Friday, May 13, 2005


I was surprised that so many people didn’t know what *67 stood for?

If you dial *67 before dialing the real number? Your call at the other end will come out as a private number. This is the reason that I used *67 to call Voice of the Province last night.


The day that Tim ended his protest, he walked with me to my little meeting with the Senate.

We decided to go outside of the Beaver Brook Hotel for a smoke and we noticed another Protester with a sandwich sign.

It was Matthew Glenn from the Anglo Society!

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-2

Daniel Bussiers < Sargeant At Arms > must have said to himself- My God? I got rid of the clown, the protester and now this???

07061 Balloon Clown

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-4

That night < Thursday > We walked around the Capital and I might add it was a beautiful evening.

We walked around the Legislature and bumped into a few bureaucrats and MLA’S.

Of course a debate began and I felt bad for the people who were listening to us because when you have two ADHD adults side by side?

Well? The other half must really ready for a quick reprisal because the other person with ADHD will soon take over.

As a joke? I would always tell people in our surrounding - This Guy has got to go!!!

I love to have people listening to me only! He just has to go back to Saint John! in fun.

I noticed two MLA’S from the P.C. Party listening to Tim’s stories and one of my ADHD brain came up with an idea.

The second Tim stop breathing, I quickly jumped in and suggested to Claude Williams and Tanker Malley since they’re good P.C. MLA’S < and they are!!! >

They should pay for Timmy’s Motel room. I know these two MLA’S do have a good heart because they always encourage me in my battle.

Especially during my six months protest in front of the Legislature.

They both chipped in for a nice room for Tim Smith.

Hey? Not all P.C. MLA’S are bad….lol..Claude Williams bought us for Supper and we ate inside.

CLAUDE IS THE GUY ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE!!! The other is Keith Ashfield

Charles 04_07_05 059

Poor Claude? He had two individual with ADHD in both side so therefore you can just imagine the conversation going on while we were having our little

I soon found out that Tim made a lot of sense when it came to ADHD!

During the past week, we had many conversations and we soon found out that we had the same way of thinking but the only problem was that while the other
person was talking? The other wasn’t paying attention?

Only the issues that was interesting to both of us that we really paid attention.

But seriously, he came out with some fine example of the way kids should be treated and he also gave his views on Ritalin.

I said to myself? My God? Once he accomplished his goal with the VLT’S? I got to get this guy to be the spokeperson for the 10,000 kids who are force on
Ritalin in New Brunswick!

He sure can come out with some good fancy words!

They dropped me off and Claude drove Tim to the Motel.

After reflecting on the events held during that day?

I found Tim Smith was very intelligent. He didn’t want anything to do with the Ministers of the Lord Government and he let the Liberals enjoy the
attention from the media.

Someone told me - You know what Charles? You know that once the liberals get in power? They won’t touch the issue of VLT’S!

I don’t believe that line at all!

Bernard Lord has shown that he has no sympathy whatsoever with the 49% who voted to have these machines remove.

He could have said - You know what? We are going to move on a few issues for the 49%!
He never did!

Charles 04_07_05 072

Same as my petition, 10,000 people asked the Government to be a study on Ritalin but Bernard Lord said – Sorry but the drugging and killing of our children will continue for at less two more years. < Next election >

Of course these weren’t the exact words but this is what is happening as we speak!

After a good night sleep at the Motel, I met Tim at Tim Horton. Tim at tim??? Sounds good…lol and we spent the whole day walking around.

Thank God the protest was over because of his weak body? Tim took a nasty cold.

Take a close look at the cold weather outside? He would have a certain death!

May 4-2005-T-1

This is one good thing about having ADHD? Once you get hold of an issue? Just like a pit bull grabbing a tree root?

You won’t let go and I know for a fact that he would have died for his cause.

He walked into the Liberal building on Brunswick Street and joined the Party.

He wanted to go inside the Legislature to thank everyone inside but he was told that he wasn’t allowed inside.

Charles 04_07_05 119

He was only allowed in the gallery. He wasn’t too impressed with this situation but I will leave that issue to Tim Smith.

