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{{A Closer Look At What Happens With An Addicted Governing Body!}}

The public must be educated on just how big the problem of Video Lottery Gambling really is and how much it is hurting our Municipalities, our Communities and the very Social - fabric of which we live.

There has been so much destruction from these things, people committing suicide, family split-ups, immeasurable personal destruction, loss of local revenue, most local businesses are feeling the pinch of this addiction because this is money no longer being recycled throughout the local economy.

Regardless of what this government says the reality is the level of money going to the Provincial Government at such a large amount is very hard to replace locally.

For example: In Saint John alone the numbers are roughly 25-30 Million Dollars,
Fredericton & Moncton would be about 15-20 Million Dollars and the rest is split among the rural areas for a total of over 100 Million Dollars and growing annually.


The truth is regardless of what the Provincial Government has tried to TELL or SELL you, Ask any of the Mayors of the three bigger Cities and they will tell you honestly that they (DO NOT) receive any ($O) of the revenues from VLT's.

The Mayor of Saint John, Mr. McFarlane has already came out with that statement,
so with this information look at it this way, the City of Saint John is currently complaining about the loss of revenues from the Irving Tax give away which will cost tax payers about 112 Million Dollars over Five years.

On that same note the loss of revenues from VLT Exploitation the City of Saint John alone stands to loose at a minimum 25 Million Dollars a year for a total of 125 Million Dollars and approximately 75 more suicides provided the current number of 15 suicides per year does not change over the next five years, Which surpasses the Irving fiasco.

But here are the real numbers overall,combine just these two issues together and Saint John will suffer a setback of over a Quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, AND ALSO THE IRREVERSIBLE LOSS OF 75 SUICIDES FOR NO PURPOSE WHAT_SO_EVER
FOR THE CITY OF SAINT JOHN that cannot or will not be collected or replaced again.

I don't know about the average citizen of Saint John but I find that totally criminal and NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I believe it is about time Our Government is held responsible for these types of
destructions to our local economies and we should make it understood that Creative Governing should and Must be a top priority within this Province on the next Election.

They should also be held responsible for the many suicides in the Province of New Brunswick because of their lack of for site to create a percentage account toward establishing a build up of self gaining revenues off of the profits of VLT's that could have been used to build a facility to house these highly addictive machines at least 10 years ago which could have come from those funds raised for at least Four years from the time the VLT's were taken into possession.

I believe that any Judge that had this issue before him or her today would have to agree that the Government of New Brunswick as it stands today is and has been purposely exploiting Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Addictive Personalities based on the amount of time this Province has operated and prophet from these machines considering the many other options available to them through the Millions of Dollars over such an extended period of time.

PLEASE: E-mail your local MLA's also the Premier's Office and The Lottery Commission
to demand that these changes take effect Immediately by using a percentage of the prophets generated by the very addiction in which these Millions of Dollars are raised in the first place and let's stop the killing of our citizens and local economies.

And lastly LET US NOT FORGET that 48% of the voting population tried very hard to stop this foreseeable disaster from ever becoming the reality that it has become please once again I ask you to demand these changes as part of the next Election.

Timothy Smith. June 19th 2005

# 2 (( Let’s Take A Second Look At This Comparison }}

It is curious how I compare the issue of VLT’s to the way drugs were sold back in the
seventies up until the early nineties in and outside of malls, school entrances and busy uptown areas basically wherever people had a habit to gather and became a province wide problem of Exploitation of our children and young adults with the avoidance of becoming addicted to marijuana, hashish, acid and the like so the law stepped in to clean it up.

It is an interesting way of looking at VLT addiction as exploitation and it does seem to hold merit based on that theory.

It is true VLT’S have been under Government Control for about 15 years in this Province which in all respects must have netted just under a billion dollars to date in that allotted time and yet not one dime has ever been set aside through a properly regulated program of any type whatsoever to build a structure in which they were ever to be housed.

This seriously leaves one to take a second look at the possibility the New Brunswick
Government had no intentions of running this program other than to reach out as far into the crowed populace as possible which in turn comes back to exactly what has been suggested, Exploitation by the Governing body of New Brunswick for the sake of prophet.

With no changes to this program as Suicides started to rise through a no way out addiction trap, also a very weak addiction services act does tend to point in the direction of inflicted addictive suicides upon the obsessively weak by none other than the Government of New Brunswick with the sincere intent of financial gain to the death of it's own people.

Exploitation definitely fits the bill and there should be an inquiry into the way this program has been handled over the life of it's existence to see if indeed the
Government of New Brunswick is Guilty of Murder for Prophet through a widespread and
highly addictive program as they are fully aware of the title this addiction holds over all other forms of gambling (The crack cocaine of Gambling)

Timothy Smith June 19th 2005.


Last evening while walking through the City? < love walking in the Capital at night, it’s beautiful >

Someone approach me with a very interesting story.


Remember the blog a few weeks back that I was going to go toe to toe with those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission at a meeting held by the Fredericton Anti Poverty association?

Well, once at the meeting I found 95% of the people in attendance were very friendly.

The Anti-Poverty Association are always raising concerns of the issue of the poor and this is a good thing.


Anyway, the individual that represented the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission was Susan Butterfield.

SUSAN IS THE ONE ON THE LEFT!!! < Little did I know while this picture was taken? Two cops were watching me very closely! >


I always respected her until now!!!

I was told these racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights came out with a plan.

They called in the Fredericton Police Force for protection.

Once I was told this I said - Yeah right!!! I don’t believe this for one second.

I was told there was a black guy and a with blond hair.

After letting my ADHD brains go back in time.

I remembered making a comment to the black guy but he ignored me. I found him very rude.

Then there was this woman with blond hair.

Then it hit me! There was a woman with blond hair and a very expensive jacket. Too fancy to be at a meeting like this one!!!

I remember saying hello to her and she quickly turned her head! I also found her very rude!!!

Now? We all need the evidence right? Well? HERE IT IS!!!!!!

Look at this picture! The woman standing against the wall in the back. Her name is detective Bragg!!! What is she doing? Does she have a radio to her ear?


What a waste of taxpayers money! Were they paid 30 bucks an hour to watch over Charles!

How much money was Susan Butterfield paid to show up at that meeting?

The point that I am very upset is the factthat Susan Butterfield and me chatted in the hallways for 15 minutes!

I believe that she wanted to chat with me but she was setting me up because there were two cops watching me very closely!

The minute that I would have went out of control? They would have arrested me and bought me to Campbellton for a 30 days observation.

These racist members are very very very dirty people.

You make a complaint to these people and you become the victim.

Of course it would be nice for the media to phone in and asked questions about the way our taxpayers works but they won’t because they’re all Irving employees!

I did hear another point of view.

Someone told me that the cops are always at these meetings because they’re afraid that the poor have so much frustrations in their lives that the meeting will quickly go out of control!

I’m sorry but I’m certain that the organizers of the Anit Poverty Association can take matters in their own hand!

Someone must have a cell phone present?

They is an insult to the poor!

Why don’t the Fredericton Police Force go at other functions?

Is this a police state?

Once a poor person speaks up on issues?

Do those detectives mark everything down and bring them at the Police Station?

Good question?

But maybe they were only there this here once because those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission were afraid of Charles?

I say- Hey? If you are afraid to face Charles in public without the Police Forces present then you should resign!


To Susan Butterfield who I believe was having a decent conversation with me but I was being set up!


I say- SHAME ON YOU!!!

Am I lying? Look at the picture??

The evidence speaks for itself! This activist prosecutor rest it’s case against those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!!!`