Tuesday, June 21, 2005



I don't advertisse in this blog but I'll make this an exception because this guy drove me to Fredericton to begin my protest two years ago. He's the son of Dorothy Dawson in Saint John.



Hi: i am a salesman, so it is necessary for me to portray myself in a
flattering and positive way. and in light of the destination of the
pictures i want the viewers of your blog to see that if they work hard and save
their money they too can come and sit on the beach in the cold weather.

It is not everyone who has the choice of providing an example of the
rewards of hard work and thrift.

With this picture i can demonstrate that the rewards of your labour are worth it: look at what you can enjoy on your vacation or when you are too old to work anymore. (of course, staying in my hotel, just off the beach, is implied!)

There are lots of other moral and social justifications for wanting to choose a
picture for general publication, including my personal favourite: wanting to
spite the people who were sure i would never account to anything!!

Let them see that attitude will give today what they will never be able to have,
except as a short term rental from someone like me!!!!

Just maybe i will pick up a few new customers for the hotel.

Does that make sense?


Tell me if this makes any sense to you. I received a 2.5% raise from the good company that I work for.

I opened my slip and I almost fell over when I seen that instead of an increase in salary I had close to a $20.00 decrease along with losing all of my raise.

This should not be allowed to happen, This is finacially raping the working poor and there should be a watchdog on this.

Its very discouraging that is for sure because the more years that you put in the more that they take from you. Its just not fair!!!!!!!!!!


Someone told me this morning that I could be sued for writing the stuff that I print in my blog.

I quickly answered - How can you be sued for speaking the truth?


He replied - You have got to prove it because it's your word against them!!

I quickly came back- I would love to be on a soapbox in the court system.

Our New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are totally useless and maybe in a trial? The courts could find out how much money was paid by the Irvings to these racist people to deny my very racist complaint?

Speaking of pay - off?

This LNG deal will not go away and last evening the members of Saint John Council laughed in the public face and quite frankly told them - Hey? We're having the time of our lives and we know that you won't re-elect us to a second term but that's the way it is!


Lets move forward.

They're not worried because I am certain that the Irvings will reward them with good high paying jobs once they get defeated so therefore everyone of them will be laughing to the bank!

You know what?

This LNG deal will hold the City hostage for many years to come.

It's just like the era of Richard Nixon. He couldn't escape the onslaught by the media on watergate so he resign.


But in this case? The media is run by the Irvings so they will not print critical stories in the newspapers but this time it's an huge public uproar against the politicians and the Irvings!

Can you imagine what would happen once this Council jacks up their property rate?

It's going to be a war!

Ivan Court is the only elected official to speak out against this shameful deal and he should be congratulated for a job very well done!!!


My bigot buddy Jimmy Webb mentioned on the talk show that maybe violence is the only way????


I called in and agreed with him.

The arrogance of the Lord Government and his former Minister Norm McFarlane is totally out of this world!

Why don't they listen to the people?


What's the problem in listening to the people's concerns on different issue???

Is this what it is going to come to? Will they be like a French revolution in this Province? Will someone cross that thin line and do some harm to people? < As God as my witness, I hope not! >


I had a few politicians asking me to remove them off my list!

My god? I even had my uncle Norbert LeBlanc asking me to take his name out because he runs a business!

I told my Uncle who's a councilor from Memramcook.

While he's an elected official? He will remain on my list! That's the way it is!!!

I told the talk show this morning that I heard that Michelle Hooton was asked by both political parties to run Provincially?

Well? I told the radio audience that I will personally suggest to Shawn Graham that he shouldn't sign nomination papers for that woman and you know what?


I did just that one hour ago!

A person have got to love living in the Capital!...lol..

As a councilor, she asked me to remove her name off my list?

Can you imagine how her attitude would be if she was elected MLA?

That tough scares me!

Hey? All is not lost for Hooton? Maybe Bernard Lord wants her?

Someone approach me with this statement-

The people who write comments can't even spell! They look like idiots!

Well...well..well..now we go by the grammar of an individual with a view on a certain issue???

I might add that this person is a P.C. and it goes to show you the ignorance in some people!

I will never make fun of someone grammar because on many occasions, I would make fun of myself!

Shame on that person!

Anyone is allowed to write an opinion on a certain issue and I will never lower myself to make fun of their way of communicating with the readers of on a certain issue!

Tomorrow at 11:00am will begin the third reading on the LNG deal in the Legislature.

Abel LeBlanc will speak loud and clear but will the Lord Government listen?


Will he remembered just like the great Louis Murphy???


Of course not! I still say that if the Liberals were in power it would have been the same action because it's those Irving's bureaucrats in the Capital who runs the show!

The Irvings have control of the media, Worker's Compensation Board and the Human Rights Commission.


It's all part of the Irving final solution!!!


Politcians come and go but those Irving's bureaucrats are in the Capital for life!!!!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!

Bye bye!!!


Begining in the morning the 3rd reading of the LNG deal will be debated in the Legislature. Do you wish to receive the debate? Send an email to




I will admit that I am not a fan of Canadian or American but I received this email so therefore I decided to post it in my blog!!! BY THE WAY? < NO RELATION OF MINE!! >

We're pulling for Casey because she is talented as well as local.
Nackawic High School held a special exercise to present Casey with her
graduation certificate before she headed back to Toronto. Hope you'll
support her.

Hi friends:

I would like to encourage you to send this message on to as many people
as you can over the next few days.
On Tuesday, June 21, Casey LeBlanc will be competing for a position in
the top 10 on Canadian Idol. That very night all of her friends will be
attending their prom at Nackawic High School. As she awaits for the
results in Toronto, her class mates will be preparing for graduation
safe grad. Casey has given up what most teens dream about,
graduation, for her chance on Canadian Idol.
Please tell everyone to watch on June 21 and vote for Casey. She is a
very talented young lady but that does not match the type of person she
She deserves our vote!

Her Mom is a school bus driver in Nackawic.