Saturday, August 27, 2005


OK…It’s 10:40pm and one police officer came over at around 8:00pm.

Misc 133

I invited him inside but he told me to come to his vehicle.

He asked me what was going on?


I showed the cop this picture and told him the whole story.

He told me that there’s nothing the Police Force can do about this situation.

I quickly asked a Friend of mine to be a witness.

He went on to tell me that this is a civil case and not a criminal case.

I continued to say - You mean if there’s 4 white guys in the house and one black or Native guy.

The visible minority is denied to use the Shower? There’s nothing the Police can do???

He continued by telling me that I was correct!

I told my friend that this is like the Rosa Park accident. The black woman who refuse to go to the back of the bus!

I continued by saying that the Cops support this?

He quickly said- Charles??? I never said that!

He knew of me from the protest in front of the Legislature. He works in there as a police officer once the Legislature is in session.

Charles 04_07_05 119

Anyway, He told me - Charles I know you don’t like the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission but you should go there.


He also suggested a lawyer? I told the cop - If you will in a place like this?

How the hell can a person who lives in a boarding room afford a lawyer?

He suggested Legal Aid?

He told me that people who lives in these houses don’t complain because they will be kicked out.

He continued - I have been in the Police Forces for 14 years and I come across these cases all the time.

On one occasion, a man was told to get out in 7 days and there’s nothing the guy could do.

What I found interesting is when he first mentioned the Rentalman!

I reminded the cop that boarders or roomers have no right under the Rentalman act!

I told the guy that the rentalman told me that if a person is evicted he must give a proper notice of eviction.

If the tenant pays by the month? He will be served once the rent is paid. If he pays by the week? He will be served once the tenant pays the rent and will be
told to leave in a week!

The rentalman told me that if I had any problems? I should call the police.

The Cop told me that the rentalman have totally wrong!

I can be told to leave in one week and there’s nothing I can do about it!

He was friendly and he sympathies with my problem but there’s nothing that can be done!!!

So? First I lost my eye glasses and now this!

No one is allowed to take a shower but this guy can because he lives inside the door.

So? I’m not allowed to take a shower.

I have been taken a shower since I live here < over one year > but because I complain and the fire Marshall came in the building and ordered the former homeless guy to leave the door open?

I’m not allowed to take my daily shower and I can legally evicted and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!

I wanted to move anyway and this will do it but not without a good fight!

This has nothing to do with me! I always taught of others. The question is this? What the hell is going on in the rest of the Province?

That’s the emotional question?

Stay tune for more action!!! There's always something going on with my life!!!!



It’s after 7:00pm and I’m at 114 Brunswick Street! Lots of action during these last few hours.


This door was still always lock in the middle of the house.


Around one month ago, I phoned the fire Marshall and he had a look.

Weeks later, he came by and told the Caretaker that he wasn’t allowed to lock the door.

The former homeless guy didn’t wish to have nobody to tell him what to do so he didn’t pay attention to the fire Marshall orders!

I left a message on his answering machine and I quickly receive this note.It’s this

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 11:29:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: "charles leblanc" View
Contact Details

Subject: Re: door
To: "Nowlan, Mark"

You are fast and thanks a lot but he won't listen to
you!!! Waht can be done if he still locks the door???
Of course, we could unscrew the door and throw it in
the river!!! again!!!

--- "Nowlan, Mark" wrote:

> Hi Charles, no actually he can't lock the door, I'll
> be down for a visit.
> > Insp. Mark Nowlan & Snickers
> > Accelerant Detection K-9 Team
> > FFD Prevention and Investigation
> > 520 York St.
> > Fredericton, NB
> > E3B 3R2
> > Canada
> > Ph-(506)460-2967 Cell- 506-447-0311
> > fax- (506)460-2512
> >

I said to myself - Finally, we can go and use the washroom and shower without knocking at the door. I might add that maybe I saved someone lives? Who knows?

