Saturday, March 12, 2005


Hey? Remember a few weeks ago? The guy who was arrested for sending treating email to a few politicians? Well? Here’s his story-

Former Tory candidate unfit for trial on death-threat counts

Canadian Press

SAINT JOHN - A former federal Conservative candidate in New Brunswick charged with making death threats against municipal politicians in Gatineau, Que., has been found unfit to stand trial following a psychiatric evaluation, the Crown says.

Serge Landry, 39, who is originally from Caraquet, was released to the custody of a Quebec hospital after his hearing Thursday. He is also barred from contacting the mayor and councillors of Gatineau.

"He was found not criminally responsible," said Guy Loisel, the Crown prosecutor who oversaw Landry's case.

An administrative tribunal that oversees wards of the province in Quebec will judge when Landry can be released from hospital and under what conditions.

He had been charged with three counts of uttering death threats and two counts of criminal harassment against the mayor and councillors of Gatineau, which lies across the Ottawa River from the federal capital.

Landry was the Conservative candidate for the federal riding of Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe in the 2000 general election. He came in third.

So? He’s not fit to stand trial eh? You know what? As God is my witness I hope it doesn’t happen in New Brunswick but the question is not if someone will cross that thin line and attack the New Brunswick Legislature but when???

I had a chat of this issue with a bureaucrat a few weeks ago and it’s very very very scary!
Take a look down the States? Shooting all over the places! One Judge was shot dead and you know what?
I often wondered why is the reason our Judges don’t have any protections here in Canada!
I remember seeing a Judge walking outside of the courthouse in Saint John to his vehicle!
The problem was that the parking space had his name on it!
Isn’t that scary? But this is Canada and we don’t go around shooting Judges but I’m afraid this might change in the very near future because people are desperate for help and on a few occasions they might do some desperate acts!
Take a close look at my Human Rights Case?
I was attacked by a very racist supervisor from the Irving Empire! < I should have called the police >
His name is Brian Grant and he still working with that racist company – Gulf Operators!
Anyway? You know the story! < if not? Take a stroll through my past updates >
Those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Irvings that they can continue their witch hunt against the minorities in this Province!
They sent me a letter- Sorry? We agreed with the Irvings!
But did you know that those racist members are not screen once they are appointed to these commission? The Chairperson is a girlfriend of a former defeated P.C. MLA!!!
Just a few days ago, a couple of people were appointed to a Commission without being screen!
The funny part is that we have a convicted thief who is on the Human Rights Commission and he stole from the Irvings in the 80s and now is on the Commission looking after the Irvings interest!
Look at my case during the protest in front of the Legislature?
It took 50 days for the Irving media to cover this story?
People like me would say- HEY??? I’M HERE!!!! PLEASE COVER MY STORY!!!
But the Irvings media are following orders from J.D. Irving to ignore certain citizens and I am one of them!
As a matter of fact? Ever since Peter Huggert came to the Capital! I haven’t had my column printed!
See what I mean?????
But going back to ignore certain individuals? These people will cry out for the media to listen to their concerns but will be ignore at any cost!
Than suddenly? There’s a shoot out with people being shot!!!
Then the media will run to the scene and cover the trouble individual issues! But it will be too late!
This is the reason that Ottawa must investigate the way that the Irvings are running this province like a communist State and must be put to a stop before it’s too late!
As I wrote in the past, it will not be done by a straight forward individual like myself but the quiet type!
Take a close look at the Welfare office in the Capital?
These social workers are degrading the poor people who asked for help in their open cubicles!!!
They degrade them in front of the whole floor and God knows what goes through these poor people heads???? You cannot continue treating people like dirt and expect them not to retaliate???
As I said at the beginning of this update! It’s not the question of if the Legislature will be attack but when and I pray that I am dead < opps wrong word > on this issue!!!
I have more issues to write about but I wrote enough already! Excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!
Bye bye