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A few people asked me to post this one. As Bernard Lord speaking out for the poor? I believe this is just an acting job by the board.

I can't see anyone going against the Powerful Irving Family!

I believe the gun will come down hard on the poor. Just watch and see!

Power rate goes up but welfare rate stays the same. Many New Brunswickers are going to be force on the streets if the rates goes up? Here's the story -

Last updated Feb 28 2006 11:03 AM AST
CBC News

The Public Utilities Board has raised questions about a substantial contract NB Power has with Irving Oil, but is having a hard time getting answers about it.

NB Power buys electricity from Irving every winter, sometimes at prices above what NB Power can generate for itself. The Public Utilities Board wants to know why that is, but so far has been told only that the answer is confidential.

The utility wants to raise power rates for industrial and household users on April 1. It is basing the rate increases on projected financial shortfalls next year. The PUB is holding hearings into NB Power's rate request, and asking detailed questions about the corporation's financial dealings.

* FROM FEB. 16, 2006: Utility may be forced to explain Orimulsion boondoggle

Irving Oil owns a natural gas generating station that produces electricity, which is bought by NB Power no matter the price.

NB Power says it has an arrangement with Irving to buy all the power produced by the plant each winter between November and March. It doesn't matter if NB Power needs the electricity, or if the utility could produce the power more cheaply at one of its own plants.

The Irving's Saint John power plant is medium sized and capable of generating about 40 per cent of the power of the nuclear generator at Point Lepreau.

NB Power originally agreed to winter purchases from the unit as a convenient way to manage high New Brunswick consumption patterns between November and March, but since the contract was signed, natural gas prices have soared.

NB Power executives have testified the contract leaves the utility no choice but to buy from Irving for those five months, but that was called into question when evidence surfaced that NB Power also pays Irving up to $29 million a year in a capacity charge for the plant.

Capacity charges are usually paid only if a customer is unsure if it wants to buy electricity. The customer makes the payment to reserve generating capacity just in case.

PUB member Ken Sollows says the revelation of the capacity payments to Irving suggests NB Power is not necessarily obligated to buy power from the plant, and the utility should be free to generate its own power more cheaply. "I'm left wondering if those contracts don't actually allow us to just pay the capacity cost and simply schedule the plant not to run," said Sollows.

NB Power's distribution company, DISCO, pays the cost of the contract, but the contract itself is between NB Power's genration company, GENCO, and Irving. Unlike DISCO, GENCO is not subject to regulation and the PUB has not been allowed to see the contract even though board members believe it may be costing New Brunswick rate payers millions.

* FROM FEB. 21, 2006: Lawyers squabble over $70-million typo

The Irving power deal has become an issue at the rate hearing because early this winter natural gas got so expensive, power from the Irving plant cost much more than NB Power's own production at Coleson Cove. Despite that, NB Power spent millions on the Irving electricity.

Sollows says he doesn't believe NB Power's contract with Irving really forces it to buy overpriced electricity, but Irving has not consented to let the board look at the contract, so nobody knows for sure. "It really does leave me questioning whether we could cut maybe $90 million out of your fuel price estimate," he said.

Board chairman David Nicholson said the Irving deal needs to be reviewed, but NB Power executives were unable to answer even simple questions about it.

Even NB Power's two lawyers said they haven't seen the Irving contract, except the secrecy provisions, and couldn't comment on whether the utility really has to buy from Irving or not.

"I personally have not reviewed the NUGs [contracts with private power producers], I don't know if Mr. Hashey has," said NB Power lawyer Terry Morrison.

His co-counsel David Hashey, added: "I've seen the cofidentiality clauses in them. I've only been supplied with the confidentiality clause when I asked to see that."

But NB Power does buy from Irving, spending $100 million on electricity this year alone, a transaction that so far has not been subject to any public scrutiny.


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Is it the weather or is it hatred???
Good question?

Maybe someone has an answer for happened to me at the Legislature a few hours ago?

Some people seem to be in a bad mood or have a very bad attitude.

A couple of days ago, I received an envelope in my mailbox.

Inside was $100.00!!!

Picture 021

I said to myself - What the hell is this???

The money came with a note telling me to apply for a media pass at the Legislature.

Well? I knew this was a waste of time but if an individual went out of his way to send me $100.00?

Why not?

So where should I begin?

