Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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I arrived at the Legislature earlier than usual.

Picture 033

As many of other individuals, I wanted to meet with Tanker.

After the little boom scare, I walked in the Legislature and I noticed Tanker running across the hallway in the Legislature with all the reporters following like vultures.

Picture 035

I quickly went for my camera but the Quebec security staff once again stop me in my track!

He told me that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

Their point is that I’m not a paid employee from the media.

Was I going to take a chance and click a picture and be evicted?

I decided to give in!

Tanker Malley looked tired and he quickly jumped behind the doors of the Chambers. There must have been over 30 people in the area.

Picture 034

He was attending a standing committee hearing inside.

I guess Tanker did meet the media outside on the front steps earlier in the morning but the media wasn’t done yet.


Not from a long shot!!!!

I noticed the Commissionaires and the Sargeant At Arms decided to hold the media in check.

Picture 045

I quickly witness a straight forward angry exchange between Dan Bussieres and the media.

They wanted to know why the rules change?

They said that Dan Bussieres couldn’t change the rules as he sees fit?

I guess the media were always free to access the chambers but not today because the main newsmaker of the week was inside.

Picture 014

I sent a couple of emails to Tanker inviting him for a coffee? Maybe he needs someone to talk to???

He was always good to me during my protest so maybe I can return the favor?

I chatted with some of the media people and I told them I was very concern of Tanker’s health.

He’s overweight and he looks tired. Stress is an awful thing and it sure has been a stressful period for Tanker since Friday evening.

The media wasn’t done with Tanker yet.

They needed and wanted their man because he was the individual that would sell news.

The highlight of the week was in the chambers and the media knew it.

I went in the gallery to see if I could see Tanker? Once upstairs, I was followed by the Quebec Security staff.

I wonder why he came upstairs to check on me?

Andre never did that before. I looked around from the gallery but couldn’t locate Tanker.

He wasn’t sitting in his old seat. He must have moved on the Liberal side.

Picture 020

I noticed two commissionaires looking staring at me so I decided to go back downstairs.

I noticed many members of the committee were going out for lunch so I got a hunch that Tanker might take the side door.

Picture 093

I quickly stood at the corner and waited to see if I could locate the newly independent MLA.

Maybe he'll come out from his office from this building?

Picture 092

I noticed Terry Andow walking by but I didn’t bother asking the P.C. executive if he saw Tanker around?

Picture 027

I decided to go back inside and I noticed Tanker was at the door of the chambers.

The media begged Tanker for a statement and he decided to face the press gallery.

Picture 060

Before he spoke Margaret Ann Blaney quickly had a little chat with the newly independent MLA.

One reporter was nice enough asking Tanker about his health?

Picture 050

I was surprised that you could have heard a pin drop before Tanker began speaking.

Picture 026

I must admit that it was very emotional. He was hurt!

Picture 051

Once he finished answering the first question?


Here’s a brief of what he said. I took it from the CBC website.

Malley denies allegations of blackmail Last updated Feb 21 2006 04:09 PM AST
CBC News Miramichi MLA Michael (Tanker) Malley insisted he didn't demand anything from Lord in exchange for staying with the Progressive Conservative Party.
• FROM FEB. 21, 2006: Plot thickens as Liberal points fingers at new ministers
Malley met with reporters on his way into an education committee meeting in Fredericton. He confirmed meeting with Lord on Friday, but denied that he requested special favours from the premier. "In all honesty, I never had a list of demands. That's his version. My version. I never had a list of demands. No, I didn't make any demands," he said.
Malley quit the government last Friday, claiming to be frustrated that the concerns of his riding are being overlooked by the premier and cabinet. That decision turned a fragile majority government into a minority.
Saturday morning, Lord held a news conference and alleged that Malley made five demands to ensure he stayed in the Tory caucus.
Among other things, the premier said Malley asked for more money for his constituency office, more funding for an idled paper mill, and that Fredericton lawyer Cleveland Allaby be appointed a provincial court judge.
But Malley says none of that is true is surprised that Lord would hold a press conference based on their conversation.

