Thursday, January 12, 2006


This email is from the caretaker where I live. This is not a scam!!!! The caretaker picture is in my latest blog. It's a sad situation.

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This Lady, June Phyllips lives here in Fredericton NB. She lives on an income of $270.00 a month. She received a phone call 2 days ago that her father is dying with kidney failure and on life support.He has about 48 hours to live. She wants to go see him from Fredericton to Calgary Alberta. We have tried to raise enough money for her to get there. She has gotten help from 2 churches and the Salvation Army, a total of $125.00 . She needs $400.00 to get there by bus hoping to get there before he passes away. This Painting done by a Fredericton man Paul Hughes donated it to her, to see if she could sell it to get enough money to get there. Does anybody want to help and buy this painting? Anyone wish to help??? Call Millie at 1-506-458-1209.

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Yes, it’s been quite an experience to hang around with my buddy for 48 hours.

I arrived at the Legislature and there he was debating the issue with Tanker Malley.

I interrupted and told the MLA but he shouldn’t be affraid of Bernard Lord. He should visit Tim in the morning.

Abel LeBlanc droved the activist to the Capital.

Abel is a fine individual and he could run as an independent and I believe that he would still win.

We spent the day walking around the Capital visiting different people.

I found it funny the way the media would stop Tim on the streets for an interview.

I told them? Hey? On June 17th, it will be three years I began my protest against Ritalin. The drugging and the killing of our children continues!!!

I expect the media to cover my protest also?… Fat chance of seeing this happening!!…..

There will be no protest from me? I’ll just continue bloggling.

We bought the sign over my place.

We spent an evening with these follow activists and had a good time.

People are friendly and everyone is willing to do their share.

My caretaker offered Tim a nice room in our place.

That was very nice of her.

Tim went to bed and he got off to an early start.

It was funny because the day before, a reporter suggested to Tim that he should begin his protest at 9:30am so the media would be present.

If he started at 8:00am? No media personnel would be in the area.

I quickly replied - What do you mean? The media will not be there???? I’ll be there!!!…

Yes, the bloggler will be there with his camera but who cares right?

Tim began his walk towards the Legislature with his sign.

Once there, I noticed someone walking towards our direction and I was very surprised to see Bernard Richard coming to give Tim a helping hand.

I said it in the past and I will say it again.

We will never see the likes of Bernard Richard again.

This is the best political appointment Bernard Lord has ever made.

The Ombudsman wished Tim Good luck and left.

Tim decided to pay a momment of respect to the victims of VLT'S!!!

The VLT'S advocate decided not to put his sign in front of the front step of the Legislature.

He posted his sign in the middle of the walkway.

After 30 minutes, he told me that his feet were cold.

My God? Was he ever lucky?

The weather was wonderful compared to last year when it was snowing and with the wind chill?

It was about -40!!!

I decided to go home and get some sox.

Someone sent me some foot warmer for a Christmas gift so I decided to give it to Tim.

On my way back, I bough Tim a nice coffee.

Once there, I was surprised that he moved his protest sign to the road and later on we would find out that this would be the best moved he ever made because we learned a valuable lesson.

There he was chatting with the Sargeant At Arms Dan Bussieres. I never said a word and I refuse to chat with this guy.

Hey? Someone who cost me a job and calls me a security risk at the Legislature???? Ok charlie..calm down ..stay on the story in hand....

A few came by and supported Tim with his battle against the Government.

A few hours later, I noticed Shawn Graham walking out from the Liberal building.

What would he do? Would he continue his walk to his business in hand or will he take the time to come and chat with Tim Smith.

He did the right move and had a little chat with the activist.

You see? This is very important that Tim moved his sign to the streets.

If he was located in front of the Legislature?

All politicians would have to stop and say - Hello but in this case?

Would they take the time to walked down the walkway to support Tim?

Well? Guess what?

Not one MLA from both political parties came down to meet Tim.

Not one single one besides Shawn Graham.

We did noticed a few walking by but we turned our heads because we wanted to see if they would come to meet us?

But they never did.

Of course, I won’t mentioned no names but I find it disgusting that no one even sent some flowers?

I’m certain that every MLA’S has had a death in their riding because of the VLT’S.

I phoned the talk show and I was surprised that no one sent some flowers but then again?

New Brunswickers are passives.

They don’t do this kind of action.

They will support you one on one but in public?

It’s a different ballgame.

I told Tim Smith - I only care of only one person who shows up and this is Don Bishop.

He’s lost his child to the VLT’S in 1998. In the past, I had some great conversations with this individual.

I never contacted the guy and I just wish to see if he would take the time to send some flowers.

Hours later, there he was there with a bouquet of flowers.

This is the note he had with the flowers.

He told me that he didn’t know anything about this Virgil until he read my blog???

The media attacked Tim like vultures and this was a good thing.

I was going around taking pictures from different sites.

We had some people beeping their horn in support and other concern citizens dropped by to voice their concerns.

At the end of the day, it was time for Tim Smith to end the protest.

While walking by the Legislature? We bumped into Greg Thompson and Milt Sherwood.

We stopped at Tim Horton’s for a coffee.

I walked Tim till the bus and gave him a little hug for a job well done and he was on his way home back to Saint John.

I learned that these politicians from all political parties could be in the same boat!

I just couldn’t believe that no one showed up to suppose Tim!

The Liberals just walked by without even stopping to lend Tim their support.

I’ll let Tim write his story about the one day Virgil and I’ll blog it!!!!

We were both very tired at the end. It’s very hard to stand up one day on cement. My back was killing me!!!

All I can say is - Good work Tim and keep up the good and educated fight!!!!

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