The Sargeant At Arms? I don’t believe so because he labeled me as a security risk.

With a media pass? I could take all kinds of pictures of different MLA’s in the hallways.

I could attend the news conferences and maybe asks a few questions?

I knew that Alan White was the former head of the Media Gallery at the Legislature.

I found out the new guy was Daniel McHardie.

The first thing that went through my mind was - Ohhh boy??? An Irving Employee!!!! He’s a reporter from the Moncton Irving Transcript.

Charles 04_07_05 021

This should be real good!!!...lol…

The media gathers in this building so I walked through the doors.

In the past, I would be greeted by a nice Commissionaire and I would asked for an individual and there would be no problem.

On many occasions, I would asked for a lady at the Hansard Office and minutes later I was on my way out the door but not this time.

Once inside there were four commissionaire in a booth!

I’m not kidding!!!! FOUR OF THEM!!!!

They looked at me as of saying to themselves - What the hell does he want?

One Commissionaire quickly got up and told me in a very hatred way - You’re not allowed in here!!!!

I stay calm and say- What? You mean all New Brunswickers are not allowed in here?

He angrily told me to wait outside!!!!

I was really confuse??? If I’m outside? How can I locate the individual I wish to chat with?

I knew where the orders came from to treat me like dirt but also knew that I was dealing with New Brunswickers and not Quebecers.


I asked - Since when these new rules came in action?

He mentioned- Dan Bussieres!!!


I was very concern of this new rule because many New Brunswickers do come in this building for information!

He told me that all New Brunswickers will have to make an appointment!

I said - Appointement?

All I want is some info???

A couple from the Premier’s staff office walked by and I said - Hello!!

Just like the Commissionaires they gave me a dirty look and continue their little walk.

Ok…I’m in a area where the attitude of hate is very much alive and I’m stuck in the middle.

Thank God! The Commissionaire was located in a booth because I’m certain he would have grabbed me and there the situation would have gone totally out of control.

I one again asked for Daniel McHardie but they wouldn’t call to ask if the guy was there or not?

I went for my camera.

Picture 027

A female Commissionaire in the booth whispered - He got a tape recorder!!!

The Commissionaire angrily asked me if I had a tape recorder with me?

All it was for a camera but they truly believe that I had a tape recorder???

Why would I have a tape recorder anyway?

I remember when I was working with that racist supervisor from Gulf Operators. < Irving Company >


I was told to carry a tape recorder. I will never carry such a device with me.

These people were very paranoid and I wonder what was the reason?

They seem friendly during my six months protest but no more!


Could they have been told by someone that I should be treated like dirt???

I don’t go kindly being degraded in front of others but I played along with their childish game.

I asked for the phone number of Daniel McHardie.

He refused to give it to me.

I was confuse because I believe this was sort of the information booth like the Legislature or the Centennial Building.

Charles 04_07_05 015

These four Commissionaires weren’t going to give me no info whatsoever!

I asked again - How do I get the info I want?

New Brunswickers are no longer allowed to walk in here for info?

At the end, he hastily gave me a phone number.

Once at a phone, I called the number but it told me that the number I’m trying to reach is no longer in service.

I had a problem, I got to contact this Irving’s reporter but the Commissionaires won’t help me so what do I do now?

I contacted the Legislative building and the woman recognizes my voice. < I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing …lol > She couldn’t helped me either.

I contacted someone from the Daily Irving Gleaner but he didn’t have the number either.

I decided that I’ll have to return to the Departmental Building to get my info?

Question? Why is that booth in that building if New Brunswickers are not allowed in there?

I walked in and once again I was confronted with hate!!!!

Thank God for that glass window.

This time around there were only two people present so therefore being degraded in front of two person isn’t all that bad.

Once again, I asked to see Daniel Mchardie.

But once again I was told that they couldn’t help me.

I told the guy that he gave me the wrong number.

I was straight forward and told him that I was told to tell you…

He quickly intervened and said- WHO TOLD YOU????

Well, I never disclosed my information where I get my infos…I told the commissionaire that I have something for Daniel Mchardie and if you don’t wish to help me???

Where do I go now???

I believe that he realizes that I wasn’t going nowhere so he quickly gave in and went inside to get the Irving reporter.

He came out and told me that the guy will be out.

I said- Now??? That’s better!!!!

