Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Yes the sun is out and what the hell am I doing inside writing an update?

I really don’t have anything to write about. In future days ahead, I will write about boarders or roomers having no rights in this Province.

I must admit that my day was almost ruined.

This is the first time that the sun came out shinning in the Capital in three weeks!


I walked on the trails and truly believe in my mind that nothing could ruin my beautiful day!

Everything was going perfect until I came face to face with this-


Charles 04_07_05 051

Why don't these people leave me alone???...lol Yes, Frank McKenna and the three Irvings sons.

As I wrote in the past, I have nothing against those guys. It’s J.D. Irving < J.K. irving son > who’s totally out of control.


He’s like the Mr.Burns on the Simpsons.


This is the latest from the lady with the garbage problem in Saint John.

I chatted with Trevor Holder this morning and I received this email from Mrs.Sherwood-

Charles 04_07_05 057

I as well just chatted to Anthony Bamford, the assistant to the Mayor.

He’s calling public works... I have a feeling we have the ball rolling.

Also ATV called me this am and they are again coming by to do yet another story.

This is getting interesting... wait and see what happens I suppose.
I will certainly keep you posted.


I wanted to write about a certain issue but I was told by some close friends of mine that I should leave that issue alone and after thinking about it?

I believe they are 100% correct but I will say this - Every City in New Brunswick should have a location for the Junkies to do their drugs!

The prescription Drug problems on the streets are at an all time high and the Lord Government must confront this issue in a serious manner!

The Junkies in Vancouver and Toronto are doing their drugs in front of Government professionals in those cities therefore we should have the same system in the cities around this Province.

In those large cities the Junkies injects their drugs in front of professionals therefore slowing down the spread of aids and other diseases.

Here in New Brunswick we live in a conservative world.

We know there’s a major drug problem in this Province but we chose to ignore this issue.

I told the Lord Government five years ago that there was a major prescription drug problem and we need methadone clinics around this province.

This picture shows U.N.B and S.T.U. in the background.


The students at those universities told me on many occasions that there was a major prescription drug problem among our youths.

From what I’m told - Many students snorts the Ritalin to pass their
exams. At the end, they turn to heavier drugs such and

If the Government would set up locations for these junkies to do their drugs? This would be a fantastic idea and a major step forward for this Province.

It sure would stop the syringes to be on the streets so other kids could find them.

I said it in the past and I will say it again!!! If you believe that Fredericton has a drug problem? Saint John is much worst!!!

But after saying this? It took five years for the Lord Government to open some methadone clinics so you can just imagine how fast they are going to move with this emotional issue!!!!

By the way? I must stop doing this act!!! If I jaywalk across the city streets?

Charles 04_07_05 102

I should keep an eye open for those Irving’s trucks! My God? They sure wouldn’t miss a chance of a lifetime!!!...lol….

Ok..too nice to be in here!!!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update. Don’t be shy to leave a comment at the end of this blog!!

Monday, May 30, 2005


The woman from Saint John, Mrs. Sherwood phoned the talk show CFBC this morning about her garbage not being picked up.

The host Rick Mantle agreed with her this is not right!

I emailed one Councillor from the Saint John Council about this issue and I don’t believe the City will pick the garbage because I mentioned it in my blog site!
Mrs. Sherwood did mention my blog site on the air and the people started to visit the site to look at the pictures.

A person must love the information Highway!!!

It wouldn’t surprise moi if the Irvings Management ordered the City not to pick up the garbage.
I was told last evening, an old homeless lady was going through the items and left it in a mess!

Why don’t the City of Saint John admit they made a mistake and quickly pick up the garbage?

Why wait till some kids gets hurts by playing in the pile of garbage! Is someone gets hurts? Who’s responsible? The City?

On another issue and I don’t know the whole details but I guess that Tom Cruise made a movie of a parent fighting against the use of Ritalin!
Hey? Anyway to spread the word!

This is one movie that I will truly watch!!!

I laughed about this one- I leave my message at

It’s an Acadian website and one guy wrote - Hey! C'est le Micheal Moore Acadien!!
keep up to good work!

The Acadian Micheal Moore???? That’s a good one!!...lol…

mike morre

One big difference!!!! HE GOT THE $$$$$$$$$ AND I DON'T!!!

O well...c'est la vie!!!!

