Monday, May 16, 2005


Hi Charles:
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Charles, I'm here writing from Waterloo, Ontario, and anybody who fears 'how long mennonites can last' need not fear! Around here there are thousands of mennonites, they farm and are among the only guaranteed 'organic' farmers-and they are growing. In fact, this is one of the only cities in Canada where all the grocery stores have barns for the mennonites to park their carriages, also one of the few cities where horse plops are a regular site on the roads (they usually clean up though)

What you met were obviously 'old order' mennonites which would be fairly close to the amish in ideology. They are a 'social religion' and for them religion is NOT personal-it is social. They do not argue about theological beliefs, but rather social norms. There are hundreds of different types of mennonites, and their beliefs vary widely. Sometimes they drive cars but will only wear black, sometimes you'll see the women with bonnets and dresses but wearing running shoes. Like any religion there are good points and bad points although they are typically 'reserved', which you may have mistaken for rudeness. Of course there are mennonites who 'seem' no different from any protestant church, they stress the social aspects of religion rather than the theological ones, so they are very active in homelessness and poverty issues-especially their schools. If I were a christian I'd definitely be a mennonite-you don't HAVE to be old order or traditional.

Old order mennonites would not 'approve' of protest because it is considered a 'violent' form of activity-not violent in terms of action but violent in terms of confrontation. The whole gestalt of mennonite life is compromise or retreat (they were run out of most european countries and run out of many places in north america) and protesting is not that (that doesn't mean I don't approve of it)

A mennonite village will not have any gambling devices, so for them it is not an issue. Ritalin is also not an issue as they do not 'believe' in the use of pharmaceuticals, and their kids get LOTS of exercise. Likewise, they will not fight in wars and do their utmost to 'keep things simple' which means they pay little tax because they have little income-this way they minimize their support for government, which uses money for nefarious ends they would not approve of.


I said it before and I will say it again!!!

If a person stays long enough in front of the Legislature. You could write a book of the different people who visits our Government House.

I must write about one of those stories that happen while Tim Smith was protesting.

I decided to leave the protester alone for a few hours. Later in the afternoon, I bought him a coffee.

From a distance, I noticed Tim < with his signs > standing on top of the steps of the Legislature while 30 or so people were watching him.

The closer I came to this site, the more they looked like a church group!

I shouted - Hey? This is what Tim needs!!! Members of a church to support his cause.

Once I got real close, I noticed the women were wearing fancy dresses with Bonnets in their hair and the men had beards.

I wasn’t certain what was going on?

I believe that I travelled back in time to the 1920s!

Anyway, seconds after I arrive. One church goer told me - We’re not here to support his cause. We don’t believe in protesters!!!

I knew that I was heading for a confrontation so I asked - What religion do you people belong to???

The guy answered- We’re Mennonites!!!!

I spoke aloud and said- Mennonites Mennonites ??????? Mennonites??? Where have I heard that religion in the past???? Mennonites???

Then it hit me! Ok…you guys want to be left alone! You do your own little thing!!!

They told me that they were from CentreVille which is located in nowhere land near the Maine border

I heard other stories about this Religion but I decided to remain polite. < see? I don’t need any Ritalin to behave?? >…lol

I decided to play along with their little game by saying - There’s nothing wrong with this protester!

You see? I was protesting in a tent for six months against the use of Ritalin. < I’m certain that these people don’t believe in Ritalin. I believe they discipline their kids pretty good > …lol

I went on by saying - God made man and man is going to destroy himself!

Man introduced these VLT’S so therefore there’s many families who are going through a lot of hardship as we speak because of these machines!

I was on a roll with my religious speech and I noticed the young kids were paying attention to my every words.
Suddenly a man in his 40s quickly intervened with a smile and said - I believe we should go to lunch now!!!

I really hate to be interrupted when I’m talking but it is a free country!

Seconds later, they were on the way. I noticed that they walked across the streets and held a little picnic with their little group!

I am certain that they weren’t too impress with my little speech? They must have told their children- Ignore the man. He’s not well!!!

Yes, this was the first time that I ever came face to face with the Mennonites and they’re quite a group!

Myself, I found them a rude bunch!!!

I was very surprise this group existed in New Brunswick!

I wonder how long they can exist in today’s world! The world is moving so fast but the Mennonites wants to remain on their own!

Do you have any opinions on the Mennonites? Let me know!

This is a very fast blog and excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!!!!

Bye bye