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Before I begin this update, I want to send my
prayers to MLA Wayne Steeves who took a mild Heart
Attack Friday morning! I was so busy with the issue of
the Priest that I forgot to mention it in my updates!
I believe that he’ll be fine!!!
Meals sreved at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen-
Noon-148 meals
Supper- 72 meals
Noon- 75 meals
Supper 70 meals
Noon-68 meals
Supper-71 meals
Have a good feel guilty day!
Hey??? If you know someone who’s going to Saint
John on December 24th? Send me an email!
I always go to Saint John every Christmas to spend
Christmas with my family!
I really don’t wish to hitch a ride in the winter
but if I have too? I have too!
If you know someone who’s going that way? Send me
a note!
Ok…This morning, I walked into the Mental Health
Clinic. <>..LOL Many people
wish that I would stay in that place…lol
I heard there was a note on the bulletin board
telling people there was a meeting every month for
people with ADHD!
There were two staff members present and I began
to preach of the way the Government through those
racist members of the Commission are treating people
with ADHD!
They agreed with me that something wasn’t right! I
won’t go into the whole conversation but I asked them
their email so I could add them to my list of 500
I explain to them that if they get bored of my
updates? They can send me an email and I’ll remove
They told me there was no problem!
Once at the computer, I took their card out that
it was a card allright but no email address!
So???? What’s going on here anyway???
They must have been hand in hand with those racist
members of the Commission?
Ohhhh??? He has ADHD! Just give him a card and he
won’t know the difference!
So? This is the way that these Government workers
at the Mental Clinic treat people???
I did hear about them from a few people who will
refuse to go there for Methadone because of their
I don’t believe that they will explain their
action via email because I strongly believe they don’t
believe that can handle a keyboard!
I am going to confront Elvy Robichaud on this
People who works at the mental Health Clinic
shouldn’t make fun of people! If I don’t received a
reason from those people of the reason they gave me a
card without an email???
I guess they’re going to join the New Brunswick
Human Rights Commission!!!
Last Friday, a CBC reporter was leaving his job as
a CBC reporter to pursue other avenues within the CBC
Anyway? Before he left, he thanked me for the
story I had in my update about
He found the story in my update and used it! The
little story went across Canada! <>
I told the reporter that he was very welcome and I
believe that I’m the only reporter in the whole
province who’s not getting paid for my work!
Ohh well? C;est la vie!!!
Someone reminded me last week that I wasn’t a
social worker! This is so true but do you need to be a
social worker to speak up on issues?
Take a close look at the prescription problem we
now have in today’s world???
Big drug companies after making Billion of dollars
are now saying that some prescription drug might kill
Same goes for Ritalin! We still don’t know the
long term affect of this dangerous drug!
On the news the night, a old woman told the media
that she trusted the doctor for her medication but at
the end it was the wrong prescription and The Premier
of this Province Bernard Lord always tells the public
audience that if the Doctors prescribes the pills? It
must be ok!
Some bureaucrat told me that it’s much cheaper to
drug our children in this Province then to treat them
with dignity!
I strongly believe that the ignorant attitude that
the Premier is taking towards the prescription drug
issue will bring down his Government if he doesn’t
show New Brunswickers that he really cares of the
issue of Drugging our children!!!
Not a social worker? I just receive this little
email minutes ago-
Hi Charles;

Merry Christmas...........

I've still been following your column in the River
Valley news, that was a good storey of getting
reacquainted with you Priest friend.

now the question.............. Something came up here
a couple of days ago as follows;

My wife's Grandson ?????? has ADHD (I’m not sure i
knew that) anyway he's about 22 years old and has
proven to be quite a handful for his parents, just
last week he stole his mothers bank card and somehow
managed to clean out her bank account to the tune of
$1,100 to buy drugs and booze.

She is beside herself and needs any new ideas in
dealing with him, in fact she must follow your
writings too because she asked me if i knew you and i
said yes, so she asked me to drop you a note and see
if you could offer her any advice

If you thought you could help her, even talk to her,
we could set up a time where you could call her
"collect" in Grand Bay .........

