Thursday, May 05, 2005


Ok? I’m sitting with the keyboard on my lap in a nice cozy chair reflecting today’s event.

Tim Smith is still protesting but no one from the Lord Government came and chat with the guy except for Margaret Ann Blaney.

I noticed she was wearing a nice outfit so therefore I told her - Listen? I told Bernard Lord’s wife Diane a few months ago, once her husband is asleep?

Charles 04_07_05 070

Why don’t she whispers in Bernard Lord ear - Ritalin…Ritalin…Ritalin and maybe in the morning he’ll wake up saying - You know what? I feel that the drugging and killing of our kids must come to a stop! I think that I’m going order a study on Ritalin.

Heyyy??? I’ll suggest anything??? If it works! ….lol….

Same as the Transport Minister, she should sit on Bernard Lord desk and say- Come on Boss? Lets do something about the VLT’S??

You know just like a secretary at work? in fun!!!


Tim Smith told me that a few people dropped a few bills in his bucket which is located in front of the Legislature.

Charles 04_07_05 122

He’s not collecting money for himself. He wants pennies!!! Not bills!!!

The reason that he’s doing this is because Jeannoit Volpe told the media that he needs every penny that he collect from the VLT’S!

At the end, Tim will give the Finance Minister a bucket full of pennies!!!

He also told me that a few tourists from Europe saw the bucket and began taking out their little wallet and looking for pennies.

May 4-2005-T-2

Tim is telling me a lot of stories which has been happening in front of the Legislature during the past 48 hours.

I told him that he should try to stay in a tent for six months? I hope my book comes out soon because there’s all kinds of stories in there.

Speaking of stories? The protester with the red Clown nose was once again escorted from the Legislature by the Fredericton Police Forces! So therefore, once again the unhappy clown was on his way home in a angry mood! ..LOL….It’s funny when you think about it!!!!…

Once I arrived at the Legislature, the protesters began their way out of the house and they didn’t look like a happy bunch!

They told me that once their petition was presented to the Government?

Bernard Lord stood up and left the floor.

They also were disgusted with the attitude of our MLA’S!


On another note, one protester told Tim Smith that his wife lost $2,000 in the VLT’S!!! The sad part was that it happened in one evening? How can you lose that much money so fast he asked?

Yes, I droved the girl with the camera crazy asking her to take some pictures of people that I knew and maybe will never see again in this lifetime!

It’s a souvenir!

I saw Dave from the shipyard and these days, he’s in a wheelchair. The old saying is so true! If he or she have their health?

They shouldn’t complain!

The funny part was once they left?

I was exhausted because I believe that I talked too much!

Oh well? What can a person do? These people are real fighters because they each paid from their own pockets to come to the Capital! I guess the school bus cost $60.00 an hour! Can you imagine if the ride was free?

Saint John has a lot of people who are too poor to afford coming to Fredericton.

I strongly believe that the Government shouldn’t accept this deal because this issue will not go away!

If I was the Irvings? To save face?

I would announce that the LNG Plant is history and start anew! Will they do this? Of course not because they have the control of the media and they are denying citizens like myself to write letters to the Editor against this deal!


If this was 200 years ago? All the MLA’s and the Irvings would be hung by the citizens and they would begin all over again!

But this is Canada and we don’t have revolution so what else can we do?

You tell me??? Tim starting to act like me when I was protesting. Once a Liberal MLA comes out the door? He follows them to the building to explain his point!

Another Charles LeBlanc at the Legislature? Thank God that he has a eight year old daughter at home!!!

He could land at the Legislature for life just like me!! am I laughing about? It’s not funny!

I know that I don’t have a life but I take it day by day! That’s the only way to look at a situation like this one! Hey? I leave it to my faith! I’m not a born again Christian but too many coincidence in my life to stop now! It's my faith that keeps me going!!!

Charles 04_11_05 003

I had a good laugh with a female protester? She wanted to know what kind of stories was on my blog?

She was smoking so I asked her – How your sex drive?

I might add there were three other females around. I suddenly had their attention! Of course I had someone beside me to verify that I was telling the truth! Check this blog target="_blank">CharlesBlog

Ohh… Carl White name was mention with the protesters and they couldn’t understand how a convicted thief got to be appointed on the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission???

