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I remember walking by a bar and I seen all these media personal having a good laugh over a few cold beers.

I could have gone over to their table and agitate them but I didn’t.

I would have said- Hey? Did you know that the Irvings don’t wish for their employees to drink alcohol?

I decided to leave well enough alone. I must admit that it was very difficult to confront the public when they don’t know what I’m all about?

Once at my tent, I noticed a couple walking on the sidewalk.

They were a couple of midgets. The man had a cane and he was resting his hand on his wife shoulder.

I said to myself- What am I complaining about?

I have my health so therefore I should end the protest but I couldn’t because I had to take care of the ADHD issue for the kids.

I might add that I’ve never heard one whisper from those members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick.

Those were the people that are responsible for this protest.

I felt like Custer last stand and the battle will continue.

It was the first week of August and it was very hot. The House was open and I felt bad for those politicians because it was really hot inside the Legislature.

There’s no air-conditioners in that historic building.

Once the house opens during the summer months, a few people would faint because of the hot atmosphere. The politicians always go outside for a nice cool breeze and enjoy a nice cigarette but this summer it would be a total different story because hot air Charles was outside.

The politicians from both political parties saw me coming towards the Legislature and they had a big decision to make.

They could either stay outside and listen to me or go back inside where it was very hot and uncomfortable?

Many of them choose the later and ran inside.

I was a benefit to the taxpayers of this Province.

I made sure these politicians didn’t stay outside too long.

The tourists couldn’t visit much inside the Legislature because they were working on a stairway was over 120 years old, I guess this was very delicate project because it was just like a jigsaw puzzle.

It took a lot of time to be work on.

The work was suppose to be done during the summer months in 2003 but it still wasn’t done in January of 2004.

One beautiful evening, I was standing in the corner of the Legislature and noticed a woman in her 50s with a very sad look on her face walking slowly towards me from the Legislature with her head

I asked the lady where she was from?

She said- Quebec!

I asked her why did she look so sad?

She answered while pointing at the Legislature – I taught that was a church and I wanted to go to Messe.

She then continued her walk towards the hotel.


God himself to show up in that place
face to face with those politicians!

That would wake them up eh?

They would come out the doors and say- WE SEEN THE LIGHT!

The poor woman wanted to go to church but
she ended up in Hell! …lol…

You got to realize that the biggest building in the small villages in La Belle Province is the Church.

She got out of the Tour Bus from the Hotel and believe that she was going to church. I felt bad for the poor woman but I would used
that story over and over during my protest. It was funny!

Speaking of stories? There were tour guides
paid by the City, Jacob Horpe, Jeremy Gorman, Nick Coates and Vivion Zelazny showed the tourists the many beautiful sights in the Capital.

Many tourists wanted to know what my tent was all about?

Little did I know at the time but I was part of the tour.

The beautiful girl in charge would asked me to explain to the tourists my protest?

If they were from Quebec?

I would tell them that I speak le chiac - You know? Je va au store me chercher un packet de smoke!

They would always laughed at the manner that I spoke my Acadian French. I would spend 30 seconds explaining to them
the issue of ADD/ADHD in this Province and I would continue by telling them there was a Quecbecer that came here months ago and she believe the Legislature was a church?

I phoned a friend of mine Dorothy Dawson and she was very concerned for me because
someone seen me and told her that I didn’t look good at all.

I had lost a lot of weight.

I told Dorothy that I felt good about myself but then again? If a person only eats one meal a day, they have no choice but to
lose a lot of weight. I didn’t eat real well before the protest so therefore I guess that I didn’t notice the change.

I must admit that I was doing a lot of
walking but I felt ok! I told her not to worry.

The weather was really nice and hot and the tourists started to pick up.

On the evening of August 4th at around midnight, I noticed a beautiful young girl
walking by my beach chair. I was stationed near the sidewalk and every citizens who would walk by?

I would asked them if they would like to sign my petition? Of course, if they were nosy as I am? They would asked what is my petition all about?

