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Meals served at Soup Kitchen
Noon-152 mealsSupper- 80 meals
Noon- 122 mealsSupper- 60 meals
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I heard there is not too many people showing up at the public meetings with the minister of Finance. Read this one-
SJ Telegraph-Journal Greater Saint JohnAs published on page A1/A7 on February 2, 2005
PRE-BUDGET CONSULTATIONFew turn out for ministerMeeting touches on familiar topics, including Lepreau refurbishment (David Nickerson/Telegraph-Journal)About two dozen people turned out for Finance Minister Jeannot Volpé's pre-budget tour Tuesday evening at the Saint John campus of the New Brunswick Community College.
BY SANDRA DAVISTelegraph-Journal
Finance Minister Jeannot Volpé has agreed to meet with Mayor Norm McFarlane and members of the Mayor's Task Force on Finance to answer any questions they might have about the city's financial challenges.
"This committee came up with some suggestions and we need somebody we can go to, to answer some questions for us," Mr. McFarlane told the minister.
Mr. Volpé said he would gladly sit down with finance committee members within the next few weeks.
The task force reported back to council on Monday with nine recommendations about how common council might deal with its long-term financial challenges.
Long-term projections show an annual shortfall of between $1.5 million and $2 million.
Mr. McFarlane was one of about two dozen people who turned out for Mr. Volpé's pre-budget tour. They took seats in about 200 chairs that had been placed around the gym at the Saint John campus of the New Brunswick Community College.
Mr. Volpé told the group that the low numbers might indicate people are happy with the job the government is doing.
Mr. McFarlane used the opportunity to stress the importance of everything from adequate funding of community colleges and universities, to the effort Saint John is making to clean up the harbour and the refurbishment of Point Lepreau.
The audience may have been small, but about half of those present addressed the minister, throwing a few bouquets his way, in addition to expressing concerns about health care, research and immigration challenges, to a suggestion of placing tolls on truckers to help pay for infrastructure
Saint John Board of Trade chairman Tony Gogan even asked if incentives for smart, proactive management to assist with one-time costs of changes to service-delivery might be considered.
But it was Mr. McFarlane's push for Point Lepreau refurbishment, which the province is considering, that brought one woman to her feet. (David Nickerson/Telegraph-Journal)Tammy Nadeau, a 20-year health-care worker at Rocmaura Nursing Home, thanked Finance Minister Jeannot Volpé for putting more money into senior care but told him more needs to be done.
"I wasn't going to do this, but I wasn't going to let the mayor get away with that," said Dorothy Dawson.
"I am absolutely stunned at the possibility that the power commission will undertake what they admit will be $1 billion knowing full well that when Lepreau was originally built it cost double what it was expected to cost.
"No refurbishment of a nuclear plant has ever been done for less than double the estimated cost and the whole province of New Brunswick will be holding the bag for that debt," she told the minister.
Tammy Nadeau, a 20-year health-care worker at Rocmaura Nursing Home, thanked the minister for putting more money into senior care but told him more needs to be done.
She also asked him to address staffing shortages.
"We want you to invest in their quality of life," she said.
Mr. Volpé said he understands nursing care is not what it used to be and knows of the challenges to nursing-home employees.
"We understand there's a pressure on our system.
"We've got to find the money within our budget. We're trying to deliver the best care at the cost we can live with and I know that it's a challenge to the employees," he said.
The meetings continue tonight in Fredericton.

Of course these bureaucrats don’t care because they all dinned at the big restaurants and drink the very best of wine! Well? I got news for you readers? I changed my mind and I’m going to attend the meeting this evening in Fredericton. Of course, I have to take the bus because it’s so far but let me make myself very clear on one issue. These people are going to see a side of Charles LeBlanc like they never seen before! I am going to be stern and direct right to the point!!!! If they dare to intervene in my little speech about the issues I wish to talk about? Well? Things could get really out of hand! In the past, I tried to spread my message through the media and with the information Highway? Who needs these Irving employees!!!! I tried talking in a polite manner with those Bureaucrats but it doesn’t click in maybe as one bureaucrat told me last spring. We can’t find you work Charles because we are going by the verdict of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that you are close to mental retardation! Well? One issue is certain!!!! I am going to bring up those racist members of the Commission this evening and I’m expecting a very rough ride. I’m not going to write down in this update what I’m going to say because my updates goes to all the bureaucrats and politicians in the Province but I’ll say this - I am going to be stern and direct!!! Personally, I like Mr. Volpe but these Bureaucrats are out of control ever since the verdict of those racist members and my protest. They are ignoring me because I have ADHD and should be ignored at any cost!!!! I’ll make certain that my message is loud and clear this evening! Anyone going? Send me an email so I can save the cost of a bus fare! Ok…What’s else is going on? Hey? These bureaucrats have a sense of ha ha!!! I received an email from someone who had a present for me. He gave me a huge colour picture of the Leader of the Bloc Quebecois and myself! I should copy this picture and sell it with a title - Which one is the idiot?… My message must be getting out there????? A couple of weeks ago, I was walking around with a plastic bag! A bureaucrat asked me - Charles? What are you doing? Why are you carrying that bag around! It was a bag of Irving Mainway! …lol.. You know what? I said it before and I’ll say it again! I have nothing against Arthur, Kenneth, Jack or J.K. Irving but it’s J.D. Irving <> who’s running the Empire with a very ignorant and rude attitude! He’s the one who gave the orders to the Telegraph Journal and the Moncton Transcript not to print my letters! Speaking of the Moncton Transcript? Let me tell you how the Evil Irving Empire works? They have a gossip column which is printed every Saturday called- SLEUTH!!!! This is what they wrote-
If you listen to the other side, either Saint John Champlain MLA Roly McIntyre, Fundy MLA Stuart Jamieson or Kings East MLA Leroy Armstrong are ready and willing to take a government job and get off the Opposition firing line.
