Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I feel like I’m on a small island and the water is rising.

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This will be my last blog for a while until I find out what to do?

Lets go back to what happen today…ohhh….one more thimg? No pictures in this one because I’m bloggling from a wireless computer.

I received an email this morning from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission telling me that I could meet with them at 3:00pm!

I was ready for some bad news and I was ready to tell them off! < again >

I always said that someone is watching over me and in this case it was no different.

I got an idea that I should bring a follow activist with me. She’s a female and don’t wish to be named.

We will call her 777!

She gladly accepted to be on my side.

I have known 777 for over one year and she’s been a good friend.

I might add that 777 could keep me in control if the meeting went out of hand.

She told me that she’ll meet me in front of the Legislature at 2:50pm!

I decided to visit the Library at the Legislature while I waited.

Something caught my eyes and I quickly grab it!

I walked into the Sargeant At Arms office and he was sitting down behind his desk.

I told Dan Bussieres that I’m meeting with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission in 20 minutes and I have a weapon with me while my two arms were behind my back!

Poor Dan? He must have believed that I finally went over the edge!

He asked in a concern way- Whhhat’s your weapon????

I quickly slam a jar full of chocolate candies on his desk!!!!

We had a good laugh because that’s all I need is more sugar to make me hyper!!!

I met 777 and off to the building of the members of the Commission we went.

I soon found out that 777 was very popular with the members of the commission. They were hugging and chatting about old tales.

I believe they were relieve that she was my partner.

The meeting got under way at 3:00pm sharp with me and 777 sitting on side and two members of the commission on the other side.

They looked concerned when I put around 10 chocolate candies on the table.

I’m certain that they believe that those chocolates could be a weapon!!!

Yes, it’s like throwing some gas on a fire.

So…they told me that they have contacted the landlord and he agreed to let me take a shower between 8:30am to 9:30am! I quickly reminded the Commission that I didn’t need one hour to take a shower.

The landlord got a wake up call and everything could turn to a normal situation.

I reminded the Commission that I also wash my dished in the kitchen?

They told me that they would contact the Landlord.

I stood up and shook their hand that they move so quickly on this complaint.

All this was done without saying that I have ADHD or Acadian or any other reason.

They took the complaint because I was human being and that was that!!!!

We continued to press the issue of how to go having the Lord Government to pass some kind of law that would protect borders or roomers?

I reminded the members that this had nothing to do with me. If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around the province? That’s the emotional question?

After close to 45 minutes of meeting, I left the building in a very happy mood.

I was so happy that I kissed 777 on the cheek for a job very well done but all that would change a couple of hours later.

I don’t have the time to copy all the letter in this blog but it was nasty and rude.

The long letter was on my door and it told me that I can use the shower for 30 minutes a day.

It went on by sort of saying- If I dared to fart? I’m evicted immediately!!!!

If I used the washroom? I should clean it! The littlest things that I do wrong? I’m evicted!!!!

I knew that the gig was up because I have to pay my rent in a few days and it would only be a matter of time till I’m evicted without any money.
They would evict me and keep the rent money!!!
I got to move fast! Therefore I’m moving all my stuff next door in the morning.

While I try to find a room.

I’m leaving this place after staying here for a over one year and I feel bad for the guys in here.

The guy downstairs got evicted this evening and he’s upset.


The other guy living inside the fire door with a sign - EMPLOYEES ONLY!!!!!! He’s like a prisoner in jail.

No one is allowed to visit him at all!

We used to visit the guy but no more.

The other guy upstairs is sort of forced to move in the back of the house and pay 50
bucks a year more. He’s been living there for over five years and the caretaker wants a new boarder in his place.

Trust me! It’s cold in that room in the winter and the guy might die!

The electrical wires in this place is terrible and it’s a death trap!


These guys are heading towards a cold winter ahead and good luck to them!

My room is the largest one in this building and it’s not a bad place for the price but beginning tomorrow this will be just a part of history in my mind.


I am definitely going to pursue this huge injustice being done to me and I will visit the Commission during the next few days to show them the note the caretaker left on my door.

As I said earlier? If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around this province.

I will pursue this issue till the poor have some kind of rights!

The caretaker clens the COUNTER in the kitchen with a floor broom! The place is bad and the health Department should investigate but this will never happen!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just wrote the darn thing in a big hurry!

