Friday, July 14, 2006

The Irvings - Interesting....

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Irving oil sues former execs and their new company

July 14, 2006

NORTH HAVERHILL, N.H. --Irving Oil has sued a new competitor that's run by three former Irving executives, claiming the men stole Irving information to start their own company in Lebanon (New Hampshire).
The lawsuit involves Simple Energy. Irving says the new company's founders took copies of customer contracts, pricing information and other sensitive information before leaving Irving last month. It wants a judge to order Simple Energy to stop operating with Irving information for six months, return all confidential information and pay unspecified damages.

Simple Energy's lawyer says the company has no Irving trade secrets and accused Irving of trying to run a competitor out of business.
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Bicycle gets parking ticket???

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Bad guys wears Pink???

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Bye bye bye bye rain for a while...< I hope!!! >

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Good hearted people helping the poor on a Friday evening.....

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I was dead wrong and I apologize....

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This guy name is Zack!!!!

He asked to see the person in charge of the Fredericton Soup Kitchen?

I was certain that he wanted a lunch or a meal?

I was dead wrong!

Zack < first time I saw him > walked in the Fredericton Soup Kitchen and donated 40 bucks!!!!

Pretty good gesture if you asks moi???

Good work Zack and Merci beaucoup!!!

A open letter to Bernard Lord on a Friday afternoon.

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Dear Bernard,

I am very sorry that I have left you alone during this past month but I have been a very busy little blogger.

You must have heard that I was arrested in Saint John for taking pictures of a protest during the Atlantica Conference?

They put me in jail for four hours Bernard. I know this must have hurt your feeling greatly knowing that I was in a cell.

They even took my camera and deleted my pictures Bernard? Of all the people in this Province, I know you do understand that I really love taking pictures. You must have really felt my despair in this situation?

I know that you truly wish me the best of luck once I appear in court on July 25th. Merci beaucoup Bernard. This means a lot to me.

You must have also heard that I was banned for life from the New Brunswick Legislature? We still don’t know the facts but I am following the paper trail So far, it leads me toward Tom Mann. He’s a Union leader Bernard.

Tom and Brent Taylor wrote a letter to the editor about me Bernard. You should have read it? It wasn’t nice and I know that you must have been hurt. I know that you truly feel for me Bernard.

I will try to get Justice done Bernard and hopefully I shall return to the legislature in the near future and I know that you’re looking forward to see me again in the hallways of the Leg. more thing Bernard??? If you believe for one minute with all these new development in my life have made me forgotten the issue of Ritalin and the matter that our kids are being drugged and killed???

You are sadly mistaken Sir because I will definitely make up for lost time.

10,000 signed my petition to do a study on this issue but you have totally ignored this issue so therefore the drugging and killings of our children will continue as long you’re Premier of this province.

Have a great weekend Bernard.

Charles 04_07_05 071

Your good friend

Charles LeBlanc

Just a reminder....

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