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his issue was bought to my attention and maybe the headline is not a good one but I must admit that I didn’t know this was going on. Police Officers in New Brunswick can wear their uniforms, badge or gun while worker at another Part Time job?

I guess this goes on all the time. I didn’t know this practice was going on until my trial last week. Here’s the email


I forgot to mention to you what I got out of the first day of your trial.

First of all why would a police officer that is off duty poise as a police officer when they were hired to do Security?

Would this not be fraud on the security that were acting as police officers?

Does Security personnel have the right to arrest people? Would this be normal practice that a off duty police office can wear their uniform at their side job?

Did they wear their guns for this off duty job? Just thought that I would send you my thoughts just in case that you didn't think of it.

Since we the taxpayers pay for the Police, did we benefit in any way by the police doing this part time job on an off duty day by wearing their uniform.

I smell fraud!!!!!!!!!

Concern taxpayer....


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I felt bad when I heard the news but it was the right thing to do. She didn't have a salary so therefore it was a very difficutl task to do.

The only people who works for free are Bloggers!!!

Once I got to know Allison? I found out that she's a good person. I will always chat with her in the future.

I wish her Bonne Chance!!

Now? Who's going to be the new Leader of the NDP??? What about this guy???


Just a reminder....

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I guess there were accidents all over the place. People didn't bother to slow down I guess??


Two very determine activists on behalf of the kids with Autism!!!

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Hermit is better than Listerine!!!

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Someone contacted me and get ready for a lot of stories about the propose pipeline hearings in Saint John during the next three weeks.

I will blog any story or the questions which are going to be asks to the Board.

Now> Since I believe in a open debate? < better than the Irvings!! > If you support the pipeline via Rockwood Park? I will blog those comments also.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | Wednesday November 6, 2006

"Aggressive’ opposition planned

Nova Scotia prepares to fight Emera’s proposal to ship liquified natural gas through N.B.
By JUDY MYRDEN Business Reporter

SAINT JOHN, N.B. — Nova Scotia is trying to make sure Emera Inc. cannot operate a cheap pipeline to carry liquid gas that could scuttle the future of two energy projects in this province.

Energy Department representatives say they will be "very aggressive" when they appear at National Energy Board hearings that start this afternoon in Saint John.

The hearing will determine the delivery cost of transporting the liquefied natural gas along the proposed 145-kilometre pipeline from the planned Irving-owned Canaport LNG facility, where giant tankers will bring the super-cooled gas from Spanish-owned Repsol by late 2008 and then ship it to the U.S.

Premier Rodney MacDonald wants the energy regulator to examine the impact of Emera’s proposed $350-million pipeline on two proposed LNG terminals in Nova Scotia, which could face higher delivery charges than its competitor in New Brunswick.

"I’m concerned about the potential impact," said Mr. MacDonald. "We plan to be very aggressive at the upcoming hearings."

He said the proposed Emera line will bypass other pipelines and could affect delivery tolls charged on the existing 558-kilometre pipeline, which carries gas from fields near Sable Island between Nova Scotia and the United States, as well as hurting the two Nova Scotia LNG projects. The Emera pipeline will travel through southwest New Brunswick and connect with the U.S. portion of the Sable pipeline at the international border near Baileyville, Maine.

The LNG projects being proposed in Nova Scotia are one by Anadarko Petroleum, which is in limbo after a deal to sell the project to a U.S. equity firm collapsed in September, and a second in Goldboro by Keltic Petrochemicals of Halifax and 4Gas of Rotterdam.

The crux of the issue for Nova Scotia, outlined in questions filed by Nova Scotia’s Energy Department, is that the Irving/Repsol project could pay cheaper toll charges than the Nova Scotia projects would pay.

They argue that if the Emera pipeline had hooked up to the Duke Energy-owned Maritimes and Northeast pipeline, it would have increased the volume of gas in the system and lowered tolls for all users.

Peter Milne, a consultant for Anadarko, has filed evidence with the board outlining the potential effects of a so-called bullet line that bypasses the Sable pipeline, Maritimes and Northeast, on customers now using the line to transport gas from Nova Scotia’s only offshore gas project.

"The higher tolls and costs on the Canadian segment of the M&NP system will give natural gas from the Canaport LNG a significant competitive advantage over Sable Island gas producers," Mr. Milne says in his filing. Expectation that the Canaport LNG facility will get cheaper tolls is already making it hard for Anadarko to find a supply of gas for its proposed facility near Port Hawkesbury, he says.

Mr. Milne says the Irving-owned development was "hampered" in its efforts to secure a supply of gas for the Bear Head site because of a "$1.5 billion transportation advantage" gained by the Emera bypass pipeline. And any discount toll deal for Canaport could be "fatal" for LNG projects in Nova Scotia.

