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I just watched the film. It's pretty good and I wish to add that myself and Tim Smith are going to do the same action after Christmas.

We're going to have video interviews with people on the streets.

Should be interesting....

Click below to watch the video -


THE IRVINGS - Do they have a heart????

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She never had a clue about my blog!!!

Yesterday, I walk by this woman who was reading the Globe and Mail.

Many of readers believe that I take pictures without asking for permission.

This is my approach - Hi there! Do you know what a blogger is?

Close to 75% of the time the answer is -No! < Especially among the older adults >

I continue on and say- A blogger is someone who reports news but with an opinion. I’m the biggest Blogger in New Brunswick with over 130,000 visitors to my site. < At that moment, I noticed the expression on their face saying - My God? This guy has an ego

I continue by saying - Excuse my language but I’m also the biggest Bullshitter you have ever met in your life.

I usually get a good chuckle out of this one so therefore I gain the individual trust.

I wanted to take a picture so I can show the readers in my blog that many New Brunswick are turning away from the Irving papers and reading outside of the province newspapers.

Well, I took this picture and I received this email hours afterwards.

Word of mouth is the most importance in promoting my blog site.

Anyway, this is her sad story about the Irving Empire.

I remove her name.

Hi Charles

I was the girl you photographed reading the Globe and Mail today.

I just visited your blog for the first time and wanted to tell you what a
fantastic service you are doing to Atlantic Canada.

My father was employed by Irving after they bought out his family owned business.

After dedicating his services to their company at the expense of time spent with his family he had an accident on a job he was supervising and as a result was in a coma for several months. Irving illegally fired and replaced my father while he was still in coma and refused for several months after to pay out the disability payments they legally owed him.

They demaned he see a doctor of "their" choosing to prove our family doctor's claim that he was unfit for work (not that it mattered, they had already decided he was unfit for THEIR work) he was forced to travel BY CAB from our home in Moncton to "their" doctor in Fredericton.

It took months of court appeals and down and dirty dirt smearing to finally "win" the disability payments they legally owed him.

I had to share this story with you to illustrate a point I respect
you for making public.

Irving is a power drunk trainwreck.

They have no compassion for the environment, for free speech, of for the welfare of so many people whose lives they effect everyday.

Thank you for what you're doing Mr Leblanc and I wish you all the success in the world.



For you people outside of the Province.

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How many showed up? Can someone answer that question?




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Suit alleges attack racially motivated
Drug officers say man took photos
Sep. 29, 2006. 05:32 AM

A Toronto storekeeper claims in a $1.5 million lawsuit that he was violently assaulted and robbed of more than $4,000 by several Toronto police undercover drug squad officers after being falsely accused of taking photographs of them with his cellphone.

Ron Charles, who owns the RST West Indian Grocery on Rogers Rd., also accuses Sgt. Raymond Matthews and Constables Jeffrey Moyer and Mark Poranganel and other unnamed officers in a statement of claim filed Tuesday of singling him out because he is black.

Statements of claim contain allegations that have not been proven in court and the three officers have not yet had the opportunity to file statements of defence.

Police spokesman Mark Pugash said Tuesday the officers had not yet been served with the legal document.

He added that, "There are nothing more than allegations for which no evidence is provided. Due process must take its course."

Charles alleges that, after leaving his store about 6.30 p.m. on June 27 to purchase a lottery ticket — and pausing briefly to check his cellphone — he was "suddenly, without warning or identification," approached by the officers and "violently thrown to the ground" where he was "pinned."

"Despite offering no resistance and notwithstanding there were no photographs of the officers ... the plaintiff was punched repeatedly in the head and neck region by at least one officer," Charles says in his statement of claim.

"Moreover, a kick administered to the plaintiff's head left him momentarily unconscious.

"The defendant police officers continued to be extremely violent as they continued their battery on the plaintiff while (he was) on the ground and unconscious."

Charles also alleges that, after being thrown to the ground, his cellphone was confiscated, with one officer questioning as to "where the pictures were."

`The defendant police officers continued to be extremely violent'

From Ron Charles' lawsuit

He says he had no idea which pictures the officers were referring to and that no photos of the incident were found.

Even so, Charles alleges that Poranganel wrote a report alleging that "the accused was observed taking photographs of the Toronto police drug squad members with his cellular telephone camera."

Charles further alleges that, after being handcuffed but released at the scene without being charged, the officers "illegally" took sales revenue from his store of $4,200, which he had been taking home.

"Directly following the incident ... the plaintiff found this sum of $4,200 to be missing from his possession," he says in the 11-page document.

"The plaintiff pleads that the undercover officers Moyer, Matthews and Poranganel illegally removed the money from this person and converted it to their own use."

Charles has included assault and battery, "racial profiling," and violation of his Charter rights in the list of alleged violations.

His statement says "a number of individuals" witnessed the alleged assault.

"The defendants Moyers, Poranganel, Matthews and others, had no other reasonable and probable grounds to arrest him, batter him and search and seize his cellular telephone but for the fact that he was a Black (sic) man on a cellular telephone and fit their racial stereotype ...," the document says.

Charles' suit claims total damages of $1.55 million, including $4,200 for the money he alleges was taken by the three named officers."

Toronto lawyer Selwyn Pieters, who represents Charles, declined comment other than to say, "The conduct that Mr. Charles alleges is quite disturbing ...we will leave it to the courts to sort out."

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J.D. Irving - Isn't it a little too late for this move?

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NB Telegraph-Journal | News - As published on page A2 on September 29, 2006

Provincial Journal


Road will be blocked through nesting site

CAMBRIDGE NARROWS - J. D. Irving, Limited intends to decommission a right of way through a great blue heron nesting site at Lower Cambridge Narrows. The company says in a letter to residents Thursday that, within two weeks, it will remove wood already cut at the Queens County location, then block the road with boulders. The company says that no harvesting will occur within that block of land for at least one year, and that a permanent 400-metre buffer has been established around the nesting area. The company states in the letter that is "co-operating fully" with an investigation by the Canadian wildlife Service into a complaint that nests were destroyed on the property.