Tuesday, July 26, 2005



This is a little buddy of mine that I took care of a few weeks ago. I bought him at the Soup Kitchen and he worked there for a while. I just wanted to give him an eye opener on the real world!

His brother is sadly Autistic.

I do understand only certain issues will be debated in great length in this blog!

But my question is this????

How come we have so many Autistic cases during the last 20 years in New Brunswick? What should be done with these kids? What would do the proper way to educate these poor souls???



On Thursday, July 28th at 6pm, Mayor Brad Woodside will flick the switch
officially launching "Fredericton's Classic Rock 92.3
Fred-Fm"...Fredericton's newest and hottest radio station.


From Thursday evening until the morning of Tuesday, August 3, Fred-Fm
will broadcast continuous Classic Rock music.

At 5:30 am, Tuesday, August 3, Fred-Fm will begin it's first day of
regular programming with the "Rudy and Mars" show. Listen at 5 minutes to the
hour and 25 minutes after the hour for Fred Headlines.

Holding down the fort middays from 9-2 will be Juanita...The Queen of
Classic Rock.

Tom Shock drives you home from 2 till 6pm. Catch your afternoon news
fix with Amal Newman and/or Joelle Worrell.

Farley entertains you evenings...6 till midnight.

For more information about us and how to get free stuff, check out our


Thanks for listening and enjoy the tunes.

Dennis Melanson




Just for the record? No one paid me to write this little blog.


During my 6 months protest in front of the Legislature, I would always walk downtown especially at night.

The Capital is beautiful in the evenings. There’s no hills to walk up and it’s peaceful.

I would always walked by the many restaurants or stores on Queen Street.

I remembered one place in front of Officer’s Square call - Molly’s!!!

I walked in there on a few occasions but didn’t really noticed much until this morning.

I bumped into an old friend and we wanted to have a conversation in private so he suggested Molly’s?

I said- Sure! Why not???

I was in for a huge big surprise.

Once inside, it was pretty dark but the guy kept on walking through the building until he directed me in the back.

Once outside, I noticed a cool water fountain, nice chairs, garden and many huge umbrellas over the table so a person could escape the hot City sun.


I might add there’s good food such as Sandwiches and Soups. They always have specialties of the house. They also have any alcohol drinks you want. I might add that the coffee is fantastic. It's from another country!!!

The main reason that I decided to write about this place is the privacy a couple or anyone can have.


I remember one day, one politician wanted to chat with me but it was very difficult to have a conversation in private because all the restaurants are in the open and of course we could be distracted by other people.

In this case? It’s sort of a paradise centre on Queen Street.

A person doesn’t notice the place from the street!

It’s beautiful!!!!

I would suggest to anyone who wishes to have a meeting or chat in private over a couple of drinks?

Molly’s on Queen Street is the place to be!!!

My God! What a nice set up they have in that area.

Once again???? For the record?

Molly’s never paid me to write this blog about their fine place. They don’t even know that I’m writing this story!!!

I saw it with my own eyes and I was very impressed.

I believe that other citizens should have the right to know there’s a private paradise centre on Queen Street!!

Molly’s is located across from Officer's Square!!!

Molly's is the place to be!!!

By the way? If you go? Please let me know because I’m curious to know if I’m the only one who feels this way?



This will be the final part on the issue of the rights or boarders and roomers in New Brunswick.

I forgot to mention one story.

When Tim Smith and I went to see the Rentalman Peter Kessels.

Peter first told us that I should go see a lawyer!!!

I quickly answered - Excuse me? When you live in a place like where I live? How the hell am I suppose to afford a lawyer?

Yesteerday, I made a stopover over the rentalman office.

The receptionist asked me what I wanted to see the head macho for?

Once I told her that I wanted to chat about roomers rights?

She quickly told me that wasn’t any concerns to this office.

Now? These are Government employees.

I could tell that she has already answered this kind of question in the past.

I did have a a 10 minutes meeting with Peter Kessels

I left the face to face meeting with a mixe message.

He did tell me that we do have rights and if I felt that I wasn’t treated right?

I should called the Police.


But he did say something that I found interesting or frightening.

He told me that they receive around 5 to 6 calls a week concerning boarders or roomers rights!

That’s scary!!! This tell me that there’s a lot of boarders and roomers being mentally or physically abuse around this province and there’s no where to turned to!

I point blank asked the guy - Where can these poor people turned to in case of a major problem like I’m having?

Tenants are denied the washrooms or other issues.

He told me that I should approached an advocate group and maybe lobbied the Government.

He reminded me that I should have numbers on my side.

I reminded the rentalman that once a person is poor? They lose all the energy to fight.

Which reminds me? I haven't heard from Family Services on this issue? I wonder why?

But I did learned that this Department is run by the Justice Department.

I am told that the Government could put in place someone to look into these issues but I’m certain that this will not happen because it’s Brad Green in charge of the Justice Department.

This guy is way off base once it comes to the poor.


I approached Bard Green last year about a case of a poor individual in his riding.

I gave him the phone number but he never called the person.

Let them eat cake is the memo of the Lord Government I guess but I will continue to educate the public on this issue.

The Lord Government will never pay attention to this act because I believe that I know the answer?

If a poor is on welfare and they live in a contaminated House?

They won’t complain because they are very fortunate to have a roof over their head.

Like my place? I guess there’s six people who died while living here so maybe the Government will not grant these people rights because they will die faster therefore saving them a lot of money in the long run.

Yes, New Brunswick is a third world country when it comes of the way the poor New Brunswickers are treated and the scary taught that they will not act!

They will let them die!


These people cannot afford a damage deposit so therefore they are force to stay in one place.

It’s just like a prison or an exacution chamber just waiting to die.

Myself, I always say - I’ll move next month and the month arrive and I say I will the next month!

That’s my darn ADHD in motion!

Always let things go by but it’s my faith that keeps me going and nothing else matters.

It’s not a bad place but to have a former homeless individual treat the tenants like they’re animals is not right!

I am very surprised that I haven’t lost my cool with this guy yet! I guess that my six months protest in front of the Legislature really helped me mentally because I don’t lose my temper as I used to and this is a very good thing!!!!

It’s a darn shame that we do not hear from the rest of the poor people in this province but then again?

They cannot afford the damage deposit never mind a computer.

I would love to see Bernard Lord living in these conditions for 24 hours!!!


Yes, Life is indeed an very sad sake of affair especially when you have a Government who doesn’t give a darn about the poor people in this Province!

God Bless them all!!!!