Sunday, April 10, 2005


don't print this (but you can use it)

The price of a litre of gas went up to 99.9 on Sunday in Moncton only at Esso and Irving. It stayed at 92.9 everywhere else. Esso went back down by Tuesday but Irving kept theirs at 99.9. I know of other areas where the price went higher.

In Sackville, the price only went down this morning.

Except Irving of course.

Here's the interesting part: the Irving owned MONCTON Times &
Transcript had 2 frontpage stories (Tue. and Wed.) of the gas price hike but made
it sound like EVERYONE brought their price up even though ONLY IRVING had
it at 99.9.

After reading the articles you're left thinking that #1) the price of
gas is higher than ever everywhere and #2) it's only going to go higher.

Both are untrue.

Wishful thinking on behalf of Irvings maybe but not true!!

Don't get your news from Irving papers and be thankful they don't own
the internet! Yet.....

Heres a brief Intro about Charles

We have a had a few comments recently of why Charles has been interested in helping out the Children of the province and why he is so concerned with the issues in the province of New Brunswick. I hope this sheds some light....

A couple of days after I was laid off or fired from Gulf Operators (March 14, 2000), I made a complaint to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

I would soon found out the process is a very slow one.

On February 7, 2001, I received a letter from the Director of the Human Rights Commission – Janet Cullinan informing me that the Commission considered my complaint at their meeting of February 1, 2001 and found it to be without merit.

My God, I was very upset because this told me that the Commission agreed with the Irving’s that people with ADHD are limited!

I phoned a member who was on the Commission - Dorothy Dearborn and she told me that they will once against study the issue of ADHD!

On April 12, 2001, I received another letter from Janet Cullinan informing me that the Commission once again reviewed my case at their meeting of March 22, 2001 and they upheld their previous decision.

I was very disappointed to see a group of bureaucrats agreeing with the Irving’s of the matter people with ADHD should be treated.

What could I do?

I don’t have any money and I heard that if you bring the Irving’s in court that the process would take years to reach a verdict.

I heard in the past from many parents who told me their kids were labeled in the school system and now this? The kids who have ADHD are labeled as stupid and idiots as a child. Now? We have this?

During the summer of the year 2001, I had this discriminatory verdict in my head. I went as far as protesting with a sign in front of the Irving Empire in Saint John New Brunswick but I soon found out that the Irving’s owns all the newspapers and they gave the orders to the editor not to print my letters in the voice of the people section of the papers.

Gulf Operators < Irving Company > had a very racist supervisor name Brian Grant. He was always going around saying - If I own this Empire there would be no Niggers or Frogs working here!!!

Now? I believe this is pure racism and the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission agreed that the Irvings could continue their witch hunt against the minorities in new brunswick.

Then again, the guy handling my case was Carl White a councillor from Saint John who later on I found out was a convicted thief who stole from the Irvings in the 1980s.

So God knows what was said behind close doors?

I was very upset and the battle for Justice would continue.

After a few weeks of protesting in front of the Irving Golden Ball, the Irving paper finally made a story about my protest and they wrote that I was fired twice! I said excuse me? I was laid off!

I was allowed to write a reprisal to the letters to the editor section. I told the readers of the reason I was protesting in front of the Irving Empire. I met a new girl and she encourage me to stop the protest so I gave in. Afterwards, I had trouble sleeping in the evenings. What could I do to battle the bureaucrats? In the spring of the year 2002, I told at my girl Pat that I would go to Fredericton and set up a tent in front of the Legislature. This was the only way that I knew how to battle the bureaucrats. Why not do it in their own turf?

Once in Fredericton, I went on a hunger strike and I did manage to let the public know that I was unhappy and the Government must study the issue of ADHD! Pat was very concerned and she phoned the local politicians at home. She droved them nuts but she cared about me and was afraid that I might get hurt.

Amanda Harpelle from the Premier’s office was the spokesperson and they were concerned because I was on a hunger strike. The protest lasted for 12 days but I didn’t like the matter that I was forced out of the Capital. I felt that I didn’t accomplice my goal in educating the public on the issues of ADHD and Ritalin. One week later, I met Bernard Lord in Saint John and he found me a little job that would keep me busy for 6 months.

I was laid off and when on U.I.C.! In the spring of the year 2003, I sent a email to the Premier’s office informing them my U.I.C. was soon coming to a end so therefore I needed some work! I was surprised the office totally ignored me. One bureaucrat asked me why the Government should find you some work.

I told the guy that the government through the Human Rights Commission said that I’m labeled as close to mental retardation. I wasn’t allowed to learn a trade, drive a vehicle and paid a lower wage < doing the same work > The Government will prove by finding me work. I can be a benefit to Society besides being a menace.

I wasn’t allowed to work because I have ADHD! I never received a reprisal from the Premier’s office so in the spring in the year 2003, I once again decided to pitch a tent in front of the Legislature. Little did anyone know including me that the protest would last for six long months!!!!