And then there is poor Shawn Graham. The beleaguered Liberal leader has more knives in his back than the Amazing Blade Man at the circus. Sleuth hears word on the street is that Shawn's days are definitely numbered.
Liberal bagmen are saying fundraising is slower than molasses flowing uphill in January, the party brass are doubting Graham can project himself to voters as premier material, and the Liberals can't seem to make a dent in Lord's armour in the legislature. This is where the Irvings spread their evil views in that section! They print gossips about different political issues! Such as there are many knives in Shawn Graham back! His Leadership is in question? Well? Unfortunately, I am at the Legislature every single day and I chat with a lot of politicians and never once, I REPEAT- NEVER ONCE!!! Have I heard questions about Shawn Graham Leadership! I must admit that at first, I wasn’t certain about Shawn but I seen him in action and during the last few months he’s been very good debating issues. He’s very calm and cool! At first, I would always say that he needs to take his Ritalin because he’s hyper!!! Seriously, I believe that he’ll be elected Premier during the next election because he listen to the people and I’m certain or should I say that I will make certain that after the next election that this line of communication continues! His Party will study the issue of Ritalin!!!! Ok…what else? Ohhhhhh???? This week, some School officials are going to have a meeting with some parents because their child has behaviour problems! Lets just see if the issue of Ritalin will come up??? I’ll write more about this issue next week! Ohhh One reader wrote in her comments that I shouldn’t have phoned Carl White <> at home about my complaint? Well? Carl White is also an elected official from the public. Which reminds me???? I have to walk into the Ombudsman office and put in a complaint against those racist members. That’s all I have to say and if there is no update in the morning? Well? At least you will know that the meeting went out of control and I landed in jail!!!! Because I’m telling you one thing right now!!! They are going to see a side of Charles they have never seen before! Wish me luck!!! Here’s some comments from some readers-
1- It was quoted this morning on the Radio that Volpe said with such a small turnout everyone must be happy. How many people did he expect? He wentaround last year and there was lots of people there, I know because I was one of them and what did he do with the information that he brought back?Nothing!!!!!! This is just another example of this government wasting our money. People are not in the fashion to listen BULL---- twice in a row! I think that he will find out exactly how happy NB people are with their sneaky government when the election comes around again!.
2- I've learnt that when your pissed off it's worst so, be as smooth as a lamb and things will get done faster....that's my motto and I find it works!!!!
3- ah well- but you see my answer already right?! K- good job...
4- FROM MY BOG SITE-From: "Anonymous" <> Add to Address Book
To: oldmaison@yahoo.comSubject: [Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist] 2/1/2005 05:07:13 PMDate: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 13:14:01 -0800 (PST)
Agree that Volpe is wasting taxpayers’ money. The intricacies of the provincial budget are not easily understood to make worthwhile input on the spot. This is just a road show and smokescreen. All about Volpe enjoying travel and fine cuisine around the province. People in rural areas whose hospitals are being closed and beds being cut -if a community is lucky not to lose hospital- and Government refuses to hold public meeting on that. According to health minister crowds are irrational. If crowds are irrational then holding any kind of public meeting will be useless and waste of time. This government is indeed out of control and extremely uncoordinated.
5- Go ahead, talk to them at Forestry about the First Nations People and get some more real facts. But don't let the facts stop you from making a story.
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7- Last summer the big news on the radio was that they found millions of dollars worth of drugs(cocaine I think)on the bottom of an Irving Ship. We haven't heard a thing about it since. I wonder if they are exempt from the Justice system also? Rules are different for the Irvings and living in NBwe all know this to be true. So owning the paper gave them the advantage again. It goes to show that money is where its at!