Friday, March 11, 2005


For you people who wish to protest in front of the Legislature?
These are the days the politicians are inside the People’s House-
Wednesday- March 30 to Friday April 1
Tuesday April 5 to Friday April 8
Tuesday April 12 to Friday April 15
Tuesday April 26 to Friday April 29
Tuesday May 3 to Friday May 6
Tuesday May 10 to Friday May 13
Tuesday May 24 to Friday May 27
Tuesday May 31 to Friday June 3
Tuesday June 7 to Friday June 10

On June 10, 2005 the House will adjourn until Tuesday December 6, 2005!

There you have it! Did you notice that they don’t stay in the House for a long period of time?
Especially during the hot summer months.
They don’t have any air conditioners in there and those politicians will vote on anything to get the hell out of there!
Do Hell and Legislature go hand in hand???…
You are not allowed to wear short sleeves in that hell hole!
It is a hell hole!!! It’s hot in there during the summer months!
Ok…I listened to the talk show < CFBC > this morning aired from Saint John!

The first caller was complaining that he could NOT survive on $264.00 an month!
So I decided to call in and they made me wait for 20 minutes and thank God for that because while I was on the pay phone, someone was using the other payphone beside me and raise his voice to someone that he couldn’t survive on $264.00 an month!
Coincidence? It can only happen to Charles!
I did mention the issue of the missing teethes and it wasn’t right for Family Services to ignore this issue!
The host said - Hey Charles? I got to pay for my own teethes!!!
This is different because they only make $264.00 an month! Poverty is getting much worse in this Province and the government must act on these issues as soon as possible. It’s not only the poor but the working poor also!!!
I strongly believe that someone is going to cracked up!!!
I once again heard that the staff at Family Services are asking some very loud and private questions in these open cubicles in Fredericton.
This is their entire long term plan to discourage poor people from applying for help!
Asks these darn questions in a private room and stop degrading the people in public!
If this trend continues??? Someone is going to cross that line and innocent people could get hurt???
It sure won’t be a long mouth citizen like me but it will be the quiet type!
Ok……Tim Smith will be on Global news at 6:300pm!!! Global News did a three part series on Gambling addiction and this is the final show!
Tim Smith will be on the air and it should be good! You don’t know who Tim Smith is??? Just go and have a look at the Photo Album on the blog site! He’s number# 3!!!
By the way? Has anyone ever heard of the investigation on the computer courses fraud issue in Saint John???
This was bought up last year when the police announced that people were taking a course and they gave the citizens a free brand new computer!
There was a long line up I guess and all these computers ended up in the Pawn Shop!
All the junkies were lined up to get hold of that computer so they could sell it to get their fixed!
I am certain that you’re talking about millions of Dollars that the Lord Government lost???
I wonder what happen to that story? Maybe someone can tell me?
The amount of meals being served at the Soup Kitchen is way up!!!
Usually the busiest time is noon and less in the evenings but the amount stays the same.
It’s too bad that someone gave the orders not to give me the amount being served at the Soup Kitchen. I can tell you that it’s over 100 meals each time!
This is not good because it’s only the beginning of the month so the question is why?
If you believe that the Capital is bad? Saint John is much worst!
The power rate is going up! The water rate is going up and at the end? The poor will suffer!!!!
Don’t any of these bureaucrats in the Capital have a heart? Something must be done!
The Irvings just made the top 200 on the Billionaires Forbes list and I think they are number#106!
Their headquarters are in Saint John New Brunswick and the City has the biggest and largest poor population!
Sort of reminds you of Paris France when Marie-Antoinette told the peasants- Let them eat cake!
The Irvings can do what ever they want because they have control of the bureaucrats, the Compensation Board, those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, all the newspapers and they are training young journalists to follow the Irving Way!
This is all part of the Final Solution! Speaking of final solution?
They caught the guy who killed the Judge’s Husband and mother in Chicago!
From what I’m told, the courts ignored his concerns!
I guess that he had Cancer and the doctors disfigured his face!
In closing, He blamed the bureaucrats and cross that thin line!!!!
Are New Brunswickers immune to this?
It’s just a matter of time?
As God as my witness? I don’t wish no harm on anyone but you can just push a Human Being so far!
These poor people are saying - Hey? I have a concern? Please listen to me? The Irvings are making certain that the Public will not be allowed to write their concerns and it looks to me like Germany all over again!
Shame on the Irvings to deny freedom of speech to New Brunswickers!
Sh@t!!!! Closing in on 1,000 words and I have much more to write on other issues! Oh well? Maybe in the morning! Excuse the grammar and style of this comment because I just write the darn thing and send it along to you people on the net? What your view on these issues? Leave a comment! Have a great weekend! Bye bye!!!


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