Mr. Milne proposes that the pipeline run north to join with the Canadian portion of the Maritimes and Northeast system.

Emera has negotiated a 25-year deal with Repsol on what it will charge to transport gas through what is called the Brunswick Pipeline. The toll proposed is 14 cents US per gigajoule, and Mr. Milne says the Emera pipeline will offer the Irving project a 25-cent advantage.

While Emera will own the pipeline, it has negotiated agreements with Duke Energy under which an affiliate of the U.S. pipeline company will continue to permit, construct and ultimately operate the pipeline for Emera.

Duke spokesman Stephen Rankin said there is no way to compare tolls between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for the LNG projects because Anadarko hasn’t filed any project requiring space along the pipeline.

"We don’t have a toll to compare it to," Mr. Rankin said. "There’s no way to answer that. It depends on the facilities that (Anadarko) would want."

He said the route chosen for the Brunswick Pipeline is "superior" environmentally and in terms of engineering.



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Mr. LeBlanc,

I am a single father of three active but loveable boys. Currently my middle child is active enough to warrant the District 18 office to "allow" him to attend school until noon.

Apparently he is not alone. Dan Leonard said there are about 20 kids in the program (which does not have a name).

District 18 intituted this without my input! I have no recourse to appeal
the decision because he was not suspended. He is the only one in his school in this program with no name.

I met with two psychologists, my boy's principal and Dan Leonard and they basically said it was indefinite and there was no time period in which my boy could renter the normal curriculum.

His school has suggested in the past that he be medicated. Something I am opposed to. He just wants dignity and the District isn't giving him that.

The great news, I now have two other boys who believe they can be "hyper" and get out of school for half a day too.

Maybe a Blogger can help steer me in the right direction.


My ride from Saint John to Fredericton!!!!

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For a little souvenir, I’m going to write a little blog when I hitched a ride from Saint John to Fredericton last Friday.

I began my walk downtown and met Anne-Marie Mullin who’s a reader of my blog and has been watching my case very closely.


I met Dorothy Dawson and she invited for a lunch. We choose a local place. It calls BOB CORNER RESTAURANT and they serves very good food.


I took this picture and told them how to reach my blog site- Just go to google and write Charles LeBlanc.


This woman said - It’s nice to meet ya.

She has heard me on talk of the town for years and wanted to know the reason the Talk show is off the air? < I learn something a few days ago and will blog it later >


I have been hearing this statement a lot lately. There’s many people out there whom truly misses the talk show.

So away we went outside of the City where she drop me off near Grand Bay. I always find a ride to outside of the City Limits because it easier to hitch a ride.


I waited for about 30 minutes and got a ride till Welsford.

There I was face to face with the Irvings!! much can I take????

As luck would have it? I only stayed in that area for two minutes until this guy picked me up.


He droved me right till outside of Fredericton at Lincoln.

I had a problem? The cars were flying by me in great speed so there was no way in the world they were going to stop for a hitch hiker.

I walked to the ramp and it began to snow a little. It was windy and cold. Once the sun is gone? It's cold!!!!

After around 20 minutes, this guy stops and drove me right close to my Church.


I noticed my favorite Priest was there so I knocked at the door. One Father Brien saw me?

He said- OUUUUIIII??????? I believe that he was very surprised to see me at the Church at 4:00pm on a Friday.

He had a service to do so he couldn’t chat too long.

They have a service at 4:00pm every day but not in the main Church. It’s in a little room.

I chatted with Emery Brien for a few minutes and told him that I will see him on Sunday.

While walking down the hallway. I quickly stopped and began to think? My day in court turned out really good. < Beside the moving part > I made safely made it to the Capital so therefore I have lots to be thankful for. I turned around and walking into the small room.

There were six people present and Father Brien was very surprised to see me in there.

At first? I believe that I was going to ask him a question? I sat down and listened to the whole service.


Afterwards, the Father droved my home. Yes, I will admit that I may be on social assistant and got no money but I do have lots to be thankful for!!!


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The Fredericton Soup Kitchen is going to be serving breakfast at 7:45am till 8:15am in the morning.

This is the first time the Soup Kitchen serves breakfast to the poor.

The poor are very lucky to have the Soup Kitchen in this City. I believe it’s the only one in the whole Province who serves the poor all they can eat.


Can you imagine having that service in Saint John? The Loyalist City is lucky it’s spread out in a large area. If it was like Fredericton? It would be serving close to 1,000 people per day.


Many can’t afford to go at the Soup Kitchen. It’s too much a long walk and they cannot afford a bus. Lets see how many people will go at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen for breakfast? Twice per week they will serve eggs.