Monday, July 25, 2005






This will be the last part on my little series on the issue of the rights of boarders or roomers in New Brunswick.


Just a couple of weeks ago, the power went out and the so call care taker refuse
to open the middle door to see if everyone upstairs was ok???

We were left in the dark without any emergency lighting.

That middle door is a death trap once it’s lock.

The fire marshall was on vacation last week so I will find out this week if everything is up to par.

This next few comments are from a person who had some dealing with Maurice the former homeless guy.

The individual don’t have a computer and I received this letter.

Here it is-

Maurice makes up his own house rules.

He demands respect from the tenants but he’s made enemies, you can’t receive respect if you treat people badly.

Telling them off and making them feel less than human.

He hides in a driveway to spy on the roomers.


He lies about the roomers and tries to make them look bad.

This is a rooming House not a high rise apartment.

This crazy guy wants people to say that they’re sorry in writing.

Charles was told on many occasions - I hate to see you leave!!!

The week after it was get out because of the Tim Smith episode.

He told the Landlord that the guys were all bad and someone had to take charge.

So the Landlord gave him the power to do whatever he wants.

My god? He choose the wrong person for the job.

Someone who kicks a dog like Chico out the door?


That must tell you something because Chico always put a smile on everyone faces.

No one is allowed to have any happiness in that building and there’s no where to turn or complain.

The former caretaker Barb was very good to Maurice.

She gave him meals and food. Maurice went as far to complain there wasn’t enough spices in the meals.

Barb gave him all the furniture’s in his room when he came to live there from the shelter.

He had nothing.

She got him a job shoveling the snow in the winter and also got him the caretaker job.

I taught he would do good but Barb was dead wrong!!!

Three roomers wanted me to kick Maurice out of the building but Barb always gave Maurice chances.

What a mistake! If only barb had known what she knows now!

He even went as far of telling Barb that she wasn’t allowed in the building anymore!

This is a place that my family had live for the pass 50 years!

If only I had known what a jerk that was back then?

He wouldn’t be around today!

The guys never liked Maurice when he kicked my daughter from the building and I haven’t spoken to him since.

But when he kicked my dog Chico out?


That was it!

I truly believe in the old saying that that goes around, comes around.

Maurice will definitely gets what’s coming to him around the corner.

I was always taught to be good to people. Someone like Maurice only looks after their self and doesn’t give a damn who he hurts while doing it.


I think if anyone can better themselves is a good thing but not this way and how sad it is for the tenants at 114 Brunwaick Street.

Ok..Charles here!!!

Now before I finally decide to write about his issue on my blog?

Last week, I arrived at my room and this note was on my door.

Mind you, some people told me that I shouldn’t put this in my blog! I am just using me as a example of what could happen to other poor people around this province!


Cease & Desist order.
Dated on Monday July 18, 2005.

Mr:Charles LeBlanc

You are hereby given a cease & Desist order applicable to the residence at 114 Brunswick Street.

Failure to comply with said order will result in your eviction from the property. The Cease & desist order refer to the following violations

1- Repeated incidents of violating the no smoking ordinance in designated zones.

This is a lie because I only smoke in my room.

2-Repeated incidents of allowing unauthorized persons into the residence.

The only person I had was Tim Smith and a guy to fix my computer. Do I have to bring the computer on the sidewalk to be fixed??
Ohh? I showed my cousin and her husband from Saint John my room for a few minutes!

3-Repeated incidents of allowing pets into the residence.


This is another lie. Chico was the only pet that was in the house. He has been there since last summer.

4-Repeated incidents of slamming of doors at all hours of the day and night.

Another lie because I don’t stay in the house all day slamming doors. I’m never here. At night, I don’t stay awake all night and slams doors. There was one time that the wind caught the door but it wasn’t my fault.

I even apologizes for that part. < only time >

5- Repeated incidents of disruptive behavior.

Maybe he’s telling me that I need my Ritalin? The only time that I confront this jerk is when he crossed the line.

6- Repeated incidents of refusing to comply with previous cease &desist requests.

This is another lie. I moved in and never signed any papers. When that jerk took control? These rules came from nowhere. Never have I seen a piece of paper.

7- Repeated incidents of violating the residence protocol.

I don’t understand that one but I do remember one evening. I went next door and gave the woman a glass.

I was gone for 20 seconds and the door was lock. I went back out and came back seconds later and the door was lock. You see? I was having a few beers and
Maurice wanted me to blow my temper and I remain cool!

Every instance Maurice calls the cops? There’s no alcohol in my body! The rest of the tenants can’t say a work because they’re drunk! You see? This guy hides in the house and try to make it hard on the tenants.


He lies and turns things around to make other people look bad. No security problems that night!

8- Repeated incidents of engaging in a manner detrimental to peaceful co-habitation.

That’s another lie. All I do < once I’m home > is stay in my room and play with computer or watch television.

Maybe he’s talking about my smoking? Who knows?


9- Repeated incidents of disrespectful behaviour towards the Property Manager < he means superintendent > that is his title.

Really? How can you respect someone that doesn’t give you respect in return?

10- Repeated incidents of verbal abuse towards the Property Manager.

This doesn’t make any sense because I don’t even talk to the guy!!!

11- Uttering threats against the Property Manager.

He’s really on a power trip. I guess a little control can truly change a person. Now if this was a true statement? He would have called the police because he always calls the police for any little details. He should have called them for protection because if it was me? I would have called? This is just a bunch of BS!!!

12- He added that In addiction to the above violations, until further notice, you are also hereby forbidden access to the kitchen, dinnibg room and bathroom facilities located on the main floor. If a subsequent incident should transpire, your eviction shall be duely processed.

I never did anything wrong and there’s no reason for me to have receive a letter like this one. I might add that it wasn’t even sign! It had the Landlord name on it but he never signed the paper. The Landlord was spoken to by Tim Smith and Barb but the Landlord just lets Maurice do what he wants.

My question is this? Does Maurice call the cops and produce them with this piece of paper and in return would the cops believe Maurice? Very interesting question? It's scary also!!!

I said above that this would be the final part of the series on boarders and roomers but I guess not because I just came from the Rentalman office. Stay tune for more in the morning!!!!