Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Ok…I’m back in the feeling of writing my views on different issues. I’m like a wild animal that was caged during the last 72 hours and escape!
May I suggest you take a print out of this update because trust me, it’s going to be a very long winded one.
Lay back…have a smoke, coffee or beer!
Hey? This is the last day to vote on the Ritalin poll so if you didn’t?
Go and vote!
As for the Adderall or Ritalin advertisement on my the poll?
There’s noting we can do about that because the poll is Ritalin so therefore the advertisement shows up in my poll! Same as for the Irvings? If I polled the Irvings and they had an advertisement on the information Highway, their logo will be in the poll!
Yesterday, I was told that a few bureaucrats were upset of the manner that I wrote my update predicting an attack on the Legislature?
Well? We know that I pray to God that it never happens and I don’t wish to give anyone some ideas but on the talk of the Town yesterday morning?

On CFBC, some caller called in and said the exact same thing that I wrote about!
He said - One of these days, someone is going to cross that thin line and go on a rampage! Well? The host was scared and many callers called in afterwards to express their fear!
Well? If the Government don’t start treating the poor with respect, it could happen?
Some girl told me during the weekend that she got a job so her voice could be heard?
What??? You mean if you don’t work? Your voice is not heard? You mean those bureaucrats especially them at Family Services ignores the poor citizens pleas???
The Government is making certain that the less fortunate don’t have a say because they installed open cubicles in the Capital so the whole floor can heard your personal problems!
Someone asked me if CFBC is for sale? I don’t know but I know that a new radio talk show are going to come on the air in the fall but there’s only one itty bitty problem with that issue?
Are these talk shows going to come from Central Canada? I hope not! We need open talk shows in this Province because it’s the only way to spread out views!
Forget the Irving papers because only the elite are allowed to write their concerns!
Speaking of the Irvings? The Daily Gleaner never printed my guest column since Peter Huggert < who dedicated his life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire > came to Fredericton to be the new boss of the Daily Gleaner!
They print a column in today’s paper by the bigot Brent Taylor < Former C.O.R. MLA > but not this Acadian!
Hmmmm???? Racism at the newspapers now?
Who knows but I will call the Editor and asked the question?
Of course they will tell me that it was denied but this time around I am going once again make a complaint to the Atlantic Press Council.
Speaking of complaint? Last week, I sent a nasty but direct email to my favourite television show- America most wanted!
Last week, they never showed the four officers who lost their lives in Alberta. I was very upset so therefore I gave them a piece of my mine! < I couldn’t gave them too much because there would be nothing left! > ..lol..
Last Saturday, they played a fine tribute to the officers and it sure was nice of them. I just sent them an email to congratulate them and received this automatic note-
Thank you for contacting AMW. We will review all comments and suggestions. However, due to the volume of e-mails received, we may not be able to personally respond. Remember to keep watching, and keep an eye out for America's Most Wanted.


John Walsh & the AMW Team

Hey? You show me that you did something wrong and admit it? No problem! I will forgive you and move on!
Speaking of doing something wrong? I phoned Melanson Live < talk show > last night and I mentioned those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!
You don’t believe me? The show will be replayed this afternoon at 3:00pm! I told the audience that those appointed members told the Government that people with ADHD are close to mental Retardation! A caller phoned in after me and spoke on the issue of Ritalin!
Hey? Speaking of ADHD???
Last Friday while volunteering at the Soup Kitchen someone called and wanted to know if anyone wishes to make a few bucks?
The guy asked me and I said –sure!!!
Speaking of poor? Over 150 meals were served at Noon yesterday!
Anyway? The woman on the phone told me to be at the Shelter and she’ll pick me up!
Hey? I have no money so a few bucks would help me to get by till the end of the month!
I prepared myself and showed up at the Shelter but the girl already picked up two men who were just standing there. I believe she taught they were me and my friend.
I was a little down because I sure could have used those few bucks but anyway, I turned around and proceeded to go home until I heard a soft voice---Hi Charlie!!!
It was the Japanese girl from Saint Thomas. It was the same girl who interviewed me a few months ago about my protest and ADD/ADHD!
You didn’t see the video?
Go to-


and click on the picture.
Anyway, this time around this wish to be journalist is doing a story on the homeless people in this City and wanted to interview me?
I told her never mind me! Talk to a real person who’s on the streets!
Seconds later, I noticed an individual walking by me and my brain cells in my five ADHD was working overtime!
I saw that guy before? He looks very familiar?
I quickly said - Denis? Is that you? He looked at me and I might add that you don’t forget an ugly face?...lol…and replied - Hi there Charles!
It was Doctor Dennis Furlong who used to be the minister of Education and Health before the last Provincial Election! I haven’t chat with this guy for over 3 years!
I introduced the Doctor to the Japanese reporter and I was very very very stern in saying that this man said on a talk show that Ritalin was Over prescribed!!!
Let me see if I can locate his words? FOUND IT!!!
This is what I wrote on March 12th, 2004!! It’s from last year! My God Time sure flies!!! Here’s what I wrote-

