Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Intervention on A&E... Sunday Nights

I wanted to give a heads up for anyone wanting to watch a powerful and compelling show this weekend and apparently into the near future. Read up about the show at A&E. This weekends show is as follows:

Sunday, March 27 10:00PM ET/PT

Parents and friends intervene to save Alissa, a compulsive gambler who has lost more than $30,000 on 25-cent slots. Meanwhile her boyfriend juggles three jobs just to make ends meet for them. Then we meet Brian, whose crystal meth habit feeds his sex addiction and sends him trolling the streets for new partners every day.

It is an eye opener...



Many of you have sent me an email asking me if I pissed in my bed because I sent you an update so early in the morning!
Well? There’s a reason for this wake up update?
Yesterday, I contacted the professor at Saint Thomas and asked him if I could attend the class where the issue of Ritalin will be debated?
He told me to be there at 8:30am! I took a shower and found a ride to Saint Thomas University.
I sent you people the interview with the MLA because I had no time to write any update! I was going to be busy all day! Hey? That’s good for me!!!! Keeps me out of trouble!
I located the class but there was only one itty bitty problem?

The class was for 8:30pm in the evening! My God? Was I ever disappointed! Up early in the morning so what am I going to do the rest of the day?
So get ready for an long winded update about many different issues.
I received an email yesterday that the video camera didn’t worked good so therefore we had to do the interview all over again!
I told the young girls to meet me at 1:00pm in front of the Legislature! I tried to set up an interview at the Library but to no avail!
I finally located a politician who let us use his office for 10 minutes.
While waiting for the interview? I asked the young girls if they ever visited the Legislature? It was their first time. We signed the book and walked in!
The people at the Library were too busy to chat because they were getting ready for a big launching of a stamp today and I was there this morning and My God there’s a lot of high class people walking in there! Too high class for this dude!!
Going back to the two girls? The atmosphere wasn’t a good one and things could have turned very very very ugly in the hallway of the Legislature!
I bumped into the Sergeant At Arms < very nice guy > in the hallways and I knew if was busy!
I quickly introduced him to the young girls but suddenly a Commissionaire name – Andre intervened and raise his voice in front of the girls that I was somewhere that I wasn’t suppose to be?
I said- Excuse me???? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???
The Sergeant At Arms told me that every is fine and quickly left the area!
The girls were not impressed by this Commissionaire degrading me like this? Something is not right in that legislature?
I really hate people from Quebec trying to degrade me in public!
They always say- Hey? I’m working!!!
You know what??? Andre < Commissionaire> can go back to Quebec where he belongs because we New Brunswickers are SURE not allowed at the Government House in Quebec!!!!
Something is fishy at the Legislature and just maybe those Quebecers want me out of there?
Who knows and stay tune!
I believe it’s the people House and not the Quebecers House???
This morning, I made another stop over at the Ombudsman office and gave him some papers by saying- Hello there! My name is Charles LeBlanc and I wish to apply for a job as a child advocate!
I don’t have the degrees but I know what I’m talking about! Of course this office isn’t run like those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission where those racists C.U.P.E. members are appointed for life!
Mind you? I don’t know if you could stand me around from 8:00aqm till 4:00pm five days a week so therefore since I’m not protected by the Union like those racist members of the commission? It will not take you long to show me the door!…
Yesterday, the Ombudsman told the MLA’S yesterday that he could maybe take care of the Child advocate department!
It’s a new title which will cost $500.000 a year to run so Bernard Richard is trying to help the province by saving a few bucks!
Speaking of Child Advocate? I heard a good one yesterday?
There’s this individual who’s on Social Assistance and decided to attend a class at Community College to upgrade their education!
In the class are parents who’s on social Assistant!
Guess what? All the parents in that classroom? All their children are on Ritalin!
Can you imagine that one? I said it before and I’ll say it again! The % of kids on Ritalin is larger within the poor population!
I will investigate this issue in more details and I’ll let you know!
Something awful happened in my home town of Memramcook yesterday.