I would say- Of course before we sign our life away? We want to know what it’s all about right?

The girl told me that she was an exchange student from Quebec and is working for the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.
It didn’t take me long to invite the nice girl to
sit down on one of my beach chair.

She was appalled when I called the members of this appointed group-RACISTS!

I told her that if I was Gay? The Commission will take me seriously.

Hey? More power to the Gay people but
something isn’t right here! The Bernard Lord
Government are agreeing with the members of the racist commission that kids with ADD/ADHD are LIMITED AND A

Being from Quebec, I was certain that I would hear from her the next few days but I didn’t.

I wish that I was a fly on the wall when she confronted the members of the commission with my accusations.

They must have told her to ignore me because I have ADHD.

My tent is wet from the rain and I guess when those guys grab my tent it left a little hole!

I noticed more ants in my tent!

Hey? I was in the Army and I rode a ten-speed across Canada and THE U.S.A.! I can handle this situation!

Once again, my tobacco was very wet and I couldn’t roll with my roller.

I decided to sleep over Hylene D’Aigle

She’s the girl who gave me the keys to her apartment and traveled to Montreal.

I asked Shawn Graham, the leader of the Liberal Party for a ride?

It was over one mile away and I didn’t feel like walking.

Once in the car, I told Shawn that he was very lucky that he lost the election.

He asked - Why is that now?

I told the Liberal leader that there’ no tourists in this Province and I heard from different people that it’s a problem across this country because of Scars, West
Niles Virus and Mad Cow.

I am certain that we must be talking about one half a Billion dollar from the tourists.

A few weeks later, I told the Premier
himself of this grave concern.

I know what I’m talking about because I did chat with a lot more tourists the year before. I seen a big different in numbers and someone is going to pay for the lost revenues.
Who’s going to pay?

That’s the question?

I might add that Shawn Graham gave me a very helpful tip.

He told me that on top of every page of the Petition. I must have the reason a person would sign their name.

I didn’t know this!!!!

Can you imagine if at the end of my protest, I would have given the Government my petition and they would have said - Sorry Charles! Your petition is no good!

All that work for nothing!!!! I would have
cried like a baby.

It was sure nice to sleep in a nice bed. I put all my tobacco on the kitchen table and went to Dreamland.

The next morning, I strongly believe that it would be all dry. The next day it was still wet. I was very upset but there’s nothing that I could do.

I didn’t eat much but I needed my smokes.

Once at the tent, Marc came over. I gave Marc one dollar and told him to buy me some
papers so I could roll some smokes.

Once Marc came back? I ordered him to roll me some smokes!

I NEED TOBACCO. I sounded like Dan Fielding ordering his side kick - Phil
around with orders.


After around 20 cigarettes, he had to stop because his tongue was really dry.

Once in the front steps of the Legislature, I sat down and enjoyed a nice smoke.

The tobacco was still wet and I had a terrible time to get a drag.

Dan Bussieres came from the Legislative
Assembly asked me if I was smoking a joint?

I quickly answered - You wish!!!

I’m the type of person who envoys a
nice cold beer but drugs is a big faux pas for this ADHD protester.

Yes as a youth, I tried all kinds of drugs
and let me tell you that I never enjoyed the feeling.

I told Dan Bussieres - If I smoked a joint of marijuana? I would stare at my tent and say- What the hell am I doing?

I would quickly remove the tent from the front lawn of the Legislature.

Dan quickly answered- Hmmmm…..If I gave ya a joint? Would you smoke it?

I guess he would try anything to get me the hell out of the front lawn!!!

The drug seem to slow down my ADHD brain to reality. I always told the kids with this disorder not to take drugs because they might enjoy it!

I’m very surprise that the politicians didn’t offer me a joint. Maybe that would have been
a way to remove me from the grounds of the Legislature.

