Wednesday, July 13, 2005




Yesterday, I saw a picture that I haven’t seen for a very long while.

Charles 04_07_05 014

My Bigot friend Matthew Glenn from the Anglo Society was protesting in front of the Art Gallery because the sign in front of the Gallery is in French first.


His bigot concern that it should be in English first and Francais below!

Speaking of protesters? Where are all the protesters anyway?

I remember at the beginning at last summer.

Tim Noel set up a tent in front of the Legislature because his disable son was kicked out from a special care home.


This lasted for a few days…..

Weeks later, tents were set up at officer’s Square.


After a few weeks with the help of Mayor Woodside < The Mayor invited the protesters for a boat tour down the Saint John River >


Afterwards they decided to move into the Centennial building.


Once there, the issue got ugly while Bonnie O’Dea chained herself in the washroom.


They were evicted from that area and move to the ground of the Legislature but by then they were very much disorganize.


There were five tents but no one was around too much.


One guy even showed up with a very large tent.

One issue that I found funny was that Greco Pizza always dropped over some free pizza.

My God? I never had that during my protest!

Then came the Spice girls who protested against the closure of their youth home in Miramichi.


My god? Those protesters were determined in their fight but there was a problem.

What do four attractive protesters attract?


Young horny Tom Cats!!! They were all over the place especially at night!

I arrived at the Legislature and I noticed over 20 young guys around the tent.

After a while, I approached them and said- Ok Guys!!! You’re defeating the cause here!! Move on!!!

They quickly replied- Who the f@ck are you anyway???

I told the young mutes that I was the babysitter. Come on now!! Move!!!

While I visited Saint John. Dan Bussieres moved in and took their tent away!


After Dan ordered the final protesters from the ground of the Legislature.

There has been no more protesters since.

When Tim Smith began his protest. In a matter of seconds the Fredericton Police Forces told Tim that they got orders from Dan Bussieres that no tents are
allowed on the ground of the Legislature.


Does this mean that everyone is happy or do New Brunswickers know that protesting is a been waste of time?

I forgot about the clown being evicted from the Legislature.

07061 Balloon Clown

The Acadians did set up a couple of tents over a month ago but this only lasted a few hours.


Yes, I guess that I am truly the last of the true protesters.


I must admit that I do the miss the action and confrontations that happen last summer.

So? All I had was Matthew Glenn to debate with and it was nice to see the bigot again!


He’s 72 years old and don’t look like it!


Ok…Time for me to go and see if there’s any tents in front of the Legislature? < Doubt it!! > Bye bye!!!


This will be the last time I will announce a planissue of a program on CNN!

Paula Zahn told the audience a couple of evening ago that the issue of Ritalin will be debated tomorrow evening< last night > I waited and waited but the issue of Ritalin never came.

For this? I am sorry! It won’t happen again!!!! I’ll try to paste the transcript once they debate the issue on CNN!

Well? Yesterday was sort of a huge wake up call for this guy!


I’ve been waiting for weeks to write about this issue.

While in Saint John, I receive an email that my roommate < live down the hall from me > was in jail.

I guess he tried to rob a guy at the Super Store. < The victim is a known troublemaker >

Anyway the roommate name < we will only call him Ken > moved in the winter months.

He was quiet and I saw him at the Soup Kitchen on a few occasions. He didn’t say much.

He always wore a black leather Jacket and a baseball cap.

After a few weeks, he began to open up to me and I found him a very nice guy. He told me that he was on probation and there’s no way in the world that he
wanted to go back in jail.

Ken had a little problem with alcohol. Once he drank? His attitude quickly changed. Mind you? He never cause me any trouble whatsoever!

As a matter of fact, I found him to be a very good cook. H would buy huge chicken legs and asked me if I wanted one?

He was also good to my dog – Chico. Once I bought Chico for a visit? He would run into Ken’s room looking for some food.


I told Ken on many occasions that he should be like myself? < God help us!!! >

I’m an idiot when I’m sober and I’m still an idiot when I’m drunk! I don’t change! As a matter of fact?

I’m calmer after a few drinks!!