I just received this email-

Salut Charles,

Je viens tout juste de savoir qui est la jeune fille qui est décédée à
l'École Abbey-Landry hier. C'est la fille unique de Michel à Ernie
autrefois du Shediac Road et qui demeure maintenant à La Hêtrière.
avait senti un malaise dimanche dernier. Hier, elle s'est effondrée en
classe. On a tout fait pour la réanimer, mais c'était peine perdue.
tragédie à la veille de Pâques!
Bonne journée.

For you English readers-

As published on page A2 on March 23, 2005

Young girl dies at Memramcook school

Times & Transcript Staff

An autopsy is expected to be performed today on a young girl who collapsed and died yesterday at the Abbey Landry School in Memramcook.

The girl, believed to be 12 years of age, began feeling ill and collapsed in the classroom at about 2:30 p.m.

Memramcook fire and rescue said one teacher rushed to begin CPR while waiting for rescue and ambulance personnel who were only a few minutes away. The emergency response team took over CPR on the way to the hospital and used a defibrillator several times to try and revive the youngster.

An unconfirmed report said the girl had been feeling ill earlier this week but felt good enough to return to school yesterday.

Grief counselling is expected to be available at the school today for teachers and classmates.

Abbey Landry School is a kindergarten to grade eight school.

Yes, this is sad because the Father used to go out with my Sister and I used to play hockey with the guy!
My deepest Sympathy goes out to the family! Why? Why? Why? Why do some people die so young?
I just can’t understand it but there must be a better world that this one??? That’s for sure! Did you vote on my poll about God on the left hand side? If not? Please do! Ok…What else????
You know what? I am confuse! We never had someone like Jesus walking around this world! Can you just imagine if someone showed up and like Moise told the world that all the water on this planete will turn red for 3 days!
Everyone will not drink any water! No beer, pop, milk no nothing and everything would changed back to normal three days later!
Could you imagine the attitude of people? My God? It sure would make some people change their views on Religion! Hey? It could even change the Irvings attitude toward the poor! Would they give all their money away and follow the route of the Lord?
Makes you wonder???? They say that Moise came 1,200 years before Jesus and David came 200 years later.
Ever since Jesus, we never had anyone showing up! Did we? Please let me know?
Mind you that I'm not born again but I do believe!
Sh@t!!!! Over 1,200 words! Sorry about that! I wrote way too much! Excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Wish me luck for tonight and don’t forget to vote! Bye bye!!!!



Please see appended below.

Eric Allaby

In answer to your questions, which arrived while I was away on vacation, here goes:

1 - Riding?

Fundy Isles

2- How long?

Over 17 years

3 - Important Issues?

On Grand Manan, ferry service is ongoing issue, but recently the closure of the sardine cannery is a big problem with loss of 180 jobs. Also, we lost a doctor off Grand Manan a year or so ago, which is a problem. For Campobello, border issues for the commercial shipments from Canada, through US, back into Canada on Campobello, a problem. Deer Island, problems between aquaculture and commercial fisheries. For Campobello and Deer Island, proposed LNG terminal for Pleasant Point, Maine, is an issue. Issues for Fundy Isles, tend to be different than other ridings.

4 - Is Ritalin a problem?

Not sure; I have been told about it a bit, but I am not sure how widespread its use is. Didn’t know much about it at all, but Charles, you have made us all more aware of it.

5 - Prescription drug problem?

I think there is abuse of prescription drugs with significant number of people addicted. Seems to be a growing addictions problem.

6 - Irvings owning all newspapers?

It is always nice to have competition, however, it would be hard for someone to start up another daily newspaper in our small New Brunswick market.

7 - Re-offer?

Quite possibly; I will reserve that decision until closer to the likely time of an election.

8 - Party change policies?

That is up to the thoughtful determination of the party to make a difference in the lives of the people of New Brunswick.

9 - Are the Liberals Pro-Irving?

It will depend on the issue or circumstance. There will be things that the Irvings will want to do that we will support; there will be times that we disagree with the position of the Irvings.

10 - As Premier Will Shawn Graham show up during a protest??

I believe that Shawn Graham, as premier, will have the courage to talk directly with people who are protesting in front of the legislature.