Ok….What else happen?

Not much happening except for a bunch of roses being left all around the Legislature. From what I’m told, they are from a pro life group who were around yesterday.

Hey? I did notice a nice site this morning while walking in front of the Evil Bureaucrat building in Fredericton.
Charles 04_07_05 116

All the flags from different provinces are all flying!

What’s the big deal you asked? Well? Last year, the flags weren’t there and I couldn’t understand the reason behind this move?

They used to have a pump who flew the water from the Saint John river and it look real nice but I guess from a insurance point of view? It cost too much money!

It’s little things that beautifies a City! Just like in front of the Centennial Building < evil bureaucrats >

There’s a water fountain in front and it’s not active.

Saint John will be remembered for it’s garbage and the Capital will be known for its beauty!

Many of you readers enjoy my pictures and some don’t!!!

Well I have some bad news for you readers.

I am going to Saint John next week and someone is going to lend me a digital camera.

So therefore you can only imagine the pictures we are going to take for this blog! It should be very interesting! A person with ADHD with a camera???

I don’t mind the pictures but I feel bad for the Government employees because you cannot see the pictures.

You have to write my blog site down on a piece of paper and read them once you get home.

I added another 50 people on my list so the numbers are over 1,000 people on my list.

Some visit on a daily basis and other < have a life > visit once a week and once a month!

This site is for people who have comments about issues and this is what we need in this province.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

By the way? Tim Smith got his computer back last night so watch out!
May 4-2005-T& C-6

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Bye bye


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Tom Cruise On Mission To Get Kids Off Meds

POSTED: 11:36 am EDT May 27, 2005
UPDATED: 11:53 am EDT May 27, 2005

Using his personal experiences as a point of reference, actor Tom Cruise is leading a crusade against prescribing anti-depressants and drugs such as Ritalin to treat children.

Tom Cruise
"They said, 'Oh, you know, Ritalin is safe. It's safe. It's safe.' Ritalin is an amphetamine," the "War of the Worlds" star told "Access Hollywood" in an exclusive interview.

Cruise said because of his dyslexia, doctors in the 1970s wanted to put him on medication but his mother refused.

Instead, Cruise sought alternative methods of helping him with his disorder, including Study Tech learning at the Church of Scientology.

Slideshow: Check Out Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Photos

He's now passing the study tech on to others through his work with the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.), while continuing his push to get kids off of meds.

"SAT scores have gone right down the toilet," Cruise told "Access Hollywood" co-host Billy Bush. "The parents are blaming the teachers. The teachers are blaming the parents. OK? And the psychs are putting everyone on drugs."

MORE: Read more of Tom Cruise's exclusive interview about Scientology, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and more at AccessHollywood.com


Do you have a couple of spare ones???? Bring it over at the Soup Kitchen or give them a call and someone will pick them up!!!!



A few years ago, I had an American Staffordshire Terrier. He was a wonderful dog, his name was Zeus and he was great pet.

This column was denied by the Irving newspapers because I refuse to dedicate my life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire!!! Only guest columns who dedicate their life and soul will be printed. Does this picture look famillar?
Am I far off the mark? You tell me??????

These days, I have a different breed of dog. I have a Shih Tzus. It’s like comparing Apples and Oranges.

His name is Chico, he loves going for walks.

He lays on the floor half awake and he always keeps one eye open for my sneakers. On one occasion, I noticed he had his paws crossed just waiting beside my sneakers
to go for a walk.

The second I sit down and put my sneakers on and say- walkie, walkie walkie??? He
quickly jumps up and begins his stretching exercises.

Once outside, I would soon find out that Chico attracts a lot of girls. < Just Like the Alpine Commercial. >

There he is jumping on the girls legs and he loves to be the centre of attention.
Charles 04_07_05 085
I wish I would have had Chico during my protest in front of the Legislature. I would have collected 10,000 in a matter of weeks.

I always walk around the two bridges. While walking in front of Reid’s newspaper store on King Street?

Chico decided to go between the iron fences to meet some new friends who were sitting in their chairs in the front of the store. I never noticed that he took the shortcut and I almost lost my arm.

Charles 04_07_05 088
Minutes later, a couple of woman were chatting on the City’s benches and he quickly jumped in between the females. Talk about guts???

Afterwards, I decided to make a quick run across Regent Street and Chico decided to have a pooh in the middle of Regent Street.

