convaincu que la relation entre notre premier ministre et M. Harper apportera encore beaucoup de
bonnes nouvelles à l’avenir pour les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick.
Mr. Murphy: The Minister of Finance forgets one thing: The Premier, over the period of the past
seven years, has indicated that he wanted as much as $500 million from the federal government as
a contribution to the toll highway. We—and I, specifically—have supported that. However, since
the morning of January 24, that has disappeared into the special relationship of the Prime Minister
and the Premier. According to the DBRS report that the minister likes to quote, education spending
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 7/10
is down by 6%. The C.D. Howe Institute has indicated that we have the second lowest increase in
expenditures for education, counting inflation, since 2000. In real dollars, we are one of only two
provinces that have decreased spending for education. The minister has referred repeatedly to the
Dominion Bond Rating Service and to how it gave a wonderful report. It says that spending on
education is down by 6%. Does he contest that?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Une fois de plus, merci pour la question. Cela me permettra de faire la différence
entre un gouvernement libéral et un gouvernement conservateur. Les gens du côté de l’opposition
diront probablement : Pourquoi retourner au passé? Le député de Restigouche-Ouest nous a dit cette
semaine que, pour mieux apprécier le présent, il faut connaître son passé. Ce sont ses paroles. Par
le passé, le gouvernement précédent a réduit les services d’éducation, il a négligé nos écoles et il a
réduit les fonds de transfert de 9 millions aux universités.
Depuis que nous sommes au pouvoir, chaque année, nous avons augmenté l’argent aux universités.
Les budgets dans les écoles publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick ont augmenté de près de 45 % par
élève depuis que nous sommes là. Les écoles du Nouveau-Brunswick qui avaient été négligées sont
réparées. De nouvelles écoles sont construites. Nous avons un engagement envers l’éducation.
Comme le député de Shediac—Cap-Pelé nous l’avait dit, les parlementaires libéraux avaient négligé
le côté social à cette époque, alors que, de ce côté-ci, nous avons pris nos responsabilités et nous
nous assurons que les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick et notre avenir — nos jeunes — ont l’argent, les
livres et les outils pédagogiques dont ils ont besoin pour avoir une bonne relève au Nouveau-
Pulp and Paper Mills
Mr. Paulin: Hearing the rhetoric coming out of a minister of the Crown this morning is incredible.
I can understand why. The more times that this government reminds New Brunswickers of how long
it has been in power, the more reasons New Brunswickers have to kick this Tory government out
of power.
In light of the very difficult times in the forest sector in New Brunswick, and in light of the effect
that this has had on communities throughout this province, Fraser Paper Inc. announced on Monday
the temporary closure of mills in Juniper and Plaster Rock. This affects over 340 employees and
their families.
020 11:20
My question to the honourable Minister of Natural Resources is this: Have there been any initiatives
on the part of this government to sit down with the Fraser company and explore alternatives to avoid
these two mill closures?
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 8/10
Hon. Mr. Ashfield: First of all, these, as I have been informed, are temporary closures due to
market conditions at the time. We have been informed that it will be a two-week, temporary closure.
It could be extended, but that will be determined by the market conditions. We have been in contact
with the New Brunswick Forest Products Association and the various mills around the province. We
understand the sensitivity and the difficult times the forest industry is going through. That is
primarily because of the Canadian dollar and because of competition from fibre coming from British
Columbia. We are very aware of what is going on and we hope we will be able to mitigate any of
the mill closures which could take place in the province.
Mr. Paulin: This government has not yet learned its lesson. When Smurfit-Stone closed, 270 jobs
were lost in Bathurst. In St. Anne-Nackawic, we are talking about 400 jobs. At the kraft mill, UPM
in Miramichi, we are talking about 250 jobs. There are challenges in the forest industry in this
province. Energy is one challenge. We do not have any control over world markets, but we do have
control over energy costs in New Brunswick. We do have control over helping the industry to
modernize and upgrade. We have control over investment in silviculture in this province. I want the
honourable minister to inform this House about what exactly his government is doing with regard
to these issues with these two mills with the Fraser company.
Hon. Mr. Ashfield: I have to be amazed. If the member opposite looked at the $250-million
package, the largest single investment in the forest industry in this country, which we announced
prior to Christmas, it included issues in and around energy. We placed a cap on increases in energy.
That will benefit the forest industry. We have a 25% increase in silviculture spending over the
course of the next five years, for both private and Crown land. These are significant investments,
ones that the forest industry has been looking for, and ones that we have provided. If you look at the
issues of taxation, the reduction in capital tax will benefit the mills in this province. It will benefit
all the players in this province. If you look at property taxes . . . The opposition voted against the
phasing in of increases in property taxes. It voted against that. This government is doing its job and
is doing it darn well. Thank you.
Mr. Paulin: When the honourable minister was questioned in estimates . . . We are talking about
a $250-million package for the forest sector in the province of New Brunswick. May I remind this
government that we are talking not only about mills and plants but also about jobbers, contractors,
and people who cut the timber, work in the woods, and plant the trees. We are talking about people
who have private woodlots. When I questioned the minister, out of that $250 million, only between
$17 million and $20 million will be spent in this fiscal year for that sector. We are talking about over