I might add there will be no blogs for a few days until everything gets back to normal! But knowing me? I’ll blog from somewhere!!!!! Bye bye!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I'm moving out in the morning and it's not the fault of the Human Rights! I'll get to that later. I'm moving everything down to an apartment next door! I might have to stay at the shelter over night! I believe the case was settle but I don't believe so. Will say more during the next few days!!!! If you know where there's a room? Send me an email. Merci! I tell ya one thing? There's never a dull momment in my life. Gotta go!!!


Yes minds!!!





Yesterday morning, I phoned the talk show talk of the town on CFBC.


I told the audience my little story about tenants and roomers having no rights.

I proved my point by telling the host Rick Mantle that the fire marshall came by and told the caretaker that he wasn’t allowed to lock the middle door in the building.

Minutes later there was a hand written letter on my door telling me that I couldn’t take a shower downstairs any longer.

I went on to say that I was going to make a complaint to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and that I did.

I also mention that I don’t have to deal with Carl White!!! Thank God!!!!

I can deal with the Generals.

I arrived at their building at 11:00am.

The girl who answered the door turned around and I believe she said-He’s here because seconds later, a door quickly shut!

Once inside, I expected to see Christian Whalen but he was no where to be seen!

I asked the girl to speak to a case worker.

Mind you? I must admit that I didn’t have to perfect attitude because I can’t stand to be around these people.

Aline Barnett came over and asked for my name?

I believe she was making fun of me? At first, I believe it was a joke???

The door that quickly shut?

Where there police officers in that room? Who knows?

I asked the case worker how long she has been with the Human Rights Commission? She told me around 10 years.

So? We sat in the conference room and I began to tell her my story.

She told me that there wasn’t much that could be done?


It has to be you know… Race, Ancestry, National Origin, Place of Origin, Colour, Religion, Menatl Disablility, Physical Disablility, Age, sex, Sexual Harrasment, Sexual Orientation, Martial Status, social condition or Political Belief or Activity Convictions.

She mentioned - Social condition but at the end?


She wasn’t certain if I would be covered by the Human Rights Act?

I said- Never mind reasons? I won’t use French or ADHD!

I am just a human being who is being denied my right to have a shower like everybody else.

It’s only about the right to have a shower.


She showed a piece of paper to be fill out!!!

I quickly said-….you people agreed with the Irvings that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation so therefore I need help to write the complaint.

Hey? They came out with this very discriminating verdict so therefore they are going to do the paper work.

I flatly told them that the last time I wrote my complaint?

I didn’t do a good job because the new Brunswick Human rights Commission told the Irvings that niggers and frogs can be assaulted!!!

SH@T!!!! Getting upset again!

I didn’t seem to get nowhere with Aline???

So I quickly left my chair and confronted their lawyer Christian Whallen.


As I told Aline earlier. I demanded that they call the Fredericton Police Forces so we can know what the hell is going on?

Christian suggested that I call the Rentalman???

Sh@t! Here we go again!

The Rentalman says the cops has to be present if I’m evicted without just cause.

The cops says to go to the Human Rights!


No one seem to know what to do with boarders or roomers????

We live in Canada and a person can be denied taking a shower and no one can do anything about it????


I added that these workers make between $50,000 to $100,000 per year and they should get out from the nice cozy atmosphere of the building and go have a chat with the other tenants? They told me that they can’t do that!!!! What kind of people are they????

Making that kind of money and just stay in the building. Makes me sick!!!!

I return to the office in the afternoon and a sense of anger goes through my blood every instance I see this building never mind walking inside.

Susan Butterfield open the door and was friendly but I just ignored her! It’s better that way and it wouldn’t surprise me that the cops were in her office in the morning?


Why didn’t they call the cops once I asked? Good question?

Who can I talk too?

I gave the complaint form and this time around Aline sounded a little different so did they have their little meeting after I left about my ADHD attitude?

Are they worried??? Hey? When I’m dealing with people who supported and set up a precedent of the way adults taking Ritalin will be treated?

Well? I put my head in my hand and said - I am so happy that I was ADHD!!!!

I have the energy to carry on the fight!

Someone in the Capital must have the answers???

I heard the landlord was around the Building this evening while I was volunteering at the kitchen!

Hey? I believe that I will be evicted and all this because a former Homeless guy is the caretaker and he will do as he pleased!


I do not understand why the landlord wants his name to come out public on this issue?

All because of a shower? It just doesn’t make sense.

I told the girl at the Human Rights that I will be there in the morning and I will!

This has nothing to do with me!

If this happens to moi? What the hell is going on around this province?

That’s the emotional question?

Poor New Brunswickers must be protected! I believe the next step will be eviction!

