Monday, May 10, 2010

One of my best youtubes......

Ombudsman Bernard Richard to investigate the location of the Social Development office in Fredericton!!!


I was in his office a few days ago with another individual.

I was very upset that the Social Workers are sending letter to the people in the system telling them to appear for a meeting in their Building. < Social Development >

The area is one of the highest peek in the City and there's no Bus route to this needy place.

No sidewalk no nothing!!!

If the individual don't show up?

They are cut off!!!!

No money!!!

Two individual were cut off last week!!!!

One individual just took a stroke!!!

So Bernard Richard will investigate if proper procedure were followed to locate this building for the needy in the highest peek of the City without proper transportation.

I might add that the Government will only pay for one taxi ride only!!!!

If you have any stories or concerns on this issue?

Please email Bernard Richard at