Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Once again, a few people told me the Irvings should take the money they gave to Saint Thomas and Universite de Moncton because in the future New Brunswickers will not take these young journalists seriously!
The reason??? They were trained and brainwash by the Irvings!
It’s all part of the final solution!
The refinery is making headway in Saint John these days and the Irvings had a big add in the Irving paper.
Here’s the story-

Mind you? There’s a big different between J.D. Irving and Kenneth Irving!
Kenneth and his Father Arthur will listen to New Brunswickers concerns but I might add that I knew this was coming because the Liberals gave permission to the Irvings to upgrade the Refinery without an Environ Impact Assememnt!
Did you know there’s a very large storage of Explosives locates directly behind the Saint John Community College? Where else in Canada would a large storage of explosives be located beside a Refinery?
Once the upgrade was announced? The guy from the Environment Department is now working for the Irvings!
Now? I’m not lying because Robert Jones from CBC made a story on this issue a few years ago! I like Robert’s stories because they speak the truth!
Ok..Speaking of the Irvings? I got a letter printed in the Daily Gleaner yesterday.
This Irving paper have been very good lately in printing my views! I wonder why?

Here’s my letter-

Daily Gleaner | Readers' Forum
Article published: Feb 15, 2005
Kids with ADHD can be labelled

Dear Editor:
I wish to congratulate Kyle O'Donnell for his excellent letter printed on Feb. 3: "Bullying at school led to suicide attempts."
In the 1970s, I was also bullied and thank God that
I had the size to fight back. I had ADHD, but in those days nobody knew about this energetic condition.
In 1998, I found out I had ADHD. I was very happy because it explained a lot of my actions.
But I would soon find out that society had a different outlook of ADD/ADHD.
After publishing a letter in the paper, I received many phone calls from parents crying on the phone about the manner in which their kids were being treated in the school system.
On June 17, 2003, I began my six-month protest in front of the legislature. I collected 10,000 signatures asking the government to study the issue of ADHD and Ritalin, but it was to no avail.
During my protest, I heard about two teenagers who committed suicide after taking Ritalin. Why did they take their lives? It's not the pill's fault. It's the labelling that goes with ADD/ADHD.
I would hear sad tales from highly intelligent
individuals that the kids in school would call them
idiots or stupid. Their self-esteem really takes a
blow. We all know that kids can be cruel.
I'll never forget the time a young child of 10 told
his father beside my tent: "I know all about ADHD,
Dad. They're all stupid."
I quickly replied: "You see? That's one of the reasons that I'm here."
Where did a young child learn that ADD/ADHD kids are stupid?
I would love to confront the first person who called these highly intelligent kids stupid.
These ADD/ADHD kids are the target of many nasty jokes. In the end, many of these kids will turn to heavy drugs or alcohol to escape their energetic minds.
Individuals with ADD/ADHD are very well known for their bad tempers.
May I suggest to Kyle O'Donnell that he take martial arts? What a great way to be able to defend yourself and be in control of your temper and mind.
As long as the Lord government is in power, the memo will be that it's cheaper to drug our kids than to treat them with dignity.
How many more lives must be taken away before the government acts on this very emotional issue?

Charles LeBlanc

What your views on this one? I know that my Father always called me Stupid and at the end? I truly believed that I was stupid but these days it’s different because we have a Human Rights Commission telling the Government that people with ADD/ADHD are close to mental Retardation!!!!
Let me know your views???
As for the guy who got arrested for sending nasty emails to Canadian politicians? Here’s his story—

NB Telegraph-Journal | Courts/Crime
Article published: Feb 15, 2005
Former PC candidate accused of death threats
Serge Landry faces five charges over content of e-mail

A former federal Progressive-Conservative candidate
from Moncton has been placed under court-ordered
psychiatric observation after being accused of making
death threats.

Serge Landry, 39, faces five charges related to
e-mails sent to the mayor and councillors of Gatineau,
Que. He is charged with three counts of uttering death
threats and two counts of criminal harassment.

Mr. Landry was the Progressive-Conservative candidate
for the federal riding of Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe in
the 2000 general elections for Parliament. He came in
third after Liberal candidate Claudette Bradshaw and
Canadian Alliance contender Kathryn M. Barnes.

The Caraquet native later moved to the Gatineau. In
2003, he served as a regional vice-president for the
Action démocratique du Québec, the third-largest party
in the Québec legislature.

Mr. Landry has been sent for a 30-day psychiatric
evaluation and will return to court March 10.

Lieut. Jean-Paul Lemay of the Gatineau Police Service
said the charges were laid after several e-mails were
sent out earlier this month.