More on those racist members after Tim’s protest! What else happen? From what I gathered? The reporters where talking among themselves and I guess Bernard Lord is upset with them because of the Brenda Fowlie episode.

He ignores the media and they’re saying among each other? How can we write good positive stories about the Premier if there’s not any good stories or things to write about him?

That’s where the problem lies too little media to cover a story!

We’re one of the smallest province in Canada and the Irvings knows it!!!

Ok…I’m just rambling here.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!

Bye bye


If you don't her? Well? You're out of luck!!! You're on your own!!!

Charles 04_07_05 060


I'll write more tonight on this issue but they are gone and they weren't amuse of the way the MLA'S acted in the House!!! I told them- The problem is this!!!! They refuse to take their Ritalin!!! Stay tune for more this evening. Lots of comments!!!


This is going to be a really quick update because it’s too nice to be inside.

I meant to comment on Ely Robichaud yesterday but I forgot!

There was Elvy Robichaud < Minister of Health > speaking to a reporter from CBC about the rate of suicide in this Province.

They were outside of the Legislature so it was fair game.

I let him finish and once it was over?


He quickly walked away and this is true because I know of two cases that this happened.

Oh well? With the Lord Government in power, the drugging and killing of our children will continue.

I may have some news in the morning about the Liberals and Ritalin so stay tune.

Ok…Tim Smith did a fantastic job last evening on ATV news with Steve Murphy!

Many people are coming to him with their own personal problem.

One guy lost his house and all he has left is his vehicle. The Finance institution are looking for the guy I guess?

This morning, the protesters against the LNG deal arrived from Saint John.

I had a meeting to meet someone at Tim’s! While waiting, I noticed three fancy buses arriving so I called CFBC from an outside payphone.

I said - This is your live CFBC reporter from the Capital and I just want to let you know the buses have arrived in the Capital.

Hey? I felt great to let the public know. I had my little meeting and went over the Legislature to meet the protesters from Saint John but there was only one itty bitty problem?

There was nobody around?

I asked Tim - Where’s the protesters?

He said - They’re coming and minutes later they sure came!

They were in one small yellow school bus!

I told the audience there were three fancy buses but the true is there was only one small school bus!!…some repoter I am????…

I noticed the second the bus stop, a commissionaire came over and told them they cannot bring their bags with them and talked among each other in the gallery!

My God? What a welcome approach to the Capital???

I decided to see what was going on and I noticed my old bigot friend Jimmy Webb and other old friends that I haven’t seen in years.

Of course I forgot many names but I did noticed that many recognized my voice from the talk show.

I quickly said - You mean once you hear my voice? You don’t shut down the radio? …lol…no seriously I received my positives comments.

One guy told me that his wife visited my blog site last evening and they enjoy the blog.

Hey? Anyway to spread the message.

They were lined up outside to go in the gallery!

I was asked if I was going?

I told the protesters that I couldn’t be bothered because you just sit there and are not allowed to move or talk!

It’s terrible.

They look like a determine bunch so lets see what’s going to happen?

I noticed a girl with a camera and I droved her crazy because I wanted some pictures taken with some old friends of mine. It’s good for my blog! So stay tune!!!

They are in the Legislaturee as I write this blog!

I'll write more about them and less about me tonight!

Tim Smith told me that a protester came over with an envelope with ten bucks inside from a citizen from Saint John.

This kind of action gives Tim the courage to continue his protest but if you have a folding chair?

Bring one over to tim and don’t forget?

Do you have a spare room in the Fredericton area? Give the guy a helping hand.

Better yet? You got lots of money and want to support the guy?

Just call a motel in the City and send me a note!

He is not the type who asks for help! This morning someone threw 5 bucks in his bucket and he quickly told them that he just want pennies! He’s very determine and he won’t asks for help but if someone offers? That’s different!

Tonight will be the last time that he can sleep in a motel room! It was very nice for Stuart Jamieson to give Tim a helping hand!

Ok…I am in a hurry but I will have more stories in the evenings!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!