Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yes...It is time for Ritalin!!!

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I was told yesterday by a new teacher that Ritalin is indeed a problem in the school system. I'm just waiting for Shawn Graham to setlle in.

Just a reminder....

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Tanker Malley - He did indeed go down fast!!! What's next??? VLT'S??

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David Kelly - Slow news day???

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Councillor defends conduct on charity prizes
Last Updated: Thursday, October 12, 2006 | 12:58 PM AT
CBC News

A Fredericton city councillor is defending his decision to exchange more than $200 in charity prizes for a store gift card in his own name.

David Kelly solicited the prizes, a backyard fireplace, a drill and a barbeque, for a Wheels in Motion event in support of the Rick Hansen Foundation last July. The fireplace and barbeque were supposed to go to the event's top two fundraisers, but were never awarded.

Three months after the event, Kelly exchanged the items for a gift card in his name from Home Depot. That raised concerns from staff at Home Depot, who contacted city hall, as well as organizers with the Rick Hansen Foundation, who launched an investigation into Kelly's actions.

Kelly says event organizers never told him whom to award the prizes to, so he decided to return them to the store.

"I'm the one that took the action on this thing. I'm the one that's been storing these things," Kelly said. "Nobody on my committee has ever contacted me about these prizes. In fact, the people on the committee are the ones that I've been waiting for to give me the names of the No. 1 and No. 2 fundraisers."

Kelly admits that he perhaps should have contacted the Rick Hansen Foundation before returning the items to the store. But he says he did send a letter after the fact, telling the foundation what he did.

He says the barbecue and the fireplace sat in his shed for three months and he had to move them to make room for other things. "These items are taking up space in a shed that I'm going to need the space for, because at the end of the season items from my cottage are being brought in and this is where I store them. Besides, they were getting weathered."

The Rick Hansen Foundation says it has concluded its investigation, and no longer has any concerns about Kelly's conduct. The foundation has determined who the top fundraisers were, and Home Depot will give them the prizes directly.

Officials with the foundation, Home Depot and Fredericton City Hall have declined to comment on the matter.

Maybe I can learn something in this book for my court date on November 2th???

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Is there a future for the kids in Saint John's South End???

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Will Kelly Lamrock as Minister of Education order a study on Ritalin???

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He did tell me that he would so lets wait if the bureaucrats puts a stop to his plan?

Show time at the Underground Cafe!!!

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Will Kelly Lamrock as Minister as Education order a study on Ritalin???

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He did tell me that he would so lets wait if the bureaucrats puts a stop to his plan?

Just a reminder....

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Saint John Police Force to find out if they can delete pictures from camera from any tourists or citizens???

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Has anyone seen this guy around???

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Dancing in the rain!!!!

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Cathy McCollum receives a gift from Shawn Graham!!!

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Mother wins battle for moose fencing on Route 7
Last Updated: Thursday, October 12, 2006 | 3:18 PM AT
CBC News

A Saint John-area mother got her wish for wildlife fencing on a particularly dangerous stretch of Highway 7, where her daughter's car hit a moose last spring.

Cathy McCollum's daughter was not seriously injured in the June crash, but the experience prompted McCollum to begin collecting names on a petition demanding the government do more to prevent car-moose collisions on the single-lane highway between Fredericton and Saint John.

The narrow, twisty stretch of highway between Geary and Grand Bay is prone to moose-car collisions, especially during the summer.

On Wednesday, Liberal Transportation Minister Denis Landry stopped by McCollum's home to give her the news that the province would start erecting a fence next June. The project is expected to take two years to complete.


"I went to visit her, and she was really, really happy," Landry said.

During the recent provincial election campaign, Liberal Leader Shawn Graham promised to spend $21 million to fence 300 kilometres of highway in New Brunswick, including the 26-kilometre section where McCollum's daughter had her accident.

When his party won the Sept. 18 vote with a majority of three seats, Graham approved McCollum's request.


She had collected more than 10,000 signatures on her petition between July and September.

"She said to me, 'What should I do with my petition?' I said 'I don't know. Keep it as a souvenir?' She was very impressed to see the minister of transportation at her door giving her this news," Landry said.

Landry would not speculate about the cost of the project, but says it will include underpasses and overpasses so moose can cross the road without danger from traffic.

Crashes involving vehicles and moose have increased steadily across New Brunswick since 2002 despite a safety campaign launched by the provincial government warning drivers to slow down.

There are approximately 300 moose-vehicle accidents in New Brunswick every year, many of them fatal, and most of them occurring between the months of May and September.

I wonder what the future holds for Rodney Weston???

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Pieces of the former BeaverBrook Hotel for sale!

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Snobby dogs having fun....

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Just a reminder....

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This is Paul and he runs the Pins and Needles Tatoo shopon King Street. He told me that he had a big concern about the people being tattooed in this City and around this Province.


He told me that he denies 50% of the people walking through his doors.

As Paul puts it? Once you put a tattoo on his arms or hands? You are handicap for life!!!

Many employers will not hire you because you have a tattoo.

For the life of me? I cannot understand why a woman would want a tattoo on her whole arm? Don’t they understand they will indeed get old one day?

Paul agreed with me 100%!!!

Here’s his concerns -

Tattoo & Body Piercing Regulations

Why isn't there any regulations and do we need them?

The answer is - YES!!!!!!!!!!

The tattoo & body piercing ind is becoming very popular and there’s no regulations.

The only regulation that I've found in my search is that you must have the equipment to sterilize your tools needles and other instruments that are needed for the procedure.


The law is there but no one ever comes around to see if the law is being practice?

Laws are good but if no one enforces them then what’s the sense of making them?

It's simple there should be courses that should be taught and made available for the people who are performing the procedure on the public EX:(Blood Borne Pathogens, First Aid , Cross Contamination)


These areas are a big thing in order for people to perform their job properly insuring the safety of the public and our families.

There should be laws that stop the illegal and dirty practice that are being preform in peoples homes.

They’re taking money for something they have done without a business license and without the care of health issues.

There have been cases where this underground practice was banned in cities because of the lack of care from both parties meaning the people in the industry and the health dept.

Let's stop it before it gets worse. there are regulations in place in different cities in the U.S. that are very good.


There are companies such as health educators that are designed to teach us.

They cost money but if your serious about what you’re doing then you'll pay for your education.

Thanks for your time and lets try to do something about this big growing problem.

Our youths are in grave danger!!!