I told the case worker to phone the landlord and I believe the issue will quickly be resolved.

Hey? If I’m not afraid of the Irvings?


Will a landlord scare moi?

Especially one who don’t seem to care about human life! He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but the situation is totally out of control and I’m still staying around to see what’s going to happen?

Any other individual would do like the female officer told me over the phone!

A person would just move to another place.

Sorry that’s not my style.

If I don’t break bo rules or law. Why should I move? I know that this winter it’s going to be cold in this building because it was last winter.


Hey? How many other people are going through the same BS?

The Fredericton Police Force sent me at the building of the Human Rights Commission so we’ll take it from there.

I am going there again today and if nothing is done? I will tell them to call the Police and get to the bottom of this!


I’m telling you! There’s never a dull moment in my life! There’s always something going on and thank God I have ADHD because I have the energy to continue the fight!


I’m supposed to have a interview by a reporter of the Irving’s newspaper. I trust this reporter because she did a good job with my protest.


Stay tune for more action from the Capital!

I just received this email so once again stay tune???

Subject: Human Rights
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 09:05:23 -0300
From: "Barnett, Aline (HRC/CDP)"
View Contact Details


Mr. LeBlanc,
Further to our discussions yesterday, I can meet with
you today at 3 p.m. If this is not convenient for you
please let me know and we can arrange another time.
Please let me know.
Aline Barnett
Intake Officer/Agente d'accueil
NB Human Rights Commission/
La Commission des droits de la personne N-B



Monday, August 29, 2005


Lately, there’s been a lot of action in my life so I forgot to give out my person of the week!!! I was at the Human Rights office so stay tune for an update.


Last summer, I heard that the Soup Kitchen was going to shut down because of lack of volunteers.

Charles 04_07_05 091

By the way? The kitchen could use some volunteers during the weekend??? If you’re interested? Please call the Soup Kitchen!!! Merci!!! The people who volunteers in that kitchen are a fibe group of good citizens!


Ok…Going back to my story!!!

The rumor became a fact the kitchen closed its doors for a whole month.

A church quickly came to the rescue serving hamburgers and hotdogs outside the shelter.

I told George Piers if he needed some volunteers? I would gladly give a helping hand.

Weeks later, George reminded me that I offered my services?

Charles 04_11_05 019

I truly believe months later George must believe it was one of the worst moves he ever made in his life because I really enjoy it!

Once there, I met a Eugene McKay.


He was hired as a chef for the kitchen.

Gene is a smart and nice guy!

Gene soon found out that this wasn’t the normal work a Chef would do in a restaurant.

Charles 04_11_05 021

Eugene and his wife ran a restaurant for a few years and they decided to give it up.

His nice wife works at the hospital and he found this job.

He puts a lot of pride in his food and everyone loves this guy.

He’s a professional when it comes to public relation.

Never once have I seen this guy lose his cool but I did see others.

You must understand? This is not a restaurant? This is a soup Kitchen.

People in need goes in there to fill up their bellies.


Maybe they were all reject cases from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. Who knows?


Now we all know that no one on this world thinks the same. < Thank God for that!!! > It sure would be a boring world!

Everyone wants to asks a question with the person in charge!

Charles 04_11_05 016

It’s where Gene???? Gene where are you???? GENE?????

Now Gene has to make certain that the food is ready!

The volunteers are in place and listen to everyone concerns.

Now? He’s a cook and not a psychiatrist!

But in this job? You must treat different people in a special way!

I once asked Gene to take his counter and count how many questions he answers in one day?

He decided to try one day and in one hours there were 88 questions.

It must be very difficult on a person mind????

Last night while leaving the kitchen, Gene was outside enjoying a smoke!

He looked mentally drain!

He told me that this weekend would be one year that he has been working at the Soup Kitchen!

He looked tired and personally?

Charles 04_11_05 020

I hope he doesn’t quit the kitchen because everyone loves the guy but I wish that sometime they would leave the guy alone before he says - Enough is enough!

But it’s all part of the being the head Chef at the Soup Kitchen.

There’s one good thing about working at the Soup Kitchen? If anyone who works there for over one year?


Any other job would be a push over!!!

Yes, the work at the Soup Kitchen is not an easy task!

I’m one of the lucky ones! I arrived there at 4:15pm and if they need me? I stay and help out!

Of course, I enjoy my nice meal.

Yes, My hat goes goes to Mike Mackay and this is the reason he’s my person of the week!

