Friday, July 15, 2005



I just watch the news on Global news and they showed the Mayor of Saint John Norm MacIrving meeting with the Chinese students concerning being attack for the sixth time in one week!


They claimed that they were thrown ice, water or rotten eggs!

One young Chinese girl approached the Mayor with tears in her eyes!

Hey? This is Saint John!

Do you know for how many years the Acadians and the Blacks were violently attack for their cultures?

Hundreds were assaulted.

But these days, it’s not as bad!

The Chinese’s attack was very mellow compare to what the Government of China treats it’s own citizens.

So really? The Chinese has it made in Canada compared to their own country of origin!


Pioneer in toxicology studies dies at 79
By Kelly Hawes

Published July 15, 2005
GALVESTON — Marvin S. Legator literally wrote the book on documenting the health effects of toxic wastes.

“He came in one morning and told me he was going to do it, and the next thing I knew the book was finished,” said Jonathan Ward, who succeeded Legator as director of the division of environmental toxicology in the department of preventive medicine and community health at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Legator, who died Monday at the age of 79, was the co-author of “The Health Detective’s Handbook: A Guide to the Investigation of Environmental Health Hazards by Nonprofessionals,” published in 1985. An update, “Chemical Alert: A Community Action Handbook,” was published eight years later.

The book led to numerous requests from communities seeking to document the health effects of toxic chemicals, and those studies, in turn, led to numerous articles.

“One of the things that Marvin ended up doing a lot of was serving as an expert witness in cases of individuals and communities injured by toxic chemicals,” Ward recalled.

One of the earliest cases involved a lawsuit filed by a chemical plant worker who developed leukemia after years of exposure to benzene.

“That case led to a judgment for millions of dollars,” Ward said.

In the 1990s, Legator wrote a weekly question-and-answer column called “Living in a Chemical World” for The Daily News.

Legator, who founded the division of environmental toxicology when he joined UTMB in 1976, retired from the director’s position in 1999, but he remained active in research until the time of his death. His final project involved the cancer effects of Ritalin.

“Marvin noticed a study that found a link between Ritalin and the development of cancer in rats, and he went out and raised $100,000 for some research,” Ward said.

The study of a dozen children in Texas City gained national attention and has led to follow-up studies.

“And he did all of this while struggling with his illness,” Ward said.

Before joining UTMB, Legator was a professor of genetics at Brown University, chief of the genetic toxicology branch of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and toxicologist at the Shell Development Co.

Legator was born in Chicago, and he earned a doctorate in microbial genetics and biochemistry at the University of Illinois in 1951.

He and his wife, Donna, were married in 1960. They had three children and five grandchildren.


This weekend will mark the second anniversary of the death Sarah McLain.


I remember that awful day like it was yesterday.

I was sitting on my beach chair near my tent and I noticed this lighting bolt hitting the ground.

During the protest, I would always look towards the shy because you never know when the bad weather will hit.

During the summer of 2003, I’ve witness many lighting storms.

I always love lying down in my tent while the storm passed by. It was great.


Dangerous but great!!

I noticed last summer there were not too many lighting storms during the summer months.


Going back to that awful day that Sarah McLain died.

It wasn’t dark and the girls who were playing soccer never had a warning that lighting was in the area.

There were no rumbling of thunder!

Nothing! It happened to fast.

I was surprise to hear a couple of hours later that a young girl was killed by that bolt of lighting?


It only took one bolt and the little girl was gone from this world!

My sympathy goes out to their family on this very sad day!


She was from the State of Maine! God Bless!


Life was very short for this little girl.

Here’s the story that was posted on the CBC website-




Please let me know if I’m the only one who’s confuse here.

For months and months Bernard Lord would stand in the House of the Legislature and give a blast to the Federal Liberals about the sponsorship scandal.

Even if it had nothing to do with the issues in New Brunswick.

He would always condemn Paul Martin in the Legislature.

Now? He turns around and want some money????

Excuse me but is it only me who’s missing the point here?

There was no way in the world that the Federal Liberals would give some money to Bernard Lord for Point Lepreau after being blasted in the House for months and months!!!

Am I right or wrong???


I believe that Bernard is being an hypocrite on this issue!!!