20 000 jobs in New Brunswick and a $2-billion economic downfall for New Brunswick. What is this
government going to do to make sure that our communities are protected, that those jobs are
protected, and that the forest industry flourishes in New Brunswick?
Hon. Mr. Ashfield: Please take the time to sit down and read the initiative, the forestry package that
we put in place, which is $250 million that their government never invested in forestry in this
province. If you just take the time to look at that document and what we are offering, you will see
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 9/10
that it involves many things. You were talking about the wood supply, a cap on the AAC for the
period between 2007 and 2012. There is a biomass strategy that will be helpful to the industry, and
which will use some of the low-grade fibres that we have in this province, which we are having
difficulty getting rid of. We have human resource development over the course of the next five
years—up to $10 million. The minister has already announced an initiative in that area. Business
New Brunswick is working with the industry on a continuous basis. That is witnessed by the success
we had at AV Nackawic, with that project, and with getting that mill up and running again. We have
no lessons to learn from the folks on the other side of the floor. We are working hard, we will
continue to work hard, and we will serve the people of New Brunswick.
021 11:25
Défenseur du consommateur en matière d’assurances
M. Landry : Ma question est pour le ministre de la Justice concernant le défenseur du
consommateur en matière d’assurances au Nouveau-Brunswick, Ronald Godin. Les mots que je vais
dire sont seulement pour m’assurer qu’ils seront dans le compte rendu du hansard. Je ne veux pas
dire que le défenseur Ronald Godin ne fait pas un bon travail, mais je vais vous dire ce que plusieurs
personnes m’ont indiqué. Elles me disent…
M. Landry : Monsieur le président, voulez-vous faire taire les gens?
Plusieurs personnes m’ont dit qu’elles sont plus ou moins satisfaites du travail fait par le défenseur
du consommateur en matière d’assurances. C’est certain que, si une personne paie trop cher en
primes d’assurance automobile ou qu’elle est envoyée à la Facility Association, le défenseur va lui
suggérer de magasiner pour voir si une compagnie d’assurance pourrait lui offrir une prime moins
élevée. Cependant, si, après avoir magasiné aux alentours, la personne en question n’est toujours
pas satisfaite des primes qui lui sont offertes par les compagnies d’assurance, quels autres recours
a-t-elle? Le défenseur du consommateur peut-il faire quelque chose pour elle? Peut-il faire appel
pour ses clients?
Hon. Mr. Fitch: In response to the question posed by the insurance critic, that is why the insurance
advocate is there, and this was a reform of this government. It just proves that it is working. People
can go and get help from the advocate to look at policies, look at the market they are in, and help
them shop to find the product that suits their needs at a specific time.
The member mentioned the Facility Association. There are people with bad driving records who are
placed in the Facility because they have had a number of at-fault accidents, or charges for driving
while impaired, so there is a place for Facility. The fact that reforms put forward by this government
June 7, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 7 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\45 2006-06-07 BL\45 2006-06-07 BL.wpd 10/10
have resulted in lower premiums for the people of New Brunswick is very positive. The fact that the
insurance advocate is there is a very positive thing for the people of New Brunswick.
M. Landry : Je n’ai jamais dit qu’avoir un défenseur du consommateur en matière d’assurances au
Nouveau-Brunswick était une chose négative. Si les personnes ne sont pas satisfaites du prix à
payer, peuvent-elle faire appel, ou le défenseur peut-il le faire pour elles? En fait, j’aimerais savoir
si le défenseur du consommateur a le pouvoir de faire bouger les compagnies d’assurance ou s’il
peut seulement faire du lobbying auprès des compagnies d’assurance. A-t-il d’autres moyens de faire
pression auprès des compagnies d’assurance pour ses clients?
Hon. Mr. Fitch: It is my understanding that when you talk about appeals, the main thing is that
there are appeals on the market. There are a number of new companies offering insurance products
here in New Brunswick, and the insurance advocate has a good working relationship with the
industry. If someone is not satisfied with their present carrier, they do have the opportunity to go out
and have the best form of appeal where they can get a product from another company. Hopefully,
shopping and comparing, and the competition in the market, will result in a lower premium for that
person. I appreciate the note of confidence from the member opposite that the reform of the
insurance advocate that this government put forward is working. Thank you very much.
M. Landry : Je sais tout ce qui existe au niveau de ce qu’il y a à faire. Je sais qu’on peut appeler
d’autres compagnies, je sais qu’on peut faire des recherches pour avoir un meilleur prix. Si cela ne
fonctionne pas, si on n’est pas satisfait, peut-on faire appel? Plusieurs consommateurs qui ont eu
recours au défenseur se sont plaints du fait qu’ils n’avaient pas reçu une réponse écrite à leur
demande. Le ministre peut-il nous dire si le défenseur garde un record des questions posées? A-t-il
un record des réponses des compagnies? Sinon, pourquoi pas?
022 11:30
Hon. Mr. Fitch: My understanding of the way the insurance advocate works is that some people
call with general questions that are handled by him over the phone. Some people come in and sit and
talk with him, and they have meetings, and he will open a case or a file. Certainly, from a standpoint
of the information that is kept and what information is from a simple conversation over the phone,
it is up to the insurance advocate to decide how to manage the information flow in his office.
The nice thing about it is that we are getting a positive response, as indicated by the Insurance Critic
from across the floor. The positive reforms brought forward by this government have resulted in
substantially lower premiums, compared to 2003. Also, there is the opportunity, in the future, for
lower premiums, because of clear choices in the type of coverage, in the carrier, and in the product.