Picture 103

"The discussion that I had with the premier Friday was supposed to be between him and I. And it shouldn't have been out in the street the next day. I'm very hurt, sad, I've always been loyal to the premier and he's also my friend but having been a private discussion I never thought that it would have been out on the street."
Malley says his priority now is to represent the interests of Miramichi in the legislature. "Miramichiers are very hurt, they've been bypassed four times to be heard in cabinet."
• YOUR VIEW: Readers respond to Tanker Malley's resignation
Late Tuesday, the rift between the rogue MLA and the government appeared to be widening as yet another senior Tory waded into the fray in defence of Lord.
Terry Andow – former executive director of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick who is now chief of staff for government members – said he also met with MLA Malley on Friday. Andow says Malley told him about a series of requests he wanted to present to the premier. But Andow admits he never saw the list Lord talked about on Saturday, and didn't attend the meeting between the two.
"I'm a little concerned somehow that the premier's word is being cast against Michael Malley's," Andow said.
"I guess whether you call them issues, or demands or requests, if someone comes to you and says 'I would like to have these things accomplished by no later than 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon,' how would one interpret them?You could only interpret them as a demand."

Once the interview was done, I once again shouted- HANG IN THERE TANKER!!!

After a few hours of hanging around the Legislature. I decided to go home.

I never had the chance to meet Tanker and chat with him. Maybe I’ll bump into Tanker this week sometime?

Picture 021

Who knows what can happen around the Legislature? Stay tune!!!

Picture 018


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No one died,,,,,


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I arrived at the Legislature around noon today and this site quickly grabbed my attention.

There was a bag on the steps and nobody was around.

I look at every direction but saw no one in sight.

A man in his 50s came outside and I asked – Is this yours?

He told me that it wasn’t.

I grabbed the bag and the man quickly shouted - Hey? Don’t touch it!!!! It might be a boom???

I laughed and said - Hey? This is New New Brunswick!!! No one leaves bombs around.

I decided to take a closer picture. My God, it sure is nice to have a camera handy.

Picture 086

I got a little nervous once I saw the wires on the side of the bag.

Picture 088

I told the guy to go tell security of the strange bag.

While waiting for someone to come and pick up the suspicious package?

Mike Murphy walked by and I walked with the Moncton MLA to his vehicle.

Picture 090

I turned my head and a reporter came to picked up his belongings.

Picture 089

I learned afterwards, he got all excited once he saw Tanker Malley walking from the right hand side of the Legislature so with the news maker of the week standing on the front steps of the Legislature?

He quickly forgot about the package.

I was certain that the security camera would have caught this package before I came along.

Picture 087

Yes, we are sure lucky to be living in New Brunswick where our Legislature is free from bombs or violence.


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I heard this question today around the Legislature. I wonder how she would handle this situation?

Picture 038


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I have the feeling that I’m offending a few people with my blog and that’s a darn shame.

I always took myself like a person who does battle as those MLA’s in the House Chambers.

After they insult or blast each other?

They meet in public or the hallways of the Legislature and shake hands.

Everything is forgotten but I guess bloggling isn’t the same action.

This afternoon while leaving the Library at the Legislator, I bumped into the former Minster of Health Elvy Robichaud and offered to shake hand in a friendly action but he quickly told me that he wouldn’t touch my hand because he didn’t agree what I’m writing about in my blog.

Charles 04_07_05 061

He said that he considered me as a friend but no more and walked away.

He let it known that he didn’t agree with the issues I write in my blog.

I was a little surprise so I walked by him and said - Ritalin is an important issue and continued out the door.

There’s no way in the world that I was going to debate the issue with the former Minister in the Library.

I always watch myself in the House. I won’t cross that line but there’s no need of this.

I protested for six months in a tent on behalf of all the kids who are force on this drug.

I dedicated the last six years of my life towards this cause and I will admit that I’m getting tired of it.

In the old days, a person protested and they beg the media to cover their story.

They had their 15 minutes of fame and went home.


These days? It’s a total different ballgame because of the information highway.

A person can continue their message on the computer and this is what I decided to do.

The problem is this?

It goes all around the world therefore reaching a lot of people.