Daniel Mchardie came out with papers in his hand.

He began to explain to me about the policy to be accepted in the press gallery.

I was surprised that he knew the reason I was there for?

I asked? How did you know? Why do you have those papers with you.

He told me that he’s waiting for a reporter from a Halifax paper who’s wants the same pass as I do.

The papers were the media constitution of the Legislature.

I believe that he knew what I wanted because I told a fellow reporter the story one hour before.

I told the reporter that it was OFF THE RECORD!!! I guess it wasn’t!!! I’ll confront the reporter on a later date.

So the conversation went on for close to 10 minutes but I wasn’t comfortable at all because he was talking loud and the two commissionaires were paying close attention.

I mean…. it wasn’t none of their business but what can you do or say?

I was lucky to have the Irving employee in front of me.

He explained to me that Bloggers are not in the media constitution.

I asked for a copy of the papers but he said that it was the only copy he had.

I suggested that he photo copied the papers so I could read them later but no deal!

I told the head cheese that they should get with the times and allow bloggers in the media gallery.

He told me that someone can bring the proposal at a meeting.

I replied- Fat chance of that with all the Irving employees in there???

He reminded me that Irving employees are a small part of the group.

He mentioned Rogers!!!

ROGERS????? They’re as bad as the Irvings!!! I didn’t say it but I was thinking about it!!!...lol…

At the end, he was telling me that if they allowed a blogger? That would open up the door for all the bloggers!!!

I reminded the guy that I’m closing in on 100,000 visitors to my site. I know that I have 35,000 to do…..lol

While debating the issue with Dan a reporter walked < I won’t mention any name >

He kept on trucking by but came back with this statement – Maybe Charles has a tape recorder on him?

The Commissionaires staring at me, a reporter confronting me…. All this in the hallway????

He again asked me if I had a tape recorder???

I gave in and said- Yes, I do have a tape recorder!!!!

At that moment???? I had anyone attention in the building and I pointed to my head and said - That’s my tape recorder!!!!

I wonder where this tape recorder story started anyway???

I bet when I left the building the first time? The media and the commissionaires must have gotten together and came to a conclusion that I had a tape recorder!!!


To everyone who reads this blog???? I never in the past and never will in the future have a tape recorder.

I have a bad enough time with a camera never mind a tape recorder. They must believe that I’m Secret Squirell????


When all that was done? I continued my little chat with Dan McPhardie.

I offered to give him the 100 bucks to apply but he wouldn’t take it!!!

Picture 021

He reminded me that if I do get accepted? I have to be accepted by Daniel Bussiers!

Picture 097

I told the Irving employee that I know it won’t pass but I was told to give it a try?

When he mentioned constitution of the media gallery in the Legislature? He did mentioned people from weekly papers could apply?

I reminded the guy that I had my own column in the River Valley News for the past six years so therefore maybe I should apply as a person who represents that paper?

Charles 04_07_05 027

He told me that he’ll have to chat with the owner of that paper.

It’s one of a few that’s left in the Province that’s not own by the Irvings!

So? What can a person do? Nothing!

The Irvings have control of the news media and there’s not much we can do about it!

I reminded the young reporter that maybe I will reapply as a blogger in 10 years from now???

Charles 04_07_05 055

You know? Maybe New Brunswick will be up to par?...lol

The conversation came to an end.

So? I learned that New Brunswickers are not allowed in the Departmental Building near the Legislature. So why bother having a booth in there?

Just for the record? I was thinking of taking a picture of the booth but I would have been maybe arrested.

Yes, spring better come soon because some people sure have a bad attitude!!!!


Maybe one day New Brunswickers could read other stories beside the Irving's newspapers?



Response to """ I truly believe he is restless where ever he is now""".

please post this as a reminder as to who started all this mess...

father and sons....

It’s ok to hate what someone does and continues to do but not to hate the people doing it…

this article was pulled from Globe & Mail probably the following year of 1993



A very interesting confrontation just happened to me. Stay tune for more on this issue this evening. It's a long one!!!!

I might add that this time around? It doesn't include the Quebec Secutrity staff! I'll take that back. It does indeed include the Quebec Security staff.... Check this blog for more info tonight....

Never a dull moment with this Activist in the Capital.

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Charles 04_07_05 053

My hero the Iceman might be gone from the New England Patriots....

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