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FridayNoon- 136 mealsSupper- 53 meals
SaturdayNoon-88 mealsSupper- 62 meals
SundayNoon- 75 mealsSupper- 79 meals
MondayNoon- 145 mealsSupper-147 meals
Have a good clear minded day and some readers comments are at the end of this update!!!
Ok….it’s cold out there and it’s once again it’s Anti-Abortion Day in the Capital! Every Tuesday morning for the last 8 years, this woman is protesting in front of the Abortion clinic in Fredericton. I noticed three girls who were the clinic escorts and this time around they were a little friendlier than the last time. I might add the Anglo Society is stationed in front of the Beaverbrook Hotel because the Liberal Federal Caucus is in there at a meeting. Those Bigots are getting up there in age so therefore they find the weather very coold!! Last week, I attended an ADHD support group in the Capital and the parents were concerned of the statement that the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Government that Adults with ADHD are close to mental retardation! Well? I was tired and I wasn’t prepared for a speech because it was the same day that I wrote that I needed some Ritalin because my poor five ADHD brains was really working overtime and I might add it was the same day that Tim Smith ended his hunger strike! But I did give the audience a 30 minutes speech about those people at the Commission. Lets go back to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission for a moment! The report to study Democracy in New Brunswick came out with their report and let me see if I can locate the report on the net? I can’t copy it but anyway my suggestion to the committee of the manner that the Irvings are buying all the newspapers isn’t mentioned? Why is that now? Is it because Brent Taylor <> is on the Commission? Democracy and one owner for all the Newspapers in this province isn’t democracy!!! It’s a dictatorship!!!! It isn’t even mention but they did mention that all people who served on any Commissions should be advertises or screen! Take a close look at those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission??? We have a paid Civil Servant who is a convicted thief <> and now is watching after the interest of the Irvings! Those appointed people agreed with the Irvings that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation and Irving supervisors can continue calling minorities’ racial slurs and that’s ok because it’s Irving! This Commission must be eliminated in the year 2005! We New Brunswickers have no rights whatsoever! <> It just burns my mind when I see Paul Martin preaching to the world leaders about Human Rights and we don’t have none in this Province! We New Brunswickers are not allowed to write critical letters to the Editor about the Evil Irving Empire and this is not right! Freedom of speech is done in this Province but mind you the Daily Gleaner <> have been printing my letters but I cannot be nasty like I use to be! In the good old days? I got printed 500 letters in the Irving Papers and many were supportive or negative of the Irvings! But these days, only praising letters of the Evil Irving Empire will hbe printed!!! Germany all over again!!! I still have my own little column in the River Valley News! But the Commission to study Democracy requested that all Commissions change the way they are appointed to their post! This Racist Commission should be screen because in 20 years from now? People are going to find out that we had a Human Rights Commission who were afraid of the Irvings and could be in Irving pocket! They told the Government that minorities could be at the end of a witch hunt therefore it’s ok in this Province! My God? We are behind the time but if you are Gay and you wish to complain about a gay float in a Santa Claus Parade? Those racists members will say- You poor soul!!! Come on in!!! <> I was told that new Irving employees are screen very closely and if they have ADHD??? They are shown the door because they have the backing of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission! As I said in the past and I’ll continue to say - To you people at the Commission? <> don’t make no public appearance because I will be there with my direct approach! I am not one to write the write but I also talk the talk! I might add that Christian Whallen <> soon found that out once he showed up with a meeting on Disable people and Shara Golden <> also know that I mean business once I confronted her in front of 70 people! I speak the truth and I will battle those racist members at the Human Rights Commission till the last day I die!!! This fraud commission must be eliminated in the year 2005!!! We cannot have C.U.P.E. racist members in that Commission! The Commission must be equipped with people who cares about New Brunswickers rights and not the Evil Irving Empire! Am I wrong or right? Let me know!!! Close to 900 words and I wrote about nothing!!!>.lol…O well…I feel much better now! There’s so many issues to write about but I said enough! Hey??? Tim Smith is receiving a lot of Coverage read these editorials-
Daily Gleaner EditorialsArticle published: Jan 24, 2005 OUR OPINIONTim Smith put a face on gambling
Tim Smith has put the spotlight fully on the issue ofvideo lottery terminal (VLT) addiction by virtue ofhis hunger strike carried out in the face of sub-zerotemperatures and heavy wind chills.
While the Saint John native last week was less thanfully satisfied with the answers his actions and theresulting queries on the floor of the legislature byNDP leader Elizabeth Weir - have received, at the veryleast he has reminded us of two important, intertwinedthings.
One is that we as a society still do not really "get"the notion that addiction to VLTs in particular andgambling in general is real. The other is that manygamblers themselves are painfully unaware of the costof their addiction both in terms of dollars and interms of their very lives.
On these pages, we have argued that banning VLTs isneither the answer nor appropriate. On the basis ofthe 2001 referendum, a majority of New Brunswickersagree with our position.
However, the reality exists that gambling is a bigproblem for many people. Even though we would findvirtually nobody who would argue that eithercigarettes or alcohol (two other things that lead tomajor tax revenues for the government and itsprograms) are addictive, there is still an attitudewithin society that gambling is relatively harmless bycomparison.
Even groups that do so much good in society usegambling as a fundraising tool in a way that theywould never even consider for alcohol or tobacco.Anything from a bingo game in a local church to aticket tale for a prize or set of prizes put on by alocal philanthropic organization is an obviousexample.
Tim Smith, who ended his hunger strike after eightdays, has the courage - and was desperate enough - tobe a poster exhibit for all that can go wrong as apart of VLT addiction. He says that he has squanderedover $100,000 in these machines. He has relinquishedhis privacy by making common knowledge the sad factsthat he is a 41-year-old man who was forced to give upcustody of his daughter when he became hooked ongambling machines after becoming unemployed 10 yearsago.
Weir, meanwhile, told the legislature on Tuesday thata Nova Scotia study has found that average losses byVLT gamblers increased by 50 per cent between 1998 and2002.
She said, "I urge this government to stop puttingprofits over health and provide credible research onthis province's addiction to VLTs. Tim Smith'saddiction to VLT has cost him thousands of dollars, asteady job and custody of his children. He wants thisgovernment to acknowledge that the lucrative revenuefrom VLTs comes with a price."
On the heels of Smith's story and Weir's statistics,we are troubled that there is no waiting list fortreatment programs that the province offers forproblem gamblers. While waiting lists for every kindof public ally funded professional help - fromappointments with medical specialists or for medicalprocedures on the one hand to treatments to help thoseaddicted to everything from alcohol to Dilaudid - arehuge, there seems to be a lack of awareness amongpeople addicted to gambling that they have a problem,that they need help.
We would argue that this lack of waiting lists doesnot mean that there is not a problem. We wouldencourage the government to ponder carefully theresults of comprehensive studies like the one nowbeing carried out by Dr. Richard Nicki and hisassociates at UNB. As we reported on Monday, theseresearchers are undertaking a new three-part VLT studyaimed at understanding what attracts gamblers tocertain machines or games.
UNB actually has a lab set up with commercial VLTmachines that study participants are asked to play.
The machines are not altered to pay out anydifferently than ones found in any area bar, butparticipants in the study will be restricted in theamounts they can bet and for how long they can play.
Although UNB has been researching problem gambling forthe past eight years, it's only in the last year thatit has used a lab setting to study gamblerpreferences.
Study participants are invited to rate the games andtheir effects.
"We have them give us ratings about how exciting theyfind the games. Do the games make them forget theirproblems? Do they feel in control?" Nicki said.
Certain types of gamblers may be more vulnerable tocertain types of games. The UNB research will try todetermine if there are gender differences andpreferences that emerge from the way VLTs are designedto pay out. Another aspect of the research will lookat gamblers' fallacies.
The research project, likely to wrap up in February,will look at clues and indicators that can help toidentify the potential for gambling problems.
The work is vital the problem is real. Tim Smith isproof of that.