He was determine to have his pooh while I was pulling his automatic leash to the front of the Blue Door restaurant. Once there, I forgot the doggie bag at home so the waitress from the Blue Door was nice enough to hand me some Napkins.

Once at the Legislature,
Charles 04_07_05 122
I let Chico run around the area he rolls and rolls on his back. This is the only place he rolls over. I wonder why? Maybe the smell of the politicians drives him crazy?
Charles 04_07_05 072
On one occasion, I didn’t know the Legislature was in session and the door was open. Chico quickly ran inside with the Security personal in hot pursuit of the hyper dog!

One evening while walking by the PlayHouse, Chico began to jump at the people walking towards the theatre.
Charles 04_07_05 085

It was wet outside and unfortunately some of these fancy dudes got their white pants dirty but they didn’t seem to mind because they found Chico adorable.

During the hot days, I would put Chico in the Water Fountain located on the Green area on the walking trails. I’m certain for Chico, it sure feels good on a
hot sunny day!

Afterwards he looks like a Rat!

I would let Chico loose on the walking bridge so he can run freely on his own but one evening Chico was over friendly.
Charles 04_07_05 048
He began jumping on three police officers who were patrolling on their mountain Bikes.

They told me that I could have a $50 fine because Chico wasn’t on his leash.

We walked on the North side and went home by the Westermorland Bridge. The sidewalks are surrounded by big pillars I let Chico loose on the bridge.

One evening, I bumped into a man who was pulling a small wagon with a year old child in tow. Chico was getting tired so he quickly jumped into the wagon and
laid down beside the child.

The Father was laughing so he asked me – What should I do? I told the guy to
continue on his way and Chico would jump off once he sees I’m gone.

After the bridge, I once again let him loose in the Parking lot I quickly lost sight of Chico. A couple was cleaning their van and Chico jumped in the Van ready to go for a ride with the strangers.

Chico hates it once I begin a conversation with someone on the street. You can tell by the look on his face, he wants to continue walking.

Afterwards, Chico is totally exhausted after the long walk? Once at home, he quickly makes a run for his water and food.

I have an automatic leash and I noticed that not everyone likes Dogs.

On one occasion, I walked inside the Liquor Store and it was around 9:00pm. Chico began to jump at the end of his leash towards a guy who was full of steroids. The guy quickly yelled- OH MY GOD??? He turned as white as a Ghost or the time he playfully
jumped on a child near the Saint Cinnamon restaurant.

The father shouted in French - GET THAT DOG AWAY FROM MY CHILD!!!He was very ignorant towards poor Chico.

On many occasion, Chico would notice a older citizen or a lonely individual sitting on a bench and he would bring a smile to their face.

On another occasion, the kids stole his toys from home and Chico was lost without his toys so he decided to play with his tail. My God? Round and round he went
biting his tail.

For a second, I thought he needed some Ritalin.

He wasn’t done because one evening he quickly escape from the House. Once we noticed Chico was gone, everyone in the area began a hunt for Chico.

We couldn’t locate Chico and everyone was sad. A few hours later, a good somatherian found Chico on a lease outside of a home. I guess an old Lady found Chico in the middle of the street and he almost got hit by a vehicle.

Before we cut his hair? He couldn’t see two feet in front of him.

After an exciting day and evening, Chico lays done beside me in bed and begins to snore.
Charles 04_07_05 087
Even when he sleeps? He loves to be the center of attention. What a dog!


Friday, I send a letter to Trevor Holder
Charles 04_07_05 057
I sent an email to all the people in this picture < all but Carl White >



Saturday, May 28, 2005


On other point of interest?

Take a close look at this sticker which is located on the window outside of the same store.
Charles 04_11_05 013
It says that the certificate is expired!!!

Can someone please explain to me this one? No license from the Government to sell oil? I’m just going from what the sticker says!

WELL? While walking my Dog Chico tonight? I noticed that the sticker is gone. Does this mean that the Irvings are reading my blogs????...lol....A person never knows

This story is so true!!!!!

Encouraging today's youngsters to bond with Mother Earth
By Richard Louv

May 28, 2005

* Discovering nature all around us

If, when we were young, we tramped through San Diego's chaparral canyons, or raised pigeons on a rooftop in Queens, or fished for Ozark bluegills, or felt the swell of a wave that traveled a thousand miles before lifting our boat, then we were bound to the natural world and remain so today.