Stories from my six months protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

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•Unrevised/non révisé•
August 1 août 2003
Daily Sitting 4/Jour de séance 4

Excerpt 009

(under Introduction of Guests and Congratulatory

Mr. Richard: Very briefly, today is Charles LeBlanc's birthday. Charles, I know, has been around this Legislature more than any other member for the last month, because he is sleeping on the grounds in a tent for what he believes to be, and is, a very good
cause, and that is, children suffering from ADHD.

He has spent 32 or 33 days there, talking to visitors, to
members of the Legislature, informing them of the
problems of ADHD and of the overprescription of
Ritalin to children in New Brunswick and other
children, because this is not an issue that is limited
to New Brunswick.

I do not know if I have ever met someone as persistent as Charles LeBlanc. If for nothing else, certainly I want to wish him a very
Happy Birthday.


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bill casey

They just announced they will support Bill Casey as a P.C. Candidate for the next Federal election.

Stephen Harper told the media earlier this week that a P.C. Candidate will run during the next Federal Election but it will not be Bill Casey.

The P.C. Association in the riding of Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley have chose Bill Casey to be their candidate.

This should be very interesting.

Stay tuned!!!!


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They did a little touch up here and there!!!


Jerks trying to burn down the Fredericton Walking trail Bridge???

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Brian Macdonal is a good guy but will Stephen Harper be his downfall????

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While walking in the Downtown area yesterday, I noticed something different.

Once I got closer, I believe I was in the middle of an election campaign.

It was a headquarters for Brian Macdonald.

He’s running for the P.C. nomination of the riding of Fredericton.

Once through the doors, nobody knew who I was until I mentioned - Blogging!!!

They were nice and pose for a picture.


Brian sounds like a nice guy and he has a strong field team of dedicated people working the phones.

I guess the guy mean business?

You can visit his website at

But after all is said and done?

I can’t see myself supporting Stephen Harper.


I don’t like the way he’s acting as a Minority Prime Minister.

I definitely don’t agree with his style of not meeting the public.


He gave orders to the so-call secret services to act like Goons!!! I might add they’re pretty good at it!!!

You can read more about this issue in this blog -

I believe there’s going to be many good P.C. candidates who’s going to lose during the next Federal election because of the arrogance of their leader.


Can you imagine what would happen if he won with a Majority?

Very scary stuff

But then again who's Dion????

Maybe the only thing left is the Green Party?


Lets not forget one other issue?

Remember the way Stephen Harper treated the media when he took office?

Well? I’m certain the media people didn’t forget.

Payback is a b@tch!!!


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I was asked a couple of days ago to attend a meeting about Autism.

Harold Doherty < Iron Horse > was going to be the host of the event.


I never listen to the Iron Horse giving a speech to a crowd of people so I decided to give it a try.

I always tell Harold that his blog site is borinnggg because it only deal with the issue of Autism!!!

You can check his site by clicking below -


For years, I was been hearing about Autism but didn’t truly understood what it was all about?

In the old days, we used to call these kids mentally retarded.

These days a person have to be politically correct.

Therefore are they using the word- Autistic?

What is it? Many questions?

Myself? I always said - It’s very difficult for kids with ADHD to learn in today’s classroom because of all the noise.

You have kids with MS, Autism and other mental disorders in the same classrooms.

There’s lots of noise in that little room.

Kids with ADHD are easily distracted with all the noise but what can you do?

There always were a battle brewing between the parents with Autistic children.

Some of them would say - Under the Charter of rights? My kid will be in the same classroom as the so-call normal kids.

If you find out the definition of the word normal? Please let me know???

These kids go through the system and at the end? They have their diplomas but they cannot read or write but they have that piece of paper.

After they graduate? What’s next with these young adults?

This is the reason this meeting was so important for the Parents with Autistic children.


The main point is this? What will happen to these kids once they reach Adulthood?

That’s the very emotional question?

Of course the days to put them into a mental intuition are over.

The only people who goes in there is the poor people of New Brunswick.

The poor often get frustrated with the system so they cross that line therefore ending up in these places.

Ok..never mind that!!!!

The meeting was attended by 75 people and it went well.

There were parents who believe their way was the proper direction and were ready to share their views with the audience.