Let me know what you think

Her name is ???? and ????? is her husband, he works at
ps: I'll look you up next time I’m in Fredericton and
we'll have another beer together, are you still
drinking that expensive imported stuff that we had at
the Lord Beaverbrook? ha! ha!
I told the guy that kids with ADHD often turn to
drug because it slows down their brain!
This is the reason that the parents must make
certain that their kids never take drugs!
Lets not forget that their self esteem is very low
and those racist member of the Commission didn’t help
matters by telling the Government that adults with
ADHD are close to mental retardation!!!
Anyone out there any advices for the poor family?
The way I was treated at the Mental Health
Services department, we know how they handle situation
like this???? I am nor amuse!!!
I got an funny story that happen to me last
I sent a letter to the editor of the Daily Gleaner
the story about my priest!
I knew that I already had a letter about the
Irvings but I decided to send another one about Father
I phoned the Editor and asked- Did you received my
He quickly answered- Charles, I have two letters
here! Which one you want printed? The one of the
Irvings or the one of the Priest????
I quickly replied- MY GOD??? YOU’RE ASKING ME TO
Someone told me a joke- The Irvings might believe
there are God but God never one said that he believes
he’s Irving!!! …lol…
I phoned the Editor during the week to make
certain that the letter of the priest will be printed
and he did a fantastic job.
Here’s the letter if you missed it-
document.write(CETransPubCode("DG Readers' Forum"));
Daily Gleaner Readers' Forum
As published on page A11 on December 18, 2004
Father Brien will be honoured
Dear Editor: While sitting in my classroom in the late
1960s, a mysterious man walked into our class.
It was the new priest who was just ordained as a
priest in Memramcook. He had black hair and was
carrying a guitar.
His name was Father Emery Brien, and we all loved this
man. Emery was different from other priests. He got a
group together and played the drum and guitar in the
This was very unheard of in those days. It was called
Le Groupe rythme de Memramcook. Every Saturday
evening, Acadians would attend the service and the
main reason was to listen to these performers. In the
early 1980s, Father Brien was transferred to Saint
Louis de Kent and a huge party was held in the valley
to say good bye to this fine priest.
I might add there wasn't a dry eye in the area.
I visited Father Brien once or twice while he was
stationed in his new village. After a few years, I
lost touch with Father Brien, although I did see him
at least once.
When I began my protest in my tent in front of the
legislature I was told that Father Brien was stationed
in the capital. I just couldn't believe it. I quickly
phoned the priest and he came to see me.
It sure was nice to see my old friend again. He was
the main force of my protest. As I told Premier
Bernard Lord, Father Brien told me that I am doing the
right thing. I told the premier that I had the Lord on
my side.
If I could have the other Lord on the same side
everything would be perfect.
During the evenings, Father Brien would come and visit
me and we would discuss many different issues. I was
curious about his views on the scandal in the Catholic
He told me that some priests abuse their hold on
power. They believe they can get away with almost
anything. He told me that many kids came to him for a
hug. If the parents are not around, he makes certain
there's no hugging. He will hug a child if the parents
are around. It's a darn shame that the scandal ruined
it for the good priests.
So, why did I decide to write about this priest you
may ask?
On Dec 19th, after the 10 a.m. service, people will
mark the 40th anniversary that Father Emery Brien was
ordained as a priest.
There will be a little get together in the basement of
Ste-Anne-des-Pays-Bas after the first service.
Everyone is welcome.
- Charles LeBlanc Fredericton
The Daily Gleaner have been very good to me with
my letters and it’s a darn same that the Telegraph
Journal and the Moncton Transcript cut me off! <
Irving orders >
Anyway, I must get L’Acadie Nouvelle to do a story
on the Priest because I’m certain that many Acadian
readers would love to read about this man! Much better
to read than Politicians!
This priest is very well known among the Acadian
Population so there fore the Acadian paper should
cover this story!!!
Every Sunday morning, Father Brien picks me up for
Church because the Church is located on top of a huge
I don’t mind walking down but not up! I’m getting
Anyway, he didn’t pick me up and I found this very
strange! He left a message over my friend place but I
never received his message.
It was the first big snow storm of the season and
his tires couldn’t make it down the hill! I waited
till 9:45am!
I walked into the church and the priest quickly
asked me if I got his message?
I told him that I didn’t and it must be the end of
the world because I spent my last 5 bucks to take cab
to attend church!
Years ago, this would have been unheard of!!!!
He knew that I would make it because it was indeed
a special Messe! I will say that 200 people showed up
for this special service and this is good because
during a snow storm? A person will use this as a great
excuse to not attend the services but many people love
this priest and they felt abide to attend.
The snow was coming down hard and a person could
hear many sirens from Ambulance and police racing by
the Church! It was terrible weather.
Afterwards, all the Acadians attended a little get
together at the basement and the Priest was honoured!
Father Brien told me last evening that he received
many good complements of the letter I got printed in
the Daily Gleaner and this is what this is all about!
If a person can make a priest happy then nothing
else matters!
Father Brien just laid back and relax for the
evening. He gave a good little speech during the
service. He said that his 40 years of priesthood, he
has seen many happy moments and not so good! You know
something? These priests have a huge job and they can
have their job! Father Brien is one of the best and
last week was his week!!!!!!!!
I did my job behind the scene and it was very well
wroth it!!!
Excuse the style and grammar of this update
because I just write the darn thing and send it along
on the information Highway! Send this to all your
friends on your list so they can continue reading the
going on within the province of New Brunswick!!!! Bye