Nature still informs our years – lifts us, carries us.

LAURA EMBRY / Union-Tribune
What adults might see as nothing more than garden pests, a child will study in wonder - if given the opportunity.
As a boy, I spent hours exploring the woods and farmland at the suburban edge of Kansas City. Within the windbreaks were trees that we could shinny, the smaller branches like the rungs of a ladder.

We climbed far above the fields and, from that vantage, looked out upon the old blue ridges of Missouri, and the roofs of new houses in the ever-encroaching suburbs.

Often, I climbed alone, imagining myself as Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves. If I climbed high enough, the branches thinned to the point where, when the wind came, the world would tip down and up and around and up and to the side and up. It was frightening and wonderful to surrender to the wind's power.

Now, my tree-climbing days long behind me, I often think about the lasting value of those early, deliciously idle days. I have come to appreciate the long view afforded by those treetops. The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.

Members of my generation grew into adulthood taking nature's childhood gifts for granted; we assumed (when we thought of it at all) that generations to come also would receive these blessings. But now we know that something has changed.

Defining the problem

"Nature-deficit 'disorder' is not a medical diagnosis, but a description of the human costs of alienation from nature. Among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses. This disorder damages children; it also shapes adults, families, whole communities, and the future of nature itself. Yet, exciting new studies show us the benefits – biological, cognitive and spiritual – when we give the gift of nature."


Over the past 15 years, I have interviewed families across the country about the changes in their lives, including their relationship with nature. With few exceptions, even in rural areas, parents say the same thing: Most children aren't playing outside anymore, not in the woods or the fields or the canyons. Today, kids are well aware of the global threats to the environment, but their physical contact, their intimacy with nature on a day-to-day basis, is fading.

A fifth-grader in a San Diego classroom put it succinctly: "I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are."

I believe our society is teaching young people to avoid direct experience in nature. That unintended message is delivered by schools, families, even organizations devoted to the outdoors, and codified into the legal and regulatory structures of many of our communities – effectively banning much of the kind of play that we enjoyed as children. Our institutions, urban/suburban design, and cultural attitudes unconsciously associate nature with doom, while disassociating the outdoors from joy and solitude. Well-meaning public-school systems, media and parents are scaring children straight out of the woods and fields.

Many parents are aware of the change, and they sense its importance. When asked, they cite a number of everyday reasons why their children spend less time in nature than they themselves did, including disappearing access to natural areas, competition from television and computers, dangerous traffic, more homework and other time pressures. Most of all, parents cite fear of stranger-danger, as round-the-clock news coverage conditions them to believe in an epidemic of child-snatchings, despite evidence that the number has been falling for years.

SCOTT LINNETT / Union-Tribune
Alma Tidwell and son Diego, 4, explored Mission Trails Regional Park recently with husband John and their older son, Lucas, 6 (not pictured).
As a result, children's worlds, limitless in cyberspace, areshrinking in reality. A 1991 study of three generations of 9-year-olds foundthat between 1970 and 1990, the radius around the home where children wereallowed to roam on their own had shrunk to a ninth of what it had been in1970. This year, "Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8 to 18 Year Olds,"conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, revealed that kids' averageweekly electronic media exposure is almost 60 hours, more time than most ofparents spend on full-time jobs. And the UCLA Center on Everyday Lives ofFamilies reports that during the week, parents and children are in constantmotion, racing between school, games, shopping, work – and American kidsspend virtually no time in their own yards. Such lives leave little time forunstructured activities in nature.

As the nature deficit grows, new studies demonstrate just how important direct contact with the outdoors is to healthy human development. Some of the most intriguing research has been inspired by Harvard University scientist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward O. Wilson's "biophilia" hypothesis. Wilson defines biophilia as "the urge to affiliate with other forms of life." He and his colleagues argue that humans have an innate affinity for the natural world, probably a biologically based need integral to our development as individuals.

In short, we need experience in nature more than we know.

Most of the new evidence that connects nature to well-being and restoration has focused on adults but, during the past decade, scientists have begun to study the impact of nearby nature on child development. Environmental psychologists reported in 2003 that nature in or around the home, or simply a room with a view of a natural landscape, helped protect the psychological well-being of the children.

