Sunday, October 16, 2005


I was going to use the title as – Is Dr.Russell King a jackass????


I seem to receive mix feelings from these former Health Ministers.

Last year, I confronted Dr.Dennis Furlong on the issue of Ritalin.


As a private citizen he told me that ADHD is over diagnosed.

DDDUUUUHHHHHH.....I hope so because there are over 40,000 kids on Ritalin around this province.

A few months ago, I was told that Bernard Lord won’t hold a committee to study Ritalin.

I was told that Dr.Larry Kennedy < Lib > told the MLA'S of the Health committee that as a doctor? There’s no need to do a study on Ritalin.


The next day, I confronted the Mr.Kennedy.

He let it known to me that he was a doctor so therefore he knows what he’s talking about!

I quickly reminded the MLA that I have ADHD therefore I know exactly what I’m talking about!

He reminded me that parents came to his office just last week and told him that the teachers send them?

I reminded the Liberal MLA that one of my conditions when the protest ended was that no teachers were allowed to suggest to the parents that their child should be on Ritalin.

Now we come to Dr Russell King.


I bumped into this former Liberal Health Minister during the weekend and I wasn’t impressed whatsoever.

He was chatting with a woman and I approached him on the issue of Ritalin.

He quickly told me that Ritalin is God sent for some families.

I continue to press the former Minister on the issue of Ritalin.

He once again let it know to me that it’s bad for protesters or media to speak out against Ritalin because it is a gift from God for some Families.


I wonder if he knows that Ritalin began with Hitler? I heard this a few months ago that Hitler wanted some pills to give to his soldiers. Maybe the readers can tell me otherwise?

Anyway…. you could tell by the expression on his face that he didn’t even want to debate the issue with me.

I reminded the Minister if he knew that by the decision of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that kids taking Ritalin are label as close to mental retardation? The minute they take that first pill? Their lives are ruined!!!!


He let it known that he wasn’t going to debate the issue with me.

He told me that with proper diagnosis it is a God sent for some families.

I reminded the Former Health Minister that if he knew that it cost $1,400 for a proper diagnosis of a child? Therefore the kids who are on Ritalin are from poor Families.

He quickly turned his head.

It’s funny that once I mentioned that most of the kid who’s on Ritalin are from poor families? The conversation quickly came to an end.

I hope this jackass don’t come back into public office because we need people in there who fights for the people who’s poor or rich!

I’m learning that these Doctors politicians don’t truly understand what’s going on with this issue.

Over 40,000 kids on Ritalin. 10,000 signatures asking the Government to do a study but Bernard Lord is proudly sticking to his gun by saying that the drugging and the killing of our children will continue till oct 15, 2007!

I got news for Mr.Lord.

Saint John Harbour has hundreds of families who’s children were force on Ritalin and this will play a factor in the by-election.