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I'm telling you this issue is really debated on the streets. I have been approached by people that I don't even know telling me - That was not right at all!!!

I tell them what I know and they're very concern especially with the story of the Liberal worker.

A reader posted this one tonight and I decided to blog it!!!!

Although some attention should be on ADHD, there is certainly no reason to drop this. Charles 'admitted' from the first that he was pissed that Tom Mann supported the ban-that was the whole point!

Letting 'bygones be bygones' is not what Charles does best, which is why he's a good blogger. If he did that he would have given up on ADHD and all the other issues long ago and 'let bygones be bygones'. Far too many New Brunswickers and Canadians simply accept what politicians and others do to society and then come next election 'let bygones be bygones'.

Tom Mann certainly didn't have to come out and publicly state that he supported banning a New Brunswick citizen from the legislature. It's bad enough that he feels that way, but if he kept it to himself then nobody would know either way and Charles wouldn't have been blogging it. So he's far from 'innocent'. We never saw the New Brunswick Union's President come out and say that, or even the Union that represents workers at the legislature (the New Brunswick Union is a federation of Unions).

So for 'innocence' you are barking up the wrong tree. I notice how the word 'innocent' is never applied to Charles even though there has been no evidence against him of harassment in the legislature.

The only reason some of us didn't want Charles to pursue this is because the bullhorn incident could land him in jail, and we don't want that. Tom Mann is VERY guilty here, and deserves-as Charles says-'to be blogged to the end of time'. Tom Mann never did squat for those union members, if they registered a complaint he could have come and spoken to Charles personally, or at least sent a letter. Nothing of the kind was done.
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Wilmot United Church hasn't been painted since 1996!

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Very friendly receptionist at City Hall

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Poor and not so poor side by side....

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Fredericton or Saint John???

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I remember that awful day like it was yesterday.

I was sitting on my beach chair near my tent and I noticed this lighting bolt hitting the ground.

During the protest, I would always look towards the shy because you never know when the bad weather will hit.

During the summer of 2003, I’ve witness many lighting storms.

I always love lying down in my tent while the storm passed by. It was great.

You can read more on this by clicking on these two website site!




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tom mann

It’s not to often that I back down from an issue.


When I say that I will do something?

I usually do it!!! < That’s the reason that I’m always in trouble >

I was asked by a few people not to show up in front of the New Brunswick Union with a bullhorn.

I was told that I would be defeating the cause. I still believe that it would be good and it could be a very interesting blog.

I decided not to show up in front of these uneducated Union members.

As you have been reading in my blog. I was concentrating on issues one at the time.


The issue of Bigot columnist Brent Taylor was dealth with and I’m not done with this bigot yet in this blog.


My next victim was Tom Mann.

I tried on two occasions to set up a meeting but their lawyer David Brown told the Union to ignore me. Well, let me tell you one thing?


The Union members have not heard the last of me.

I will give them a jab once per week in this blog and I will show up at Union events to denounce Tom Mann and his bullies.

Tom Mann had no rights in telling New Brunswickers that I was harassing his employees. I have been a guest on CKTP 95.7FM on three different ocassions so far. If I'm asks again? These issues will be bought up again. This is better than a bull horn I guess?

To this day, I still don’t know what I did wrong?

I’m going to set my goal towards the people who involved in this banning from the Legislature.

What I like about this is that every time I write about any individuals? It stays in the information Highway forever and forever.

Around 3/4 of the people in the industrial world search for their information on the internet.

If you google any names that I blogged about? My blogsite will show up.

So? Here I am face to face < matter of speaking > with my issue of banning me for life from the New Brunswick legislature.

There’s going to be a lot of names mention during the next few days and weeks.

It’s going to get really ugly.

Hey? They want to play games? I just love games!

Does anyone know when or where is the next gathering of the Liberal party in any riding?

Shawn Graham, Stuart Jamieson and Kelly Lamrock must answer some questions?

I feel sorry for Stuart Jamieson because he will get a blast from me on the talk of the Town show in the fall!!!!