Ok…last evening on Melanson Live there was a guest
name DR.DENIS FURLONG!! Remember him?? He used to be
the Minister of Health and Education.
While he was in the Cabinet - He told me in the
past that there wasn’t a problem with Ritalin and the
issue shouldn’t be studied.
Well? Last evening was a total different ballgame!!
This is what was said after I phoned the show-

Denis Melanson - Just a very quick Question of what
Charles was saying. Is Ritalin a quick fixes?

Dr. Furlong - Ohhh Yes, I think Ritalin is over
prescribed and I think that’s an issue for the Medical
Profession. It’s only prescribed by the Medical
Profession. However? I , myself even seen now teachers
who send parents and children to my office suggesting
they should be on Ritalin and because not all of them
all on because not all of them are truly hyperactive.
Well? You have to have an accurate diagnosis in order
to at least some hope that the therapy is going to
work because for over activity disorders and active
kids Ritalin will have no affect.

Denis Melanson - OK…and that’s the last word we’ll
hear about Ritalin tonight!!!!

You have to understand that this Doctor told these words to the audience as a private citizen and not as an elected official!
I wasn’t done with the Doctor and continue to push my issue near the shelter while the cold winds was racing by! It was cold!!!!
I told him that he said that Ritalin have been around for 50 years but the part that I find very interesting is that in the late 70s when I was in High School?
I was totally out of control and not one person suggested to me Ritalin?
I would have been the perfect candidate for Ritalin but then again?
I would have been called - Stupid or idiotic but then again? I was called this anyway especially by my own Father and he always gave me some candies after a beating!
So the situation got much worst! It was a total losing battle and I haven’t been living with my parents for the last 25 years! You can just imagine the hatred going on within the household with a child with ADHD! OK CHARLES FORGET THOSE BAD FLASHBACK!!!!
Oppsss…Get back to the issue in this update!!!
Anyway??? Doctor Furlong told me that ADHD was over diagnosed in this Province!
He also told me that a study isn’t needed because there has already been many studies on this issue!
I quickly told the former Cabinet Minister that a study on Ritalin had never been done in this Province and if he knew that the orders of those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that adults with ADHD are close to mental Retardation???
He quickly told me that they was absurd!
I told him my situation and these are orders given to the Government by this racist Commission!!!
I told you that I’m making up for lost time????..lol….
Anyway, Before the Doctor left, I shouted - Now that you know, I’m around this area? You won’t be coming back!!!..
He quickly replied - I’ll be back!
I guess that he had a meeting with the Lung Society Kenneth Maybe!
We could have chatted longer but the wind was cold!!!
You see what I mean?
Ohhhh??? One more issue we talked about was the pain killer problem in this Province?
I told the Former Minister - I told you 5 years ago about the need of many Methadone Clinics in this Province? But did you listen to me??? NOOOOOOO…..AND LOOK AT THE MESS WE’RE IN NOW????
He quickly told me that they didn’t have the money!!!
Look at the cost to treat these poor souls now??
Many people have died! Many families have been destroyed! Many homes have been broken into and the Lord Government say - We don’t have the money!!! Show me the $$$$$$$$!!!
It’s too late and I heard that Bernard Lord gave the orders that the Standing Committee will not study the issue of Ritalin but I’m going to investigate this before I go publicly!!!
In closing, the poor Japanese girl wanted to interview a homeless person and I knew that she could asked the wrong person so I didn’t want her to be in trouble because these people are the outcast of society!
I refuse to follow this route! I told her that I would give her a helping hand so I walked in the Shelter and asked around if anyone wanted to do an interview but no luck until I mentioned a cute Japanese girl is standing outside in the cold wind waiting for someone to give their sad tales!
One guy quickly jumped up and ran outside.
Before, I left the area? I made certain that she was safe and went home!
Yes, I missed my ride to make a few bucks but there’s always a reason for everything!
If the woman would have waited, I would have never bumped into Doctor Furlong so it makes you wonder?
I didn’t make a few bucks but it was worth it to have this very straight forward conversation!
I have much more to write about but it will have to wait till the morning!
Please excuse the grammar and style of this update because Ii just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye from the Capital!!!!