Thursday, March 24, 2005


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Ritalin Death




Ok…I don’t really feel like writing today but here’s goes nothing.

I’ve received a few emails asking me the reason a comment was removed from the blog site? I received in great details yesterday of how the 12 years girl died. It was from a parent who’s child attended the same class.

A few of you suggested that I remove the comment which I did!

Hey? There’s blogging and there’s blogging! This is a site to discuss issues!

Speaking of Bloggers??? The guy who ran the Bernard Lord Sucks blogsite closed his blog very quickly and I wonder why? There’s a letter in yesterday Daily Gleaner about that guy and here it is--

Daily Gleaner | Readers' Forum
As published on page C9 on March 23, 2005

Respects Alward, Graham and Lord

After reading our local paper for the past while, I
have to conclude that one letter writer needs to get a
new hobby.

It appears that he has, for some reason, appointed
himself the official "you don't want a new hospital
and here's the reason why" agitator.

Frankly, I am sick of reading his thoughts.

Does he not have anything else to do but invent
reasons why a new hospital will not benefit our

I believe his letters are full of false statements
used to instigate more talk in the coffee shops. His
derogatory remarks regarding our MLAs and premier are
uncalled for.

I have great respect for Premier Bernard Lord and our
MLAs David Alward and Dale Graham.

It's very easy to sit in the comfort of one's own home
and write letters or create a silly web site, with no
public accountability.

Well, Mr. Letter writer, I encourage you to get out
from behind your keyboard and stand up for what you
believe. Be accountable, put your name on the ballot
in the next election.

Remember, if you're not part of the solution... you're
part of the problem.

Angela Brown
Woodstock, N.B.

Is this the reason Bev took off? I hope not because people can crucify me and condemn me but I really don’t care because I will always fight for what I believe is the right thing to do!

I can take the heat and as long the White Collar Irving Employee is around to give me a helping hand? The blog will be around for years to come!

Speaking of WCIE??? I asked Denis Melanson < host of a Talk show > to invite him as a guest! Of course he would have a mask on with the initial WCIE in his forehead!… I bet it wouldn’t take long for the staff of Irving security to surround the Rogers building on York Street to find out who this guy is???….

Sure would be good for the ratings!!!!

Speaking of the Irvings? My God? Are they ever going through a huge public relation nightmare. I wonder who’s in more trouble? Bernard Lord or the Irvings? The people are furious against the Mayor of Saint John and I guess they are going to show up at next Council meeting in Saint John in great numbers but I don’t believe this will be the case?

People are top afraid to make a presence!

Last evening, I showed up at that class and it was very very very interesting!

Two girls supported the issue of Ritalin and three girls spoke out against! It was very interesting to listen to both sides. I won’t go into the details of the meeting but I did asked the girls to send me their presentations so I could pasted them on my blogsite!

I might add that they mentioned three young children died because they took Ritalin. I’ll add more stories in the weeks ahead and all the 5 students from both side should be congratulated for a job very well done!

The Brunswickan in Fredericton had a good story on Ritalin. If you have the time? You can read at


Many of you asked me the reason that I didn’t write much of the plan shooting at Saint John High?

Well? I am not certain on that one?

We know there’s a shooting that occurred in the states a few days ago where 10 people died and I always wrote that one day someone is going to be push and cause a shot out in this Province.< AS GOD AS MY WITNESS!!! I DON’T WISH THIS TO HAPPEN!! >

But it’s only a matter of time.

As for those kids at Saint John High, I just wonder if this is all blown out of proportion because they had the attack dated - In April year 2006!!! That’s a very long time to prepare for an attack! They say Bullying is the main reason that some students will to cause this shameful disturbance.

Well? Kids who are forced on Ritalin are bullied by fellow students and this is a true fact! They are labelled as Idiots and Stupid! As adults, Because of that very racist decision from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that adults with ADHD are close to mental retardation! Well? This is not good!

You can read that very sad verdict on the left hand side of the front page blog!

I heard last evening that there’s a new talk show in the Capital! I don’t know the station but I will find out! The more talk show we have? The better for New Brunswickers!

There’s one thing that I learned during my protest!

I had a radio but there was no Golden Oldies in the Capital and I wonder why? My God??? Do their music ever sucks!!!! Bring on the Golden Oldies for old people like us!!!!

Speaking of the media? Yesterday I was walking in the hallway in the Legislature and I noticed the minister of Health Elvy Robichaud standing beside a man who was interviewed by an Irving reporter! I stood by and listen. I guess he was the Minister of Health from Ontario!

I also noticed Andre the Commissionaire staring at me while another Commissionaire was looking on! They were just waiting for me to do something wrong!

I’m telling you this is getting totally ridiculous at the Legislature. You see? If I walked around the hallway and I bumped into a politician? Am I allowed to asked questions or is this honour just for the Irving media??? I could and would love to asked the Minister of Health from Ontario – If Ritalin was a problem in his Province?

Maybe this is what the Commissionaires were waiting for? I don’t have papers to asked questions so therefore only the Irving media will be allowed some direct straight forward questions? Not fair!

The Bloggers should be allowed to asked some direct questions but anyone who wish to be part of the media in the Legislature must have the ok by the Irvings!

Germany all over again? You tell me?

They sure won’t asked the Government if they are concerned of the way the Irvings are controlling our freedom of speech?

I phoned the talk show this morning and told the audience that since Peter Huggart been in Fredericton. The Daily Gleaner hasn’t print my column! HiiiiIrving! Denying freedom of speech in the Capital is very very very undemocratic!

What can a person do? Just keep on pushing this issue on talk shows and make certain that the public knows what’s going on in New Brunswick! It’s all part of the Irving final solution!!!

The Bernard Lord Government announced yesterday that the VLT’S are here to stay. Any suggestions that was discussed with Tim Smith is out the door! They won’t even consider shutting down the machines for a few hours!

See? What they I tell you? The Government never listen to the public concerns!
Look at my case of the issue of Ritalin? 10,000 people signed my petition asking the Government to stop the drugging and killing of our children but to no avail!

What is Tim Smith going to do now? Start a protest with a petition in the warm weather! Starved himself to death? Set up a tent at the Legislature for the summer months? You know what?

The Bishops said it better! They knew for a fact that the Lord Government will not act on his suggestions because they need the money even if this means that people will commit suicide!

Too bad so sad is the Lord Memo!

If this trend continues to ignore the public, the Lord Government will be eliminated from the political map just like Richard Hatfield! Maybe not as bad but they have to start listening to the People!
I received an angry email from a bureaucrats who told me
that they were going to complain about my updates? Lets see what’s going to happen there?

OVER 1,400 WORD????? WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY WORDS!!!! I taught that I didn’t feel like writing! Oh well? There won’t be any new blog during the next few days because everything is shut down and I don’t have a computer! Have a very good Easter weekend and God Bless my grammar in this update!

Bye bye