June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 1/10
Soil Contamination
Mr. S. Graham: My question this afternoon is for the Environment Minister, concerning public
statements by Bennett Environmental that it will be seeking permission from the government of New
Brunswick to burn PCs, dioxins, and other highly toxic contaminants at a facility in Belledune.
When this facility was first contemplated, many people across the province expressed strong
concerns that this facility would be burning PCBs, but it is our understanding that both the company
and the government stated that only hydrocarbon- and creosote-contaminated soil would be treated
at this site. The company seems to have changed its mind. Has the government changed its position
on the types of contaminated soil that will be treated at this plant?
017 14:05
Hon. Mr. Holder: I welcome the question, because there are some rumours that are going around
in the Belledune region. I want to state very clearly that, currently, the Bennett facility in Belledune
has an approval to construct. It does not have an approval to operate, as I think the Leader of the
Opposition knows. At this point, even if it were given the approval to operate, that would not include
PCBs. In order for Bennett to get that, it would have to go through the whole process and register
a brand-new EIA. Currently, it does not have that ability and would have to go through a whole new
process in order to do that.
Mr. S. Graham: We know that there is a lot of misinformation about the Bennett Environmental
facility in Belledune. We also know that the Minister of Environment is supposed to enforce the
current environmental standards for the facility and all other industrial facilities across the province.
Can the minister assure this House that Bennett Environmental is in absolute compliance with the
licensing provisions thus far that were established when the facility first opened? Can the minister
tell us what measures are in place to ensure the compliance?
Hon. Mr. Holder: As I said a moment ago, the Bennett facility in Belledune has an approval to
construct. As part of that approval to construct, it is currently going through some test burns to see
whether it can have the approval to construct. Right now, it just has the approval to operate.
Sorry. I got that . . . I think the member knows what I mean. Having said that, that is where we are
now. Certainly, the department is monitoring it on an ongoing basis. There is no approval to go
beyond this, and no approval to operate will take place until we are certain that all the conditions
have been met.
Mr. S. Graham: I have another question for the Minister of Environment. On May 31, Bennett
Environmental reported its fourth-quarter and 2005 year-end results. The company reports that it
lost a total of $25 million in 2005, with $15.4 million of that loss due to an asset impairment
associated with its Belledune facility. According to the company:
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 2/10
During 2005 the plant was idle and did not process any material commercially. The permit
negotiated in 2003 was focused mainly on creosote-contaminated soils. The viability for processing
this type of contaminated soil has become uncertain. Based on this the Company believes that these
assets are impaired. Management believes that over time, positive cash flow will be generated from
this facility to support the revised valuation.
Bennett appears to be seeking a change to its current license to allow it to burn PCBs in order to
generate a positive cash flow. Has the minister received any representations from the company
stating that it needs permission to burn PCBs and other toxins to ensure the viability of this facility?
Hon. Mr. Holder: I think I have been very clear with the Leader of the Opposition. There is going
to be no approval to burn PCBs, unless the company was to go through a whole new process. At this
point, there is no approval to burn PCBs. The people in the Belledune region need to understand
Mr. S. Graham: I recognize the fact that a license to operate has not been given. The question that
I asked the minister that he did not answer was this: Has any permission been sought by the
company to burn PCBs at this date? Has there been any representation from Bennett to the
government on the permission and the process required to burn PCBs and other toxins to ensure the
viability of this project? The minister is correct in his statement, but he failed to answer whether any
application or any verbal communication has been brought forward from Bennett to the government
at this point in time.
Hon. Mr. Holder: When I checked at the end of last week, no.
Mr. S. Graham: In 2003, a senior official with Bennett Environmental stated that since the ban on
the use of PCBs was implemented in 1980, they have seldom been used for heavy industrial. As a
result, there is not much of a market for cleaning up PCB-contaminated soil. We also know that the
Bennett Environmental facility in Saint Ambroise, Quebec, which does have a license to treat PCBs,
is not operating at full capacity. Even if it were operating at full capacity, the company previously
stated that it would transfer material that could be handled at its Belledune facility in order to free
up capacity at Saint Ambroise. Given that Bennett Environmental already has sufficient capacity
to treat PCBs, can the minister give us any information today as to why Bennett Environmental will
be seeking a change in its license for Belledune?
Hon. Mr. Holder: Except for speculation, I have no reason to believe that Bennett will be seeking
that approval. At such time, it would register a project, and it would go through that process.
Anything other than that is premature. I know it is safe to say that nothing has been registered at this
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 3/10
018 14:10
Mr. S. Graham: We are raising this issue today because any time this issue is given to the press late
on a Friday afternoon, it does raise a point of concern. It is my understanding that it was following
a board meeting with Bennett that this information became public. That is why we are looking for
clarification from the government today. The license to construct was based on hydrocarbons and
creosotes. It was not based on polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, as the minister indicated. My
question to the minister is very clear. Will he give a strong statement today, and a commitment to
the House, that there will be no change to the license for Bennett Environmental without a full
environmental impact analysis, including public consultation and a third-party review of the
scientific documents. The third-party review is very imperative.
Hon. Mr. Holder: There are no plans at this time. If there is a change in the operation, there will
be an EIA that is appropriate for that facility, and it will involve public consultation, as the member
opposite has indicated.
Mr. Arseneault: In 2001, the government authorized ex gratia payments of $20 500 to each of the
44 members of SODA New Brunswick to compensate them in respect of various health problems,
which, they allege, developed as a result of spraying herbicides for NB Power sometime during the
years 1950 to 1967. That amount totalled $982 000, which was paid out by the Department of
Justice. Following this settlement, two other individuals have advanced similar claims, based on
