Friday, April 15, 2005


Most of the population in New Brunswick strongly believes it's very improper to spank children as was the preferred method of yesteryear.

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I recently heard from a friend who has tried other methods beside Ritalin to control their kids when they have one of "those moments".

One system that she found very effective was to just take the hyperactive child for a car ride and talk.

They usually calmed down and stopped misbehaving after their little outing together. There's nothing better than clean fresh air!

I've included the photo below of one of those sessions with my friend's son in case you would like to use the technique beside taking Ritalin.


Boy? I had quite a last 24 hours. I went from being very upset to a sign of relief!

It’s just a matter of time till I get the big one! Stress is an awful thing. It quietly sneaks up on you and then – BANG!!!

It’s over but then again? I have ADHD < Proud of it > so therefore I have all kinds of energy!

Yesterday afternoon while walking in the Legislature.

The Sergeant at Arms Daniel Bussieres told me that Claude Williams a P.C. MLA wanted to meet me at 2:30pm in the hallway of the House.

He was 20 minutes late but that’s ok because I never expected a politician to be on time!!!

Claude Williams is the one who told me to send him an email asking the Health Standing Committee to study the issue of Ritalin!

Well? The good news that I expected? Never came!!!

He told me it is not the mandate of the Health Standing Committee to do a study on the issue of Ritalin!

I quickly asked Claude Williams - Do you support the issue of Ritalin?

He told me that he didn’t support the druging of our children but the Government don’t have the mandate to do a study on Ritalin!

I was very confused and I needed some clear answers. I reminded the MLA that 10,000 people signed my petition asking the Government to do a study? Isn't this a strong message to the Government?

The people who serve on this Committee are

• Mr. Williams
• Mr. Sherwood
• Mr. Stiles
• Mr. C. LeBlanc
• Mr. Holder
• Mr. Carr
• Mr. Malley
.Mr. Albert
• Mr. R. Boudreau
• Mr. Kennedy
• Mr. V. Boudreau
• Ms. Weir

Around 15 Minutes later, I bumped into Hedard Albert < Liberal MLA > and asked him if he supported the use of Ritalin among our kids?

He serves on the Health Standing Committee and I wanted some answers?

He told me that he doesn’t support Ritalin! I reminded the MLA that he’s on the Committee therefore he supports the drug?

He told me that his relative is a teacher and he knows there’s a problem with Ritalin!

I said- If Kelly Lambrock can bring an issue such as eliminating certain breed of dogs to the floor of the house? Why not bring up the issue of Ritalin so the public could see for themselves.

Why not?

Next on my list was Roy Boudreau but he was occupied with the 5 month old pregnant woman!

Sure was nice to finally see a politician showing that he care for the poor woman!

He told her that he was going to get to the bottom of this story. The poor pregnant woman has been sleeping on the ramp at the Soup Kitchen for the last few weeks and no one from Family Services seem to care!

The unborn should be protected at any cost and lets see what Mr.Boudreau is going to do with this issue?

Joanne is five months pregnant
After her meeting was done?

I confronted Roy Boudreau on the issue of Ritalin because he’s on the Health and Standing Committee!

He told me that there was already a study done on Ritalin!

I reminded the former teacher that this was a committee that was set up by a bunch of bureaucrats who met in the basement of a building to discuss the issue of Ritalin!

They came out with some recommendations but it wasn’t a meeting for the public!

I wonder if those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission were present?

Good questions?

I confronted another politician Wally Stiles < P.C. MLA > because he also serves on that Committee. Once again, I couldn’t get no clear answers from this politician but he told me that he was a little confuse on the issue of Ritalin!

I told the MLA that Doctorr Furlong told me a few weeks ago that ADHD is over diagnosed and that’s the way it is! Hundreds of kids are on Ritalin and don’t even have ADHD!

I also heard that Doctor Kennedy told the Committee that since he’s a Doctor? The issue shouldn’t be studied!

I’m doing to get the facts on this issue!

There’s many other MLA’S who I have to confront.

Last night was quite an evening!

I phoned the talk show Voice of the Province.

The guests were Elvy Robichaud < Minister of Health > and Victor Boudreau < Health Critc >

Victor is a newly elected MLA and he moved up the ladder very quick. I would always tell everyone that he’s good!

Yesterday, he was with a group from the area of Shediac. I told my fellow Acadians that he was very smart!

Last night, I told a friend who was watching the talk show with me?

That man is good!

I was the second caller and I knew that Elvy Robichaud would tell me that if the Doctor prescribes the prescription then it must be a good thing!

Government cannot stop Doctors prescribing Ritalin!

He also added that he sees Charles every day at the Legislature and we talk about the issue of Ritalin.

I don’t know why he told the television audience that he sees me everyday? I believe that he was saying that I’m like a bum and maybe should be ignored.

The host Phil Vincent was going to go to the next caller.

I said- Come one? Asked Victor for his Comment?

Come on Phil????

Sure enough he did and I wasn’t amused of the answer Victor Boudreau told the audience.

He also added that he sees me around the Legislature every day! < I don’t really understand why this issue should come up? > and went on to say- I support what Elvy Robichaud just said that if the Doctors prescribes Ritalin than it must be ok?

I was very upset!

Oppppss sorry??? I WAS FURIOUS!!!!

Why would a Liberal MLA support the P.C. Party on this issue?

Victor took the place of Bernard Richard who served the area of Shediac for many years before he took the roll of Ombudsman!

I have been fighting the MLA’S of the Lord Government for over six years and too late to quick now!

When Bernard Richard was on a talk show? He would disagree with the Ministers on the issue of Ritalin!

Bernard Richard the Ombusdsman for New Brunswick

Victor Boudreau is no Bernard Richard! Mind you? I told a few Liberals this morning of my opinion on the issue of the newly elected MLA!

Mind you? I believe that Victor Boudreau is a very smart young man and he definitely has a future as an MLA!

There’s no question about it!

Maybe he’s just as confuse as I am on the issue of Ritalin!

I believe the program will be replayed during the weekend at 3:00pm on Rogers!

I don’t seem to receive no clear answers from the Politicians from both political parties in Fredericton!

I was told that the Liberals still support a committee to study the issue of Ritalin!

I’m going to asked for a meeting with the Liberal Leader Shawn Graham to find out the true facts about this issue!

In the past, I never asked for a meeting because I would often chat with the MLA’S outside of the Legislature or in the hallways!

But the problem with this style of communication is I have to get to the point and quickly!

I believe a meeting would answer many questions that I have for the thousands of kids who are force on Ritalin!!!

Why don’t the Liberals get together and put a bill on the floor of the House so we will know who is for or against the issue of Ritalin?

The public should have the right to know which politician support the drugging and killing of our children!

Is that too much to asked for????

As for me hanging around the Legislature, is this a new wave for the MLA’S to tell the public that Charles don’t have a life?

So therefore just ignore his views on Ritalin!

As I wrote in the past and I will say it again!

I know it’s not good for me to hang around the area like an educated Bum but I refuse to turn to alcohol or drugs and walk towards the sunset with my head down!

I will continue to fight the huge mis-justice that’s being done in this Province towards our kids and I will not rest until the issue of Ritalin is studied by the Government!

MY GOD!!! CLOSE TO 1,500 WORDS ALREADY??? Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information High! Bye bye