Thursday, February 03, 2005


The meeting last evening when ok…As I wrote yesterday, I was going to be very stern but I never expected to get angry! I was the first person at the mike but I took Mike number three! I would quickly find out that the Government is not really interested in listening to New Brunswickers concerns. A highly respected 72 years old Citizen name Weldon Fulton spoke on different issues until the bureaucrat who is in charge of the meeting told Mr. Fulton that he only had 30 seconds left! I shouted- LET THE MAN SPEAK!!! Well? Mr.Volpe the Minister of Finance gave me a stare and I believe that he knew that I was there for a reason and it was going to be a different Charles LeBlanc. I took the mike and told the Minister that I should have taken my Ritalin. I let it known that when the Liberals were in power? They toured the Province and New Brunswickers had more than three minutes to talk! The same procedure was done at the P.C. Annual meeting! The members only had two minute to speak! I guess from the Government stand point of view? One minute extra is good enough! Well? I let it known loud and clear to the Bureaucrats that what I had to say will take more than three minutes and if he doesn’t like it? Call the Police on your cell phone!!! I wasn’t leaving until I was done! I notice a bureaucrat from the Premier’s office attended the meeting and left after my little 15 minutes speech!!! Well? Yesterday afternoon, I wrote on a piece of paper what I was going to say and here they are! By the way? I am not a media hound! I really don’t care if the media covers my concerns or not but it goes to show you that these Irving employees are following orders from J.D. Irving to ignored me at any cost! I chatted for 15 minutes and not one issue was in the paper! It just proves my point when I called in talk shows that the Irving Gestapo newspapers will ignore certain people! The papers will not write about the issue of Ritalin because of Irving's orders with those racist members that Charles should be ingnored at any cost!!! Ok…I’m going to paste the issues and comments on each one!
1- Tell Volpe that I wasn’t going to attend the meeting but change my mind once I heard that Volpe told the Irving media that New Brunswickers must be happy! This is reason no one shows up!!!
2- show him t-shirt!
3- How much money did it cost for this vacation? Why meet at the Irving building?
I told the Minister that many poor Citizens cannot afford coming to these meetings and why the Irving building? The name Irving gives me a headache!!!!
4- We have an election every four years so therefore we don’t need the Government to take a vacation!
I let it known that the bureaucrats that goes on these vacation <> stays in high fancy Motels and bar tabs! Volpe let it known that he doesn’t go at the bar but I let it also known that I was talking about the Minister but the Bureaucrats!
5- Money for a vacation and do a study on dogs! None for Ritalin????
Volpe let it know loud and clear that if the Doctors prescribes the Ritalin? Then it’s ok! I replied that they are also known as Legal Drug Dealers! So? The Drugging of the Children will continue!
6- 10,000 people signed the petition! Bernard Lord told me- problem with Ritalin!
He let it known that 10,000 signatures isn’t good enough! He never came out and said that but I can read between the lines!
7-Racist Members of the Human Rights Commission! Adults are limited!
I mentioned those racists but you will never see this in the Irving paper. I told the audience that this is Irving Final solution! Take control of the Compensation Board, those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and the media! This is the final solution!
8-Friday, small 5 years old child will be told to be on Ritalin! Health problem at the end for all New Brunswickers!Is it because it’s Charles LeBlanc that asks for a committee???
I did bring up this issue and lets see what’s going to happen on Friday with this child!
9- Save money Eliminate the Human Rights Commission!
I told the audience about Irving racist supervisor that no niggers or frogs should be allowed in the Irving Empire and they have the support of those racist members therefore they should be eliminated!
10- Run it like the Ombudsman office!
Spoke on that issue because the Commission is totally useless and are in Irving Pockets!!! Which I did make a complaint with the Ombudsman about those racist members of the Commission! Lets see what’s going to happen???
11- Don’t work for New Brunswickers you’re out the door!<>YES…I did mention this issue!!!!
12- Any Human Rights Commission that promotes racism must be eliminated! They in Irving pockets! Niggers and Frogs!!!!
Said that…
13- Prescription drug is a problem! Dilaudid!!! I told you 5 years ago but no one listen!
This is true and this Government will go down in history for ignoring the prescription drug issue!
14-Fredericton police said yesterday- CRIME RATEUP!!!!
Yup…said that!!!
15- When is Saint John going to have a methadone clinic????
He never answered but after the meeting he wasn’t certain! My God? Do you mean there will be no methadone clinic this year in Saint John????
16- Poor? Open Cubicle??? Make me understand??? What did you do with all your money!
Yes, I let it known loud and clear that the poor have no privacy in the Capital!!!!
17- VLT’S??? ?? SUNDAY????
From what I gathered??? Tim Smith protest was all for nothing! From what I could understand that the Government will not shut down these machines in any days! Not Sunday not ever! But they will put more money in addiction services! Poor Tim? I guess that he have to come back and protest! I knew for a fact and many people told me that the Government will not take Mr. Smith concerns seriously!!! Poor Tim!!!
14- Track record on drug? A big zero! The issue of Ritalin? CHEAPER TO DRUG OUR KIDS THAN TO TREAT THEMWITH DIGNITY!!!
YES…I said that!!!
That was my closing remarks!!!!
Sh@t!!!! over 1,000 words! I could have said more but the Government knows my views and my approach will continue to be more straight forward in the future! I apologized to the audience about my attitude because I was very angry of the way they treated Weldon Fulton and this is not a way to treat a man of 72 years of age! My ADHD temper work overtime! After the meeting, I bumped into Maxe White <> He’s a nice guy and I let it know that I had no respect for Brent Taylor but anyway, He told me that once I told the bureaucrats to call the police? He had flashback of the time I was escorted out of the C.O.R. Convention in 1990! Ok…I know these bureaucrats weren’t too happy with me because they were very rude to me after the meeting! They told me that Volpe wants to take to the media or the media wish to ask him some questions? I told Volpe – Why do you want to talk to the Irving Media when you can talk to me? I am a reporter but underground!…. Ok…. excuse the grammar and Long live Hitler!! Opssss I mean Long live Irving!!!! Sorry about that!!!