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I'm not a rat. Never was one and never will be one. Now? That caretaker at 114 Brunswick Street took all the stuff from some tenants < bed and sofa and dumped it in a private dumpster like this one on top. Now? Is there a law against this? He's been doing it for a long time I guess and myself and two other people saw him dumped the items. So what can be done? Please let me know!!!!!


I decided the last minute to write a letter to the editor on this issue. This is the letter with pictures.

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Daily Gleaner | Readers' Forum
As published on page C11 on October 1, 2005

Outreach worker important

A few weeks ago, your paper printed a story about Mike Ryan < He's the guy with the grey hair sitting down >

Present Cheque

I felt obliged to share my views on this individual with readers

I didn't believe that poor people existed in the capital. This all changed when I began my six-month protest in a tent in front of the legislature


Late in the evenings, I would notice these poor souls walking quietly beside the legislature looking for cigarette butts and then they would fade into the darkness of the night


I love this city so much that I decided to move here

I volunteer my services at the soup kitchen and it's in that area that I hear the true and sad stories from the streets. I remember in the spring, I heard that a woman was four month's pregnant and living under a stairway. I decided to do something about it.

Charles 04_07_05 093
Charles 04_07_05 094

I was approached by a certain individual who punched me across the chest ordering me to back off

You see, these people are the so-called outcasts of society

Charles 04_07_05 103

They have their own little circle of friends. They will not trust too many people from the outside world


This is where Mike Ryan comes in. Mike is an outreach worker. His job is to give a helping hand to the citizens who are living on the streets

He has the trust of these people so therefore he becomes the liaison between the poor and the government


I heard that his contract is up in March

Can you imagine a new worker doing his job? It's an impossible task. It will take years for that government worker to gain the trust from certain individuals

Charles 04_07_05 097

I chatted with a few activists about Mike Ryan and everyone is impressed by his work to help the poor


George Piers, who runs the soup kitchen, told me that Mike Ryan is a great individual and he does his work very well. It would be a huge step backward for this city and province if Mike's contract is not renewed, so they should push for federal money

Charles 04_11_05 018

Just for the record, I never met Mike Ryan and don't know the guy but all of these stories I hear can't be all lies

Keep up the good work, Mike

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Charles LeBlanc