similar facts. On September 22, 2004, the government authorized payments of $20 500 each to the
two individuals and instructed RDC to provide the funding and to recover the amounts of these
payments from NB Power.
My question to the Minister Responsible for the Regional Development Corporation is this: Since
these claims are similar to those presented in the past, which were paid out by the Department of
Justice, why is RDC paying out legal claims instead of doing what its mandate states, which is to
create economic development in New Brunswick?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Je suis étonné de voir que le député de Dalhousie—Restigouche-Est me pose
cette question à la Chambre, étant donné que j’ai répondu à toutes ses questions et que je lui ai
apporté toute l’information.
Les cas ont été évalués en 2002, et un groupe de personnes avait reçu une compensation. Toutefois,
il semblerait que deux personnes avaient été oubliées dans le processus, mais l’intention était de les
compenser eux aussi. À savoir d’où vient l’argent, je peux vous dire qu’il provient du gouvernement
du Nouveau-Brunswick. Prenons-nous de l’argent du gouvernement général pour le donner au
ministère de la Justice pour payer les personnes en question ou provient-il de la Société de
développement régional? On a déjà eu des cas semblables en ce qui a trait à la compensation de
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 4/10
certaines personnes lors d’autres occasions. L’intention est que deux personnes avaient été affectées.
On a reconnu qu’elles semblaient avoir un cas légitime, et elles ont reçu une compensation.
Mr. Arseneault: My concern is not necessarily with the claim itself. It is what RDC has to do with
this file in the first place. When RDC tried to recover these payments from NB Power, it received
a letter with instructions from David Hay stating:
NB Power was not consulted on the two recent payments of $20,500 . . .
NB Power, as you know, settled the SODA claims in the early 90's. NB Power has had several
requests for funding from various individuals, (one of which may have been . . .)
—one of the two individuals—
since the settlement. NB Power has made no further payments.
My question to the minister is this: RDC got involved in a matter that concerns NB Power and the
Department of Justice. RDC paid out $41 000 to two individuals without consulting with NB Power,
which has made it clear that it will not reimburse RDC. Why is his department involved in a case
that it has no business being in? Why did Cabinet order RDC to pay and not the Department of
Justice, as it did in 2001?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Je trouve cet argument tellement absurde que j’essaie seulement de comprendre
la question. Êtes-vous pour ou contre la compensation? Si les parlementaires du côté de l’opposition
sont en faveur de la compensation, je pense que la question est la suivante : de quel ministère
provient l’argent?
À la fin de l’année financière de 2002, des montants d’argent ont été transférés du gouvernement
général au ministère de la Justice pour payer une compensation pour une quarantaine d’anciens
employés d’Énergie NB. Deux ans plus tard, deux autres personnes nous ont dit qu’elles aussi
devraient être compensées, parce qu’elles travaillaient dans le même secteur. Une évaluation a été
faite de leur cas, et la décision du gouvernement a été de les compenser elles aussi. Alors, j’aimerais
savoir une chose : êtes-vous pour ou contre cela? Indépendamment d’où vient l’argent, celui-ci vient
du gouvernement.
019 14:15
Devrait-on prendre l’argent du gouvernement général et le transférer au ministère de la Justice pour
payer ces gens-là? La raison, c’est qu’on voulait avoir une décision rapide. La décision a été prise,
et la Société de développement régional, qui est une corporation de la Couronne, a compensé les
deux personnes, à la satisfaction de celles-ci.
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 5/10
Mr. Arseneault: Today’s Telegraph-Journal states:
Robyn Gregory, who formed SODA NB, said he has been contacted by three individuals who say
they were left out of the original settlement.
He said two individuals contacted him about three years ago to find out if they could be
compensated and he referred them to the provincial government. He said they weren’t included in
the original group because they didn’t come forward until the settlement had already been reached.
Two of those individuals have now been compensated, as we just found out. My final question to
the minister is this: Since RDC has given up on job creation and is now doing the work of the
Department of Justice, has it been contacted by the third individual for similar compensation for a
similar claim, or has it been ordered by Cabinet to pay out other claims?
L’hon. M. Volpé : Le cas de ces personnes a été évalué et dans deux des cas, il semblait avoir
justification pour une compensation, et elles l’ont reçue. Ma question au député de
Dalhousie—Restigouche-Est, qui ne m’a pas répondu, est celle-ci : êtes-vous pour ou contre? Les
parlementaires du côté de l’opposition sont sur la clôture.
L’hon. M. Volpé : C’est exactement la question. La question est tellement ridicule et absurde. On
a compensé des gens qui semblaient avoir un cas légitime. Le député de Dalhousie—Restigouche-
Est nous demande pourquoi l’argent ne vient pas du ministère de la Justice au lieu de la Société
d’aménagement régional. Cette dernière est une corporation de la Couronne, et c’était la façon la
plus rapide pour compenser ces gens-là. Au lieu de faire des transferts à partir du gouvernement
général au ministère de la Justice, et de là, à ces employés, on a donné directement les montants, soit
quelque 40 000 $. Si le député de Dalhousie—Restigouche-Est s’occupait des dossiers de sa région
au lieu de s’occuper des niaiseries comme celles-là, peut-être qu’il aurait plus de succès à attirer des
emplois chez lui.
Étude d’impact sur l’environnement
M. V. Boudreau : Jeudi dernier, le ministre de la Santé a rendu public les résultats de l’étude
environnementale d’échantillonnage de la région de Belledune, réalisée par la firme d’expertsconseils
indépendants Jacques, Whitford & Associates. L’étude comprenait l’échantillonnage de
poissons, de mollusques et de sols servant au jardinage et de fruits et légumes de potagers en vue
d’obtenir des données plus à jour de la foulée de l’étude sur la santé de la région de Belledune.
L’étude conclut que les concentrations de plomb et de cadmium dans le sol servant au jardinage sont
conformes aux recommandations élaborées par le Conseil canadien des ministres de
l’Environnement. Puisqu’il existe plus d’une catégorie de recommandations ou de normes en
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 6/10
provenance du Conseil canadien des ministres de l’Environnement, ma question pour le ministre de
la Santé est la suivante : peut-il confirmer contre laquelle des catégories de recommandations ou de
normes les données de l’étude ont été comparées?
Hon. Mr. Green: The levels that are set by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
with respect to presence of lead or cadmium in soil are not related to health risks. Those levels are
established by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment to determine when an
intervention may be necessary or when remediation may be necessary. What was done in the case
of the sampling study for the Department of Health was to look at the presence of lead and cadmium