Researchers have found that children with disabilities gain enhanced body image and positive behavior changes through direct interaction with nature. Studies of outdoor-education programs geared toward troubled youth – especially those diagnosed with mental-health problems – show a clear therapeutic value. Some of the most intriguing studies are being done by the Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, where researchers have discovered that children as young as 5 showed a significant reduction in the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder when they engaged with nature. Could nature therapy be a new option for ADD treatment?

Meanwhile, the California-based State Education and Environmental Roundtable, a national effort to study environment-based education, found that schools that use outdoor classrooms, among other techniques, produce student gains in social studies, science, language arts and math; improved standardized test scores and grade-point averages; and enhanced skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making. In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that time in natural surroundings also stimulates children's creativity.

Click Me!
People who care about children and the future of the environment need to know about such research, but for the most part, they do not. Today, we see dramatic increases in childhood obesity, attention difficulties and depression. When these issues are discussed at the conference table or the kitchen table, direct childhood experience in nature is seldom mentioned. Yet, the growing nature deficit experienced by today's children, and potentially for generations to come, may be the most important common denominator.

I am not suggesting that we bring back the free-range childhood of the 1950s. Those days are over. But, with a deeper understanding of the importance of nature play to healthy child development, and to their sense of connection to the world, we can create safe zones for nature exploration. We can preserve the open space in our cities, and even design and build new kinds of communities, using the principles of green urbanism. We can weave nature experiences into our classrooms, and nature therapy into our health-care system.

And we can challenge environmental organizations to take this issue seriously. For if the disconnection between children and nature continues, who will become the future stewards of the earth – and who will swing on birches?

Adapted from "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder" by Richard Louv.

© 2005 Richard Louv. Reprinted by permission of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.


Ok… Yesterday afternoon, I received this little email from someone in Saint John. I knew there was a problem with the garbage on the streets but not this bad!!!!


For you newcomers? The City of Saint John have not had a May clean up in four years so many citizens have a lot of garbages pile up!!!! Here’s the letter that I received-

May 27th, 2005

HI Charles

I am not at all into politics.... But thought I would give it a shot anyhow.

When spring clean up came around this year ( after not seeing it for 4 years) the

City Crews decided NOT to take our cleanup pile... there were NO appliances etc....

I think what the problem was is that the people next door put so much garbage out
that the crew decided after picking it all up, it was too much.

Anyhow, they did not take anything from our pile and its still sitting in front of our 4 unit building, tied nicely, boxed and bagged actually nice, compared to some I have seen.

Wednesday a black 1/2 ton pulled up right in front of our window and dumped a loveseat and a couple of large recliners on OUR Pile, Yes In broad daylight, can you imagine, they are using our pile as a dumping post and a playground....

I am always telling kids to "GET" as I am afraid they are going to get hurt on the glass etc..... or WHO knows what MIGHT be in those Bags!

This garbage is not on our property line, its on the cities line, its their liability..... It is depreciating the property, I will not even go in
or out my front door, it looks that bad.. Looks like a god damn dump. WE have just put new siding on the building and we are TRYING to rent 2 apartments.....

They will never get rented, UNLESS the CITY does The job of hauling this stuff away! when they speak of clean up guidelines...well it took me damn near an
hour to find any guidelines, they should have delivered to every resident these guidelines...

Irregardless I found the guidelines and applied them to our buildings garbage.... still they would not or did not take our pile.

I really need some help here..... CAN you tell me whom/which MLA is for North End?

I have called, faxed and emailed the city on more than 1 occasion. I have also sent before and after pictures.

CTV contacted me and I have even been on the news because of this so called clean up and still NO REPLY from the City.

Can you make any suggestions? I would like to burn it all, but want to find out the lawyers surrounding that before I do something like that. I cannot pay
$200.00 or more dollars to have this stuff hauled away..... nor can I pile all this stuff back, Most I personally did not place there, tenants in my building did. And I have no one to help.

It really looks bad.

Please reply Charles and I WILL send you pictures!!!

Thanks so very much, I do look forward to your reply.

I listen to you on the radio and think its great, glad you are out there.......doing and saying what you think! someone has to....

