Sunday, April 03, 2005


This was one of my predictions for the year 2005 that I was prayed I would be 100% wrong.

As you must know by now Pope John Paul have passed away.

On October 16, 1978, he became Pope. The only reason that I know the year is because I was in the middle of my marathon ten speed bicycle trip across the U.S.A.!

Pontiff and the Dove

One of the first action that grabbed my attention was the fact that he played different sports and loved to ski! A Pope playing sports? A high energizes spoke person from God?

I would always say that this Pope had ADHD big times. There’s no way in the world that he would stay in the Vatican as many other Popes in the past!

As I wrote in the past. ADHD is suppose to be a benefit and not a Disorder!

Travel the world he did in a remarkable fashion. He visited over 100 countries to preach the message of the Lord.

He spoke out loud and clear against Abortion and the issue of the poor around the world. He was the voice of many lost souls.

Yes, he was a great Pope but as we all know - No one is perfect!

His failure to acknowledge at a much faster of the sex scandal in the U.S.A. was a minus and also to recognizes the rights of Women in the Priesthood!

Aging never stop the Pope. Who will ever forget the last sad pictures of John Paul from his window in Rome? He didn’t hide the fact that he was dying and wanted to share this so call personal information with the whole world!

Many people around the Globe have only known one Pope so therefore he was special in many youths hearts!

Yes! We lost a great man and we will never see the likes of this Pope Again!

We have lost a great uniter of Religions and spoke person!

May God Bless his soul and I am certain that he will!!!

Prenatal Benefit Program - Sounds like a plan

For those that have been following... According to the Government of New Brunswick a program exists that can potentially help out Joanna and her plight. Charles forwarded this information to me to post and I have added some extra links and required information. Lets see if the government can make good on their programs... WCIE

Welcome to the Prenatal Benefit Program

According to this website GNB DFCS

The choices you make while pregnant will affect you and your baby. It is important to choose healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. Support may be available to help you make these choices.

So the questions are...

What is the Prenatal Benefit Program?

The Prenatal Benefit Program offers financial aid for mothers-to-be.

Who can get the Prenatal Benefit?

If your family income was less than $29,000 last year, after taxes, you may qualify for funding.

If I receive money, when does it start?

You begin to receive monthly cheques in the 14th week of pregnancy. However, you should apply as soon as possible to ensure you receive the maximum benefit amount.

How long will I receive financial support?

You will receive financial support until your baby is born. If you start receiving
funding when you are 14 weeks pregnant, then you will receive six cheques in total.

How do I apply?

Simply call the toll free number below to begin the application process.

Are there other government programs available to me?

There are many programs offered to help you make the transition from pregnancy to
parenting, regardless of your income. Find out more by visiting our Web site at, or call your regional Family and Community Services office. We are here to help.

For more information on the Prenatal Benefit Program call us (1-888-987-6789)
You may qualify for financial aid to help you make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

The Prenatal Benefit Program can help you and your baby during pregnancy.
CNB 3016


I certainly hope that this provides a catalyst to help Joanna out of her current situation and in to a proper place for herself and her unborn child... WCIE.

New graphs reveal what we already know to be true...

Have a look at the new graphs found in our Fredericton's Poor section. Also, if you have thought of a beneficial change Charles and I can make to this Blog please let Charles or I know so we can get the news to you in a more appropriate or meaningful way. We want this site to be as user friendly and informative as we can make it.

Regards, WCIE