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DAVID SUZUKI IS INDEED THE KING OF ALL PUBLIC SPEAKERS!!! < Blogger attitude is unacceptable??? >

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It all began this morning while I was walking on King’s Street.

Coming towards me was the famous environmental Activist.


This is one reason I never leave home without my camera because a person never know who you’re going to bump into ?

I shouted - Heyyy??? I got to take a picture of this one. Of course David Suzuki didn’t have a clue who I was?

I asked him if he knew what a blogger? <>

I told the guy that I was the biggest blogger in New Brunswick. I then proceeded by saying - I’m also the biggest bullsh@ter you ever seen!!!<>

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Anyway, I asked him if he has heard of the Irvings?

I added that I was being sarcastic!!!

Anyway, I went on by telling the Activist that I wrote and got printed 500 letters to the editor but the Irvings will not print critical letters of the Irvings these days.

My point is the Irvings will promote the new refinery to the readers but the public are not allowed to write against this new environmental disaster.


He allowed me to have my picture taken with the guy.

They were looking for a place to have a coffee?

I was surprised when I mention - Tim’s Horton is right there but they insisted on supporting a local own place.

So they walked into this place and I went on my way!


I arrive at Wilmot Church at 11:45am and I was surprised to see a
huge line up of people waiting to hear what David Suzuki had to say.


David Coon was there and in a joking matter I said - How come you don’t attract a crowd like this????


Yes, the place was full and someone was concern the Fire Marshall might shut the place down.


While outside, I noticed Stephen MacGillivray <> arriving for the lecture.


He’s a photographer for the Irvings. I told him in a joking matter- It’s ok! The blogger is here! You can go home now!!!


I noticed David Suzuki walking by and I took a few more pictures.

He said- You again??? Didn’t you just take a picture???


I quickly learned that David doesn’t really care if the media follows him or not. He just wish to send his message directly to the people in the audience.


He was introduced to a loud applause.


The place was pack!!!


The audience was told not to take pictures with their flash on because it bothers David Suzuki.

I shut down my flash and like the true ADHD blogger I am?

I began to take pictures from different angles while listening to his speech.


I enjoyed the part when he said that New Brunswickers live in a unique position in this Province because we have a Premier who’s a virgin!!!!


That was funny!

Maybe New Brunswickers could educate the Premier on environmental issues before big industries does it!

I was all over the place looking for the perfect picture. I didn’t walk straight up. I was bend over making sure the audience wasn’t distracted.

I ran upstair and took a few shots.

I told a guy that I took shots from different angles and it would be nice to have a shot of David Suzuki giving the audience a speech?

The guy told me just to walk in the back and take a shot? I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t handle my camera to someone without going on the front stage?

The individual suggested I go out and look for a way to come from behind?

I went outside and began opening doors till I saw a little stairway.

Bingo!!! I went up and made it out front so David Suzuki will not be distracted.

I took a few shots and I was done taking pictures!!!!.


I decided to tape a little of his speech on my recorder so I place the recorder on the side of the stage.


David finished his lecture and received a standing ovation.


He quickly reminded the audience if they had any questions?

For once I decided to keep my big mouth shut and just stand on the sideline.

I almost took a heart attack when one member of the audience asked - Are you concern of the Irving monopoly of the newspapers in this Province? We will read nothing about this in the Irving’s papers!!!



I always believe that I was the only one???

David pointed at me and said they have other avenues such as this guy!

The Activist didn’t forget our little chat hours earlier!!! He was paying attention!!! He’s good!

The meeting came to a close and everyone went home happy!!!

I had many people coming to me and praising my blog. I felt good about that one.

People are reading and that’s good.

I decided to call it a day until I was approached by an old lady from Wilmot Chruch who told me that my attitude was unacceptable!!!

I reminded the woman that it’s funny because I never said a word?

She told me that she received some complaints that I took too many photos and I should have never went up front to take a picture.

I was distracting the audience with my actions.

I told her that if everyone had the same way of thinking? It sure would be a boring world???

She finished our conversation by saying - I just wish to tell you that you’re attitude was unacceptable and moved on cleaning some dishes in the kitchen!

I will admit that I took a lot of pictures but I wish to give the readers a feeling of what was going on in this building.


The place was pack solid and it’s a nice way to let the people on the information Highway know what’s going on with Suzuki’s Tour.

One thing is certain the Irvings will used a picture and that would be it!

I might add there were no television cameras in the area.

So? How will the rest of the world know what’s going on?

I will say that maybe I took too many pictures but I truly understand that David Suzuki will not be in this City for years to come.

Why not have some good souvenirs?

David Suzuki did a fantastic job in educating the public and if I was the Federal Government?

I would pay very close attention to his words because he speaks on behalf of most Canadians.

The issue of the environment is a very important issue.

We’re very fortunate to have a professional spokesperson like David in Canada!!!!

Bonne Chance on the rest of the tour.

Keep on the good work David!!!

I'll let the guy explain this one....

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Originally uploaded by Oldmaison.