Ottawa-area newspaper Le Droit reported Friday that an
assistant to the mayor of Gatineau called police about

The newspaper also reported that over the last two
years their reporters have received more than 150
messages signed by a Serge Landry. The electronic
messages were also sent to e-mail accounts for the
Prime Minister, for Premier Bernard Lord and Québec
Premier Jean Charest.

Chisholm Pothier, spokesman for Premier Bernard Lord,
confirmed the premier's office has received e-mails
signed by a Serge Landry, but would not describe their

Mr. Landry will be held in hospital until his next
court appearance.

It’s going to be very interesting what’s going to happen in this case? Someone told me that my updates are the same way?
Excuse moi???? I don’t think so because I write the truth!
I don’t say that I’m going to kill someone or do them harm but lets see what’s going to happen in this case? People are getting feed up!
I remember a few years back? There was a lawyer preaching to students about racism or discrimination in the workplace. I phoned the lawyer and asked if he could help me with my very racial case against the evil Irving Empire!
Once I mentioned – The Irvings??? He quickly hung up on me! It’s just like going after Mr.Burns on the Simpsons!
Ok Speaking of Racism?

Read this one-

February 17
2005 BLACK HISTORY MONTH - VIDEO LAUNCH EVENT. Celebrate Black History Month! Prude Inc. cordially invites you to view the video Racial Hate Crime Hurts the Whole Community (production assistance and featured roles, includes local area youth). There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, entertainment, and light refreshments served. Video produced and promoted by Prude Inc. Also displayed in the Frazee Gallery will be a Black Loyalist exhibition. 5:30 pm-7 pm. Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 634-3088.

Yes, These racists supervisors from the Irving empire should attend that video and those paid employees from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission should also attend!
Once you have a commission that promotes racism? You have a problem!
I remember a couple of years ago, I made a little speech at that meeting and I said- Those racists members must be eliminated!!!!
Look at me? Years later? I’m the same guy with the same message! Ok…Lets go back to the Lord!!!!
I emailed this little letter a few days ago! I’m sorry but this is for the Acadians readers on my list! Sorry about that!!!!!!!

Bonjour...c'est la premiere fois que je vous
envoi un commentaire.
Je suis Acadian et il a pas de accent garve ou
accent egu sur mon keyboard so excuse ma grammaire.
Je suis ne a Memramcook et pendant les deux
dernier annee, Je suis aller a la messe a tous les
Dimanche avec le Pere Brien qui est situtuer a
Fredericton Nouveau Brunswick!
Il est vraiment un nice guy!! < chiac >
Anyway....Je suis facher contre vous pour une
Environ un an passer, j'ai confronter le Pere
Brien que dane vos livrets - Prions en Eglise.
Vous printer < chiac> toujours le mot- FRERES
Vous vouley pas que les same sex couple < chiac >
peuvent se marrier dans L'eglise Catholique mais vous
voulez pas reconaitre les Femmes qui va a L'Eglise en
ajoutant le mot- SOEUR dans le livret?
S'il-Vous- Plait? Pouriez-vous repondre a mon
concerne? Merci Beaucoup!

Charles LeBlanc

Well???? J’ai recu une email hier! La voici-

Cher Monsieur Leblanc.
Il faut distinguer au préalable entre les textes (et traduction)
de la liturgie (lectures bibliques, prières eucharistique, oraisons,
et les textes qui sont de la rédaction (billet des auteurs, suggestion
prière pénitentielle, suggestion de prière universelle, objectif vie,
tous les textes rédactionnels: éditorial, chrétiens toutes dimension).
les textes officiels, nous sommes tenus de les reproduire tels qu'ils
Nous n'avons pas le droit d'y changer fût-ce une virgule.
En ce qui concerne le mot frère, il introduit effectivement la plupart
lectures des épîtres pauliniennes. Ces épîtres font partie des textes
officiels. J'ai quand même le plaisir de vous annoncer qu'il
disparaîtra à
partir de mars. Nous avons jugé cette suppression possible.
Si vous avez d'autres difficultés avec le langage inclusif et que ces
difficultés portent sur les textes officiels de la liturgie, je vous
d'adresser vos légitimes remarques aux autorités compétentes, en
l'occurrence, à l'Office national de liturgie: 3530, rue Adam,
Montréal, QC
H1W 1W8; courriel:
Salutations distinguées

Hey? They moved fast on that issue eh???? I accomplished something that haven’t been change in the Catholic Church in hundreds of years!
Now? If the real Lord listens to my concerns? Why not the other Bernard Lord?????…
As I wrote in the past, if I have the real Lord on my side? Nothing else matters! …lol
Ok..I wrote enough! Have a good day and excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along to all you people on the information Highway! Bye bye!!!!