in the soil in several gardens in the Belledune area, to take that information, and to put it into the
health risk assessment to answer a very basic question: Is it safe for people in that area to plant
vegetables and then to consume them? The results of the work and the health risk assessment
determined that yes, it is safe.
M. V. Boudreau : Je veux réitérer ce matin que l’opposition officielle n’a jamais accusé ce
gouvernement de causer le problème entourant la situation à Belledune, mais il reste que c’est ce
gouvernement qui a maintenant le droit d’agir et de trouver des solutions, mais nous craignons que
les choses sont parfois prises à la légère. En effet, il existe quatre différentes catégories de normes.
Il existe des normes résidentielles, agricoles, commerciales et industrielles. Le gouvernement a
utilisé les normes résidentielles en comparant les données des fruits et légumes venant des jardins
plutôt que les normes agricoles qui sont beaucoup plus basses. Nous parlons quand même de plomb
et de cadmium, une question qui est très sérieuse.
020 14:20
Au moins une famille de la région a reçu une lettre disant que tout était correct en utilisant les
normes résidentielles, alors que les normes agricoles placeraient cette famille bien au-delà des
normes acceptables, soit le double. Le ministre peut-il s’engager à faire vérifier ces résultats à
nouveau en utilisant les normes agricoles plutôt que simplement les normes résidentielles lorsque
nous parlons des jardins dans la région de Belledune?
Hon. Mr. Green: The work that has been done by the Department of Health has been related to the
health of the population of the Belledune area. What we need to determine is whether or not it is safe
for the residents of the Belledune area to have vegetable gardens in their backyards and to eat the
produce that they raise. Another component of the study was whether it is safe to eat fish that is
caught in that area. We also looked at mussels. Everyone knows that mussels in that area cannot be
consumed. The wild mussel beds have been closed by the federal government. There is no issue
there. The results of the recent testing indicate that there are no health issues associated with the fish.
Also, in using the residential standard of 140 mg per kilogram, taking the results, and putting them
into the human health risk assessment, the result was that it is safe to raise and consume produce in
the Belledune area.
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 7/10
M. V. Boudreau : Le ministre vient de confirmer qu’on a utilisé les normes résidentielles. Nous
demandons tout simplement de prendre ces mêmes chiffres et de les appliquer aux normes agricoles.
Le ministre a avoué lui-même que les résultats de cette étude ne font rien pour identifier pourquoi
le taux de cancer est plus élevé dans la région de Belledune. Cependant, les résultats semblent
indiquer que les échantillons de sol et de fruits contiennent plus de plomb et de cadmium plus nous
approchons le site, soit Lower Belledune et le lotissement urbain numéro 2. Puisqu’il existe une
assez grosse différence entre les normes résidentielles acceptables et les normes agricoles
acceptables quant aux niveaux de plomb et de cadmium dans les fruits et les légumes et puisque le
ministère n’a pas fait cette distinction dans les lettres envoyées aux résidants de ces régions, le
ministre peut-il au moins s’engager à communiquer à nouveau avec ces citoyens et leur expliquer
la différence assez énorme qui existe entre les deux séries de recommandations ou de normes, soit
agricoles et résidentielles?
Hon. Mr. Green: The member opposite is fixating on levels that are set by the Canadian Council
of Ministers of the Environment. We, in the Department of Health, have taken these results and put
them in an overall health risk assessment. How does the level of lead and cadmium that one could
consume by eating backyard-raised vegetables contribute to one’s health risks, along with all of the
other sources of those chemicals in our environment? We can inhale them. It is dermal and absorbed
through the skin. There is a long list, not only in Belledune, but everywhere. The results of our
testing have shown that it is safe. There are certain precautions that people should take: Wash your
hands after you have been in your garden, do not track dirt into your home, and wash the vegetables
before you eat them. One final point: The member also raises the much broader and more important
issue of why there is a higher incidence of certain diseases in this part of New Brunswick,
particularly cancer. That is the question that remains unanswered. We are currently working with
a research team from Memorial University, whose mandate will be to find out just that.
Mr. Foran: I am sure that all members of this House are aware of 9/11. I am sure that all members
of this House are aware of the acts of terrorism that are being committed throughout the world today.
We all know that Canada is engaged in a conflict in Afghanistan, basically to fight against terrorism.
However, we saw the tentacles of terrorism reach into Canada itself last week. Recently, a number
of people were arrested, and an investigation is ongoing. Suspected terrorists and actual targets were
named. My question is for the Minister of Public Safety, the minister responsible for the safety and
security of New Brunswick, commonly known as New Brunswick’s top cop. We know that there
are potential targets that were put on a list in a national strategy. What, if any, action has the
minister’s department taken to reevaluate our position in New Brunswick in the wake of this new
possibility of attacks in Canada? What is he doing to ensure the safety and security of the people of
New Brunswick?
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 8/10
021 14:25
Hon. Mr. Steeves: We continue to work with all forces across Canada. We work with CSIS New
Brunswick and CSIS Canada to make sure that we are in control and that nothing is being attacked
in the province.
Mr. Foran: I realize that the province of New Brunswick works with other departments and other
provinces in Canada. My question for the minister is this: Were you even briefed, as Minister of
Public Safety, about the latest threats in Canada? What have you done, as Minister of Public Safety,
to ensure and reevaluate our position here in New Brunswick, to see that nothing happens in New
Brunswick? We should now wake up and realize that this could happen right here in New
Brunswick. There are a couple of very serious targets in New Brunswick which would be of interest
to terrorists. What I would like to know from the minister is this: Has anything happened since this
happened in Canada? Has he done anything with his department to reevaluate our position and to
assure the citizens of New Brunswick—not Canada, but New Brunswick—that we are on top of the
Hon. Mr. Steeves: Yes, I certainly have been briefed. As I said before, we feel that we are on top
of the file. It is not just because of what took place in Toronto. We have been on top of the file since
9/11. We continue to work with the forces to make sure that we are on top of the file.
Cash Stores
Mr. Murphy: My question is to the Minister of Justice. Payday loan companies are trying to
determine whether the province of New Brunswick will support an amendment to section 347 of the
Criminal Code of Canada. These cash stores, as they are called, charge interest at 107%, on average,