During the cold winter months, Ken would always talk about fishing on the Saint John River.

He was looking forward to the spring and summer months so he could spent some time fishing.


Now we come to the real issue that I’m writing about.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a hand written letter from Ken. He wrote that he was in the Provincial Jail in Saint John.

He also told me that he made a mistake therefore breaking his probation.

Ken asked me for a favor?

He asked if I would contact a friend of his at the Shelter to take over his room?

He would only trust that guy with all his personal belongings.

I should have said - Hey? This is no concern of mine and just throw the letter in the waste Basket.

But that’s not my style and I decided to go at the Shelter. I might add that I had a very difficult time to get through the door but being Charles?

I will not give up!

I finally contacted someone and I was told that the guy wouldn’t be interested taking over Ken’s room.

They also added that they had the key to Ken’s room.

I told the staff member at the Shelter that the caretaker at my place will go inside his room after Midnight and take all his belongings.

They knew the caretaker is a loser so they gave me the keys.

Myself and a friend had to move fast!

We took all the stuff and put it in my little room!

My god? He had lots of items!

So? Now I had a problem? Where do I put all this Junk anyway?

I went to chat with George Piers at the Soup Kitchen and he suggested the John Howard Society.

Charles 04_11_05 019

I walked into the Fredericton Police Department on a Monday and wanted to know the date Ken was to appear in court?


Mind you? Ever since the Police were called by those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commisison? > I lost all respect for these people! <
Anti Poverty meeting >


Once at the John Howard Society? I met with a guy name - Gordon!

I found the guy very intelligent and he told me that he would meet me at the court house on July 12th at 1:00pm.

You see? This was my concern!

If a guy has no family members or close friends to take care of his items once he cross that line? < break the law > What happens to all his belongings?


Good question?

Once behind bars, the Justice Department don’t say - Ok? You got 24 hours to take care of your business!!!

So yesterday was the big day and I was hoping that I could meet with Ken so I could discuss the issue of his belongings.

Gordon showed up right on time.< 5 minutes early > but we couldn’t have a meeting with Ken!

We waited in the hallway while many police officers and sheriffs walked by.

I noticed one guy < in his late 40s > being escorted by two police officers with chains in ankles and handcuff!

I decided to go outside for a smoke.

Once in the Court room, Ken came in and sat in the prisoner’s box.

Poor Ken! He looked in bad shape from being behind bars after all these weeks.


I waved at him and he waved back. He looked surprise to see me.

I was the only friend in the court room.

It was sad. After an 5 minutes hearing a trial date was set for September 2st! The Judge said that Ken will be remanded in Jail until then!

Ken had his head down and who can blame the poor guy?

His wish to go fishing on the Saint John River during the nice summer months vanished in front of his eyes!


His summer months are going to be spent behind bars!

The police escorted Ken from the Court and I quickly left the court room.


I noticed two cops escorting Ken in chains.

I shouted - Hi Ken!

He quickly told me that I could keep all his stuff.

The conversation lasted for 10 seconds and that was that!

He was quickly pushed through a door and he was gone!

I spoke to his lawyer of my concerns that he couldn’t chat with me for a few minutes?

The lawyer reminded me that the Police won’t allowed this to happen because often drugs are often exchange during these encounters.

A police officer asked me if I was a friend of Ken?

I told the officer that I was indeed a friend and Ken was a very nice guy!!! It’s too bad that he has to spend the summer in jail so an idiotic mistake?

The cop did admit that he was a nice guy but what can a person do?

If you’re still with me? < I doubt it >

The reason that I decide to write this personal story is that we don’t appreciate our freedom!

Once you cross that thin line from being the socially accepted to the Social outcast?


The freedom is done forever!

Even once you get on the streets? You will still be watch by the police Department.

So? What do they say- Hey? We know that we never gave you time to stores your stuff so therefore you have to begin from scratch!!!


Doesn’t seem fair!!!

Yes, I wish Ken the very best of luck in his future.

Gordon took my email and he told me that he’s going to try to locate someone to store all his belongings.

It’s very sad!

Be very thankful that you have your freedom!!! I know that I am!!!