Keep up the fine work Gene!!!! Hang in there Buddy!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


A person must love the information Highway! Two different readers send me all those
pictures! Don't forget! You have any pictures? Send them along!!!




By the way? I don't do these art work! The credit goes to ARTIST WCIE!!!



Who would have believed that it would come down to this?


Charles LeBlanc walking into the building of those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

Yes, the end is near!!!!

Just in case I said an extra prayer in Church this morning.

This is the Priest who picks me up every Sunday!


Mind you? Since I lost or should I say that my glasses were destroyed? I cannot no longer read the church booklet.

Maybe those people at Family Services don’t believe the poor should attend church?

They have their glasses and they’re happy!

height="180" alt="pic5" />

Thank God this Priest is a pro in delivering his message because I do pay attention!


Ok…never mind that!!!

I’ll be in those members building Monday morning but this time it will be different because the Fredericton Police Force told me to go there.


The cop told me that he knew that I didn’t like those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission but I must forget the pass and make a complaint!

He must know that I have no use for them because these people always call the Police for protection every instance they attend an event!

For you newcomers?

Here’s a picture of me making a speech and Detective Bragg is the woman against the wall and there was also a black cop!


What a waste of taxpayers money!!!

I might add this is where all the Generals are located. The top dogs are in the Capital and the rest of the soldiers are spread out around the Province.

In the year 2000, I put a complaint against the Irvings.

Little did I know that those racist members of the Commission would agree with the Irvings that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation and that minorities can be assaulted by the Irving Gestapo!

I wonder if they will allow me through the doors?

What they do? They escort the complainant out the door and lock the door!

Charles 04_07_05 002

It’s security lock! Some Human Rights eh?

I remember when the former director Janet Cullinan.

She’s the one at the far right!


Shoved the papers in my face and demanded that I leave the building!

She’s no longer there and she serve the Irvings well!!!


Will they call the police for protection as they did when Susan Butterfield work in a police sting again me?


Good question?

I phoned the Landlord and left a message on his answering machine.

This was the first time that I ever call the guy!

I phoned at 1:00pm!

I told the landlord what had been happening with the tenants and the caretaker and that I was going to the Commission on Monday morning.

I was also going to get a hold of the media because This issue has nothing to do with me!

If this happens to moi??

What the hell is going on around the Province????

That’s the emotional question???

The Rentalman told me that they receive 4 to 6 phone calls a week from roomers and boarders!!!

The Government don’t seem to care.

We must not forget that the economy is not as good as it used to be therefore there’s more New Brunswickers living in boarding or roomers homes.

I was told that the landlord was on vacation.

I was surprise when he showed up at the building at 2:30pm.

I wasn’t around but I guess that he wasn’t a happy camper.

He looked upset so I guess that he was going to order Maurice the caretaker that the tenants can used the shower.

I felt good about the situation.

I could move one the other issues and forget this foolishness!

I walked through the door where it says - Employees only!!!! Stupid sign!


I went in the back where Maurice has his little office and asked him if I could take a shower?

He waved his head in a NO sign.

I said- OK….and left.

I immediately phoned the Landlord and left another message on his answering around 6:00pm!

I had to make certain that it wasn’t like the Fire Marshall episode that he ordered the Caretaker not to lock the door but Maurice kept on locking the door!

I had to make certain that the Landlord knew what was going on?

I told the landlord that if I’m allowed to take a shower?


This issue would be drop!

I’ll continue paying my rent and everything will be ok!

I just wish to be left alone!!!

I guess the landlord is sticking with the former homeless guy!

So I have to put his name in the complaint!

Well? The rules stand and that’s the way it is!

I have no choice but to make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

I know one thing for a fact!

I would love to be a fly on the wall when those people at the Commission opens their mail box and sees this story on Monday morning!!!

They’re on my email list!!!

It’s going to be equal to 20 cups of coffee!


It will be like a bunch of ants moving around.

I’m going there with a major complain and lets see if they tell me that it’s denied or make me wait a few weeks or months!

I told this ombudsman of what's going on in April. I told Bernard Richard that roomers or boarders had the right!

Charles 04_07_05 008

Stay tune and wish me Bonne Chance!!!!

I told my priest to make a prayer for me Monday morning! Maybe that will help????


There might not be any blogs on Monday because I'm going to contact the Irving paper so the word can truly get out there! It's not everyone who knows about this blog! Lets see what the Irvings employees are going to say????

I might be dealing with this guy! He's the lawyer of the Commission and we attend the same church! If you see any police Officers around this building in the morning? Let me know!!!!!

Charles 04_07_05 004