At 5:40pm he jumped into the bus to Saint John. Before entering, we gave each other a little hug! < I am not the huggy type > and before he walked inside?

I shouted- Good Job Tim!!!

Afterwards, he was on his way to Saint John for a nice reunion with his daughter.

Yes, he’s gone and I don’t believe that the Government have heard the last of Tim Smith.

He’s very determining in his cause and he will continue the fight against these VLT’S!

Tim Smith should be congratulated for a job very well done!

Yes! Maybe we tapped on each other nerves during the days in front of the Legislature but we both knew that we had a good cause to fight for!

Bon Travaille Tim!!!


The true sad fact is that we vote these people into office to look after OUR best interests and then when things go wrong they become so numb or stupified they need to look elsewhere for answers because all the education they have received seems not to be enough for them to make an educated decision on behalf of the people who have put the there in the first place.

Mr.Lord's answer that decisions are not based on compassion or emotion but rather on science and data would be a response only he could give.

But to any person with a beating heart and half a brain would agree with the latter, You don't need science and data to see that VLT's kill and are very destructive to individuals and society, Families that have lost loved ones to this or total loss of the ability to function within their communities after falling victim to these machines strongly believe that emotion plays a significant part in how they cope with this problem and I for one don't need scientific data to prove that point.

In my opinion Mr.Lord is a cold blooded individual who needs a large amount of counseling in the ability to work with the people of this province on a personal level and try to get past his ability to only see us as piggy banks for his own personal enjoyment to gain revenues through total exploitation of addictive personalities and obsessive compulsive disorder, I'm sure I could go much further than this and I will in the near future.


It’s cold outside so therefore I’m going to reflect what has happen during the last 24 hours.

Lets go back to Wednesday morning.

Tim was standing in front of the Legislature and he told me that he will
meet with the Liberals in the afternoon.

He also added to blog the story and send it out to the public.

I did what he told me and afterwards a scrum of reporters showed up to asked if it was true that the protest was over?

I found this funny because hours earlier? I was asked by some media personnel- When Tim Smith is going to end his protest???

I answered- Hey? You have to wait till my blog comes out!!

One reporter told me that he lately visited my blog because of the issue of Tim

Hey? That’s one thing about this blog. You will never know what the heck I’m about to write about.

You never know what the reader’s comments are going to be about?

I believe it’s great that we can have a location to debate issues in a democratic system.

I told Tim that I had to leave him alone for a while because I had to concentrate on my little speech to the senate who’s going to do a study on mental illness.

I showed up at the Beaverbrook Hotel and I noticed a woman crying during her presentation.

You see as the time I showed up in front of the Senate in Moncton a few weeks ago.

I only had 4 minutes to make my presentation. I was surprised to see Senator Marilyn Threnholme Counsell present.

My God? She’s a busy individual as a Senator and that’s a good thing.

Anyway? Just minutes before I began to speak?

I was approached by a young beautiful girl and she told me that the Senators
won’t be asking any questions after my four minutes presentation.

Of course, I was all confuse because in Moncton they had the chance to asked me questions for four minutes.

Of course this would give me the apportunately to add some more comments about the issue of Ritalin.

Read my blog at target="_blank">Charles

The girl knew that I was upset and quickly walked to the Chairperson and
whispered to his ear.

She must have said - We got a problem here. That guy looks like a nut!!!!

My name was called and I quickly told the Senators that I wish to go on record telling the Senators that this is a study on mental illness?

Do you people believe that because I have ADHD? I don’t the intelligent to answer any questions after my presentation?

I reminded Senator Marilyn Threnholme Counsell that once again I have to give a four minutes presentation in a very fast manner.

I said – Ok here we go!!! Here’s the facts that I gave to the Senate!

1- I found out that I had ADHD six years ago.

2-I wrote a column in the Reader Telegraph Journal Afterwards I received 40 phone calls from parents crying on the phone of the way their kids are treated
in the school system in New Brunswick.

3-I have no kids! Thank God for that but I’ll fight tooth and nail for those poor kids!