Daily Gleaner Readers' ForumAs published on page A8 on January 24, 2005
Fredericton now has a black eye
Dear Editor: When I first arrived in the capital, Isoon found out that Fredericton was a bureaucraticcity.
On many occasions, these bureaucrats would be in theirown little world and too busy to stop and to chat withme about my protest against the use of Ritalin.
But not to notice a little five-year-old walking alonefrom Regent Street?
This tells me that the citizens must open their eyesand notice the surroundings.
This shameful episode sure left a black eye on thiscity.
Need I to say more?
Charles LeBlanc Fredericton
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SJ Telegraph-Journal EditorialsAs published on page D6 on January 24, 2005
Our ViewMr. Smith goes to Fredericton
We Believe:Peaceful protest can bring issues to thepublic'sattention
Hunger striker Tim Smith left Fredericton last weekhaving achieved something important: he convinced fourcabinet ministers to meet with him.
Few will want to emulate his example, but Mr. Smith'sself-imposed ordeal illustrates two lessons. Peacefulprotest can bring attention to bear on an issue inways that voting and letter writing cannot.Legislators and ordinary voters are more easily movedby issues that have a personal dimension.
New Brunswickers have seen many protests recently.Most were ineffective. The largest and loudest ofthese protests - when 3,000 Miramichiers angered byimpending hospital cuts converged on the capital lastsummer - was probably counterproductive, because itmade the protesters seem less reasonable than thegovernment they were challenging.
Mr. Smith didn't get everything he wanted fromgovernment. But he did get an audience, and a promisethat cabinet would consider two of hisrecommendations. We attribute his success to thenature of his protest, the underlying issue, and thetiming.
Mr. Smith's protest was difficult to ignore. Aself-proclaimed gambling addict, he donned a sandwichboard accusing the government of being indifferent tolives ruined by video lottery terminals. Having losthis income, possessions and family, Mr. Smith riskedthe only thing he has left - his health.
The issue of whether the revenue produced by VLTsoffsets the misery they spawn was not settled by theVLT referendum. So, the prospect of a man who claimedto be a victim of VLTs starving in front of thelegislature because he had nothing left to losetouched people in a way that other protests have not.The fact Mr. Smith held his hunger strike in Januarymade his protest insurmountable. Every day he spentfreezing and hungry drew more attention to theseriousness of his allegations.
Good decision-making relies on being able to viewissues on both an abstract level and a human level.Peaceful protesters such as Mr. Smith succeed to theextent that they return attention to the humanconsequences of political policies.
The challenge of governing well is to anticipate thehuman impact of decisions - to consider the needs ofMr. Smith, even when he is not at the legislature -and even though the politicians involved may not knowMr. Smith, or anyone quite like him.