This poor guy wouldn’t be a prisoner in his room any longer and the rest of guys could pay him a visit like we used to do.

Once I got home, the prisoner < tenant > told me that the fire Marshall was here and there was a note at my door.

Charles 04_11_05 015

At my door was this note-

Aug 26/05

Charles LeBlanc
Rm 3 -114 Brunswick

All shower privileges are hereby Revoked.

Effective Immediately


Property Manager


Violation of any terms of cease Desist order shall constitute grounds for immediate eviction.
So the homeless guy was so upset that he didn’t bother typing a note.

It was hand written.

I also notice a sign on the door that said - Employees only!!!

There’s only one problem?

Is this tenant an employee?


Maurice decided that the door will remain close by anyone in the building.

So? I usually take a shower on a daily basis but no more.


Around 6:30pm, I decided to call the police.

I know me!!!

If I touched the guy? It would be a huge mistake and he’s not worth it!!!

I have to remain calm, cool and collective!!!

Why not let Fredericton Finest handle this situation?

I phoned them and a lady answered the phone.

I told her the whole story and she placed me on hold.

Once back on line she reminded me that they were call in April for the same problem.

She suggested that maybe I should move?

I told her that I had no intension of moving.

Maybe I will be first evicted but even if I’m evicted?

It better be for a good darn reason.

Hey? I’m half Scottish < Stubborn > and I’ll fight for what I believe is right or wrong!

Saint John June 04-05 015

She told me that they were in a middle of a shift changes and she didn’t sound that they were interested in meddling in these problems.

I told her - If someone gets hurt or killed then you guys will come over right?

Is this what it takes?

I know if I go for my shower, a confrontation could arise and I’m not afraid of no one.

As a matter of fact? I haven’t had a good fist fight in 4 years! I want to know if I still have it in moi!!! …lol..

Hey? That’s what people with ADHD do???

After a good fist fight? We feel real good!

All that hypertension is gone!!!

What a relief!!!

This is the reason that 80% of the inmates who’s in jail for assault have ADHD!

Once we lose it? They’re no turning back!

That’s the reason I’m against Ritalin!

Once a child takes that first pill, they are labeled as crazy and stupid and they labeled are enforce by the New Brunswick Human Commission.


OK never mind that!!!

It’s 7:25pm and I’m going to once again call the cops.

I’m going to insist that the cops put a Harassment charge against the guy! How can someone denied a person to wash himself?

This guy lives behind this door and he’s allowed to take a shower so why not me?

There’s no way in the world that you’ll see me in this bathtub!!!

The former homeless guy is upset at the Fire Marshall so he decided to try these new rules!

This is like a diary! Lets see what’s going to happen during the next few hours?

Lets see if the Fredericton police Forces will side with the caretaker on this one?

Will they tell me face to face that I should moved out?

There's no way in the world that I'm taking a bath in this tub! The drunk pissed all over the place. Sorry not going to happen!!!

Will they charge the guy with Harassments? Will they bother to show up? Lets see!!! Wish me luck!!!!

BERNARD LORD - SPEECHLESS??????????????????




This email was just posted on the blog!!! You mean the Irvings made little ones cry and ran on the streets???? How come there were no warning???? Of course this is only Charles being ANTI-IRVING again!!! SHAME ON THE IRVINGS!!!!!Here's the comment!!!

Just in from Saint John..It's official!!! The cranes at the ship yard are now gone!
They were blown up this morning at about 7:06am,The residents of the south end of the city were awoken this morning to a very loud explosion including myself,I have never seen that many people awake this early on a saturday morning as far back as I can remember..the curious were out in the streets and on rooftops with all eyes looking east to the refinery you could hear different voices carried in the air saying,I wonder if it has finally happened???((accident at refinery))
some of my neighbors drove over the causeway to see what had happened.

I believe this was a message from the irvings to announce that the shipyard is truly shut down! THE IRVINGS HAVE SPOKEN!!!! LOUD AND CLEAR!!!