4- I confronted Bernard Lord as leader. He told me there was a major problem with Ritalin. Once elected Premier? He told me that there wasn’t a problem with

5- This is a fax that was sent to the office of those Racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. These were orders from the Irvings of the
way that people with ADHD should be treated--

When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin there were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he was given jobs and duties that complied with his medical limitations.

Sherry Merssereau < Irving Human Resources with no
Doctor’s paper! > Supported by the racist members of
the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >

P.S. I never had the time to read that statement but I will email them this very discriminatory order form the Irvings!

6- Limited as Adults??? Why are we giving our children Ritalin?

7- Human Rights agreed with the Irvings that adults with ADHD are close to mental Retardation! Our human rights Commission are a big farce! Any Commission that
supports discrimination should be eliminated!

8-In 2002 I went on a hunger strike for 12 days in front of the Legislature.

9- In 2003, I went on a six months protest and collected 10,000 signatures.

10- I heard during the protest

11- kids committing suicide because they can’t cope!

12-Kids with ADHD are labeled.

13-These kids can’t lean with inclusion. Autism, MS and ADHD don’t mixed!

14-They are called stupid and idiots!

15- As adult this is true by the orders of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!

16-They go on higher drugs and become the outcast of society!

17-These kids are super intelligent. Bill Gates, Vince McMahon < he was on 60 minutes telling the audience that he has ADHD > only a ADHD individual could come out with the sopa opera that come out with the WWE! Bill Clinton has ADHD because he never shuts up and they pay him Millions. I also reminded that our politicians in Fredericton and Ottawa could use some Ritalin of the manner they act in the House.

18-It’s cheaper to drug our kids in New Brunswick than to treat them with dignity!

19 -A class of 22 parents from social assistance. All the kids were on Ritalin.

I knew that my time was almost up so therefore I had to think of something fast so I could continue my little presentation.

In Moncton, the translators were located behind me. This time around the two young
gilrs translators were located behind the Chairperson.

I noticed that they were laughing their head off while they were translating.

The reason they found this funny was because they had to translate in a very quick manner. I might add that it was very difficult especially with my French accent…lol..

Earlier, I was telling the Senators that kids with true ADHD are easily distracted with all the noise in the classrooms!

This act bought me back in time when kids were laughing at me.

Hey? Laugh behind my back and not right in front of me especially when I have to give a four minutes presentation.

I quickly stop and said - HEY??? WHY ARE THOSE GIRLS LAUGHING AT ME???

Well? Trust me? The translation quickly came to an abrupt end with their mouth wild open and a scary look on their face.

I continue- You see? This is what I’m talking about being easily distracted!!!

The Chairperson quickly told me that it was ok and they won’t be laughing any

Well? This gave me an extra 3 minutes so I continued with my little presentation.

20- Double Blind Study!!!! Cost too much money!!! $1,400!!!

21 Ritalin is a problem across Canada and politicians must addressed this issue! The drugging and killing of our children must come to a stop in New Brunswick!!!

Tim was in the small audience and he was certain that I was going to lose my cool but I didn’t.

I chatted with a few people afterwards and they were not amused of some statements that I came out especially the part of those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!

I told them that these people held a meeting behind close door to discuss the issue of Adults with ADHD and they came out with a verdict that adults with ADHD are consider close to mental retardation!

Only in New Brunswick that we will have a Human Rights Commission that would come out with such a verdict!

I might add that I went to meet the translators and apologize to them. I couldn't blame them for laughing because it was indeed funny!

Today’s kids in New Brunswick who are forced on Ritalin are doom as adults because of those racists members of the Commission!

Speaking of those paid Irving employees? They are going to make a presentation on May 18th and I will be there to let the people in the hall know exactly what they are!!!!

I believe that I did add to my presentation- A Human Rights Commission who
promotes and support Racism? That Commission must be eliminated!

Sh@t!!!! Over 1,400 words already!!!

I’ll continue my story on Tim Smith departure in the morning!

Please excuse the style and grammar on this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!!!

Bye bye