Lets not forgot these individuals - Tanker Malley, Cy Leblanc, John Betts, Bev Harrison, Jeannot Volpe and Elvy Robichaud.

I believe I will begin with the Quebec security Staff Sargeant At Arms Dan Bussieres, Andre Ouellette and others.


Stay tune!!!


I'm jumping with great joy because Charles is coming back to Saint John for court at 9:00am on Tuesday!!!

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For you long time readers? You know what I mean. Who can forget the beautiful welcome party I got the last time?

Pictures 015


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Roomers and Boarders rights? Sorry definitely not in this case.

Last night, at around 2:15am the fire alarm went off.

As in the past, I believe it was a false alarm but look what happen two evenings ago when that rooming House burned down in Moncton.

I walked into the hallway and noticed water coming down from the ceiling.


I quickly ran upstair and noticed the water running out the door from the washroom while four guys were standing by.

I pushed the guys aside and kicked the locked door open.

Once in there, I notice a guy drunk in the bathtub taking a bath but he had let the water run.

I almost got sick to my stomach so I turned off the water and left the area.

Once downstair? I was asked if I pull the plug from the bathtub?

I said - Excuse me??? It’s bad enough I broke the door down but If you think that I was going to put my hand in there??? You’re nuts!!!!


I don’t know the guy’s name and he just moved in a couple of weeks ago. I knew he was trouble when I first saw him. You see? In a rooming house, you try not to communicate with many people.

I live in a small room. I got cable on one side and a computer on the other. So therefore, I’m ok!

The guy wasn’t amuse that I broke the door down while he was taking a bath.

I might add that he didn’t try to get up from the bathtub. He just laid there in the tub while people were mopping the water off the floor.

What a jerk!!!

There was water all over the place and in minutes the Firemen and Police showed up.

The landlord came over. The fireman told the owner that there’s was lots of water but the roomers did a good job cleaning the mess in a short time.


Everyone went to bed around 3:30am.

Roomers rights in this case? I don’t think so!

The owner let the guy sleep on it because he knew that he was drunk. The guy was so ignorant and he was even rude to everyone.

The guy was evicted today and the owner is in his rights to do so!!!!

Question? What would happen is a drunken individual did this in a Apartment building? What would happen there?

Could the owner evict them the same day for damaging the building?

I’m fighting for roomers and boarders rights but in this case? As far as I’m concern? The individual got no rights!!!!


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Since this issue is being debate in great detail? I decided to save the readers the trouble from strolling down. I might add that you can write the tilte in - search this blog. Just click here..


Corner store shuts down.....too bad.....

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Pictures of today's pro-choice action; in response to Ontario anti-choice demonstrations yesterday.

Pictures of today's pro-choice action; in response to Ontario anti-choice demonstrations yesterday.

I wasn't there so maybe someone can leave a detail account what happen?


Wilmot United Church getting ready for a new paint job!!!!

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Sure is nice compared to yesterday.

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There was huge downpour. I mean HUGE!!!!! These two guys were moving like crazy!!!! I'm surprise they never seen the dark clouds coming on the horizon. Trust me...they moved very fast!!!!



Someone was in a big hurry!!!

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Party in Officer's Square...

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Who's this story teller???? Can someone tell moi??

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Listen??? run run run..the nut is here again taking pictures!!!

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Beautiful evening in Fredericton!

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Early fall????

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This picture is a little special to me.

I first met Marg during my 6 months protest in front of the Legislature.

The dog was just a little puppy and she always comes to me because I always gave the dog a good rubbing.

She would always encourage me during my protest.

Marg always gave me a good comments on my letters to the editor but she was really amazed with my blog.

I guess her son showed her this site and it’s a darn shame it’s dial up.

It’s very show for dial up readers I guess.

She was definitely not amused when she heard that I was banned from the Legislature.

She called me a good

Lately, I have been hearing this a lot.

Sadly, her husband died last February but she’s doing ok.


She always walks her dog around the City.

She’s a nice person.