And here’s a few comments-
1-Hi charles ...keep up the fine work...
3-Standard practice by Mr. Lord and his Govt when it is reminded of its blunders and transgressions. Attack the aggrieved party and character assassinate. That is exactly what is being done to Mr. Burke. Mr. Lord's very first reaction was that Mr. Burke brought it upon himself and that strategy apparently continues.
4-FROM TIM SMITHThank you very much for this information if anything it is very informative and very true. Charles I must let you know again how much I appreciate the information you find and or share with me, I believe that it comes from true concern for fellow friends you meet along your road I must say that free information given without a price is the most valuable and conclusive to truth because it comes from the heart --- So don,t be down on yourself for feeling like the journalist that works for free :-) Your Friend Tim (keep warm - keep safe)

5-Lord is indeed a racist. Please do not blame the victim. It is bad enough that Mr. Burke was subjected to racism by Mr. Lord. To blame it on Mr. Burke is very disturbing. A racist tries to blame the victim. As a rapist blames the victim. Racism is a form of rape. It rapes you of dignity and pride in your heritage. Mr. Lord, the racist, must be condemned for his racist views. It is natives today it will be other minorities in tomorrow.
6-wow wee!! Have a blogging nice day!
7-It is unfortunate the way Mr. Burke is being attacked in your blog. A racist is a racist and in this case Bernard Lord is a racist. It feels the same way as you felt when someone made racial slurs directed at you and that was regrettable and this one is too.
You may have personal difference with Mr. Burke and we all have difference but those differences must not get in the way when it comes to racism. Let us face it Mr. Lord behaved in a racist manner and that makes him racist just the way you feel about Irving employees who hurled racial slurs at you. Mr. Lord being racist disqualifies him to be premier. If he needs cultural sensitivity, as a consultant said, after two terms in office then he must have never held that office to start with. .

8-If it is the one about TJ Burke - yes! Now, I expect that you will send itto everyone on your email list - so it no longer is a column but just yourupdate.

9-Maybe this is something you want to look at...

10-Now that you are an offical blogger does that mean that you have beendeleted from the Irving site? Thats what it sounds like. You might ofdone them a favour not the other way around. Its good to get the messageout but who goes to that site anyways?

11-They think that you're god? GOD!!! MY ASS!!! Who is this person, and which church do they attend? LOL!!! I have a migraine headache today. I dont feel good at all.

12-I actually don't know how I ended up on your list, but I am glad I did. You were likely forwarded to me by someone else.

13-I can absolutely most definitely come up with something better to call you then a blogger!!! LOL!!!

14-The volume of emails we receive is such that we delete any that do not directly relate to our law practice. Such being the case all of your emails are deleted upon receipt.
15-From: "Reid Chedore" <rchedore@mosherchedore.ca> View Contact Details
To: "charlie leblanc" <oldmaison1@yahoo.ca>Subject: Re: CHARLES LEBLANC IS OFFICIALLY A BLOGGER AND OTHER READERS COMMENTS!!!!Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:58:57 -0400
remove us from your list.