Mrs Sherwood rebecca_sherwood@hotmail.com

I quickly printed out the email and walked at the Legislature. Just like a bloodhound, I tried to located Trevor Holder < P.C. MLA > who represents her riding but no luck!!!
Charles 04_07_05 057

I bumped into Kelly Lambrock and gave him the email to forward it to Trevor!
Misc 131

What’s going to happen in this issue? Who knows? Here’s another letter that the woman email to the City of Saint John. Stay tune for more on this issue in this Blog. All the Councillors from Saint John < except Carl White > are on my list so lets see what's going to happen????

May 18th, 2005

City Of SaintJohn
Spring Clean up, North end

Good Morning;

I am writing this letter in concern. I would like to bring it to your attention that our clean up/garbage was not taken from our 4 unit building unit at 55-57
Victoria St. When the truck was here, they only took the garbage from 53 Victoria which did not belong to our building.

The garbage we put out consisted of boxes for the most part but there was also bags and tied boards we well, 1 4 drawer dress, NO appliances.

My Husband called the City today Wednesday May 18th, 005 at 658-4455. The (lady) party he spoke to said we were over our weight limit. How would this party know
this when my husband did not give our address or name or any other information.

I will point out that our pile at 55-57 Victoria Street, North, was 1/3 of the pile of junk that was left out at 53 Victoria (I have pictures of before the
clean up crew were around and after they were around,if you would like me to forward them to you.)

I would also like to point out that since residents have put out their garbage for the 1st time since we have lived here in 4 years, one must expect there to
me more than average….. And more than a 1 unit, 2 unit or 3 unit building.

Also the kids in the neighborhood have been playing on the garbage, daily we are chasing them away. There are nails, broken glass and sharp objects for these kids
to get severely hurt on. It will not be my responsibility, as I am not the owner and I have forwarded this notice to your office to inform you of this liability.

I will also notify the Dept. of Health and Safety.

I would really like a reply as soon as possible. Soon this garbage will be all over the street. I am tired of picking it up and bundling it together.

It is the City’s responsibility to pick this up and they choose to ignore it, being over worked this annum I suppose, considering this clean up has not taken place in the city’s north end in a few years.

Please have someone from your office call me as soon as possible. I do thank you for your time and your immediate attention regarding this enquiry, my contact
information is at closing.

Have a terrific long holiday weekend!

Mrs. Sherwood
55-57 Victoria St. North, Apt 1
SaintJohn, N.B.
506-638-0014 HOME
506-693-7673 FAX
rebecca_sherwood@hotmail.com Email

Friday, May 27, 2005


I have to send this letter by May 30th to Halifax!!! Does anyone have anything to add to my views of the way kids with ADHD should be teated in the classrooms?

Please leave your comment on this very important issue inside this blog! This is what I wrote-

Many MLA's believe that your mandate also includes the issue of Ritalin, but this is not the case. I am aware your mandate is to review the Inclusive Education Programs and Services in New Brunswick. The following are my views on inclusive education with regards to students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).

Inclusion to me is every student with a Special Need will receive the best education that this province will allow. Of course, we must separate the rights of the child to be in a typical class, and concentrate on the need that would be most optimal for the special need student to learn. Therefore, enhancing the opportunity for the student to have a better quality of life for themselves and society.

The typical New Brunswick classroom often has a combination of students with more than one type of mental disorder. For example: ADHD, Autism, or Cerebral Palsy(CP).

For students with ADHD, often the classroom composition is disruptive commonly with increased noise levels, which impedes learning of the student with ADHD.

Students with ADHD are often labelled as "idiots" or "stupid" by their peers because they are on Ritalin. Conversely, the reality is these students with ADHD are often quite intelligent.

There are many great individuals with ADHD who have become global leaders with different expertise. For example: Bill Gates of Microsoft, Past-President Bill Clinton, Vince McMahon from the WWE( he told millions of viewers on 60 Minutes he has ADHD). Only an ADHD mind could develop a soap opera in the world of wrestling.

In the classroom, once the student with ADHD completes their assigned work the teacher should tell the student to go outside and run around. This is not realistic, but it bears reminding that the student with ADHD may require extra activities to keep him/her busy and mind occupied.

By implementing this strategy there is a reduced opportunity for the student with ADHD to act or get into trouble.

If circumstances are such that the ADHD student works outside the classroom, assurances must be in place that he/she will receive the same grade level curriculum as his/her peers, or higher if indicated.

