Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SPIN STORY... Lets make this work.

Lets try this out... Charles and I recieved this comment yesterday on the respective post. We both think it has merit and want to figure out a way to capitalize on its usefulness...

The anonymous comment in this post reminds me of this quote by Henry Ford (I think):

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
This is what we need to do...

Quoting Anonymous "Charles you got to figure out a way of bringing it across to the readers that they should take advantage of this terrific website and with It’s great array of topics and titles to make it their own, remind them the numbers don't lie your getting exceptional amounts of hits but if their going to take the time to type in the website please take a moment to leave a view or comment on any of the variety of topics it would be appreciated immensely as spin-offs from other comments is were response seem to give a wider view of the overall, maybe wcie to write it in a way that might generate better interest as the most varitized and modern maritime website which is improving everyday! Good Luck!! hey you must admit it has come along way!!"

We think that spinning some of the comments into fullposts that can be commented on is a great idea. We will try this out in a number of ways but one we would like to try out initially and see how it works is this...

With your comment that you leave on any post, include either at the end or beginning the words "SPIN STORY" in capitalized form and we will then create a post on the main page for people to comment freely and anonymously with. I think this best suits the format of this site.

As an example below is two comments including the same text, the first one is a general comment and the second is a comment but the emphasis or topic will be spun to the homepage in hopes that meaningful discussion can be create around it.

Post 1.
Charles what a great post today... I agree that the LNG deal should never have proceeded without the proper documentation and administrative protocols being followed. I feel that the deals inherent problems are from bureaucratic not elected official beginnings though.

Post 2.
SPIN STORY… Charles what a great post today... I agree that the LNG deal should never have proceeded without the proper documentation and administrative protocols being followed. I feel that the deals inherent problems are from bureaucratic not elected official beginnings though.

Hope its clear and helps out. Give it a try and see the feedback you can generate on a subject or topic that maybe we looked at but didn't discuss or realize the real value of. If this site is going to fleurish than we are going to need the help of New Brunswicks voice and that includes you. We look forward to your contributions...






1-Baking Powder
4-Cream of Tarter
9-Milk-Canned Evaporated
12-Paper Towels
16-Stir Sticks
20-Toilet Tissue

Hey??? Don’t forget, if you wish to make a comment of the LNG<> You can do so by phoning a local radio talk show in Saint John.

It’s called- CFBC Talk of the Town. The toll free number is 1-800-561-8255!!! You can phone between 9:00am till 11:00am during the week!!! Then of course, you can talk about many different issues that concern you.

Speaking of talk shows? The show – Voice of the Province <> the Premier who was the guest last week received 45 calls but only 12 got on!

That’s a lot of calls!!!!

On another issue, please have a quick look in the poor section of my blog site! You will see a picture of the inside of the Soup Kitchen!

I will never forget the time that the 6-49 was 20 million dollars.

I asked George Piers <> What will he do if he won the Lotto?

He walked away with his head down and whisper - The first thing that I would do is get a bigger kitchen!!!

Take a look at the picture and you tell me??? The people who go at this needy place have many problems and you can just imagine sitting in a small room elbow to elbow. Once in a while trouble would break loose but the staff would quickly come to the rescue to cool things down!

Ok…Lets go to our person of the week!

Citizen of the week- Mike Gaudet!

I know the week isn’t finish yet but this fine gesture will be a very hard act to follow!

I met Mike Gallant while I was protesting. After a few weeks, I’ve heard that there was a Farmer’s Market in this area. I was told that thousands of citizens go to that place every Saturday morning.

I said to myself - What a great way and place to collect signatures for my petition?

I won’t go into the details but I was told to go across the street to collect names.

Once there, I noticed a tell gentleman standing there. His name was Mike Gaudet and he didn’t seem to impress with me.

At first, I didn’t know what was going on but I would find out that Mike was a Panhandler. In his mind, I was interfering in his territory!!!!!

Someone would walked by and we both would confront the individual. I was confronting for signatures and he was asking for some spare changes. He let it known to me that this has been his area since 1984 and he sort of told me to go somewhere else.

Weeks went by and I would see Mike around but I didn’t really chat with the guy.

I made a little investigation and I was told that Mike could have been a huge star in baseball??? Many told me the same story. I guess something happen and he took a down turn for the worse.

I would soon find out that Mike reads the paper. Every instance I write a letter to the Editor? He would always give me a comment on the streets! I might add that he’s very educated on different issues.

So why did I voted this guy Citizen of the week you asks?

Well? Yesterday, while volunteering at the Soup Kitchen! I decided to go outside for a smoke. Mike walked by me while debating an issue with a friend.

Being Charles? The nosy person that I am? I had to ask what they were talking about?

You see? I do hear a lot of stories from the street people in that area? Which reminds me? No one from Family Services went over to chat with the pregnant girl yet! I wonder why?

Anyway? Mike told me he was panhandling in front of the CIBC Bank on Queen Street.

Someone walked by him and an envelope fell on the ground.

Mike picked it up and behold inside was - $450.00!!!!

He shouted at the guy who drop the money on the ground. The guy took the money and left! He never thanked the guy and didn’t even give Mike a few bucks!

My God? How can some people sleep at night?

During my protest, I learned there’s many ignorant people in this City!

Anyway? This is the reason that I wrote this little update because it stories like this that no one hears about!

Good work Mike!!! You did the proper action and once I see you on the streets asking the citizens for a little change? I will see you in a different way!

I hope many readers have a different attitude towards you also???

By the way? Just for the record? It wasn’t an easy task to have Mike picture taken with me. He trusted me and I do appreciate this!

Ok..I wrote too much already…Got to go at the Legislature.

The session opens at 1:00pm! Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information highway!

Don’t forget to tell everyone on your list about this blog site! It’s a great way for New Brunswick to share their views on different issue!

Bye bye