Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about this issue???


Well? I just been told that there's a truck in the River in Pre D'en Haut.


I guess there's a body inside. I pray that it's not another young person who took their life away? I guess the tragic accident happened near the Church at Beaumont!!!


It's should be on Global News tonight at 11:00pm!!!


By the way? It has come to my attention that some of you believe that I do these funny pictures? Sorry, it's not my work! I have enough trouble with my own poor writing skills. This blog is a team! The individual who does the work don't wish to be named but we call him Artist WCIE!!! The guy who started this blog is WCIE!!! If we are in need of an emergency and WCIE cannot be reach? WCIE jr comes into action. The only known idiots or troublemakers are myself and Tim Smith!!!!

May 4-2005-T& C-7


This is a fine example what you readers can do! You have a problem or concern? Take your digital camera and take a picture. Send me the pictures and your comment like this one - More pictures inside the blog!!!!

Here is a couple of nice shots taken from the Causeway Saturday Aug 20/05


The crap on the water is oil probably pumped out of the bilge in the ship in the picture. Courtney Bay is subjected to these assaults by Irving oil exports every day of the week. Not a pretty sight! The crap was being sucked into that pipe by the way, not coming out of it


Money in! Fuel out! Crap left in the Bay.

Perhaps Irving should pay the Province's 1/3 share of harbour cleanup! Even with all the sewerage treated, Irving or his Customer's ships will still be doing this to the harbour!



Last Friday, I decided to attend a little gathering of the Federal P.C. Party.


Once there, I noticed many people do read this blog.

The leader Steven Harper arrived and gave a little speech.

I had my camera in tow so I could have a picture taken with the maybe next Prime Minister of Canada.

I believe he was going to walked around among the people but it never happen because everyone gathered in a line up to meet with Mr. Harper.

A few people from the Provincial wing reminded me to behave.

I told the workers that I always behave.

The only instance I really lost it was at the public meeting held by Jeannoit Volpe in the Capital.

Charles 04_07_05 056

The appointed bureaucrat told me that I only had three minutes to speak and I totally lost it and I ended up speaking for over 10 minutes.

The Lord Government began this new style during their mandate.

They will only allowed 2 minutes for a person to asked their question and that’s it!

They followed the same procedure at their General meeting in Fredericton. Many members weren’t impress at all!

Opppsss going back to Steven Harper?

People were lined up telling him of their own little problems.

I quickly grabbed his attention by saying Bonjour Monsieur Harper!

He spoke French and I told him that I was from Memramcook. He didn’t know where Memramcook was located.

I explain to him that it was near Moncton.

I told the Leader, I protested in a tent for six months against the use of Ritalin.

He didn’t know anything about the protest but that was ok!

I speak Acadian French. Le chiac!!! You know - eva allae au store me chercher un packait de smoke!!!…

So I quickly change the conversation into English!

When you come face to face with these elected officials, you have to move fast because there’s a line up of people waiting in line to meet the popular leader.

I went on right to the issue in hand.

I noticed that he had two young workers and one had a microphone in hand tapping every word that was being discuss with the leader.

I asked him if he knew of Dilaudid?

He quickly told me that it was a Provincial issue.

I reminded the Leader where he’s from out west?

Crystale Meth is the drug of choice.

Ontario and Quebec is mostly Cocaine and here in this Province is Prescription drug!


The Provincial Government has only set aside 1.2 Million dollars towards methadone clinics but we need more money!

Our future generations are at risk!


Steven Harper made the biggest mistake of his entire life!!!!

He gave me his card with his email! My God? Another victim!!!….

He allowed me to have his picture taken with me and I didn’t find him a bad fellow.

But I also know for a true fact that once a person is in the opposition? They can promise you the world!

This is the reason that I’m trying to set up a meeting with Andy Scott but I find this a very difficult task!

I also approach Aaron Kennedy from Paul Zed office.


I will admit that every instance I come across Andy? He always give me the time to hear my concerns.


I did chat with for a few minutes during the celebrations on Acadian Day and he knew all about this major problem in New Brunswick.

The Federal Government must tackle this problem head on!


I warned Bernard Lord about this issue 5 years ago but they choose to ignore this issue and look at the huge mess we’re in these days?


Afterwards, I noticed one of my favorite P.C. ADHD MLA shouting the numbers of the 50-50 draw. I'm not smilling because I noticed all the people in the are were watching very closely! Look at the people behind us? They must say- What is he going to use that picture for in his blog?


His name is Kirk MacDonald. The reason I say ADHD? He always gives out long speeches in the Legislature.

I must admit that he’s good at time. I will also admit that he gave me an interview over the internet a few months ago.

That was awfully nice of him. I always enjoy debating issues with this MLA!!!

Afterwards, I decided to go home on my ten speed bike.

This was the first time that I was ever in this area and it reminded me of my bike trip across Canada and the U.S.A.! You know? Taking on new sights.

Before I left, I asked someone from the premier office to take a picture of me and Chisholm Pothier. He's the guy marching up the stairs in this picture. Looks like a good soldier!!!

Charles 04_07_05 070

My God? I sometime believe they have a hard time running the Government never mind taking a picture?

Look at this picture I asked one of them to take.


Once the Lord Government is eliminated off the political map? I hope this guy don’t apply for a job as a photographer???…oh well? C’est la vie!!!