You could feel the tension in the air.

How do you handle such an emotional issue like this when you truly know that New Brunswick with only a small population of 700,000 don’t have the money????

What do you do with these Autistic kids?

One moment that I’ll never forget is this one.

I went outside for a smoke and noticed a young couple in a room.

The Mother was crying. I didn’t stick around because I know it’s hard to believe but I am a emotional person.

Tears over a child? Tears of the way the Education system treats their child?

Or was it just tears of frustration of having an Autistic child in their home?

I guess the child was a 14 years boy.

I know exactly the feeling.

I’ll be personal for a few minutes.

I was born in Memramcook.

Lets not forget one thing in this story. I was living in a house which nobody in those days knew about ADHD!

Was it a happy Family Atmosphere?

Of course not!!!

My Father owned a Grocery store and I would eat lots of chocolate.

You can just imagine my attitude once I got home?

I might add the Autism meeting had no sweets!!! Pretty smart of them!!!


You are what you eat I guess but I was still hyper in that room.

Going back to Memramcook? I remember there were lots of tears in our home and around 25 years ago my parents kicked me out of the house.

Now? This kind of action happens a lot with kids with ADHD.

At the end, they turned to drugs and alcohol. Soon afterwards, they become a Social Outcast of Society!!!

I didn’t take that road. I remember one guy told me that he was surprise that I didn’t commit suicide?

Well? I taught about it but it never happen!!!!

I remember during the frigate program? I had a car and money!!!!

I approached my Father and tried to patch our little battle.

My parents were getting old so therefore why wait till they’re dead right???

My Father plainly told me - We will never forget the pain you have given us when you were a child!!!

Well? A person knows they cannot change the pass but must think about the future.

This really hurt my feelings.

But all this change once my Uncle Al approached me about having a mental disorder called - ADHD!


We knew there was something wrong with me but nobody knew about ADD or ADHD?

I read a book called - You mean I’m not crazy, Stupid or Lazy?

All this change my life and I was very very very upset with my parents that I was born this way and they treated me like this?

I haven’t had no contact with those people in years!

They send me a few bucks at Christmas time never have I’ve been invited inside my former home.

This really played hard on my mind. It bother me every single day. I had many flashbacks.

You know? What could have been and is not? How my life would have change if I would have supportive parents?

It got so bad that I notice that I was thinking out loud!!! IT DROVED ME NUTS!!! < Very short drive for me anyway! > :P

My mind became a little at ease when I landed in Fredericton. I didn’t know Father Emery Brien was in the Capital and this close to be Saint have known me to close to 45 years. He really really really helped me with my personal problems.


I always said - There’s a reason for everything!!!!

Living with a child with ADHD can cause such a huge scar that it’s almost an impossible task to heal.

Ok...never mind

Going back to the issue of Autism.


As I said in the past? If you believe a child with ADHD is hard to handle in the classroom?

Try living with them?

Same goes with the children with Autism!!!

I would have love to know the reason the young mother was crying?

Many parents would suggest they put them in a group home?

But what kind of Group home?

Many would say Institutions?

But what kind of institutions are we talking about?

Once the hormones start clicking in and these kids reach their late teens?

What to do????

These parents love their children very dearly but the child is totally out of control and cannot be handle.

If they had the attitude of my parents? Just throw them on the streets and let the system handle them.

I blogged the Autism issue in the past but never received too many comments.

Maybe no one cares?

Who knows? I know one certain fact!

The parents with Autistic children in New Brunswick are a very determine bunch and I hope they can settle their difference within the group, they must unite to fight the bureaucrats on this very emotional issue.

The only politician who showed up was Andy Scott.


There were nobody from the Provincial level.


I wish the Parents with Autistic kids the very best of luck!!!

Here’s the photos I took of the event on Saturday! I decided to take the time and post all the pictures. This is the least I can do for these poor parents.

I might add that Harold is a pretty good speaker. He's as straight forward with his words as a guest speaker as he is in court!!!!