Sunday, May 01, 2005


The Saint John River is rising big times but the snow bank in this picture is still there. Yep! After all this rain? The snow is still there! But a little smaller!! As I wrote weeks ago? Once that snow is gone? Summer will be here. Also it'll be warmer for the people who sleeps in the garage in the background.

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Here I sit on my chair in front of my computer on a
beautiful Saturday morning.

It's 8:00am so I guess that I'm going to write a
little more stories about different issues.

I know for a fact that next week will be dedicated
to Tim Smith and his protest.

I just received an email that Tim Smith will
receive a tent on Tuesday. A lot of supporters out
there! Hey?

Do you care to help Tim with his battle?

Just send it to me via courrier and I will make sure
that he gets it! He could used a foam to separate his
body and the cold ground at night and blankets.

I believe that I can locate him a sleeping bag.

Ok..never mind that!

While home in Memramcook, I soon found out that I'm
getting older in a very fast manner.

While walking through my Village of College Bridge.
I noticed the two homes on top of a hill are long

Another one where old bachelor Hector < died a few
years ago > used to live is also no longer around.

I continue my walk through the village and people
approached me and said - Charles? Is that you?

I quickly learned that many people I used to know
are now dead.

I quickly learned that my neighbor Fred Bourque
died a couple of years ago.

I quickly ran to his wife Angela and gave her my
late sympathy! She's 80 years old now and looks like
she's in her 60s.

How time flies since the day that as a child I
used to visit her for some candies.

That couple were always nice to nice.

I noticed she was watching Voice of the Province
and I saw Brent Tayloe was a guest.

I quickly phoned in and you should have seen the
look on Brent's face when the host said- Charles from
I said - Hello from the beautiful Acadian
territory of Memramcook! It's usually Charles from

Brent spoke a little French!!! Not bad from a
former C.O.R. Member who while running for the
leadership of the C.O.R. Part made a very anti-french

I also noticed that the Roy's Garage Gas Station
is long gone!

That corner sure looks empty with a garage!

I walked into a couple house who I haven't seen in
15 years. The minute that I walked through the doors,
the woman said - Hey? There's the blogger!!!!

I might not be around in flesh but I guess people
are still reading or listening to me via talk shows or
the information Highway!

My god? What a big difference since the days that
once you left the Valley?

You were gone and that was it but these days it's
a total different ballgame.

I visited an old buddy name Raymond. What I found
funny it that I haven't seen the guy in years and as
like myself?

He always wears a ball base hat! After a few cold
beers, Raymond < 48 years old > told me that he always
asked this question to his guest especially the ones
he hasn't seen in years.

He ordered me take my hat off so he could see my
bald spot!

He proudly showed me his and there's no hair
missing at all!

He seems pretty proud of this appearance!

I don't blame him!!

I noticed that we are the next generations to

There's many new changes in the Valley and only a
tourist like myself would noticed all these changes.

I made my way from the village of Memramcook
wondering how many other changes will I see or hear
about the next time that I come back home?

Who knows?

Once in Saint John, I had the same feelings. I
soon found out that many people are listening to the
local talk shows.

I stayed in that City for 15 years so you can say
that I also left a mark in Saint John!

While walking through the Mall in Brunswick
Square with Tim Smith.

I noticed two individuals with their back turn on

Once they turned around they came face to face
with yours truly!

It was the Mayor of Saint John and his chief

You should have seen the look in his face once he
saw me?

I quickly asked- So Norm? How much money did the
Irvings paid you to promote that 25 years old deal?

He quickly said- I read your web site Charles! <
He's on my email list >

I asked again - How much money were you paid by
the Irvings?

I continued by telling the Mayor- This is not
your typical Irving reporter here!

I'm a blogger! I also asked- How much did you
paid that guy who showed up at the protest at the
entrance of the Refinery with a t-shirt- I support
Norm MacFarlance! I might add there were 200 angry
protesters present.

How much did you pay him?

He asked me if I would wear the same t-shirt in

Lol... Personally, I always like the Mayor
because he always takes time to chat with me.

Let it be after he left public office or an
elected official but I don't agree with the LNG deal
because it's not right!!!

It was like the Mayor was putting a gun to the

I don't believe this issue will go away and it's
nice to know that the Mayor of Saint John reads my

I believe that many people will be watching this
blog site next week when Tim Smith begins his hunger
strike till his death!

Yes, I meant the dreadful word DEATH!!!!!!!!!!

As Tim told me in January? He refused to become
just an statistic.

He could have just do as many New Brunswickers
have done in the past and just blow his head off!

In January, the word spread around that he
gambled his rent money away and this is the main
reason he was protesting.

Oh well? This time around his rent is paid up and
his daughter is taken care of!

No excuse this time!

He's the real stuff and will die for his cause.
It's pretty bad that someone has to die to support his


Sorry about that!

Going back to Saint John? I took a walk alone in
the dark of the night. I can't smell but I did noticed
a chemical taste in my mouth.

It was terrible!

I guess that once you live in a industrial City?
You don't notice these things.

No wonder the Cancer rate is much higher in Saint

The City are full of poor families therefore they
are force to live and die at that location.

The Government are making certain that they
receive not enough money to afford to move!

They are force to die a dreadful death!!!

In the South end, I saw locations that gave me
memories of my time at the Shipyard.