after 10 days. In other words, if you take out a loan of $100, then after a week or a week and a half,
you owe $214. I feel that these stores are, at times, frequented by those who are most vulnerable.
I am just asking the Minister of Justice what the government of New Brunswick’s position is with
regard to supporting the federal government, with regard to an amendment under section 347 of the
Criminal Code of Canada. As I understand, British Columbia and Alberta support it, and Ontario
does not. I would like to know what the minister’s intentions are.
Hon. Mr. Fitch: As a matter of fact, there are 25 payday outlets in New Brunswick, and about 15
of these are members of the Canadian Payday Loan Association. We have been in discussion with
that group. We have also been in discussion, back and forth, with the federal Minister of Justice, Vic
Toews. We were trying to arrange meetings with Minister Toews to discuss this issue. We, as the
member opposite knows, have been here in the House, doing the business of the province of New
Brunswick. Minister Toews and I have tried to arrange a meeting on a number of dates, to discuss
the importance of payday legislation and the amendments that are being proposed federally. As soon
as the House rises, and as soon as it is convenient, Minister Toews and I will get together to discuss
that very issue.
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 9/10
Mr. Murphy: I received an e-mail from someone who was very concerned about this, who said,
among other things: I have seen among several friends and a family member what damage this is
causing to the financial stability of our people. We need to have someone to look out for the interests
of our people, to take a look at how these companies are operating and the damage that they are
causing to our families.
This is one of the many concerns that New Brunswickers have. My question is to the minister, who
was a financial planner, and I know he understands how incredible these interests rates are.
Sometimes, per annum, they can be calculated into 1 000% to 2 000%. I am asking the minister
whether he is going to consider amending existing legislation to regulate these payday loan
companies, or whether he is looking at the possibility of enacting new legislation.
Hon. Mr. Fitch: I thank the member opposite for the vote of confidence. Yes, I was involved in the
banking and financial planning business. I know that people can get in trouble with their credit,
regardless of the institution they deal with, whether it is a payday institution, a chartered bank, a
caisse populaire, or a credit union.
022 14:30
Consumers need the protection that we are anxious to put forward. One of the things that ministers
of consumer affairs did right across Canada was to give a working group, the Consumer Measures
Committee, a mandate to look into the payday legislation. We are anxious to see the results of the
reports that have been done by that committee. There is an expectation that in the fall of this year,
there will be a ministers’ meeting that will receive those reports and move on from there.
Mr. Murphy: We know that the minister was involved in the banking business, and we hope that
he will be back in the banking business in the near future.
My final question is this: The e-mail refers to a letter to the former Minister of Justice six months
ago. The department was looking into it at the time; that was the response from the minister of the
day. I would like to hear from the minister whether he agrees that this must be done in a very timely
fashion. These outlets are spreading out across the country and throughout New Brunswick. They
have absolutely incredible interest rates, and it is individuals with no other form of credit available
to them who go to these stores, which are sometimes open 24 hours a day.
Can the minister tell us whether he will be enacting legislation or coming to a resolution on this this
Hon. Mr. Fitch: I want to thank the member for Moncton North for that vote of confidence in the
job we are doing here. I think he is doing a reasonable job in opposition, and I will do everything
in my power to keep him in his job in opposition.
June 6, 2006 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 6 juin 2006
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2005-2006 55-3\44 2006-06-06 BL\44 2006-06-06 BL.wpd 10/10
This is a serious matter, though. I have dealt with individuals and their financial matters for years,
and I know how difficult it is in some situations, when they are overburdened with debt. We, in this
government, are certainly committed to helping consumers, to giving them protection from the types
of situations that have been described by the member for Moncton North.
For this term, the docket is full when it comes to legislation. I am anxious to meet with the other
ministers—my counterparts. I have a meetings arranged with the President of the Canadian Payday
Loan Association. I plan to meet with Minister Toews on this subject, and at the appropriate time,
perhaps in the fall session, if legislation has to come forward, that would be the date I would aim
Home Care Workers
Mr. Doherty: My question is directed to the Minister of Family and Community Services. Standard
care for people over 65 with disabilities seems illogical. The program should enhance the quality
and help to reduce the burden of growing old. It should not increase the stress or increase the amount
of money that seniors are forced to pay for services. The policy has changed recently from payments
at the beginning of the month to payments are the end of the month, and that is creating hardships
for clients. The department is not providing assistance to get clients through the lag period from the
time the payment is issued at the beginning of the month to the time the new payment is issued at
the end of the month.
Madam Minister, the question I am asking you is this: Will you agree to review the standards of care
for people over 65 with disabilities, with regard to the payment of their home care workers?
L’hon. Mme Dubé : Je peux certainement m’asseoir avec le député d’en face et étudier
spécifiquement la situation qui le préoccupe. Cependant, je peux vous dire que cela me fait
extrêmement plaisir de me lever à la Chambre pour rappeler encore une fois toutes les choses que
nous faisons en tant que gouvernement avec les collègues, le ministre des Finances et le premier
ministre, parce que nous offrons des services de qualité. Nous avons des employés partout dans la
province qui donnent des soins à tous les résidants qu’ils ont à charge. Que ceux-ci aient 65 ans et
plus ou 65 ans et moins, nous offrons une panoplie de services pour répondre à divers besoins, et
ce, partout dans la province.
Nous continuons à investir sous forme d’argent et sous forme de foyers de soins où nous faisons des
rénovations. Nous continuons à investir dans la formation, dans l’augmentation du nombre de
personnel, dans l’augmentation des recettes des diverses agences offrant différents services et des
soins à domicile, et j’en passe. Un des services extrêmement chers aux yeux de la population, de
ceux dans le besoin et de ceux qui sont handicapés, est des services directement à domicile. C’est
ce qu’ils veulent : Demeurer à la maison. Encore une fois, différents services nous assurent que nous
évaluons chaque cas. Nous voulons nous assurer que les résidants peuvent rester dans leur milieu
familial, dans leur environnement, avec le soutien nécessaire.


