Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I need my Ritalin....

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The Saint John Police Force would have arrested the guy taking these sad pictures and delete all the evidence.

Which reminds moi? I had good pictures of the protesters entering Atlantica. Why would the police destroy the evidence?

HA!!!! Some Police Force.

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I left an email over the Union office last week but I never receive a word from Tom Mann. I guess that I'll have to go in their building again.

Maybe Brent Taylor and Tom Mann are working side by side?

The Irvings and the Unions in the same boat?

Stay tune....

This dog just came from South Korea last week....

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No checking for rabies no nothing. You pay a fee and you got the dog. Pretty scary.....

Miss Canada International 2006 Solange Tuyishime at work....

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Today on CKTP 95.7FM!!!!

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Today, it's Pat Carlson, Vicky Musseau (Social Work Outreach Student) &
Tamzen peterson (#rd year Nursing Student) .... Bruce

Mary Keith -In the meantime, she said the station is being taken "Basic maintenance is being done," Keith said.

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This picture was taken last weekend? Work being done???? Can someone tell me where? The Irvings are getting really bad via their newspapers in this province. Wait till you hear about Brent Taylor? I'm just waiting till the end of the week for this one. The Irvings are giving false reports via their newspapers. Stay tune....

Here's the story-

Irving open to train station proposals

Renovations | J.D. Irving spokesperson says company
pursuing commercial development to make train station
project viable

For the Daily Gleaner

J.D. Irving Ltd. says a development in Saint John
could serve as a model for the restoration of the

York Street Railway Station in Fredericton.

Company spokesperson Mary Keith told The Daily Gleaner
that uptown Saint John's CenterBeam Place could
provide an example of how to develop the train

CenterBeam Place, a former deteriorating heritage
building that encompasses the corner of King and
Prince William streets, is now a newly renovated
office complex with many amenities.

J.D. Irving Ltd. owns CenterBeam Place and the York
Street Railway Station.

"We continue to pursue a commercial development which
would make the restoration of the railway station
viable," said Keith.

"Similar to what's been done in Saint John in terms of
the restoration and the revitalization of that block
of buildings that now is called CenterBeam Place.

"There are some anchor tenants there and it's
underwriting the restoration of that building and its
rejuvenation as part of the downtown core."

She would not say whether the company has received any
expressions of interest in helping to develop the
train station.

But Keith said J.D. Irving Ltd. is serious about
seeing the railway station building restored.

"Should there be an interest in a development for this
property with the intention to move forward, we do
have an approved plan," Keith said.


In the meantime, she said the station is being taken
care of.

"Basic maintenance is being done," Keith said.

"But we continue to look for a commercial development
that would assist in what is estimated to be a
$2-million restoration."

She said the company is open to different ownership
options for the building.

"That is something that would be determined based on
the negotiations with the developer," Keith said.

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside said Sunday he hopes
to see a restoration of the railway station.

"It's a part of our rail heritage," Woodside said.

"I think it has been quite an eyesore for quite some
time that has really upset people as to why it would
be just sitting there and allowed to deteriorate when
train stations in other parts of the country are being

He said he welcomed news J.D. Irving Ltd. wants to see
the property brought back to life.

"I think there is going to be a lot of very happy
people including myself who travelled from
(Fredericton) Junction in the dayliner with my mother
when I was a little guy. So a lot of us have an
attachment to that York Street train station,"
Woodside said.

He added developing the train station will have a
positive impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

"When you look at the kind of impact it has right now,
that's not a good impact," Woodside said.

"When you turn that around and have a restoration
project, it brings a lot of pride to the entire area,
including the entire city."

Could Charles become an social outcast???

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I had a fun time this afternoon. I showed up at 2:35pm at CKTP 95.7 FM in Saint Mary’s.


I wanted to chat with the host for a few minutes before the live talk show began. I believe it’s very important to know the host so I can be comfortable during the show.

We hit it off pretty good. His name is Bruce Hughes and he’s been doing this work for the past few months.

He puts in a lot of time and effort in his trade.

I asked Bruce if there was a delay system? Talk of the town has a 5 seconds delay and this is a good thing because the host can cut off unwanted words by the audience or the guest.

Seconds later, this Native showed up.

In a stern matter, he said - This is our delay system! You say one bad word??? I'll throw you out the front door!!!! Understand???

Well? The guy sure got all my five ADHD brains attention. ,,lol...His message was loud and clear!!! I didn't need any ritalin to undertsand?

His name is J and he’s a disc jockey at CKTP.


Just like Bruce he’s a nice guy.


I was a little nervous. I had the choice to sit down on a nice sofa or the chair. I chose the chair and the show got on the road!!!!


Bruce told the audience that we’re going to try it out for one hour and if it goes ok? We’ll continue for two hours and continue we did. We jumped all over the place from the arrest in Saint John, the banning from the Legislature, the banning notice without being sign and how beautiful the City of Fredericton is.


The show went very well and I told Bruce that if he’s ever stuck for a guest? Just give me a call and I’ll gladly show up.

We can talk about any issues of the day. I enjoyed my little experience at CKTP and maybe we shall meet again in the future. Thanks a lot Bruce for having me.


Keep up the good work!!!