Many old girlfriends places but they are gone.
One even died a few years back!

I walked pass my old home where I told my old
girlfriend that I will go to the Capital and protest
and will return in 2 weeks! Little did anyone know
that I would be there for 6 months.

I paid rent for a six months period and I wasn't
even there!

Oh well c'est la vie!

I missed my place compared to my new home? It was
much nicer! I had my own kitchen, shower and bed for
$300.00 an month! You sure cannot find a place like
that in the Capital?

Many buildings burned down and in place are
parking lots! Lots of changes in the City also.

Yes, we are getting old and we change. The
atmosphere changes also with time.

Yes, we are the next generations to leave this
world and I have a sense that these changes are for
the wrost.

You don't see hang out as you used too?

People especially with today's youths. They
don't play baseball on the ball fields in the Valley!
They seem more comfortable in staying home with their
video games or computers!

Sh@t!!! Over 1,400 words already!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog
because I just write the darn thing and send it along
the information Highway!!! Bye bye


Well? I received some very bad news this morning.

I was planning to get evicted today morning because
I complained to the Fire Marshall and the Environment
Department about the smell in my building.

I was certain that the landlord would not accept
my rent and tell me to leave the building or raise the
rent in forcing me to move?

Sh@t!!! It never happened!!!

I was ready to take another step forward towards
another issue that Boarders or Roomers have no rights
in New Brunswick!

I was going to compare this issue to the Irish
Potato famine but it never happened!

I'll write more on this issue during the next few

Speaking of poor? They launched a film about the
homeless yesterday in the Capital.

It was fitting that the day it was shown? It was
cold windy and wet outside! After the short film
ended, I stood up and made a comment but it wasn't one
of my best speech!

I even mentioned my blog site and I shouldn't have
done that but I did mentioned that in the film?

It showed a group of youths building a home with
cardboard box and duct tape at Officer's square.

They do this every year to raise awareness towards
this emotional problem.

But I had a problem in showing this in the film
because I remember while protesting in front of the
Legislature, I noticed these young people building
their little homes at the Square.

That evening at around 2:00am? It rained very
hard. All kids packed up their belongings and went

The homeless people on the streets cannot do this.

Enough for trying to act like a homeless
individual for 24 hours.

I heard some very disturbing stories from a
bureaucrat about me and I'm not going to go public
with this one. Wait till you hear this one? It's very

Ok..last evening, I phoned Voice of the Province
and Tony Huntjens was the guest for the television

He spoke about child abuse and told the audience that
kids are call idiot and stupid.
Well, that got me going and I quickly phoned the
Minister with my concern about the issue of Ritalin!
Once the child takes their first Ritalin they are
truly are labelled as stupid and idiots by the public!
This is abuse and I might add as adults thanks to
those Racists members of the New Brunswick Human
Rights Commission that adult with ADHD are labelled as
close to mental Retardation!!!!

I wasn't my normal nice guy. I was angry.

I reminded the Minister that 10,000 people signed
my petition to study the issue of Ritalin and the Lord
Government is promoting the drugging of our Children
which must come to a stop!

He replied- Since the Doctors prescribes the
prescriotion.yak yak yak..same old answer.
I got angry and wanted to tell the Minister that
there's a case in the Capital where 20 people who are
on social assistance are taking an upgrading course.
All their kids are on Ritalin!
Why is the majority of the kids in this Province
who are on Ritalin comes from poor Families???
I never had the chance to give my comments
because I got cut off!

I believed that my line was broken so I called back
and told the staff that I was cut off!!!

They told me that I was uncivilized!!!!

MOI UNCIVILIZED???? My god??? .lol.

I've been call worst and I must admit that maybe
I was too stern!

I guess that I have been watching these MLA'S act
like children on the floor of the Legislature so I
guess that I'm doing the same on television.

Well? That won't happen again but I will be
straight forward.

I can't be too bad because they will not put me on
the air in the future and we can't have that!

My God? While in Memramcook? Many citizens
listened to my concerns on Melanson Live and Voice of
the Province.

I would love to know the amount of people who
listens to those talk shows. We need more talk shows
to spread our views among New Brunswickers.

We sure can't go by the Irving's papers. That's
for sure! I haven't seen my column that I wrote in the
Daily Gleaner about the issue of the poor! I guess
only close friends of the Irvings are allowed to write
columns in their papers.

I don't believe this is fair!

Speaking of rights??

Those racist members of the New Brunswick Human
Rights Commission are going to make an appearance on
May 18th in Fredericton.

They don't listen too good!!!

I told those racist people or Irving employees
not to go out in public!

I'll tell you one thing right now!!! I will be
there and tell them in front of the audience that they
are paid by the Irvings and are great supporters of

You don't believe moi??? Stay tune for more
stories on this issue for that May 18th blog when
Charles goes toe to toe with those racist members of
the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!

My god? Just thinking about it makes me angry!

I might take a stroke before the

Ok closing in on 900 words!!!

One more thing? Tim Smith will be in the CAPITAL
on Tuesday to begin his crusade of starving himself to

I was told yesterday by a bureaucrat that the
Lord Government will let him die because they need the

They won't close down these VLT'S for a few

Hey? Do you have a tent for Tim Smith? Let me

Please excuse the style of this update because I
just write the darn thing and send it along the
information Highway!!! Have a good weekend!!! Bye bye