Am I disappointed in Elvy’s attitude towards me?

Of course I am.

There’s nothing more harmful or degrading than reaching out to shake someone hand and they say – No thank you!!!

But I stand by the way I’m fighting for the kids in this Province.

This has nothing to do with and I stand to gain absolutely nothing from having a committee in place to study the issue of drugging our children.

What else can I do? Any ideas???

I’m learning that many people are getting upset with my blog.

Some love to see how far I can before I land myself in court.

I’m certain that it will happen one day but as long that I write the truth?

What can a Judge say?

Bloggling is going to be a way of life in New Brunswick and everyone should get use to it.

I guess this will be my true last handshake with Elvy Robichaud.

As I wrote in the past, I still say he’s a nice guy!

I might add that I will still say hello when I passed by him.

I must have bigger shoulders than the former health Minister.

Oh well…c’est la vie!!!!

Bonne Chanve Elvy.....
Charles 04_07_05 061


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Just like Saint John Harbour??? All gone but one....


Picture 063

Picture 063

( JOB 33:14 *NKJV )

Dear Charles,
Has God ever spoken to you? I'll bet that He has!
For God speaks to His Children in various ways, and
many of His Children don't even realize it when He
does. However beware of anyone who claim's that
our Heavenly Father talks to them all of the time!

Now if you are thinking that God has never spoken to
me, let us examine some of the ways that He speaks to

1. By planting ideas in our heads through thoughts or
dreams. ( Have you ever had a problem that was really
bothering you, and suddenly an idea popped into your
head, and you asked yourself, why didn't I think of that

2. By speaking through others, even though they do not
realize it. ( God often speaks to us through others,
sometimes even through non-believers.)

3. By using the broadcast or print media. ( Have you
ever asked God for an answer, and then been given the
answer through a television program, book, song or
even an e-mail message? )

These are just a very few of the ways that God speak
to His Children, though He doesn't do it often. I hope
that you weren't expecting me to say that lightning would
flash, and a loud voice would ring down from Heaven,
for our Heavenly Father is far too subtle for that, and
after all, the answer is meant for you alone to hear!

So Charles, the next time you are speaking with
others or you pray, why not spend a moment or two
just listening? You might be surprised at what you hear!

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
[ Prayer Requests---Contact Us---Bible Study---*Donations* ]
[ Audio---Subscribe---Change of Address---Unsubscribe ]
at: http://www.godsminute.org
Apostle Paul Ministries, P O Box 55996, Hayward, CA 94545
(c) Copyright 2006 by Apostle Paul Ministries


It's a way of wars between the sargeant At Arms and the media.,.......stay tune!!!!!! LOTS OF ACTION!!!!! I'M GOING BACK THERE NOW!!!!


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I just happen to locate this little email I wrote in 2004!

Ok….I walked into Tanker’s office a few days ago < Micheal Malley and I noticed this note on his door.

Put your trust in people who have proven to be loyal
to you in the past, not individuals who you hope might
be able to do something for you at some future date.

Provided by Tanker Malley
March 2004


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Tacoma, WA - February 21, 2006

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British report finds new risks of ADHD drug

M. ALEXANDER OTTO; The News Tribune
Published: February 20th, 2006 02:30 AM

There are new safety concerns about the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder drug Strattera, widely used in Europe and the United States. It’s already been linked to rare cases of liver damage and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

British authorities have associated Strattera with seizures and a potentially dangerous lengthening of the time between heartbeats, called QT interval prolongation, in a handful of the more than 3.7 million people who have used the drug since it hit the market in November 2002.

The warnings are based on an internal report by the British Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The report, which has not been made readily available to the public, was obtained by The News Tribune after a Swedish court ordered it released to a drug-safety activist in that country.

Though the number of seizures and heart-rhythm problems is small, the British agency said problems could be under-reported, and warned doctors and consumers Thursday that the drug should be used with caution in people prone to such problems. In particular, they warned about potential heart problems when Strattera is combined with antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac.

British authorities are updating the drug’s label in that country to warn of the possible problems.

Overall, though, the agency concluded Strattera still offers more benefits than risks.

