Monday, April 18, 2005


I’ve just received an email from the individual who is supposed to drive me to Moncton on Thursday.

I have to give this person a call. I hope this individual didn’t change their mind in attending this very important hearing?

Ok..yesterday afternoon was pretty interesting.

I noticed the hits to my blog site were coming in huge numbers. I really didn’t know what was going on?

I made a little search and someone wrote in a local Website this note-

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:36 pm Post subject: This
is why I don't work for Irving . . .

I just thought I'd share this. I usually don't pay any attention to Charles LeBlanc's spam, but this is pretty interesting. Not sure how much truth there is
to this, but it certainly doesn't surprise me.

Now, the tally of original [here] staff who have quit/left/been fired since the buyout ... Matt, Judith, Ingrid, Patrick, Jud, Mark, Josh, Mike (I
think that's it) ... EIGHT! Keep in mind, we had a pretty small staff to start with.

Then is was followed by

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 2:22 pm Post subject:
By reading his blog, you can tell that he's got ADHD. By comparing the present situation in New Bunswick to Germany, you can tell he's an idiot.

And then

Oh, I'm not saying you should read Charles' blog. It's terrible. This guy is a nut. And he can't even spell. BUT this was the only place I could find any info
about Mike Parker's "dismissal."

I always delete Charles LeBlanc's spam. I only happened upon this entry after a coworker brought it to my attention.

And more

is charles leblanc french? because his english stinks.

My feelings are hurt!!!…lol….. Seriously? These words don’t bother me one bite but I do have a huge problem when they say - He cannot write!!! His English stinks!!!

Well? I know for a fact that my English stinks and yes also my grammar.

You have to understand that I’m using a public computer and I just write the darn blog and send it along the information Highway!

There’s many people who leaves comments and their grammar is terrible.


We live in a very sad stake of affair once we make fun of a person writing skills!

Does it mean that only so call professionals are allowed to voice their views?

Remember the Mike Gaudet story? < citizen of the week! > I saw Mike last Saturday and the first statement he told me was that my grammar was terrible!

He beat me by one second because I was going to tell him the same thing!

I always take a print out of the blog and read it at my place!

On many many many occasions? I would get angry at myself because of the poor grammar!

To you people out there with bad grammar? We welcome you to this site! Everyone from different level of education is allowed to write their views on issues!

We will not make fun of you!!!

Ok…never mind that issue!!!

If you cannot make it to Moncton for the hearing of the Senate Committee to
look into the Irving newspapers Monopoly in this Province?

You can send them an email at

The members are-

Fraser, Joan Chair - Lib.
Tkachuk, David Deputy-Chair - C
Carney, Pat - C
Chaput, Maria- Lib.
Eyton, John Trevor - C
Johnson, Janis G. - C
Merchant, Pana - Lib.
Munson, Jim - Lib.
Phalen, Gerard A. - Lib.
Trenholme Counsell, Marilyn - Lib.

Also check this site about the Irvings? Very interesting- stroll down!!!!

Ok….I wrote enough already about nothing! Excuse the style and Grammar of this update because I just the darn thing and send it along the information

Bye Bye


Hi Charles,

I came across your site doing much research into Ritalin overdrugging of our kids.

I am glad I ran into you. I am fighting my own war with the school here in Manitoba regarding my on.

It's really.

I have been reading info like a driven maniac on this disorder for years and have come to the conclusion that our country has gone nuts! At least in the US Bush just signed a bill to stop the forcing ..cohersing..and diagnoses of students by teachers etc.

If you havn't read the bill it yet I would be happy to send it to you. Signed Dec 4th /04.

The US is halting their over-precription of Ritilin and we in Canada are prescribing it more and more.

Shame on Canada! Shame on the schools !

My son is off the crap now for a year but the school is punishing us both for being defiant.

I reallY need to talk to you's a sick place where I live. Lots of foster children who have no say are having prozac..ritalin and sleeping pills all in the same day shoved down their throats.

The labeling is disgusting and it's on the rise because there is a whitch-hunt here to label these kids and the easiet way to do that is get them on Ritalin.

The schools get up to 20,000. bucks per kid in this catagorey. The more kids they can label the more money the school district can get. It's disgusting that our kids have price tags on their and parents have to agree to the crap and sign disclosure forms just to get extra help for their kid if he's dropping in grades.

Phone me please..more to tell you and can't do here ..

name ????? phone number ..???-???-????