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HOW COME THIS GUY CAN'T GET IT?????????????????



PLS GO TO- & click on 'city hall' & from there you can find the mayor norm McIrving & council's e-mail address's. pls use them to voice your hopefully disgust with the LNG disgrace.ty.



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If you don’t wish to read a long winded blog? Well, You might as well delete this one
right now because I missed out on a lot of good story
during the last 72 hours and of course, many of them
are from my visit to Memramcook!

Speaking of Memramcook?

Do you remember the tragedy that happen in Cap Bimet on April 6th 2003?????? It was the fatal accident that happen in Shediac were a bus driver ran over a young child.

The inquest will begin next week and I had a long emotional chat with the Father.

He told me many interesting stories or concerns about the kids taking the bus.

One interesting point is the style of the bus.

When a child walks in front the bus? The driver can’t see the child and this is what happen in this case.

The buses should be like the Transit buses in the City.

He also added that 4 months after his young son died? The same action happened in Quebec.

He wondered how many other accidents happened across Canada??? Good question!

He told me that he was told it would take 10 years for the Government to act.

I quickly replied - Hey? I know all about it because I have been waiting
7 years for a study done on Ritalin.

Bernard Lord told New Brunswickers that a study is totally out of the question therefore the drugging and killing of our children will continue till October 15, 2007!


Too bad so sad!

Ok Charles! Calm down!

I’m getting old because many people knew me in Memramcook but I didn’t know their names.

It was just terrible but it was nice to see that I haven’t been forgotten!!! < I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing? >…

I gave my Uncle and Aunt a certificate from Abel Leblanc and Shawn Graham.

al and thereesa

I would have also added Bernard Lord but I didn’t wish to ruin their 50TH Anniversary!

While in Saint John, I found out that the price of Dilaudid is at all time low!


What I mean by low is that they’re cheap to buy!

A pill with 30 mgr would have gone for 60 to 80 dollars
a few months ago.

These days, the junkie can get the same pill for 20 dollars.

The reason is that there’s so many prescription drug on the streets that the dealers are fighting for these addicted souls!


Where are the pills coming from anyway?

Can someone answer me that question?

Thank you!!!

I had a chat with a teenager who don’t take heavy drug! He smokes marijuana and what he told me was very scary.

He told me that he knows around 100 kids and 95% of them smokes marijuana!

He also added that maybe 50% use prescription drug such as Ritalin < snots it > and go on to higher drugs!

You can just imagine what kind of mentally our next generation are going to be like?

Does the Bernard Lord Government care of this issue?

Of course not!

We need a Methadone clinic right in the centre of the City in Saint John so these young people can receive some help!

I am so happy that I’m a drunk and not a druggie or junkie!!!

What a life these poor souls have to go through!

Fredericton has 65 people on methadone while over 100 are on the waiting list! While they wait?

They will commit major crime spree to support their habit!

Many of them will commit suicide!!


What I find funny is that the Government will charge you if you get caught with one joint of Marijuana but in return they will encourage the parents to drug their children with prescription drug!

Excuse moi??? What’s wrong with this picture anyway?

Please make me understand????

It’s bad enough that once these kids reach into adulthood?

They will commit suicide especially those kids with ADHD who are labelled as idiots and stupid by fellow students because they are force on Ritalin.


Once they reach in the late teens?

They will be told by the Government that they are not allowed to learn a trade or drive a vehicle.

These orders are from those Irving employees from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.


They told the Government that adults taking Ritalin are close to mental Retardation.


You know what? I wonder if I should get a blowhorn and spent some of my days in front of the Legislature and in the front building of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights!


I would love to know how did a convicted thief like Carl White got appointed to this Commission????

Carl White is the black guy!!


We need to screen these racist members of the Commission!

Have you noticed that the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission takes all kinds of cases but these racists don’t take any!

They even agreed with the Irvings that every niggers or frogs should be hung by the Irving trees!


Am I far off the mark? You tell me?

Speaking of the Irvings?


These Irvings employees were all at the Legislature last week and what a well dedicated bunch they are!

Trust me! I tried my utmost to have one of them assault me but it never happen!

I saw Bob McVicar in the crowd and in a Hitler salute - I said- Hey Bob? Did you dedicate your life and soul to the Irving Empire???


Many of them in their fancy suits stared at me but said nothing.

Here's another guy who was there but totally ignored me! His name is Mel Vincent Jr...


During lunch time, all these employees marched like good Irvings soldiers at the BeaverBrook to enjoy a nice hot meal.
Hey? The protesters against this LNG couldn’t afford this high class meal.


They went at Tim Horton.

The protesters against the LNG deal were forced in the gallery to watch the proceedings.

The supporters of the LNG deal were told that they could watch the debate downstair in the Cafeteria! < In the afternoon >

My God? The week before the commissionaire told a mother and daughter that there were no food in the Cafeteria! What’s wrong with this picture anyway?