Lord-befor, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

Yes, it was 7 years ago today that Bernard Lord was elected Premier of New Brunswick. Are we better off???


IMG_3766, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

Trevor Holder se défend

Mise à jour le vendredi 2 juin 2006, 15 h 45 .

Trevor Holder
Le ministre Trevor Holder (archives)
Le ministre de l'Environnement du Nouveau-Brunswick, Trevor Holder, sort de son mutisme. Il affirme qu'il n'a pas cédé aux pressions de l'entreprise Irving pour lui permettre, à certaines conditions, d'ouvrir une troisième carrière dans la région de Memramcook malgré l'opposition des citoyens. M. Holder a indiqué jeudi qu'il avait tenu compte des inquiétudes des résidents.

Lors de la période de questions à l'Assemblée législative, le ministre de l'Environnement a souligné, par exemple, qu'il impose au promoteur de respecter une zone tampon de 75 mètres pour protéger la rivière de Memramcook, alors que la loi provinciale prévoit une distance de 60 mètres.

Par contre, le plan de la Commission d'aménagement Beaubassin prévoit une zone tampon de 250 mètres. Trevor Holder se défend aussi d'avoir passé outre cette commission. Elle n'avait pas dit oui ou non au projet, a affirmé M. Holder, elle avait soumis certains critères.

On exploite déjà deux carrières non loin de Memramcook.
La Commission d'aménagement Beaubassin avait aussi demandé avant toute chose une étude d'impact sur la santé. Le ministre affirme que cette question n'est pas de son ressort et que la Santé publique ne semblait avoir aucune inquiétude à ce sujet.