Though the FDA and Strattera’s maker, Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, are aware of the issues raised by the British, they are being handled differently in this country.

No warnings are planned at the moment to U.S. doctors and patients, and the U.S. label for Strattera contains no warning of seizures.

At the FDA’s request, Lilly inserted a five-word note about the “very rare” heart problem on page 17 of the drug’s 25-page label in January.

The reason there is less concern on this side of the Atlantic ocean is that, unlike the British agency, Lilly “hasn’t been convinced” that the problems aren’t caused by underlying illnesses, said Dr. Albert Allen, Lilly’s medical director for Strattera, which earned the company about $400 million in 2005.

Europeans, Allen noted, are more skeptical of ADHD diagnoses and so are more quick to sound the alarm about potential ADHD drug problems.

ADHD is suspected when people have a harder time than others their ages paying attention, sitting still or controlling impulses. To be diagnosed, those tendencies must interfere with work, school or other activities.

Skeptics say the condition is overdiagnosed and that drugs are used to subdue normal, but often disruptive, rambunctiousness in the classroom and workplace.

The Strattera report comes at a time when the FDA is scrutinizing the safety of all ADHD drugs, including some associated with significant mental and physical side effects.

On Feb. 9, an FDA panel advised that Ritalin, Concerta and other stimulant ADHD drugs include a strong warning of the possibility of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death. Strattera is not a stimulant and wasn’t included in the recommendation.

In March, the panel will reconvene to consider the drug’s psychiatric side effects.

The British findings “will be another factor in FDA’s” review of the drugs, said agency spokeswoman Susan Kruzan.

British investigators found 220 seizure reports among Strattera users through May 2005, which makes seizures “the most commonly reported serious” safety problem.

The red flag the British raised is based mostly on the four seizure reports that could not be convincingly pinned on underlying medical problems. Patients in those cases had no prior seizure history.

The agency noted, though, “there’s a number of reports” in which the drug is associated with an aggravation of pre-existing seizure disorders.

There have been 33 cases reported of the heart-ryhthm problem. The possible role of Strattera in at least seven “could not be excluded,” the report said.

“No other alternative causes could be identified” in two cases where patients took normal doses; one case was related to an overdose.

Fifteen patients with the heart-rhythm problem recovered after stopping the drug, the report noted. The heart issue seemed most likely when the drug is taken with antidepressants, which restrict the body’s ability to break down Strattera.

British authorities also found 130 cases of potentially severe liver problems whose relationship to Strattera “could not be completely ruled out.”

The 431 reports of suicidal thinking or behavior could not be clearly linked to the drug because patients had histories of depression and other problems.

But “one cannot exclude the possibility that (Strattera) may have exacerbated the individual’s underlying condition,” the report noted.

Strattera’s label was updated last fall in Europe and the United States to warn of rare suicidal behavior risks.

Strattera, the only ADHD drug that is not a stimulant, typically is used as an alternative to drugs like Ritalin, which have been on the market much longer and whose safety records are more clearly known, said Dr. Brian King, director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle.

Strattera offers two advantages: as a nonstimulant, it has no abuse potential, plus it stays in the body for a few hours longer, so ADHD control is extended into the evening if necessary, Allen said.

More online

Strattera’s label is at www.strattera.com/hcp/1-0_strat tera_homepage.jsp under “full-prescribing information.”

The British Strattera report is at www.thenewstribune.com/documents/news/ strattera_report.pdf.

M. Alexander Otto: 253-597-8616



Picture 046, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

Picture 048

Last night, I made my routine walk at the Soup Kitchen. I must credit where it’s due. Once the Fredericton Soup Kitchen calls the Police?

They sure move fast.

I was chatting with a young individual and suddenly three cruisers showed up. < there’s only two in the picture >

I was all caught up in the action but I quickly remembered that I had a camera in tow.

I quickly took these pictures and stop before the arrested individual came out from the little home.

They quickly arrested the guy and left as fast as they came.

Everything lasted around 3 to 4 minutes.

They sure move fast!

Yes, I never leave my place without my camera because you never know when something will come up???


Picture 023
Picture 015

Yes, it was indeed a moment in history in New Brunswick but I’ll get to that later.