Once downstairs, I once again tried to get someone going but to no avail.

I even pointed at the television and told these Irving’s employees that the people around Brenda Fowlie and said- Once she’s gone? Those people will stay there! I wonder how much money did the irvings pay these people? These are the bureaucrats who are appointed for life!!!

I had one Irving employee who approach me and said - Hey? What’s your problem anyway? You used to work for the Irvings!

I quickly replied- hey? When you have a racist supervisor who say that no niggers or frogs should be allowed to work within the Empire and he’s supported by a Billionaire?


I do have a problem with this!

I noticed a black bureaucrat standing by and he heard me but he never said a whisper!

I left before the hearings ended because these high class people were driving me nuts!

Oppppsss I forgot my surrender story!

For the last 40 years, I have never wore any shorts.

Even when I travelled across Canada and the U.S.A. on my ten speed bicycle. I never wore any shorts!

Well? I surrender because it’s just too darn hot in the Capital.

Many citizens don’t recognize me without a hat and shorts on.
I must tell you that my legs are as white as snow but what can a person do?

It’s just too darn hot.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!

Bye bye


vlt's close up game king

Daily Gleaner | Editorials
As published on page C9 on July 2, 2005

Don't expect big changes to VLTs
It's our view: Minister Volpe not giving indication of change

When you consider the horrific tales told by those families that have had a son, daughter, brother or sister who have been negatively affected by gambling on VLTs, your heart goes out to them.

It's not an easy addiction to kick.

Governments know that as well. They are essentially addicted to the revenues generated by the machines and will not let go of them easily.

In 2003-04, total Atlantic Lottery Corporation sales in New Brunswick were $298.8 million, and 45.5 per cent of that came from the 2,800 VLTs in the province.

So the problem facing all politicians is simple: how do you replace the lost revenue if VLTs are taken out of the province completely or scaled back?

Finance Minister Jeannot Volpe is dealing with just such a question right now.

This past week, he said he is not feeling any pressure from groups opposed to VLTs, but did hint that he would consider public hearings into the machines, and that there would be some sort of review.

"Maybe we say we will maintain what we've got," he said. "Maybe we will say that there are a few areas where we can improve."

That's a very non-committal answer about the issue.

Volpe pointed out that New Brunswick has among the lowest rates of gambling addiction in the country and one of the lowest number of VLTs per capita in Canada.

We wonder if the minister is trying to send a message with that statement.

NDP Leader Elizabeth Weir, a vocal critic of VLTs, said she was pleased that public input would be considered.

"I am encouraged by that but what I also want to hear is that they are going to make some clear movement on the whole question of the access to VLTs," she said.

We suspect, however, that there will not be a clear movement on the government's part in the near future. There may be some slight tampering with the numbers of machines and perhaps with the amount of access time to them, but don't expect wholesale changes.

And keep in mind that eventually the government will point to the May 2001 referendum when 53 per cent of those who voted wanted to keep VLTs in the province.

That's been the biggest public input into VLTs in New Brunswick and one that many people will point to when considering the issue.




I have sent Bernard Richard information straight out of the CPS on Ritalin and the side effects.


I am sure you have read this and it is the best attack you can have as all
the side effects are listed in the CPS. It is strange though somewhere
along the line suicide was taken out.

It was in the list of side effects up to 1993 I beleive, now it is gone. We know that children do get depressed taking this drug which either leads to another drug being prescribed like Prozac, or the child commits suicide either because Prozac lets say is prescribed and is known to cause suicide or the combination of both drugs.

But our laws here in Canada protect "the dead" meaning we can't find out if the child was on any type of drug before killing themselves or others.

This Charles would be a good place to open up a very secretative spot. Parents aren't even told if they find out their child (child could be any age as we all are
children of someone) if drugs were involved - prescription - who is being protected

Do you know anything about this? As we have found out a child of 9 in Manitoba hung himself after coming back from a foster home to his home.


It is assumed he was on a behaviour drug but I can't find out for sure. In Calgary two young people who were known to be on prescription drugs and yet neither parent can find out the "why" that caused their children to commit suicide.

One parent was told that her son of 17 they found he did have a prescription drug in his system but that was it. She knew he was depressed but thought the prescription drug would help.


Help what?

We can't find out, was he on Ritalin, then given another drug to counteract the Ritalin or was he given something like Zoloft or Prozac? Our country's children are
Canada's life, if we allow these children to be drugged can you imagine
what is going to happen in 20 years? It is not fair to these children they
are the victims here.

I understand you don't have a lot of money, but one doesn't need a lot of money, as it is well known good actions counter act the bad ones.

In another way "the pen is mightier than the sword" you are doing great work
Charles and I am so pleased we are working towards the same out come, bring
governments to the understanding drugging kids is not the answer...hello...Canada! Wake up!!!!