Sunday, August 14, 2005



I just received this email


Sometimes I wonder if you could address one problem that we have here in New Brunswick.

The problem is the lack or non existant Rest Area in this province.

When you travel you are obliged to stop at an Irving garage or other garages and feel like you have to buy something in order to use their washrooms.

It is ok for a man, they pee on the road or if you travelled lately look at all the yellow bottles of pop or whatever bottle filled with pee.

When you go to Quebec or other provinces, they have washroom facilities for the travellers.

They want tourists but do not want to make their stay a pleasant one.

Just an idea.


This week, I read in the comments that I hate Bernard Lord and a few other organizations.

Charles 04_07_05 071

Well? Let me make myself very clear on one issue.

There’s not too many people that I hate! Personally, I like Bernard Lord.

Every instance we crossed path? We always have a little friendly chat. Never once have we had a shouting match!

Never once have I told the Premier off! < which I should have >…lol…

On a few occasions before my bloggling days? I would write that the next time I come face to face with the Premier? I’m going to tell him off!

You could tell by the look on his face that he was ready for a confrontation but it never happen!

Charles 04_07_05 070

What I don’t agree with the Premier is his style of ignoring New Brunswickers on certain issues.

He just refuses to meet with protesters.

Charles 04_07_05 072

He will not do a study on the issue of Ritalin and he won’t look at the issue of VLT’S!

He comes across the wrong way and this is the reason that he will be eliminated off the political map during the next provincial Election.

If Bernard Lord wins the next Provincail election?

I will never…I repeat never again write about the Premier in this Blog!

Another issue I wish to confront is the writer who said that I love the picture that artist WCIE did of me and Hitler!


He made it look that I support Hitler?

Sorry! Not true!

I used that picture when I write about the people who dedicated their lives and soul to the Evil Irving Empire.

I could put a picture of any individual near Hitler but I use mine.

I don’t really hate anyone.

Look at the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission?


Just last week, I bumped into their lawyer- Chris Whallen. Does this picture look like I hate him?


Of course not!

But I don’t agree the way these Government employees are treating New Brunswick Rights in this Province.

Nova Scotia has many Human Rights Hearings but not here in New Brunswick.

WHY? That’s the emotional question?

I don’t believe those people in Nova Scotia will follow the same action as Director Susan Butterfield from the Commission and work in a police sting to have
me arrested!


Look at the picture? The female office Dectitive Bradd in laying against the wall!


Read pass blog at target="_blank">Charles

When you have members of the human rights commission going against the poor?

I do have a problem with that!

Do I hate Susan Butterfield? Of course not! She’s a sweetheart! But she really disappointed me by following this action.

I will continue to fight against injustice.


Hey? When you have a Human Rights Commisison telling the Irvings that minorities < cultures > can be assaulted and people with Mental disabilities should be ignored at any cost?

I have a problem with that and I will continue to fight those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission till the end of times.

Did you know that the Commission haven’t had a case against the irvings for years and years????

What do you expect? You have a convicted thief < Carl White > who stole from Stresscom in the 80s and now sits on the Commission! He's the black guy in this picture.


How did he get in there? That’s the question?

I do have a problem with that!

Do I hate Carl White?

In this case? Maybe a little! Especially when this case worker and politician hung the phone in my ear!

So I have good reason to maybe hate the guy a little!

This is not a hate blog site!

Some newcomers might see the picture of Hitler and be offended!


Well? There’s a strong message behind that picture and it’s not hate!

It’s called – Big rich Billionaires in control of the Government of New Brunswick and all the newspapers in this Province.

The Irvings? Do I hate them?

I like J.K., Arthur, Jack and Kenneth! But J.K.’s son James?

I maybe hate him a little especially when I told him that he had a racist supervisor name Brian Grant working for Gulf Operators.


He walks around and say that no niggers or frogs should be allowed to work
within the Irving Empire!!! Gulf Operators is a very racist compagny.

J.D. Irving told me that it was ok!

Here's his picture!


Opps wrong one!!!!!


Do I hate the guy? Maybe a little?

J.D. Irving is totally out of control. He’s the true Mr.Burns of New Brunswick. I will crush you with my bare hands.


So? I hope that I made myself clear on the word - Hate!

I don’t hate anyone but there’s a few that I might hate a little!