Enfin, Trevor Holder dit qu'il n'a pas subi de pression de la part de J. D. Irving, dont la filiale Golf Operators exploitera la future carrière. Il a précisé que le fait que le siège social de l'entreprise se trouve dans sa circonscription n'a rien à voir avec sa décision.


The owner of Wendy's in Fredericton loves to collect toys...

IMG_3927, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

I met this guy during my protest in 2003. He told me that he loves to collest toys. Some toy eh? I say in the passenger side and boy? Was it ever comfortable!



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They praised the Methadone clinic??? There's around 150 on the waiting list. While they wait for their methadone? They commit the crime. Saint John should have had a methadone clinic years ago.

NB Telegraph-Journal | Saint John
As published on page B3 on June 7, 2006

Dilaudid passes crack in popularity

Maggie Estey-Smith

Saint John has a unique problem in its Dilaudid use epidemic, according to the head of the Saint John Police Force's street crime unit.

Sgt. Phillips told the monthly meeting of the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday that an estimated 95 per cent of the street crime unit's work is related to drugs, as he passed sealed bags of seized marijuana, crack cocaine rocks, and colorful pills around the table for the board's viewing.

A large percentage of the drug problem in Saint John, he said, holding up a package of large grey pills, is synthetic heroin, also known as Dilaudid.

It is a painkiller usually prescribed to the terminally ill, and Sgt. Phillips said it has surpassed crack cocaine as being the most predominant drug of choice in the Port City.

"We really have no explanation as to its popularity here," he said.

"But dealers will save their Dilaudid for Saint John, and sell their Oxycontin and other drugs elsewhere throughout the province.

"We have a unique situation that I cannot explain, and the impact is phenomenal."

Sgt. Phillips said a disturbing recent trend in Dilaudid use in Saint John is injection, accounting for the recent rise in hypodermic needles found in residential areas.

"If you can venture a guess as to where you could stick a needle, a Dilaudid user will 'bang' it there," Sgt. Phillips said, using a slang term for injection. "In his arm, in his groin, even in his eye.

"Once this drug takes hold of you, you are in a whole world of trouble, and you will do anything to fulfil that need."

Sgt. Phillips said a number of recent robberies and break and enters in the area were due to people trying to feed their Dilaudid habit.

Though Sgt. Phillips was short on answers when it came to exactly how the drug arrives in the city and why it is so popular in the area, he said he applauds the work being done at the city's methadone clinic and the outlook of those who want to escape drugs.

"We're actually fortunate in Saint John, because most of these folks are decent people with addiction problems," he said.

"Quite often when we intervene, they're actually glad to see us, because they've reached rock bottom and they need help."


Charles 04_07_05 057, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

I believe this is the first time that I shouted at an Mla since I landed in the Capital during the summer of 2003.

I was across from the Departmental Building chatting with a New Brunswicker Commissionaire.

Picture 023

All of a sudden, I noticed Trevor Holder walking down King Street.

Well? I phoned the talk show in Saint John -Talk of the town and let it known that I was very unhappy with this Lord Minister.
I never called him a Bigot on the air and I did say that he lied to me. This is one thing that I will not tolerate from any politicians.

Can you imagine that one? A politician who don’t lie?

I believe the only true honest Politician was the great Lou Murphy from Saint John.

Picture 086

Anyway, I totally forgot about my camera because I was concentrating on the Environment Minster walking towards the Legislature.

I shouted- HEY BIGOT!!!

I quickly got Trevor’s attention. He gave me a surprise look and continue walking with his assistant.


This went on until he was away from my sight.

I didn’t feel good for shouting towards an elected official on the street of the Capital but what can I do?

I am a man of my word. I made it perfectly clear that I was going to give a piece of my mind and I did just that!

Once inside the Legislature, Trevor Holder stood in the hallway facing the media.

I walked right beside him but I knew better where to tell off a politician and where to keep my big mouth shut!

If I said something? I would be evicted from the Legislature in seconds. I know the rules and the rules I will follow.

While Trevor was answering the media questions about Belledune.

I noticed two Irving reporters sitting down on a sofa.


As the agitator that I truly am? I told the Irving reporters to question the Environment Minister about the Rock Pit in Memramcook?

I don’t think so.

As one reporter told me - People are dying from Cancer in the Belledune area. Isn’t that important Charles?

My main point of concern is the media will drop this issue like others.

They don’t have the manpower and they quickly move on to the next issue of the day?

I said - What’s wrong in asking a question about the deal in Memramcook in which the Minister over rule le Comite Beaubassin and the Citizens of Memramcook?

How much money or a job security was Trevor guaranteed by the Irvings to sign those papers???

Of course, the media cannot asks those line of questions.

A Loyalist Bigot??? You darn right he is and I will continue to let my feeling known about Trevor Holder to the public until he’s remove from office.

As a matter of fact? Bernard Lord might be on the back burner for a while. < not too long >

I wonder why is the reason Shawn Graham didn’t being this issue up in the Legislature?


This is an issue that New Brunswickers know that the citizens of Memramcook weren’t treated right!!!!!

Democracy must prevail in this case!!!!