Educators must hone in on the interests of the ADHD student, foster the interest to assist him/her to go on to lead a productive life. They must not be forgotten in the classroom.

To enhance learning in the classroom, a suggestion would be to have access to an FM System. The teacher will be speaking into a microphone and the student will be wearing an earphone. This permits the ADHD student to filter out background noise, and focus on what the teacher is saying.
You must understand students with ADHD are easily distracted, and today's classrooms are noisy.

Smaller classrooms are a must, and the teachers must be educated on ADD/ADHD, and be trained to implement effective strategies to teach them.

One word I truly despise is the word Special Assistant. I understand that the teacher needs help, but if a special assistant is always offering help to a student with ADHD, it could lower their self-esteem. Other students notice this kind of thing, and they can be very degrading to the ADHD student. Often leading to the ADHD student to be called "idiot" or "stupid". Truth is children can be cruel.

Of course, the atmosphere at home must be taken into consideration. Parents and teachers must be open to communicate with each other. If both parents are working, on many occasions, the time is not made available to help the student with ADHD to do homework or study properly.

The other issue I have is about Ritalin, however, I realize this is not your mandate to study this issue. The percentage of students taking Ritalin is at an all time high in New Brunswick schools. Therefore, these highly intelligent students must be treated with dignity by the Department of Education, School Districts, Schools and their Administrators.

Remember one thing. If we continue to degrade these students with ADHD, we can be preventing some of them from developing into our future leaders of the province or country.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Leblanc
Adult living with ADHD
ADHD Activist



I am so sorry for yesterday blog. I meant to write the title as a form of a question! Jeopardy all over again!

No one is bringing me in court for defamation of character but a few are upset that I’m using their pictures in my blog! Too bad so sad!

Hey? Take a look at this picture - You will never see the blue sky in this province again.

I feel as the end of the world is coming to an end.

One other point that is worth noticing is the horses. Today there’s only three horses present. One is gone.

I the wireless system. I couldn’t logged in last evening. Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeves to have better connection with a wireless computer? Please let me know!!

Ok? Did you watch the debate on Voice of the Province last evening?
It was a war of words between Jeannot Volpe and Mike Murphy.
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I believe that Mike won the battle because he was very straight forward with the minister especially when Mr. Volpe would mention Frank McKenna.

Mike Murphy quickly replied - I am getting so sick and tired of your Party talking about Frank McKenna! I want to talk about now!!!! NOT THE PAST!!!

Good point because I am certain that many New Brunswickers agrees with Mr.Murphy on this one.

Mike asked Mr.Volpe- Do you wish me to start talking about Bricklin? Good point.
Last week, I forgot to mention the meeting between Frank McKenna and Bernard Lord in Washington D.C. Boy?


Bernard Lord has been giving a blast to Frank McKenna during these last six years and now he’s meeting with him face to face?????
I bet Frank wasn’t amused.

Weather you like Frank or not? He always replied to his emails. Trust me?

When I protested in my tent for six months? If Frank would have been the Premier? He would have came outside and chat with me. He would have invited me into his office and my issues would have been look into.

Yes, Frank always had the time for protesters.

Frank retired with class and Bernard Lord never defeated the former Premier.

So why is he always condemning Frank?

Good question?

If Frank ran against Bernard Lord?

Frank would surely win because he always listen to the people.

I strongly believe that Bernard Lord should follow the same route as Frank McKenna and Brian Mulroney. He should step down with class.
He’s young and I believe that he will be eliminated off the political map after the next election! He’s going to walk around in shame of the manner he got slaughtered by the voters of this Province.
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If I was Bernard to save face, I would announce my retirement and he could do like Brian Mulroney - Telling everyone < who will listen > that he would have done better than Kim Campbell during the federal Election.
We all know that it was indeed Brian Mulroney who lost the elction and not Kim Campbell!!!

I strongly believe that Bernard should step down as soon as possible.
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There’s one thing for certain. Bernard Lord will go down in history as the Premier who totally ignored the issue of prescription in this Province therefore ruining the lives of many families!

Bernard Lord can run but on Voting day? It will be the end of Bernard Lord as Premier of this Province!
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What do you think?

Ok..Got to go…I wrote this one very fast so excuse the style and grammar of this one! Have a good weekend and don’t be afraid to leave a comment!

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