I arrive at the Legislature and I soon found out that every reporter was on a witch hunt for Tanker Malley.

Picture 063

I was also looking for Tanker because I wanted to invite the nice guy for a coffee.

I am very worried for his health. He’s overweight and the stress of the last few days will not help matters any but as a Proud Irish Miramicher?

Picture 061

He can handle it!!!...lol…

The spokeperson for the Liberals has been Kelly Lamrock.

Picture 012

I stood by and watch the reporters from ATV News and CBC French Television.

Picture 013

I will always call it ATV and never CTV!

I noticed a reporter walking close by so I asked - What’s going on now???

Picture 039

He told me the Ombudsman Bernard Richard was giving out his annual report.

Picture 041

I decided to follow them to his office.

Hey? Maybe I can get a copy of his report? Once there, they were directed to the Conference.

I noticed a guy watching over the situation. You know? The same someone stands near a politician once they speak to the media.

Poor Bernard!!!! There were hardly anyone there.

Bernard admitted that it was probably bad timing from his part because TANKER was the main story of the day.

Picture 049

I asked Bernard if I could listen to the conference?

He told me that he didn’t have a problem with me in the room.

Once he started to give out his report, I began thinking of that blogger that sneaked in during a news conference by the President of the United States.

I said to myself - Heyyyyy? This could be history in the making.

I got to ask a question?

It would be funny to see the reaction of the reporters in the room?

Would they tell me to be silent? I got to test this one!!!

I got no choice!!!!

Of course, I’m not a reporter. I’m a blogger. I decided to choose a question that if I would have read the whole report. I would have known the answer.

I asked - The second most complaints are from Family Services. What do those complaints conceives of???

Bernard didn’t appeared upset and the reporters never said a word.

Bernard said that he’ll answer that later but in respect of the reporters? He’ll answer them first.

He was very nice about it and he did answer the question in later stage.

I did my job and I could have asks many more questions but I decided to remain silent.

Hey? I did my job and I’m certain that I’m the first blogger in New Brunswick to attend a news conference and ask a question?

I’m a legend in my own mind!!!..lol….

Once I knew the conference was over. I asked one last question.

Bernard asked the reporters if it was ok?

They told the Ombudsman they were all done and the woman from CBC quickly grabbed the microphone before Bernard could answer my question?

Picture 032

I’m just a rookie and that’s ok.

My second question was about the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

He had to investigate 22 complaints.

Were these complaints from the Government workers or the private sector?

I never really got an answer but his job is to find out if proper procedure were followed.

In my view 22 complaints is a lot.

But the main story of the news conference was his message that the Ombudsman has no power.

Picture 035

Many departments refuse to give out some information therefore limiting the role of the Ombudsman.

So really??? asked Bernard…why do we need the office of the Ombudsman???

Good question?

Can Bernard continue to do this job if he knows he can’t do the job in a proper way?

Knowing Bernard as I know him? It wouldn’t surprise me that if he’s the first ombudsman in history not to compete his mandate.

There he was in front of the media and there were hardly anyone there because of the Tanker Malley issue.

Picture 072

The media were spread out all over the Capital hunting down Tanker. This was Bernard Richard moment to shine in the sun and it didn’t turn out the way he wanted.

Present were CBC French television, a reporter from Broadcast News, a reporter from the Irving’s papers and a reporter from English CBC radio.

It was just wrong timing from Bernard Richard part to announce his report.

Once he announced on Friday that he will held a news conference on Monday?

How the heck did he knew that Tanker Malley was going to resign from the P.C. Party on that Friday evening?

Well? It was a good experience for this blogger and maybe I’ll get another kick at the can on another day? Who knows? There’s never a dull moment in the Capital.

Stay tune!!!

Why keep the other picture in my file? Here they are.....

Tanker is suppose to announce his news conference tomorrow. Will I meet Tanker? Who knows what can happen???

Picture 011
Picture 012
Picture 014
Picture 015
Picture 016
Picture 024
Picture 020
Picture 019
Picture 018
Picture 025
Picture 034
Picture 036
Picture 072